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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

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RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 
Oil Spill in the Apocalypse - video ~ link  

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

Advanced Biological Warfare (article by Lord Stirling) ~ link ~ I have a link to a free movie on Hulu, BLACK DAWN: THE NEXT PANDEMIC, that is most interesting.  The movie is about the spread of a naturally occurring mutation in the H5N1 virus; a rather nasty mutation that kills up to 10% of those it effects.  I strongly urge people to take the time to view this movie, as it shows the impact of what a single naturally occurring virus mutation can do.  In reality, a global strategic Advanced Biological-based war would be at least ten-fold as bad and more likely a hundred-fold in its impact as the viruses would be military designer-created (recombination DNA) diseases with a much stronger kill ratio (90% or higher fatality level from an infection) and there would likely be many dozens of viruses released at the same time, instead of only one disease.      

Before we allow hardliners in Israel take us into yet another war, we need to take a very hard and realistic look at just what a war involving MAD on all sides would mean to Israel, to Europe, to North America and the entire world.  

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Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link  

Finally - Ireland issues threat to billionaire bondholders ~ link ~ This is the heart of the bailout battle.  Taxpayers vs. bank bondholders.  In Ireland, the debate is front page news.  On Friday, the leading opposition party, Fine Gael (pronounced feena gail), put forth a multi-point plan to deal with Ireland's banking and sovereign debt crisis.  This weekend we made note of their plans to secure a $50B loan from the Federal Reserve, but perhaps more significant is their open threat to bank bondholders:
  • "Fine Gael ... is committed to forcing certain classes of bond-holders to share in the cost of recapitalising troubled financial institutions.  This can be done unilaterally for the most junior bondholders (owners of preference shares, sub-ordinated debt and similar instruments), but should be extended - ideally as part of a European-wide framework - for senior debt for institutions like Anglo Irish and Irish Nationwide that no longer have any systemic economic importance."
In other words, banks will be allowed (forced) to default on debts they owe to some of their creditors, including Goldman Sachs.  In the post-bailout world, and outside of Iceland, this simply is not done.  Even though, as we pointed out months ago, it's going to happen eventually anyway.


Mafia 'holds compromising Silvio Berlusconi photos ~ link ~ Also see: Silvio Berlusconi's Women ~ link ~
Fabrizio Corona, who runs a celebrity photography agency, claimed that members of the Camorra mafia in Naples are trying to sell the alleged images to gossip magazines.
“Representatives from a big weekly magazine went to Naples to buy photos of Berlusconi from the underworld,” he told an Italian television programme. He said there were nude pictures of the Italian prime minister, but later appeared to backtrack, saying none of the images were “obscene”.

Mr Corona, who is known as the “king of the paparazzi,” also claimed that there had been a mysterious break-in at his photo agency, with thieves stealing several computer discs from his extensive picture archives, although he denied that he had any photos of Mr Berlusconi. 
Prosecutors are expected to request as early as today that the prime minister, 74, be sent for trial on allegations of paying for sex with an underage prostitute, an erotic dancer known as Ruby the Heart Stealer, and of abusing his office by having her released on theft charges. 

Can Egypt's revolution stay the distance ~ link
After 14 days of unrest, the protesting crowds were thinner yesterday morning, although numbers increased later in the day

After 14 days of unrest, the protesting crowds were thinner yesterday morning, although numbers increased later in the day
After thirty unbroken years as President of Egypt, it had seemed as if Hosni Mubarak's charmed career was finally coming to an end. But yesterday, Cairo's famous traffic jams were back. Businesses, shops, and banks were open across the capital. Barack Obama spoke of the "progress" the Egyptian government was making towards reform. And though still in tens of thousands, the numbers at Tahrir Square were probably down on the previous day. 

Meanwhile, Mr Mubarak, the great survivor, was using all the guile that has kept him in power for so long to produce a series of sweeteners – including a 15 per cent pay rise for state employees – to widen his public support. He even held the first meeting of his new cabinet: the group he had hastily cobbled together as another means of staving off the end. His regime was doing everything in its power to suggest that things were calm once more. In another symbolically conciliatory move, the regime released Wael Ghonim, a local marketing manager for Google, who is a prominent youth activist involved in the protests and was detained three days after they began. 

Egypt protesters call for push to eject Mubarak ~ link ~ Protesters called for a push on Tuesday to eject President Hosni Mubarak from power after the government conceded little ground in talks with the opposition and sought to squeeze demonstrators out of central Cairo.
The protesters barricaded in a tent camp in Tahrir Square have vowed to stay until Mubarak quits and hope to take their two-week campaign to the streets with more mass demonstrations on Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday's demonstrations will test the protesters' ability to maintain pressure on the government after Mubarak, 82, refused calls to end his 30-year rule now. He has said he will stay until an election in September but will not run in it.
Hundreds of thousands of people took part in previous demonstrations and the United Nations says 300 people may have died so far.

Egyptian opposition figures have reported little progress in talks with the government. The Muslim Brotherhood, by far the best organized opposition group, said on Monday it could quit the process if protesters' demands were not met, including the immediate exit of Mubarak.

Egypt: What's Really Happening? Listen to The Globalists ~ link ~ On one hand I have to agree with the basic premise of the article, which ultimately is that there are a series of revolutions being 'set up' by Soros and other global banking agents; on the other hand the demands are reasonable and what I would be making if I were an Egyptian revolutionary.  Stirling 
A great debate is going on amongst honest commentators over what is actually happening in Egypt. The debate stems from the horribly inaccurate information being supplied by the globalist owned mainstream media. A superficial look at AlJazeera, BBC, and CNN reveals that even their concerted efforts to build up public opinion behind the protesters are inconsistent. There is no better example than AlJazeera's 2 million man march, BBC's 100's of thousands man march, and CNN's tens of thousands man march.

Accomplished historian and unparalleled researcher Dr. Webster Tarpley outright calls AlJazeera a British intelligence operation, noting that Hahrir Square had at best 50,000 protesters at the height of the "march of millions." He attempts to point out that the protesters lack any pragmatic solutions amongst their demands.

The protesters' demands indeed lack any pragmatic, technical solutions for the myriad of problems that face Egyptian society, but their demands do become very specific regarding the changes in the system they would like to see. Protesters unfurled a banner enumerating these political "reforms."
Project on Middle East Democracy, a US National Endowment for Democracy funded NGO, translates the banner as saying: “Our demands: 1. deposing the president 2. dissolving the two illegitimate houses of parliament 3. lifting the state of emergency immediately 4. forming a caretaker national unity government 5. an elected parliament that amends the constitution to allow fair presidential elections 6. bringing murders of demonstrators to trial 7. immediate judicial proceedings against corrupt officials and those stealing the of the nation.”

Ironically, many of the globalist think-tanks cheer-leading the protests and distributing the mass media's talking points have also made these exact "demands." Could it be that this organic, spontaneous uprising against the Mubarak regime just so happens to resonate verbatim with the globalist policy wonks? The answer is most emphatically, no.

The International Crisis Group, of which protest leader Mohamed ElBaradei is a trustee, verbatim repeats the need for an interim national unity government, lifting the state of emergency, and amendments to the constitution especially in regards to elections.

The Council on Foreign Relations' "Foreign Policy" magazine features an article by Zalmay Khalilzad, of the globalist Center for Strategic and International Studies calling for the same "reforms," including Mubarak's immediate departure, a constitutional convention for amendments, and a "transitional government."

The Carnegie Middle East Center's piece "Egypt's Path Ahead: Agree to the People's Demands" by Amr Hamzawy also repeats these demands verbatim and insists Egypt bow to a 50,000 strong ochlocracy. Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy at the globalist Brookings Institute, Martin Indyk, wrote an article with the self-explanatory title "In Egypt, the Time Has Come for Mubarak To Go."

Fellow Brookings Institute member Shadi Hamid also weighs in. His prolific propagandizing should be of no surprise to anyone, as he had served on the globalists' National Endowment for Democracy funded NGO Project on Middle Eastern Democracy mentioned above. It should be noted that NGOs play a vital role in shaping and manipulating public opinion in regards to the
globalist agenda.

By now, it should be abundantly clear what the globalists amongst their think-tanks desire for Egypt. Their consensus should come as no surprise as prominent US policy makers like Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros have seats on boards in nearly all of them. The fact that the protesters on the street and the mainstream media reflect this desire verbatim tells us exactly what is going on in Egypt.

While the protests falter and Mubarak has rejected the globalists' consensus, the globalists are now signaling a compromise. Total system change and a new regime was their ultimate goal, but they are now pressing for a "Turkish" model where they can negotiate with the military to ensure the reforms they want are made. CFR's Steven Cook points out that the Egyptian army has little motivation for such compromises. This begs one to wonder if reports of US navy ships deploying to the area aren't meant to strengthen the globalists' hand in this matter, rather than their stated purpose of assisting in evacuations.

Egypt: Pentagon moving warships, preparing for possible evacuations ~ link 
The Pentagon is moving U.S. warships and other military assets to make sure it is prepared in case evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt becomes necessary, officials said Friday.
The Kearsarge, an amphibious assault ship carrying 700 to 800 troops from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and the Ponce have arrived in the Red Sea, putting them off Egypt’s shores in case the situation worsens. Pentagon officials emphasized that military intervention in Egypt was not being contemplated and that the warships were being moved only for contingency purposes in case evacuations became necessary. In addition to the Marines, the Kearsarge normally carries around four dozen helicopters and harrier jets that would permit evacuations and other humanitarian operations, the officials said.

In addition, the aircraft carrier Enterprise is in the eastern Mediterranean. The Pentagon originally announced that the carrier was heading through the Suez Canal for the Arabian Gulf, but the crisis in Egypt appears to have prompted a decision to keep it in the Mediterranean at least temporarily.

Recognizing the Language of Tyranny ~ link 
Empires communicate in two languages. One language is expressed in imperatives. It is the language of command and force. This militarized language disdains human life and celebrates hypermasculinity. It demands. It makes no attempt to justify the flagrant theft of natural resources and wealth or the use of indiscriminate violence. When families are gunned down at a checkpoint in Iraq they are referred to as having been “lit up.” So it goes. The other language of empire is softer. It employs the vocabulary of ideals and lofty goals and insists that the power of empire is noble and benevolent. The language of beneficence is used to speak to those outside the centers of death and pillage, those who have not yet been totally broken, those who still must be seduced to hand over power to predators. The road traveled to total disempowerment, however, ends at the same place. It is the language used to get there that is different. 

The narratives we hear are those fabricated for us by the state, Hollywood and the press. These narratives are taught in our schools, preached in our pulpits and celebrated in war documentaries such as “Restrepo.” These narratives humanize and ennoble the enforcers of empire. The government, the military, the police and our intelligence agents are lionized. These control groups, we are assured, are the guardians of our virtues and our protectors. They produce our heroes. And those who challenge this narrative—who denounce the lies—become the enemy.

Egypt unrest: Public-sector pay rise but protests go on - with video ~ link ~ Egypt is increasing pay and pensions for public-sector workers by 15% as protesters defy attempts to return the country to normality. Banks have re-opened, but the stock exchange will not resume trading until Sunday 13 February and the Egyptian pound has fallen to a six-year low. The government put up $2.2bn of short-term debt up for auction to inject money into the battered economy.

Thousands of protesters have stayed in Cairo's Tahrir Square for a 14th day. They say they will only leave when President Hosni Mubarak stands down.

Ratigan and Fleckenstein explain the Fed's Role in Recent Food Price Revolutions - with video ~ link ~ For over a year now, Zero Hedge has been predicting that in its foolhardy attempt of "inflation or bust", the Fed's actions would sooner or later lead to mass rioting and possible revolutions as a result of surging and out of control food prices (which are just the peak of the alternative investment pyramid - yes, stunningly free money can go into other things besides stocks). There have been those who have claimed that deflation is still a far greater force, despite that the all important shadow banking system made a positive inflection point in ending deleveraging in Q3 (and on March 10 we will know whether the Q3 strength persisted into Q4) as was discussed previously, and today's first time in over two years increase in revolving credit merely confirms this view. Alas, to all who believe that deflation or deleveraging is a greater threat: you have our sympathies, as fundamentally your are correct, and were the business cycle have the benefit of playing out in normal course, all the world's banks would become insolvent and yes, deflation would be rampaging. The problem is that these same people do not realize that to Bernanke (whom we have referred Genocide Ben for precisely this reason) there is no other alternative, and inflation must be achieved no matter how terrible the social cost, or the damage to the monetary system. Regardless, the actions in North Africa are just the start. Commodities will run up far higher, and discontent will sooner or later reach to Asia, and possibly to countries which have nuclear arsenals at their disposal. What happens then is anyone guess. Yet for anyone who is still confused about the ultimate Fed agenda, Dylan Ratigan and Bill Fleckenstein sat down late last week to make it so clear that virtually anyone and everyone can understand what the Bernanke endgame is.

Twenty reasons why it's kicking off everywhere ~ linkWe've had revolution in Tunisia, Egypt's Mubarak is teetering; in Yemen, Jordan and Syria suddenly protests have appeared. In Ireland young techno-savvy professionals are agitating for a "Second Republic"; in France the youth from banlieues battled police on the streets to defend the retirement rights of 60-year olds; in Greece striking and rioting have become a national pastime. And in Britain we've had riots and student occupations that changed the political mood.
What's going on? What's the wider social dynamic?
My editors yesterday asked me put some bullet points down for a discussion on the programme that then didn't happen but I am throwing them into the mix here, on the basis of various conversations with academics who study this and also the participants themselves.

At the heart of it all are young people, obviously; students; westernised; secularised. They use social media - as the mainstream media has now woken up to - but this obsession with reporting "they use twitter" is missing the point of what they use it for.

In so far as there are common threads t
o be found in these different situation, here's 20 things I have spotted:

Northeast US farmers watch winter crush their livelihoods ~ link For Northeastern farmers long used to coping with all sorts of cold-weather problems, this winter presents a new one: snow and ice that's bringing down outbuildings, requiring costly repairs, killing livestock and destroying supplies.

Farmers in Connecticut alone have lost at least 136 barns, greenhouses, sheds and other structures as snow measured in feet, not inches, accumulated while January passed without a thaw.

Corn prices to soar as Chinese imports increase NINEFOLD compared to official projections ~ link ~
Cotton, wheat, rice, and now corn. If revised Chinese import estimates by the US Grain Council are even remotely correct, look for corn prices of $6.80 a bushel at last check to jump by at least 15% in a very short amount of time. As the FT reports, "Corn prices – and with them, the price of meat – are set to explode if the latest import estimates from China are correct. The US Grain Council, the industry body, said late on Thursday that it has received information pointing to Chinese imports as high as 9m tonnes in 2011-12, up from 1.3m in 2010-11." Why is this a concern? Because "the US Department of Agriculture, which compiles benchmark estimates of supply, demand and stocks, forecast Chinese imports at just 1m tonnes in 2011-12." In other words, the whole forecast supply-demand equilibrium is about to be torn to shreds. And all this excludes the impact of neverending liquidity by the one and only, which will only make the speculative approach to surging corn relentless. 

For those who think that there is any even remote hope of a respite in the endless climb in prices, we suggest reading the following:


Movie trailer: Inside Job - How Wall Street became a criminal enterprise and took over government ~ link

Amagerbanken - $2.8 billion bank failure in Denmark - Senior bondholders whacked 41% - link ~ Good, at least it is a nice beginning.   Stirling   

The Great Global Debt Prison ~ link 
Tense and terrible times inevitably summon an odd coupling of two very different and difficult human conditions; honesty, and brutality. Certain painful truths are revealed, and often, a palpable fury erupts. Being that times today are particularly tense, and on the verge of being spectacularly terrible, perhaps we should embrace both conditions in a constructive manner, and become brutally honest with ourselves. This begins by admitting to that which most ails us. It begins by admitting how far we have fallen…

Our economy, our culture, our entire world, is built upon debt. No one ever asked us if that’s how we wanted it, it is simply how the system was designed when we came into it. Many of us have lived our entire lives under the assumption that debt is a necessary function of daily commerce and a valuable driver of successful society. Most households in America operate at a steep loss, trapped in constantly building cycles of liability and interest. There are even widely held schools of economic thought that are centered completely on the production and utilization of nothing but debt. Only recently have many people begun to ask themselves what the tangible benefits are (if any) in being dependent on debt based finance.

After careful examination, it becomes evident that debt does not fuel economy, it suffocates it. It does not nurture growth, it stunts and poisons it. Extreme debt is not a fundamental organ in a body of commerce; it is an aberration, a spreading cancer which disrupts the circulation of healthy trade. Debt is, in large part, unnecessary.

Of course, debt can be very useful if you are the controller or determining overseer of a system, especially if you wish to centralize and maintain power over that system. The tactical wielding of debt has been used by elites for centuries as a means to imprison the masses, or to create an atmosphere of endless dependency. Let’s take a look at what debt really is, and how it is being used against the average American today…

Almost a Total Dollar Devaluation by the Fed ~ link We ask ourselves how did so many nations do the same stupid things and why would bankers use disastrous levels of leverage and lending? We certainly cannot totally ascribe it to greed or stupidity. Bankers are not stupid people. The policies followed by these nations were promulgated by the Federal Reserve and the City of London to bring about a crisis that would lead to world government. This is what this whole orchestration is all about.

 After Egyptian Coup - Israel Invades ~ link
 How long before Israel grabs the Sinai from Egypt?

According to The Economist, there could be a big Middle East war during 2011.

"Unless remedial action is taken, 2011 might see the most destructive (Middle East) war for many years." (The United States, Israel and the Arabs.)
Step 1 - topple Mubarak
Step 2 - create turmoil in the Sinai
Step 3 - invade

Remember what happened after the CIA toppled the Shah?
There was a long and bloody war between Iraq and Iran.
Bat-winged drone bomber in test flight - US Navy ~ link 
A robotic, bat-winged bomber designed to take off from a US aircraft carrier has passed its first test in a debut flight in California, the US Navy said.

The X-47B jet, which looks like a smaller version of the B-2 stealth bomber, stayed in the air for 29 minutes and climbed to 5,000 feet in a test flight on Friday at Edwards Air Force Base, according to the Navy and defense contractor Northrop Grumman.
Haiti gives ex-President Aristide new passport ~ link ~ The globalists hate Aristide because he stood up for the masses.  Stirling    
Jean-Bertrand Aristide at a press conference in January 2010 Mr Aristide fled the country in 2004, but says he is ready to return from exile in South Africa
The Haitian government says it has issued former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide with a passport, opening the way for his possible return. A government official told the AFP news agency the diplomatic passport had been issued on Monday.
However, one of Mr Aristide's lawyers said he had not received it. Mr Aristide was ousted seven years ago and has been living in exile in South Africa, but has said he wants to return to Haiti. The news comes at a critical time for Haiti, with continuing uncertainty over the presidential election, due to go into a second round in March.

North and South Korea hold first talks since shelling ~ link ~ Military officials from North and South Korea have held their first talks since the North shelled a South Korean island in November, killing four people. South Korea says the talks, at the border village of Panmunjom, are intended to lay the groundwork for higher-level meetings.

Relations are at a nadir after 46 South Koreans died when their warship was sunk last March. Seoul blamed the North for the incident, something Pyongyang denies. Tuesday's talks, being held between colonels, could pave the way for a meeting of the two countries' defence ministers. 

South Sudan banks independence - results - with video ~ link ~ Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly for independence, election officials have confirmed. They said nearly 99% of the voters in January's referendum were in favour of dividing Africa's biggest country.

Earlier, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir again said he would accept the outcome of the vote. The poll was agreed as part of a 2005 peace agreement ending more than two decades of civil war between the south and north Sudan.
Although the vote was peaceful, tension remains high in parts of the oil-rich border region. At least 50 people were killed over the weekend in fighting between soldiers in south Sudan's Upper Nile state.

FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested ~ link ~ Considering the crazy nature of the times, this is not a good sign.  Stirling      

Everybody has heard the national Emergency Alert System (EAS). Those familiar "duck calls" that reassure listeners "THIS is a test...this is ONLY a test..."

The FCC is planning an upgrade to the tests by including presidential announcements in the system.

Lisa Fowlkes, deputy chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC, explained to the Federal Drive the Presidential Alert isn't new.
"The primary goal is to provide the President with a mechanism to communicate with the American public during times of national emergency," said Fowlkes. The change, she said, is that prior to last week's order there was no rule in place to call for or allow a test from top to bottom.
Fowlkes said, "There's never been a test from top to bottom where it's issued by FEMA and it goes straight down to all the different levels of EAS to the American public. So this is a way for us to glean, okay, if there were an actual emergency and the federal government needed to activate the Presidential EAS, making sure that it actually works the way it's designed to."

There's a New World (Order) Coming...Even Worst Than This one; Whe we got where we are ~ link
ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 07 17.20
“The son would kill more, millions in fact, rig two elections and run up more national debt in a single month than Jimmy Carter did in four years.  America would have its own GESTAPO, called “Homeland Security” but managed by his good friends in Israel, cementing their partnership with what was once the party of Reagan, now running America into the ground, from “triple crown winner” to “glue factory nag” in 8 long and painful years.”


Anonymous said...

TODAY, FEB 7, 2011 - Clinton's Short Notice All Hands Meeting of the 270 Ambassadors and Consulars

What hits me as very strange is there has not been a peep by anyone on the Right, politicians or pundits about this and they usually will find a way to call any trip by Obama overseas a scandalous waste (remember the India trip or the trip by Michelle Obama to Spain?). Here we have 250+ ambassadors and presumably their key staff ALL flying back to DC on short notice and not a peep about waste? Not a peep about poor, short term planning driving up meeting costs, whatever? This is a big red flag for me because it says even the Right does not want to draw attention to this. Not a peep from FOX. Nothing from Limbaugh or Palin. What could be so big even they'd pass up an opportunity to make political hay. Heck, this is a chance to scewer BOTH Obama and Clinton in one fell swoop and they are not taking shots??!! Keep an eye on the movements of the rich and powerful these next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Debka-File reports:

"Egypt nears military coup. USS warships in Suez Canal"

I think that this is the right decision. We have to defend ourselves against millions of illiterate Islamist muslims whose only prayer is: Allah uh akbar.

But we should say loud and clear:

Jesus Christ uh akbar.

I am fed up with all these illiterate Islamists whose only purpose of live is the extinction of our beloved friends in Israel.

They should be sent to hell by a huge neutron bomb explosion.

Jesus Christ is greater.

Yours in Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

So, Joaquin from Germany, what you're basically saying is that your God is a better God than somebody else's God? And that christians are better people than muslims, who therefor should be sent to hell by your neutron bomb? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

I thought and hoped Jesus Christ taught you something else. Something about loving and forgiving your fellow human being. I guess you understood nothing of the basics of your own religion.

Shame on you, Joaquin from Germany.