Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan: Victim of Scaluar Warfare Attack

Updated: 25 March 2011

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack

Over the last few days I have had a number of people contact me with information linking the Japanese super-earthquake to a man-made causative attack using either scalar weapons or in one or two cases saying that the quake was triggered by a hydrogen bomb.  Others point to the Israeli created nuclear powerplant virus being involved and point to the fact that the Japanese nuke plants were protected by an Israeli security firm.  I ran a link, on my news blog, to a story on the super-quake being caused by a scalar weapon, actually the link led to a 65 minute long video interview with a scientist who made the claim.  I was far from convinced by what I heard.  Today, I have run across a very recent article that shows a view of a HAARP magnetometer image showing 'evidence' that the Japanese Super-earthquake was triggered by a Scalar War weapon. Of course, I cannot be sure of any of this.  But it is a 'giant Red Flag'.  

Further, it fits in with a shocking global pattern of growing chaos across financial, climatic, agricultural, political, spiritual, health, military, etc., fields. It is as if a very powerful force is organizing a 'Devil's Cornucopia' of 'rotten fruit' to fall on mankind's collective heads at about the same time for some nefarious reason.

Maybe, just maybe, it really is that way.

The above is the HAARP magnetometer referred to. 

This is a link to the site and the most interesting article "Japan Earthquake Caused By US Military?

So, am I saying that I believe that the Japanese super-quake/tsunami/atomic mega-disaster was man-induced?!!  Well, I am not sure, but I have to say that this seems to fit a pattern of events, around the globe in multiple fields (financial, disaster, war, etc.) that seems to be creating a global chaotic mess of the highest order.

Lately, we seem to be having a new revolution, or war, or financial or political crisis or major event, every week or so.  We seem to be in a major bad way financially already, but poised on the brink of something far far worse.  We are now in three wars in the Middle East/North Africa, with multiple on-going revolutions, the EU and the Euro on the brink of disaster, America going so far down the drain that it will collapse into a Third World nation any day now, yet another war in the Middle East coming with Iran that will involved WMD on both sides, and, oh yes, maybe even trigger WWIII itself.  

Is it too much to think that global banking families, who have caused the global financial tsunami, 9/11, 7/7, the Afghan War, the Iraqi War, and now the 'Domino Revolutions' throughout the Middle East and the latest war, the Libyan War, are capable of and actually did trigger the Japanese 9.0 super-quake? And the even deadlier tsunami afterward,  and the mega-disaster of six nuclear powerplants facing full meltdown.  Currently, the reactor in the worst state (#3, the one that is 10,000 times more dangerous than the other five) is going into a full meltdown and is about to close the entire site to all human life, meaning that all six will soon go full 'China Syndrome'.

It would then be likely that we would lose the second largest city on Earth!

I wonder what new disaster or war or whatever, next week will bring?

Pray, actually start praying A LOT!


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PLEASE SEE THESE LINKS: HAARP Magnetometer date shows Japan earthquake was induced ~ link ~ Japan Nuclear Crisis: A Worm In The Works ~ link ~ HAARP Activity Japan Threatened In Past - video (Note: this video has been out for months) ~ link


Anonymous said...

If you look at the induction magnometer readings for the date of the Haiti earthquake, the same Hz readings are there. The frequency, 2.5Hz the graphs literally look the same.
On Friday at 4:30pm I and other people witnessed scalar clouds and plasma looking colors in the clouds when the sun was making its way toward the western horizon. They have never appeared so vividly. Normally you can see pink & green in the sun when scalar clouds develop if you have polarized sunglasses on. These were visible to the naked eye. Even my husband, who has poor vision, saw the colors without his glasses on.
I have looked into finding out the possible reason and have thought it was one of 2 reasons why. The first thought is that the plasma wave, which travels longitudinally, showed up where I am, the same longitudal line as Honshu, 40degree. I live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado.
The other possibility is that quite possibly the original facility (before they moved it to Alaska) is still in use in Platteville, Colorado. It is said they no longer use the facility to heat the ionoshere and use it to study wind ionization & airglow. If you draw a straight line from the Alaska facility to the facility in Puerto Rico, it runs right through Platteville.
I am inclined to be suspicious about the Platteville facility because scalar clouds were present here after both the Haiti earthquake & the Chilean earthquake.
I have often wondered though if they use chemtrails/scalar to protect the sensitve satellites out at Buckley AFB & other alphabet agencies that have located here. It is said that haarp can be used as defense, to protect from EMP attacks, nuclear attacks, and I have to wonder if that is what they are doing because there are times when scalar clouds are so frequent and vast.
Nonetheless, I have been extremely bothered by the vividness of colors that day. I keep thinking the reason the colors were so obvious correlates to the magnitude of the earthquake in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

I greatly appreciate you for dealing with man-made earthquakes, but please know that HAARP theory is often adopt to wipe out the truth. For example, if you took this thoery, we cannot know the existence of pure hydrogen bombs which might have been used for W.T.C on 9-11. The duration of the diffusion of radioactivity from the explosion of the pure hydrogen bomb is said within 48 hours. Now, we observe everywhere the radioactivity, even in Tokyo gulf and in the broad beans from Southern part of Japan, Kagoshima. So the agents of CIA might prefer using HAARP theoty in order to hide the probable use of pure hydrogen bombs in Japan. And he who speaks about HAARP is often ocultic or new age people who like UFO and Nephilim staff.Therefore please consider more about pure hydrogen bomb theory. It would explain more about radioactivity panic in Japan, which is being coverd up by Fukushima plant's radioactivity.

Sincerely Yours

from japan

A13 said...

Dear Lord Sterling,
Thank You very much for the link up.
I have since written about the Israeli Security firm involved with "security" at thet stricken plantat Fukushima.

Please see for yourself that they could have had access to computers and sensitive areas to active failure and blame a "natural Disaster" for the consequences.

many regards to you, i've been reading your posts for a few years and am a regular vistor to your blog.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

Ler us supporse that you want to devanstate Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and some nuclear plant. And you have bombs,esp. hydrogen bombs. But if you used them at many places, people will know that you used them at all these place by the evidence of observing "radiation", so you chose Fukushima nuclear power plant to be blew up, in order to diffuse much radioactivity which is the medium to diffuse radiation everywhere. By this method, you don't have to worry to use hydrogen bombs at these places for the devastation of Japan, because if someone ask question if you had used atomic boms, you could just answer "No,I didn't. Look at all places, there are no radioactivity, but only radiation. So this radiation must have come from Fukushima plant." And no one will accuse you of this crime. And you can even charge HAARP with these man-made earthquakes. Then none of us can investigate the Base of HAARP. And this story will end in nada. But Lord, please look at the evidences, we had more than 200 earthquakes, and some of them were bigger than M.7. Did you see that the HAARP monitor shakeed for each of all these numerous earthquakes?
No, it is fake fabricated by our and your enemy in order for us not to find out the true cause. So Lord, please search more about hydrogen bombs. And be careful towards poeple who always present HAARP to you. The aim of majority of them might be to mislead you in the quest of the truth. It is like heresy which appears befre your eyes like the truth, but in fact leads you to error.

Sicerely Yours

Anonymous said...

HAARP is suspected as a culprit by many honest folk, myself among them. Not to mislead, but because it is the most viable and plausible. It can be done virtually untraced from one of many haarp stations around the globe. Hydrogen bombs are quite cumbersome and would require hauling, maintaining, and a big operation to plant and detonate, with a less controllable and sloppier outcome. Why wouldnt TPTB go for the more reliable, annonymous, quick, easy and effective method instead of old fashioned, labot intensive gambles?

Am fully open to being wrong on this though, and anyone who can prove the hydrogen theory (or haarp for that matter) has my kudos.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

Please permit me to response to
Anonymous No.5 if you don't mind.

Thank you for your comment. Now If HAARP did those devastations in many plates and many prefecture at the almost exactly same latitude and longitude such as aroud Mt. Fuji, please show me the magnometer which indicated its works respectively for each earthquakes. And you might know the pure hydrogen bomb is not necessarily cumbersome and big as you imagine. Do you remember W.T.C, which showed you many many small explosions during the collapsing? We say it was by pure hydrogen bomb becasue of short term of continuance of radiation. Otherwise New Yorker couldn't entered that big City after a few days. Now,I have no information about TPTB, please tell me that. I have no intension to get your kudo, but understand and at least consent from Lord Stirling and you too of course. And I ask you why American journalists and people try to avoid to talk about the pure hydrogen bomb? It is troublesome for you to talk about it? I said this weapon is not uncarriable or unportable ( I don't know whether these term exist or not). And vertually some American soliders pack with themselves miniture nuclear weapon. Before denying in the general, please look into the other theory. And yesterday, you might have heard that very hight amount of radiation was observed in the seawater in front of Fukushima, now please think not always that it might come from Fukushima power plant, but assume that it miight be caused by several explosions of pure hydrogen boms of other nuclear bombs. If the radiation will dissapear soon, it might not be by the pure hydrogen bombs, but by other nuclear bombs.
I say that we are not accusing American people, but those who planned and acted such an unhuman strategy. Recall in your scool, you are taught that there was the necessity to drop the Atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is total fake, and if you insiste in mentality, you will never find out the truth, because it is brainwashing. Your fellow men attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, just becasue of 9-11, please dear Anonymous, as you know, it was excuse to attack those oil owner countries and to found N.W.O.. And you American young soldiers are victims of the evil head people, such as CFR under D.R..
In any case, before cold objection, look moor into the pure hydrogen bomb, otherwise many of us consider that you are afraid that American people could find out this weapon indeed existing in the world.I hasten to respond you.

Sincerely Yours
Thank you very much for your allowance to my objection, Lord.

from Japan

Tesla Weapon said...

Yeah, it was man made but with faster than light data realized. Time travel is earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

One very important video to watch :

Part 1

Part 2

Catherine from France

opit said...

Whether or not HAARP 'greased' fracturing which should be generated spatially and from polar displacement - something examined after initial extreme skepticism by science writer Dr. John v. Kampen in his weblog 'My Hiding Place' - or whether nukes were used to cause a tsunami predicated on modeling of the seafloor to effect a channelled surge ; the facts are that 35 years ago 2 GE engineers quit over unsafe practices in the design of the Japaneses facilities. Worse, the same design parameters were followed as standard during the wave of construction of nuclear generating plants in the 1950's and 1960's.
One exception would have been Canada's CANDU system.
Deliberate sabotage over that sort of a timescale is not usually recognized. That is why the parameters of the NPT TRAP as formulated - I surmise - by the Rand Corporation make me think that such suggestions merely 'gild the lily' of past perfidity.

authorthat said...

The 99% Occupy must remove the head of the serpent from the money changers by legal seizure of ALL technologies of scalar energetics, for earth has been weaponized against itself & all life force. This strikes at the heart of evil intent desiring separation, for knowledge of our dual nature can open the heart, which in correct relationship will reverse authority that all else may be added unto us. Energetics alter non living systems, bioenergetics alter living systems, psycoenergetics alter mind and emotion. Separation from knowledge
of our nature is the issue, for it is the knowledge of our author that we must gain.