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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link

Advanced Biological Warfare (article by Lord Stirling) ~ link ~ I have a link to a free movie on Hulu, BLACK DAWN: THE NEXT PANDEMIC, that is most interesting.  The movie is about the spread of a naturally occurring mutation in the H5N1 virus; a rather nasty mutation that kills up to 10% of those it effects.  I strongly urge people to take the time to view this movie, as it shows the impact of what a single naturally occurring virus mutation can do.  In reality, a global strategic Advanced Biological-based war would be at least ten-fold as bad and more likely a hundred-fold in its impact as the viruses would be military designer-created (recombination DNA) diseases with a much stronger kill ratio (90% or higher fatality level from an infection) and there would likely be many dozens of viruses released at the same time, instead of only one disease.      

Before we allow hardliners in Israel take us into yet another war, we need to take a very hard and realistic look at just what a war involving MAD on all sides would mean to Israel, to Europe, to North America and the entire world.  

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Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle~link   ~ Official site ~ link   

Al Jazeera English - Live Stream video ~ link 

Libya: UK and France No-Fly Zone Plan Gathers Pace ~ link ~ Bringing a third war to the US/UK/France.  You simply cannot make up such insane stuff.  It has to come from the bowls of Hell.  Stirling    

Saudi Government says demonstrations, marches prohibited by Kingdom's laws ~ link ~ The House of Saud has NO INTENTION OF ALLOWING THE GLOBAL BANKING CARTEL AND MOSSAD OPERATION OF 'DOMINO REVOLUTIONS' IN NORTH AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST FROM OVERTURNING ITS RULE.  They will do whatever it takes.  While things could get bloody, I think that the 'Domino Revolutions' are looking kaput.  Stirling      

Public demonstrations are usually prohibited in Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter and an absolute monarchy ruled by six kings since it was established in 1932. Websites have called for a nationwide “Day of Rage” on March 11 and March 20 in Saudi Arabia, according to Human Rights Watch. 

Saudi Arabia detains Shi'ites as clerics ban protests ~ link ~ Saudi security forces have detained at least 22 minority Shi'ites who protested last week against discrimination, activists said on Sunday, as the kingdom tried to keep the wave of Arab unrest outside its borders.
Saudi Shi'ites have staged small demonstrations in the Eastern Province, which holds much of the oil wealth of the world's top crude exporter. The province is near Bahrain, the scene of protests in recent weeks by majority Shi'ites against their Sunni rulers.

Saudi Arabia's 'Day of Rage' lures record bets on $200 oil ~ linkOptions traders are betting more than ever that crude oil is heading to $200 a barrel as some websites call for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia and anti- government protests spread in the Middle East and North Africa.

The CHART OF THE DAY shows open interest, or the number of outstanding contracts, for “call” options to buy New York crude for June delivery at $200 a barrel. The number has escalated, along with crude futures, to the highest since the options started trading in July 2009 amid worsening civil unrest in Libya and rare demonstrations in Saudi Arabia. 

US military planners mull military options in Libya ~ link 

America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels ~ link ~ I believe that the King loves his nation and family more that any hate he has for Gaddafi.  He knows that it is imperative that the 'Domino Revolutions' be stopped, that they are a global banking cartel/Mossad plot to destroy all of the current leaders of the Arab nations.  Stirling      

Desperate to avoid US military involvement in Libya in the event of a prolonged struggle between the Gaddafi regime and its opponents, the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in Benghazi. The Saudi Kingdom, already facing a "day of rage" from its 10 per cent Shia Muslim community on Friday, with a ban on all demonstrations, has so far failed to respond to Washington's highly classified request, although King Abdullah personally loathes the Libyan leader, who tried to assassinate him just over a year ago.

Jerusalem Post says 'Syrian mercenaries, warplanes aiding Gaddafi' ~ link ~ Maybe, maybe not, but I expect to see lots of unofficial aid to Gaddafi from a number of Arab states and others in the days ahead.  The Arab nations are waking up to the fact that the 'Domino Revolutions' have been organized by outside forces (global banking cartel/Mossad) and they are now beginning to get their act together on shutting them down.  There is great anger, however, at the forces that have tried to topple just about all Arab governments.   Stirling      

Report: Libyan rebels shoot down two Syrian planes; Gaddafi hires paid fighters from Eastern Europe, Arab countries.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is using paid mercenaries from Serbia, Syria, the Ukraine and Romania to attack rebels, Asharq al-Awsat reported. According to Al Jazeera, Libyan rebels shot down two Syrian planes in Ras Lanuf.

Gaddafi forces hit key rebel town - with video ~ linkThe rebellion has run out of steam.  The only way it can succeed is if NATO/western forces invade or use their air power.  Look for Gaddafi to hit the rebels hard, seeking to end the rebellion as soon as possible.  Stirling    
Pro-Gaddafi forces have launched several air strikes on Libya's rebel-held oil port of Ras Lanuf. One attack destroyed a car carrying a family, killing at least one person, Reuters agency reported. Bin Jawad, 50km (30 miles) to the west, has fallen to forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Gaddafi, correspondents say, checking the rebels' westward progress.
The UN says 200,000 people have fled the violence, where the revolt is well into its third week.

Nato is considering military options in response to the situation in Libya, US President Barack Obama has said

Tunisia interim leaders dissolve secret police agency ~ link ~ The agency had been widely accused of committing human rights abuses during the rule of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who was ousted on 14 January.
Interim Prime Minister Caid Essebsi has also announced a new government, which includes no members of the old regime. The interim government is running Tunisia until elections scheduled to take place on 24 July.

The interior ministry announced online that it was disbanding the State Security Department, under which the secret police operated, and would respect "civic freedoms and rights". The move was a "definitive break with any form of organisation resembling the political police at the level of structure, mission or practice" , it said.

Saudi Arabia's stock market tumbles on fears of civil unrest ~ link 
Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul stock index has tumbled 11pc in wild trading over the past two days, led by banks and insurers. Dubai’s bourse has hit a 7-year low.

The latest sell-off was triggered by the arrest of a Shi’ite cleric in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province after he called for democratic reforms and a constitutional monarchy. The province is home to Saudi Arabia’s aggrieved Shi’ite minority and also holds the country’s vast Ghawar oilfield, placing it at the epicentre of global crude supply.

“Unrest in this region can have fatal consequences for the world,” said JBC Energy. “The plunge on the Saudi stock exchange can be interpreted as a sign of waning trust.”

In Bahrain, the island nation’s Sunni elite holds sway over a Shi’ite majority that is denied key jobs and has a token political voice, making it a trial run for Saudi Arabia’s near-identical tensions in the Eastern Province.


Rothschild Bankers Looting Nations Through World Bank/IMF ~ link ~ This satanic evil parastic trash has been behind so much war, murder, hurt, sadness, economic chaos, etc.  All of which serves their master Satan.  Stirling 
The World Bank/IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild & Sons plus 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take over the planet through money. The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired in 2000. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank forced their way into ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and some even broke out in riots. Former President of the World Bank/IMF Sir James Wolfensohn, would not comment on his dismissal.

Before Joe Stiglitz was fired he took a large stack of secret documents out of the World Bank.

These secret documents from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund reveal that the IMF required nations:

More Jobs Mirage In February - Bureau of Labor Statistics Continues To Overestimate Job Growth by Paul Craig Roberts  ~ link ~ If you still believe the US Government about almost anything you are STUPID!  Stirling       

The announcement on March 4 that 192,000 new jobs were created in February was greeted with a sigh of relief. But the number is just more smoke and mirrors, as I will show shortly. First, let’s pretend the jobs are real. What areas of the economy produced the jobs?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 152,000 of the jobs or 79% are in private services, consisting of: 11,700 jobs in wholesale trade, 22,000 in transportation and warehousing, 36,400 in administration and waste services (of which 15,500 are temporary help services), and 36,200 in ambulatory health care services and nursing and residential care facilities. Entertainment, waitresses and bartenders accounted for 20,000. Repair and maintenance, laundry services, and membership associations accounted for 14,000.

As one who has often reported the monthly payroll jobs breakdown, I am struck by the fact that these categories are the ones that have accounted for job growth for year after year. How can this be? How can Americans, who have had no growth in their real incomes and who are foreclosed from their homes and maxed out on credit card debt, car payments, and student loans, spend more every month in bars and restaurants? How can a few service areas of the economy grow when nothing else is?

The answer is that there were not 192,000 new jobs. Statistician John Williams estimates the reported gain was overstated by about 230,000 jobs. In other words, about 38,000 jobs were lost in February.

Greece slams rating agencies after Moody's cut~ link This is the global banking cartel making sure that their bought-and-paid-for political whores in the Greek Parliament remember whose bitch they are!  Too bad the politicians don't have the balls and morality of the public.  If they did, they would have told the global banking cartel/families to 'go to Hell' a long time ago.  Stirling      

Greece launched a tirade against U.S. credit ratings agencies Monday after Moody's downgraded its debt grade further below junk status, warning the bailed-out euro country might have to default on its massive borrowings.

The agency slashed its rating by three notches to B1 from Ba1 and warned it may cut again if the government's commitment to austerity wanes or international creditors become less willing to support it - Greece was saved from bankruptcy last May after accepting a euro110 billion ($154 billion) bailout from the EU and the International Monetary Fund.

Spain's savings banks race to find funds by Thursday ~ link ~ Spain's ailing regional savings banks are scrambling to raise billions of euros of fresh funds to meet strict new capital requirements by a Thursday deadline. The country's 17 savings banks, known as "cajas," are weighed down by loans that turned sour after the collapse of a housing bubble in 2008 and are at the heart of fears the country could need an Irish-style international rescue.

Portugal edges closer to crisis ~ link ~ All of this in Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal etc. is unnecessary.  The global banking cartel/families have engineered the entire crisis and the events that created the 'crisis'.  Now they intend to have their EU and IMF dictate to the people that they will suffer through more Austerity Fascism.  They expect to have more rioting/etc., down the road.  They will have a "solution" ready in the form of a new world currency, that they will  control.  This is classic Hegelican Dialetic operations: Problem - Reaction - Solution (the "Solution" is in reality the strategic goal that they "Problem" and the "Reaction" were created to get the public to).  Wake up people, the satanists are destroying our way of life, our freedom, our health, and intend to kill most of us off in WWIII.  Stirling    
Ireland's election winner, Enda Kenny, jetted off to Helsinki this weekend to lobby for a reduction to the hefty interest payments on its €85 billion ($160 billion) bailout, and for a more hands-off approach from Brussels on spending cuts.
Kenny, who is finalising a coalition that would make him Ireland's new Prime Minister, hopes backing from the rightwing EU leaders' meeting in Finland, which Germany's Angela Merkel will be attending, will strengthen his hand at a critical summit in Brussels on Saturday. But for the eurozone's leaders, Ireland's anger is just one symptom of a deeper crisis.

Portugal, long considered likely to be the next European country to reach crisis point, with its hefty debt burden and struggling economy, is seeing yields on its government bonds rise above 7 per cent - something that, as City of London consultancy Fathom points out, Greece and Ireland were only able to withstand for a couple of weeks before accepting a bailout.

European Central Bank president Jean-Claude Trichet has ratcheted up the pressure by signalling he is ready to raise interest rates, making life even harder for Portugal and the other "peripheral" economies. "What this has done is make it much more likely that Portugal is going to have to ask for finance," says David Owen of City of London firm Jefferies.

US Government post biggest monthly deficit ever ~ link ~ Remember, to the global banking families that control/own the Federal Reserve, that deficit is PROFIT!   That is why we have wars, depressions, economic crisis and the like.  Stirling      

Economy hit with the ultimate smokescreen: Biflation ~ link ~

Reposting: Ten Ways You're Being Fleeced by Banks ~ link ~ Taxpayers are rightfully angrier than ever before about the state of the U.S. economy and the government's handling of the financial crisis; perhaps even more so than the Colonists at the original Tea Party.  After all, it appears that the only group benefiting during this painful slide into recession are the very people who caused the crisis -- The Banks.

On the verge of bankruptcy in 2008, the banks are now once again making record profits and paying record bonuses, while nearly every other industry struggles to keep their head above water.  The banks seem to have designed the system where all businesses and individuals are dependent on them for credit, and without new lending industry grinds to a halt. Given that banks can make risk-free profits by front running the stock market and selling $600 trillion of worthless derivatives for monster gains, there seems to be little motivation for them to lend money at today's record-low interest rates.

Average Americans continue to be looted by this bank-controlled economic system through taxation and other more subtle ways:
Four time bombs that will blow up Wall Street ~ link ~ Take the time to read this if you can.   Stirling     

Berlusconi has 4-hour jaw and dental surgery ~ linkSounds like a bid for public sympony as he is about to go on trial for having sex with a underage stripper.  Stirling          
 AP Photo
AP Photo/Luca Bruno
Berlusconi was in good condition after the operation and had already returned to his villa in Arcore near Milan, Zangrillo told the ANSA news agency.

It was not immediately clear how, if at all, the operation will affect the Italian leader's upcoming trial, set to begin on April 6, on charges he paid for sex with an underaged teenager, then used his influence to cover it up. Both have denied having a sexual relationship.

Jacques Chirac corruption trial opens ~ link
Former French President Jacques Chirac leaves his office in Paris, 7 March 2011 Under French law the former president is not obliged to be in court

Pakistan Christian Cabinet Minister Shahbaz Bhatti 'a martyr' says the Archbishop of Canterbury ~ link ~
Dr Rowan Williams Shahbaz Bhatti died a martyr, says the Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called on the government of Pakistan to do more to protect its minorities. Dr Rowan Williams said the murder of Pakistan's only Christian cabinet minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, could not be "managed or tolerated".

Writing in London's Times, he said Mr Bhatti was a martyr and Pakistan was being blackmailed by extremists. Mr Bhatti was killed in an ambush by Taliban gunmen as he drove away from his mother's home on 2 March. He had been the Pakistan government's only Christian cabinet minister until his assassination in Islamabad. The minister was an outspoken critic of Pakistan's controversial blasphemy laws which Dr Williams, who leads the Church of England and the senior bishop of the worldwide Anglican Church, also attacked in his article.


US Secretary of Defense Gates Says US May Stay In Afghanistan Past 2014 Deadline ~ link ~ We would still be fighting in Vietnam if the students had not raised all kinds of hell about it.  These sick evil bastards have had us killing people for over 10 years there, all for profit/the destruction of America/for Satan's love of blood and the horrors of war.  Stirling     

Larry Silverstein Gives Shithouse Rats A Bad Name ~ linkBack to Larry, ‘the Shithouse Rat’, Silverstein. Larry’s mobbed up in the only real, long term criminal enterprise besides The Vatican on the planet. I suppose you could include the Satanists as well but they’re comprised of mostly the same people. They like to give you the impression that there’s an Italian Mob and probably most people think Bugsy Siegel along with Mickey from LA and Meyer from Miami are Italian. People think the Italian Mob owns Las Vegas (snicker). Of course there was Al Capone and others and they had their moment but they’re junior varsity. Like the Irish Mob in New England, they’re only around to be trotted out as a form of misdirection from the real item.

Larry Silverstein is not only a cold blooded, calculating, premeditating, mass murdering, still in the business, vampire from Hell, but he also was a profiteer from this activity and to show you the kind of power this shit house rat has (appearance of power), he got everyone to pay him off double for his losses, of which there weren’t any; not when you consider the benefits the whole thing brought to the nation he serves.

Maybe Larry isn’t a rat specifically, with those reptile eyes and rats are warm blooded. He’s more like a creature from outer space or something that crawled up another evolutionary track, out of ancient hog lagoons that The Devil had pissed in, after a hard night out on the town. I suspect the special FX people had to work overtime to give him that human appearance in a suit. Larry’s a friend of the Prime Minister of Israel who was in NYC on the day, overseeing the event, that was also participated in by Dov Zakheim and mastermind Ehud Barak and a cast of supporting actors you can find listed here, in another fine piece of detail work. I can’t imagine a punishment that is suitable for these monsters, but I’ll leave that to the infinite imagination of the divine who told me, “You watch how creative I can be”

This Time We're Taking The Whole Planet With Us ~ link ~ That is the intent of Satan; but once again he will lose, because the Son of God will return soon.  Stirling    

Human beings seem cursed to repeat these cycles of exploitation and collapse. And the greater the extent of the deterioration the less they are able to comprehend what is happening around them. The Earth is littered with the physical remains of human folly and human hubris. We seem condemned as a species to drive ourselves and our societies toward extinction, although this moment appears be the denouement to the whole sad show of settled, civilized life that began some 5,000 years ago. There is nothing left on the planet to seize. We are now spending down the last remnants of our natural capital, including our forests, fossil fuel, air and water.
This time when we go down it will be global. There are no new lands to pillage, no new peoples to exploit. Technology, which has obliterated the constraints of time and space, has turned our global village into a global death trap. The fate of Easter Island will be writ large across the broad expanse of planet Earth.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Stands By 'Gangster Government' Description ~ link ~  Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) refused Sunday to retreat from her characterization of the Obama administration as a "gangster government."

Amtrak police chief bars Transportation Security Administration from some security operations ~ link ~ Good!  Stirling 
In late February, the Transportation Security Administration took over the Amtrak station in Savannah, Ga., and thoroughly searched every person who entered. None of the passengers got into trouble, but the TSA certainly did — big time.

Amtrak Police Chief John O’Connor said he first thought a blog posting about the incident was a joke. When he discovered that the TSA’s VIPR team did at least some of what the blog said, he was livid. He ordered the VIPR teams off Amtrak property, at least until a firm agreement can be drawn up to prevent the TSA from taking actions that the chief said were illegal and clearly contrary to Amtrak policy.

“When I saw it, I didn’t believe it was real,” O’Connor said. When it developed that the posting on an anti-TSA blog was not a joke, “I hit the ceiling.”

Video of the screening is available at:

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