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Oil Spill in the Apocalypse - video ~ link  

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Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

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2011, like the years 1848 and 1968, seems to be a year of revolution.  Stirling   

Important opposition leader admits Egypt Revolution led by the people not the opposition parties ~ link ~ Yep!

Ayman Nour, an important opposition figure in Egypt, has admitted that the people have stolen the stage from the opposition at the forefront of the revolution.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Press TV Nour said that the popular revolution in Egypt is far beyond a political movement by the opposition party.  He said that the political movements joined the people in protests rather than calling and organizing them.  "Mubarak has been clinging to power for the last 30 years. He will not give up power willingly despite the whole world is asking him to leave," Nour said.

However, he added that anti-Mubarak protesters were planning what could be their final showdown with the ageing dictator.

Egypt panel to study constitutional reform - with video of people stopping tanks by laying down in front of them ~ link The BBC's Jim Muir: "Protesters blocked the army from advancing into Tahrir Square and spent the night sleeping under the tracks of tanks".

Egypt's opposition groups - including the banned Muslim Brotherhood - have given a wary response after landmark talks with the government on how to end the country's political crisis. The meeting followed 13 days of street protests calling on President Hosni Mubarak to resign. Opposition groups told the BBC they were sceptical about the government's good faith.

US envoy - Mubarak must stay - with video ~ link ~ The State Department has backed away from this comment, but in reality it reflects the real US position, not the PR position.  Stirling       

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak "must stay in office" during a power transition, a US special envoy says. Frank Wisner was speaking as protesters kept up their demands for Mr Mubarak to step down immediately. Mr Mubarak has pledged to quit in September. Earlier, he replaced the entire politburo of his ruling party, including his son Gamal.

President Barack Obama has urged Mr Mubarak to "make the right decision" and to begin the transition "now". The US state department has refused to comment on Mr Wisner's remarks, in which he also hailed the Egyptian ruling party resignations.

Tunisia police shoot dead at least two at Kef protest - with video ~ link ~  
Officers opened fire after a crowd attacked and burned a police station, demanding the resignation of the police chief they accused of abuse of power. Unconfirmed reports say another two people died on the way to hospital. The deaths came as a nationwide night-time curfew, imposed during the unrest which ousted President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, was shortened by two hours.

The protests are widely seen as a having inspired the current turmoil in Egypt and demonstrations in other countries in the region. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Kef police station on Saturday.

Serbian opposition rally calls for early election ~ link
Supporters of Serbia's opposition party wave national flags during a major anti-government rally in Belgrade
Tens of thousands of opposition demonstrators took to the streets in Belgrade on Saturday to protest economic hardship and corruption, and demand early elections. The rally was called by the nationalist Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), the strongest among the country's opposition bloc. "We give them two months," SNS head Tomislav Nikolic told the crowd, vowing to stage continued protests if the government would not yield to the opposition's demands. He said the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia had sent a message to governments around the world to listen to the demands of their people.

According to police, some 50,000 people attended the peaceful protests, while local journalists put the number as high as 70,000. The SNS had organized free bus and train transports so that people from all over the country could attend the demonstration. 

Huge Opposition protests in Serbia ~ link ~ link ~
Thousands of protesters flood the streets of Belgrade demanding early elections
Many protesters came from Serbia's legions of the older unemployed and were bussed in from outside of the capital.
"It's our misery that brings us here. We want change, elections, we want things to be better for us," 53-year-old Andjelka Gvero told AFP. Nada, an-out-of-work saleswoman from Novi Sad who would not give her last name, said she felt abandoned by the current pro-European government.
"Nobody takes care of us, the citizens. Our businesses go bankrupt, we are unemployed. Any change is good," she said.
Serbia was hard hit by the global economic crisis and is still struggling with high inflation and unemployment, fuelling social unrest.

According to official figures, the inflation rate reached 10.3 percent in 2010, one of the highest in Europe. The average monthly salary was about 390 euros (535 dollars) per month in December. However economists warn that figure is skewed by high salaries in the big cities and that a majority of the country's 7.5 million people live on a monthly income of between 80 and 120 euros. The government in January decided to raise prices on controlled items like oil, sugar, flour, coffee, milk, fuel, meat, heating and public transport, adding to popular discontent.

Mass protest in Serbian capital to demand early polls ~ link
Protesters gather in front of parliament in Belgrade, 5 February 
The Serbian capital Belgrade has seen its biggest anti-government protest in years as thousands of disenchanted Serbs demanded early elections. Party leader Tomislav Nikolic gave the government two months to call polls or face a civil disobedience campaign.

Serbia's economic woes have continued as it moves towards EU membership. A disparate 10-party coalition, united around EU integration, has been in power since 2008, led by Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic and President Boris Tadic.

Winds trigger wildfires in Australia ~ link ~
Extreme weather conditions have triggered wildfires and flooding in areas of Australia as several houses reportedly have been destroyed and thousands have evacuated their homes. Dozens of homes are in danger of fast-moving fires on the outskirts of Perth in the state of Western Australia. Hot and gusty winds have fanned the blaze.

Fire authority spokesman Rick Tyers said about 100 people were told to evacuate their homes as authorities tried to contain the blaze, which started Saturday night and had scorched about 2,000 acres (800 hectares) of forest by Sunday.  "The bushfire is moving fast in a northwesterly direction. It is out of control and unpredictable," the Fire and Emergency Services Authority in Western Australia said in a statement.  "There is a threat to lives and homes." 

Wildfires hit western Australia after north-east floods - with video ~ link ~ In the western Australian city of Perth, wildfires tore through suburbs, destroying at least a dozen homes. There have been no reports of casualties.

Cold snap chills northern Mexico ~ link
A child plays football in an icebound park in Ciudad Juarez

Freezing weather and snow have paralysed much of northern Mexico, which is experiencing its lowest temperatures in more than 50 years. 

Thousands of homes have been left without electricity and water, and schools and factories have been closed. At least six people are reported to have died from the cold. Among the worst-hit cities has been Ciudad Juarez, which is already suffering the worst violence in Mexico's drugs war. Temperatures in the border city have dropped as low as -18C (0F). 

60 MPH winds continue to batter Wales ~ link ~ A severe weather warning for heavy rain is in force across north Wales. And the Environment Agency has issued several flood alerts across Wales.

The M48 Severn Bridge Eastbound at J2 A466, Chepstow, is closed on Saturday to high-sided vehicles and motorcycles.
On Friday, the high winds exacerbated a 25-mile queue of traffic on the M4 into Cardiff for the Wales-England rugby Six Nations opening match.

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