Saturday, February 12, 2011

Open Letter to the Egyptian Military High Command

To the Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals currently running Egypt:

Dear Sirs:

Yours is a unique opportunity.  Your nation has gone through a massive popular revolution.  Regardless of what forces helped to arrange/push the revolution, it was the masses of your people that demanded, at risk to their very lives, significant change in their nation.  In the mist of this revolution, the people insisted that they and the Armed Forces were one.  That was not only a wise strategic choice, but it was the gut feeling of the masses of YOUR people.  

They hold you in a special place in their hearts.  That you are personally close to the former regime does not matter to them, they TRUST IN YOU AND YOUR ARMED FORCES!

Former President Mubarak was neither the worst nor best of leaders.  Even if his families wealth is or is not in the US$50-70 Billion range, we all know that he enriched himself massively in a nation where most people struggle to have enough to feed themselves and their families. 

If YOU put your minds to it, and your will power to it, and all the resources that you can marshal to it, you can dramatically change Egypt for the better.  If you put your nation first.  Now is the time in history, where you ... where each of you as human beings ... now have it dropped on your shoulders ... the very future and quality of life for all of your nation.  Can...actually the question is WILL YOU RISE TO THE OPPORTUNITY FOR GREATNESS for yourselves and your people, the very people that so totally count on you.

No one requires that you place foreign interests, and personal greed, above the Egyptian People that today are so counting on each and every one of you.  It is totally up to you to decide the future for your people.  Hopefully you will avoid war, but beyond that there is so very much that you ... and only you, now in this very time period, can do.

Make Egypt a shining example of how to run the future.  Make the lives of your people much, much better.  Put real excitement and faith in the task of the people and the government to make Egypt better.  Begin by organizing local committees to work to beautify local neighborhoods, local business areas.  Find a way, to employee millions of young, and not so young, Egyptians to make Egypt the shinning example of what the world can be.  Do not let your nation's future be one of greed, and exploitation, but one of beautify, of education, of a social compact between the people and their government with THEIR Armed Forces ensuring that no future dictators arise to exploit the people.  Make the streets, the public areas, the business areas, the home streets of the masses, including the poorest of your nation, look dramatically better and in doing so, put many unemployed people to work.

The near and not-so-near future is yours to lose or to win with great success.  Only you can make the necessary choices.  And there is no time better than right now.

(Earl of Stirling, Tim Alexander)    


Alain Denis said...

!! nwo breaking news!!
Octopus against nwo sharks

choose your side, brother!
(get up! stand up! stand up for your rights!!!)

Anonymous said...

Very nice try. Hope it will be read and hope it will work out.

You're a good man.