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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 
Oil Spill in the Apocalypse - video ~ link  

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

Advanced Biological Warfare (article by Lord Stirling) ~ link ~ I have a link to a free movie on Hulu, BLACK DAWN: THE NEXT PANDEMIC, that is most interesting.  The movie is about the spread of a naturally occurring mutation in the H5N1 virus; a rather nasty mutation that kills up to 10% of those it effects.  I strongly urge people to take the time to view this movie, as it shows the impact of what a single naturally occurring virus mutation can do.  In reality, a global strategic Advanced Biological-based war would be at least ten-fold as bad and more likely a hundred-fold in its impact as the viruses would be military designer-created (recombination DNA) diseases with a much stronger kill ratio (90% or higher fatality level from an infection) and there would likely be many dozens of viruses released at the same time, instead of only one disease.      

Before we allow hardliners in Israel take us into yet another war, we need to take a very hard and realistic look at just what a war involving MAD on all sides would mean to Israel, to Europe, to North America and the entire world.  

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Egypt moves to reassure allies - with video ~ link  ~ Egypt's military authorities have reaffirmed the country's commitment to all its international treaties. The announcement, which was read by a senior officer on state TV, implicitly confirms that the country's peace treaty with Israel will remain intact. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the announcement, saying the treaty was a cornerstone of Middle East stability.

Meanwhile the authorities have banned three senior officials close to Mr Mubarak from foreign travel. The three are former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, former Interior Minister Habib al-Adli and current Information Minister Anas al-Fekky. State TV said the men were under investigation, but no more details were available. The moves came as thousands of people maintained a presence in Cairo's Tahrir Square, celebrating President Hosni Mubarak's resignation on Friday after 18 days of protests.

Anti-government protests broken up in Yemen and Algeria ~ link ~ It is spreading!   Stirling     
Algerian riot police push back anti-government protesters in Algiers - 12 February 2011 A heavy security presence contained the protest in Algiers then broke it up
Anti-government rallies in the capitals of Algeria and Yemen, inspired by events in Egypt, have been broken up.
Riot police in Algiers dispersed thousands of people who had defied a government ban to demand that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika step down.

A similar march in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave office was attacked by government supporters. Egypt's Hosni Mubarak stepped down on Friday after 18 days of mass protests. Both Yemen and Algeria, like other countries in the region, have recently witnessed demonstrations for greater freedoms and improved living standards.

America's Strategic Repression of the 'Arab Awakening' ~ link ~  


Egypt: Washington's Covert Intelligence Operation ~ linkFrank G. Wisner was sent to Egypt on the explicit request of president Obama "to negotiate a resolution to the protest movement".

His discussions with Egypt's president were a prelude to Mubarak's  speech on Tuesday February 1st in which he confirmed that he would not resign as president until the holding of new elections scheduled for the Fall of 2011. In a public statement, Wisner confirmed that Mubarak should be allowed to stay in office. The White House subsequently clarified that this was not a reflection of US policy and that Wisner statement was made in a personal capacity.

The meetings behind closed doors between Wisner and Mubarak were part of an intelligence agenda. Washington had no intention of pushing towards a resolution of the protest movement. Its priority was regime change. Wisner's mandate was to instruct Mubarak not to to resign, thereby contributing to triggering an atmosphere of social chaos and uncertainty, not to mention the deliberate destabilization of Egypt's monetary system resulting from billions of dollars of capital flight.  

Frank. G. Wisner II is no run of the mill American diplomat. He is a member of a well known CIA family, son of one of America's most notorious spies, the late Frank Gardiner Wisner (1909- 1965). 

Wisner Senior headed the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in Southeast Europe during the Second World War.  In the wake of the war, he was put in charge of a number of intelligence operations which in many regards have established the CIA's modus operandi. His responsibilities included inter alia propaganda, sabotage and media disinformation, etc. He was the architect of Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program which consisted in infiltrating both the US and foreign media. 

In 1952, Wisner became head of the CIA's Directorate of Plans, with Richard Helms as his chief of operations. (See Frank Wisner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)  He was also the mastermind  behind the CIA sponsored coup which toppled the government of  Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran in 1953, paving the way for the installation of Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi  as "Emperor" and puppet head of state.

The Emerging Counter-Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt ~ link ~  


Israel staggered by Egyptian Revolution and social tensions at home ~ linkThis is actually a very good article.  Take the time to read it if you can.  Stirling    
The right-wing Israeli government of Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has been staggered by the massive demonstrations and strike wave engulfing Egypt, its critical Arab ally in the region, and the simultaneous emergence of social opposition in Israel itself.

In recent weeks, there have been several demonstrations in Israel’s predominantly Arab towns in support of the Egypt protests, including a small one in Tel Aviv of Palestinian and Jewish Israelis. In addition, Israel’s newspapers have noted in passing expressions of public sympathy for the mass protests in Egypt calling for an end to the Mubarak regime.

Not so the Israeli government. In speech after speech, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has warned that should the Mubarak dictatorship fall, chaos will prevail. Though the Muslim Brotherhood do not have majority support and have made very clear their intention not to lead protests against Mubarak, Netanyahu constantly raises the spectre of the Islamic revolution in Iran: the Islamists, meaning the Muslim Brotherhood, will take control in Egypt, abrogate the 1978-9 peace deal at Camp David, and march on Israel. By implication, Netanyahu is suggesting that the fall of the Mubarak dictatorship is an event Israel might oppose by force.

The Israeli ruling class’s fear over the events in Egypt is two-fold. In the first place, Egypt—with its large economy, population of nearly 80 million, and control of the Suez Canal—is Israel’s key ally in the region. It has played the crucial role in strangling resistance to the dispossession of the Palestinians.

Equally as important, the conditions that led to the revolution in Egypt also prevail in Israel: youth unemployment and underemployment; spiraling prices; growing social polarization; and a corrupt and anti-democratic ruling elite personified by Netanyahu himself. Israel is a social powder keg, characterized by enormous social inequality and poverty, governed by a corrupt and reactionary kleptocracy.

Afghanistan: Sovereignty and Military Occupation - 46 Countries, 155.000 foreign troops ~ link
Afghanistan lacks sovereignty due to the war imposed on the country since October 7, 2001, now under occupation by 46 countries with military forces numbering more than 155,000, with 100,000 from the US alone. There are also foreign civilian, foreign intelligence agents, and private militias and mercenaries as bodyguards numbering 150,000, with 112,000 alone from the US. Repeated complaints from the regime in Kabul and from the common people in Afghanistan are heard about foreign interferences in many aspects of governance in support of their interests including those by the neighbors of Afghanistan at the expense of the Afghan people. Sixteen foreign companies from the US and Britain were accused of “major offenses” by the Kabul regime according to a report cited in Afghanistan Sun sourcing Washington Post, January 23, 2011.

The Provincial Reconstruction Teams organized by the US and NATO that are spread out throughout Afghanistan are accused of running parallel governance that competes with the central government, so reports New York Times, February 7, 2011. The latest heavy handed interferences also came in the “elections” of the Parliament last September 2010 when the Afghan people argued and demonstrated in many cities including Kabul against corrupt procedures and fraudulent ballots, yet foreign interests insisted that the results represented “democracy” at work. In the latest elections claims surfaced that over a million votes were invalidated and in many areas the majority ethnic Pushtuns were left out from participating altogether, exemplified by the Andar district of Ghazni where only three ballots were cast.

9/11 Dust samples ~ link Physicist Steven Jones, one of the scientists who discovered thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center, explains in detail the scientific method at the base of his discovery. He discusses the origin of the dust samples of the WTC and the nanothermite. 

This interview showcases one of the international experts of the shocking documentary by the Architects and Engineers entitled "9/11: Explosive Testimony Exclusives"

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