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Oil Spill in the Apocalypse - video ~ link  

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Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

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There has been an unsuccessful assassination attempt, involving a number of people whose identity and background has not been disclosed, on the new Egyptian Vice-President.   Stirling     

AlJazeera English Video Feed ~ link 

Egypt youth to announce formation of 25-person negotiating body, including Baradei, Zewail and Moussa ~ link ~ Members of the coalition of youth movements, which triggered the 25 April popular uprising and have since provided field leadership to the occupation of Tahrir Sq have agreed on mandating a 25-person committee of public and political figures to negotiate on behalf of the pro-democracy protesters, lawyer Ziad El-Eleimy, a leading member of one of the youth movements and a close associate of Mohamed El-Baradei, revealed to Ahram Online.

According to El-Eleimy, the 25-person committee is to include an assemblage of Egyptian luminaries, among whom the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Nobel laureate, El-Baradei, himself. Another Egyptian Nobel laureate on the committee is Ahmed Zewail, a professor of chemistry and physics at the famed California Institute of Technology (Caltec), who also sits on US President Barak Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Over the past few years, Zewail has been increasingly vocal in criticizing the Egyptian regime for its lack of democracy. Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, who retains wide popularity among Egyptian and Arab publics is also expected to be a member of the committee.

Protesters put forward plan for future ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that Israel, the existing regime and the US will ignore this, or at best give it 'lip service' while working to kill it.  Stirling    

Caged yesterday inside a new army cordon of riot-visored troops and coils of barbed wire – the very protection which Washington had demanded for the protesters of Tahrir Square – the tens of thousands of young Egyptians demanding Hosni Mubarak's overthrow have taken the first concrete political steps to create a new nation to replace the corrupt government which has ruled them for 30 years.
Sitting on filthy pavements, amid the garbage and broken stones of a week of street fighting, they have drawn up a list of 25 political personalities to negotiate for a new political leadership and a new constitution to replace Mubarak's crumbling regime.

They include Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League – himself a trusted Egyptian; the Nobel prize-winner Ahmed Zuwail, an Egyptian-American who has advised President Barack Obama; Mohamed Selim Al-Awa, a professor and author of Islamic studies who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood; and the president of the Wafd party, Said al-Badawi. 

Other nominees for the committee, which was supposed to meet the Egyptian Vice-President, Omar Suleiman, within 24 hours, are Nagib Suez, a prominent Cairo businessman (involved in the very mobile phone systems shut down by Mubarak last week); Nabil al-Arabi, an Egyptian UN delegate; and even the heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub, who now lives in Cairo. 

The selection – and the makeshift committee of Tahrir Square demonstrators and Facebook and Twitter "electors" – has not been confirmed, but it marks the first serious attempt to turn the massive street protests of the past seven days into a political machine that provides for a future beyond the overthrow of the much-hated President. The committee's first tasks would be to draw up a new Egyptian constitution and an electoral system that would prevent the president-for-life swindle which Mubarak's fraudulent elections have created. Instead, Egyptian presidents would be limited to two consecutive terms of office, and the presidential term itself would be reduced from six to four years.

The Food Bubble - Dlan Ratigan - video ~ link ~ This is a must see video, please take the time to watch it.  Stirling     

After Mubarak - What's Next? ~ linkPost-WW II decolonization produced neocolonial regimes, Cold War politics, the Non-Aligned Movement, emergent nationalism, ethnic conflicts, and American imperial dominance, distinguished by its: 
-- abhorrence of democracy;
-- support for neocolonial strongmen, mostly police state dictatorships serving Western interests; and
-- use of direct or proxy belligerence for world capitalist enforcement, keeping the world safe for big money.
Old orders passed. New ones emerged. Everything changed but stayed the same, more than ever dominated by finance capital and monopoly corporations, controlling governments for their own self-interest at the expense of harshly exploited workers globally. As a result, today's world is characterized by instability, declining living standards, police state harshness, and enormous human suffering, especially in areas like the Middle East.
Across the region, people want it ended, pitting revolutionary populism against imperial harshness offering pretense, not change. As a result, expect new faces continuing old policies, yielding nothing unless sustained mass outrage persists. That's today's reality, resolution still in doubt, but odds always favor the strong.

US and Israeli generals "taking control" in Egypt ~ link ~ This Iranian story may be a little over the top, but just a little.  I suspect that all is far from over in Egypt and things begun there will spread.  Stirling     
Two senior Israeli officers and three U.S. generals have arrived in Cairo to take control of the military command in Egypt, an anonymous source has told the Tehran Times. 
The command council is headed by a general named Sisson, the source said. One of the options that the generals are weighing is staging a military coup in Egypt.

The decision shows that the United States and Israel are seriously worried about the fate of Hosni Mubarak’s regime as unprecedented protests have gripped Egypt. 

'Day of Departure' rally in Egypt - with video ~ link ~
Huge crowds are occupying the main square in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to reinforce their demand for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. The tens of thousands of protesters attending the "day of departure" rally in Tahrir Square have been waving flags and chanting "Leave! Leave! Leave!" Soldiers have been guarding the area to limit disruption by Mubarak supporters.

Swapping a Dictator for a Torturer in Egypt ~ link 
"After taking over as spy director, Suleiman oversaw an agreement with the United States in 1995 that allowed for suspected militants to be secretly transferred to Egypt for questioning, according to the book "Ghost Plane" by journalist Stephen Grey. ..

"In the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the CIA relied on Suleiman to accept the transfer of a detainee known as Ibn Sheikh al-Libi, who US officials hoped could prove a link between Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda. The suspect was bound and blindfolded and flown to Cairo, where the CIA believed their longtime ally Suleiman would ensure a successful interrogation, according to "The One Percent Doctrine" by author Ron Suskind. A US Senate report in 2006 describes how the detainee was locked in a cage for hours and beaten, with Egyptian authorities pushing him to confirm alleged connections between Al-Qaeda and Saddam. Libi eventually told his interrogators that the then Iraqi regime was moving to provide Al-Qaeda with biological and chemical weapons. When the then US secretary of state Colin Powell made the case for war before the United Nations, he referred to details of Libi’s confession. The detainee eventually recanted his account."

Thus our loyal ally Egypt provided the fake information used by the United States to justify go to war in Iraq.

The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World ~ link ~ This is an interesting article, too long and complicated to summarize here.  Take the time to read it if you can.  Stirling     

Underlying the sudden, volatile uprising in Egypt and Tunisia is a growing global crisis sparked by soaring food prices and unemployment. The Associated Press reports that roughly 40 percent of Egyptians struggle along at the World Bank-set poverty level of under $2 per day. Analysts estimate that food price inflation in Egypt is currently at an unsustainable 17 percent yearly. In poorer countries, as much as 60 to 80 percent of people's incomes go for food, compared to just 10 to 20 percent in industrial countries. An increase of a dollar or so in the cost of a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread for Americans can mean starvation for people in Egypt and other poor countries.

Army holds the fate of Mubarak in its hands - And he knows it ~ link ~ Nonetheless, the situation is very far from secure for Mubarak. The army knows that the writing is on the wall: they are trying to assert control and find a formula for an honourable exit. But the moment they realise that the disadvantages of the status quo outweigh the advantages, they will say: you must give up power now.
The army finds itself under tremendous pressure, between the rock of its institutional instincts and interests and the hard place of public and international opinion, in particular now that even the Americans have come to the conclusion that Mubarak is a liability.

In the senior ranks, they are asking: how much damage have we incurred? Should we play for time, or assert control? Equally, they know that junior officers and conscripts are not on the same page, being much closer in outlook – ideologically, socially, economically – to the people on the streets. The top brass are well aware that even if they decided to go all the way in support of Mubarak, they might not be able to get their juniors to follow orders.
That is the position as we reach today, the moment of truth. If huge crowds come out and try to march to the presidential palace, the army will be forced to make its decision. The balance of power seems to be in favour of the opposition.

Spirit of Egypt protest spreads to Yemen, Algeria and Syria ~ link
Protesters in Yemen
Opposition demonstrators wave Yemeni flags as they take part in a ‘day of rage’ in Sana’a. Photograph: Hani Mohammed/AP

Reverberations from the mass protests in Tunisia and Egypt continued to be felt around the Arab world as demonstrators gathered on the streets of Yemen for a "day of rage" and Algeria became the latest country to try to defuse tensions by lifting its 19-year state of emergency. More protests are expected across the region following Friday prayers, including in Syria, where activists have used Facebook to organise demonstrations in front of parliament in the capital, Damascus, and at Syrian embassies across the world. Major demonstrations both against and in support of President Ali Abdullah Saleh took place in Yemen within a few miles of each other in a battle for hearts and minds in the capital, Sana'a.

Jim Rogers: "I expect more currency turmoil, more social unrest, more governments collapsing" - video ~ link 

American Foreign Policy Promotes "Our Interests"? ~ linkThe clear assumption is that there is some commonality of interest between the American people and the state that claims to represent them. But in reality, we’ve got about as many interests in common with "our" government as the Egyptian people have in common with Hosni Mubarak.

The U.S. government may pursue "interests"  in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, but they’re the interests of the coalition of class forces that controls the American state. The interests promoted by the U.S. government are those at the commanding heights of the corporate economy. U.S. copyright policy is written by the RIAA, MPAA, and Microsoft – Joe Biden’s "IP task force" actually operated out of Disney headquarters. Agricultural policy is made by ADM, Cargill, and Monsanto, as indicated by the revolving door through which vice presidents and CEOs of those companies walk to become deputy and assistant secretaries at USDA or vice versa.

American foreign policy is aimed at guaranteeing American corporations a supply of "safe, reliable and affordable" fuel from the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea oil basins.
It’s aimed at making sure foreign governments recognize and enforce the "intellectual property rights" of the proprietary content companies who make up the bulk of the corporate global economy ("rights" which also comprise the primary means by which American corporate headquarters retain control of outsourced job-shops all over the Pacific Rim and charge a 1000% brand-name markup to American consumers).

It’s aimed at preventing peasants from regaining control of expropriated land which landed elites use to grow cash crops for the export market, in collusion with Western agribusiness corporations and domestic authoritarian governments.

About the only time American policy doesn’t reflect such corporate interests is when it irrationally deviates from them to pander to the Zionist colonial project in Israel. The one case in which American foreign policy seems to reflect some principled ideological imperative, even at the expense of promoting energy policy through stable relations with autocratic regional regimes, is America’s "special relationship." Not that that’s got anything more to do with "our interests" than the rest of it.

After 10 Years, Algerian President Agrees to End State of Emergency, and More ~ link ~ Egypt’s next-door-neighbor, Algeria, will soon come out of its 19-year state of emergency. Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has announced that he will lift the state of emergency in the “very near future,” leaving activists hopeful, but wary. Al Jazeera reports that the president has made other concessions, telling state-run TV to give airtime to “all political parties” and allowing protests, which were banned under emergency rule, in all cities but the capital. Experts believe these moves are a direct response to pressure from the continuing mass protests in neighboring Egypt.

Al Jazeera Cairo Office Destroyed ~ link ~ There is a major effort to target news reporters and international news organizations by Mubarak's thugs.  Not a good sign!  Stirling     

Nothing Is Stable Anymore ~ link ~  
Nothing Is Stable Anymore
The world is becoming a very unstable place, and the pace at which things are changing all around us has become absolutely mind-numbing.  In fact, change has become one of the only constants in today's world.  Once upon a time, people in the United States could actually make 20 or 30 year plans and feel confident about achieving them.  But now, nothing is stable anymore.  The financial crisis showed us that some of the biggest corporations on the globe can collapse in a single day.  The events of the past few weeks have shown us that entire governments can be brought down in a single week.  We live in a world where there are now very few "guarantees" that you can count on.  One of the only things that is guaranteed is that technology and information will continue to grow at exponential speeds.  This year, the total amount of information produced on electronic devices around the globe is projected to be more than a zettabyte.  A zettabyte is equivalent to one sextillion bytes.  In other words, imagine a one with more than 21 zeroes following it.

Egypt Revolution impacts Gaza fuel supply ~ link
Gazans have to wait for hours to receive fuel to heat up homes, businesses, and schools.

Storms make a slash across Scotland ~ link ~
Waves crash over the promenade in Blackpool yesterday as severe
gales and rain hit the west coast
Waves crash over the promenade in Blackpool yesterday as severe gales and rain hit the west coast
The waves came crashing in on Blackpool yesterday as high winds gusted across northern Britain. 

The first of two ferocious storms that formed in the Atlantic reached UK shores on Thursday night, with the Northern Isles experiencing hurricane-force winds of up to 100mph. Further south, Glasgow was hit by 70mph gusts.

Two Winter Storms - More Trouble Next Week ~ link ~

World of two halves!  Map shows most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and ice ~ linkThere are a couple of things that you will not get on the climate topic from the mainstream news media.  First is that the strange weather patterns, which began last summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, winter in the Southern Hemisphere) with extreme heat and drought in parts of Eurasia (104F in Moscow, etc.) and heat and flooding in other parts of Eurasia, along with extreme cold in South America, and now continue with cold to extreme cold in the Northern Hemisphere and flooding in Australia, Brazil, etc., and drought in Argentina, etc., are all interconnected.  That these strange weather patterns are beyond any El Nino or La Nina, that they are due to the disruption in the Thermohaline Circulation System caused by the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico (a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System).  With the death of the Loop Current itself caused by the BP Oil Disaster and the use of millions of gallons of dispersants.

The second thing that the mainstream news media will not tell you, is that the current climate crisis is related to other major problems including the food shortage, revolutions, the Global Depression, and coming war in the Middle East/world.  That there is clear evidence, from insider stock trades, that certain key people and banks knew something was going to happen in the Gulf of Mexico at the BP site.  That the Oil Disaster was a planned event and the use of massive amounts of dispersants was also planned.  That this is all part of a overall plan to take the global political/economic/social order down so that the New World Order can be implemented.  That this is ultimately a Spiritual Battle between the forces of God and those of Satan, and is outlined in the last Book of the Christian Bible.   Stirling    

A new satellite map by the government agency NOAA shows the extent of the snow blanketing a vast area from the west coast of Canada to eastern China

Hundreds of drivers on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, which was blasted by 20 inches of snow, abandoned their cars in an almost apocalyptic scene as authorities closed the road
Hundreds of drivers on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, which was blasted by 20 inches of snow, abandoned their cars in an almost apocalyptic scene as authorities closed the road

The inside of a pickup truck that was stranded and left open on Lake Shore Drive on Wednesday shows the full ferocity of the blast as the white stuff almost covers the steering wheel
The inside of a pickup truck that was stranded and left open on Lake Shore Drive on Wednesday shows the full ferocity of the blast as the white stuff almost covers the steering wheel

Skiers are dwarfed by ice-coated trees at the Zao Onsen ski resort at Zao, in northern Japan
Like bizarre creatures rising up out of the ground, these trees are clad in snow and ice after bitterly cold weather in northern Japan. Savouring the unique scenery skiers make their way downhill in at the Zao Onsen ski resort
The bitterly cold weather has meant that the Hei Longjiang river in north-east China has frozen so thickly that lorries can cross it from Russia leading to a boom in trade
The bitterly cold weather covering the northern hemisphere has meant that the Hei Longjiang river in north-east China has frozen so thickly that lorries can cross it from Russia leading to a boom in trade

Motorists wait for water to subside over the Bruce Highway outside of Innisfail on February 3, 2011 in Innisfail, Australia.
The impact of extreme weather is being felt in north-east Australia where Cyclone Yasi has struck along the coast of Queensland. Here, outside Innisfail, motorists wait for water to subside over the Bruce Highway

Global food prices hit record high ~ linkRising food prices have been cited among the driving forces behind the recent popular revolts in north Africa, including the uprising in Egypt and the toppling of Tunisia's long-time president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. In response, some countries are increasing food imports and have built stockpiles to meet their domestic needs. Among them is Algeria, wary after food riots in early January. It has made huge wheat purchases to avoid shortages, and on Thursday it announced plans to lift a 19-year-old state of emergency in a bid to to avert spreading protests.

Capital Economics, a consultancy in London warned that "Even if the crisis in Egypt eases soon, the actions taken by governments elsewhere to prevent similar uprisings in their own countries will add to the upward pressure on global agricultural commodity prices." In Central America, Honduras has frozen prices on many basic foodstuffs despite complaints from farmers. El Salvador is increasing anti-poverty programs by 30 per cent, and Guatemala is considering slashing import tariffs on wheat and is handing out food and cash vouchers to landless peasants.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia's biggest economy, last week bought 820,000 tonnes of rice, lifting rice prices, while suspending import duties on rice, soybeans and wheat.
Robert Zoellick, World Bank President urged world leaders to "wake up" to the dangers of rising food inflation. "We are going to be facing a broader trend of increasing commodity prices, including food commodity prices," he said.

During the last food price crisis, the World Bank estimated that some 870 million people in developing countries were hungry or malnourished. The FAO estimates that number has increased to 925 million. The FAO data showed that prices for dairy products rose by 6.2 per cent from December, oils and fats gained 5.6 per cent, while cereals went up by 3.0 per cent because of lower global supply of wheat and maize.

Food prices set to climb even higher as reduced production leads to spike ~ link ~ Families face paying even more for food after United Nations experts revealed that the cost of key crops has hit an all-time high. British shoppers are already struggling after a 6.1 per cent increase in weekly grocery bills over the past 12 months – adding £317 a year to the average annual cost.

However, figures published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) suggest this is just a taste of things to come. And aid groups warned high prices are putting millions of lives at risk and threaten food riots from the Middle East to Africa and Asia.

Extreme Weather Report from Home ~ link ~ I wanted to share a short report from my home town, Santa Fe in New Mexico, where temperatures have not only been extreme this past year, but record setting on both ends of the spectrum.

Last summer Santa Fe broke the high temperature record for both June (100 degree F) and July (100 degree F). While I was reasonably cool inside an old adobe house where I live, such high temperatures are no good news for plants and animals of our region. Between 2001 and 2005 sustained drought combined with high temperatures killed off 90% of mature piƱons in northern New Mexico—our state tree. This continuing heat is killing newly planted trees as well, redefining the idea of reforestation in the 21st century. Last summer I wrote about the massive global forest deaths caused by climate change.

If you live in Boston or New York, you might be thinking (if you can afford it) of taking a vacation to New Mexico to warm up. But you’ll be surprised to know that on Wednesday Santa Fe broke the minimum temperature record for February with a minus 15 degrees F. Add to that 25 miles per hour wind that brought the wind–chill down to minus 40 degrees F. This is my way of saying it’s too cold for New Mexico.

Weekend Snowstorm Eyes Appalachians, New England ~ link ~

In case you haven't heard, a winter storm already hitting the South will visit some areas up North spanning Friday night and Saturday. Regardless of the form of precipitation in New England, the Saturday storm will add more weight to already stressed roofs.

The storm will bypass areas hit hardest by the Groundhog Blizzard, including Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit. A swath of a coating to as much as 3 inches of snow is likely in portions of the Tennessee and Ohio valleys, the central Appalachians and the eastern Great Lakes, including Buffalo, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Louisville, Pittsburgh and State College.

America: 'So much snow there's almost nowhere to put it' ~ link ~ AMERICA'S midwest is shivering in -30C temperatures after being blasted by the same weather system which is affecting Scotland. An enormous winter storm brought two feet of snow, crippled airports and stranded drivers in downtown Chicago.

Some parts of the north east that have had more snow already this winter than they usually see in the whole season are running out of places to put it.

Another Freeze for the Imperial Vally, Other Agricultural Areas ~ link ~ There undoubtedly was some damage to these areas Thursday morning and more sub-freezing temperatures were beginning to occur early Friday morning, but not quite to the severely low levels just 24 hours earlier. These regions produce winter vegetables and fruit to the U.S. and other areas. South Texas has also been hit with sub-freezing temperatures recently. In fact, part of the lower Rio Grande Valley never recovered to the freezing mark Thursday, after dipping into the upper 20s Thursday morning. While clear skies at night were contributing to the low temperatures in the Southwest, including sub-zero readings in Arizona, cloud cover and a "norther" were contributing to the freeze in Texas.

The extent of the damage from these freezes is not yet known, but it could impact prices at your local grocery store in the coming weeks, if the supply of quality fruit and vegetables is reduced or has to be retrieved from more distant locations.

Widespread Flooding Returns to Sri Lanka ~ link
Officials in Sri Lanka said tens of thousands have been displaced by floods this week. Five people were feared to have drowned in Trincomalee. Rain totaling 11.78 inches fell in a 48-hour period in Trincomalee Wednesday through Friday. Vavuniya has had 7.47 inches of rain since early Wednesday (EST). Batticaloa has had nearly 14 inches in the past three days. Badulla and Diyatalawa recorded 10.62 and 7.69 inches, respectively, over the past four days.

These cities span most of the country, showing how widespread the rainfall has been. The worst of the flooding recently has been reported across northern and central portions of the country. Flooding hit Sri Lanka hard in January. More than 40 people were killed and hundreds of thousands were displaced. 

Mini Ice Age Coming? - video ~ link 

Sea Ice Growing At Fastest Rate - Ever - video ~ link 

Terror and ruin but no deaths in huge Australian storm ~ link ~ Rain and gusts from a weakening cyclone continued to bluster across northeastern Australia Friday as those caught in the eye of the storm sought to salvage belongings from homes with missing roofs and flooded floors.

With the worst of the storm over, airports reopened and airlines resumed their normal timetables. But residents were still reliving the terror of Cyclone Yasi, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in Australia.

Relief as Australia mops up from giant cyclone ~ link ~ That the storm made a sudden turn and did not hit as forecast, and that it was weaker than expected, makes me wonder if Australia used the Scalar Warfare facility 'Down Under' to protect itself.  Stirling     

Australians voiced relief and surprise after one of the world's most powerful cyclones spared the nation's northeast coast from expected devastation on Thursday, with no reported deaths despite winds tearing off roofs and toppling trees.
Cyclone Yasi, roughly the size of Italy and with winds forecast to hit at up to 300 km per hour (186 mph), threatened Australia with its second major natural disaster in as many months but ended up missing heavily populated areas.

The storm destroyed about 15 percent of the nation's sugar cane crop, pushing world prices to the highest in three decades, and prompted the evacuation of Xstrata Plc's Mt Isa copper mine, which lay in its path.

Australia is the world's third largest raw sugar exporter.


Even Donald Trump Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming ~linklink ~
Now Even Donald Trump Says An Economic Collapse Is Coming
In a shocking new interview, Donald Trump has gone farther than he ever has before in discussing a potential economic collapse in America.  Using phrases such as "you’re going to pay $25 for a loaf of bread pretty soon" and "we could end up being another Egypt", Trump explained to Newsmax that he is incredibly concerned about the direction our economy is headed.  Whatever you may think of Donald Trump on a personal level, it is undeniable that he has been extremely successful in business.  As one of the most prominent businessmen in America, he is absolutely horrified about what is happening to this nation.  In fact, he is so disturbed about the direction that this country is heading that he is seriously considering running for president in 2012.  But whether he decides to run in 2012 or not, what Trump is now saying about the U.S. economy should be a huge wake up call for all of us.
Trump says that the U.S. government is broke, that all of our jobs are being shipped overseas, that other nations are heavily taking advantage of us and that the value of the U.S. dollar is being destroyed.  The following interview with Trump was originally posted on Newsmax and it is really worth watching....

Central Banks Now Creating Hyperinflation? ~ link ~ Central banks have pumped something like US$20 to US$50 TRILLION into the world's economy to try to reinflate economies that collapsed in 2008. As this currency begins, finally, to circulate, price inflation must result, unless such money is quickly removed. Central bankers have continuously claimed that excess currency can be removed from the larger economy before it does its inflationary damage, but Trichet's decision shows how difficult it is to actually withdraw currency once it is "printed." Central banking, after all, is an art not a science.

Find A Job?  Good luck in this economy - 10 Reasons why the latest unemployment numbers are no reason to cheer ~ link ~ The U.S. government is telling us that the unemployment rate fell all the way down to 9.0% in January.  Should we all cheer?  Is it now going to be a lot easier to find a job?  Has the economy finally turned around?  Are happy days here again?  Well, it is a good thing to have a positive attitude, but the truth is that there is just not much to cheer about when you take a closer look at the recent unemployment numbers.  First of all, the U.S. economy only added 36,000 jobs in January.  Economists had been expecting an increase of about 145,000 jobs, and an increase of 150,000 jobs per month is necessary just to keep up with population growth.  So why did the unemployment rate go down?  Well, the government says that over half a million Americans suddenly dropped out of the labor force in January.  That doesn't make a lot of sense, but this is how the government calculates their numbers.  So what happened to those 500,000 Americans?  Did they all win the lottery?  Have they all become independently wealthy?  Did they all die?  No, the vast majority of them are still around and the vast majority of them still desperately need jobs.  It is just that the government does not count them as "looking for work" anymore.
It would be great if the employment situation in America actually was getting better.  All the time people send me absolutely heartbreaking stories about what they have had to endure in this economy.  Soon I hope to share some of those stories with you all.  It is hard to try to describe the absolute horror that many Americans are going through right now.

People would like to believe that things are going to get better, but unfortunately that is just not going to be the case.  The government can try to massage the numbers to make them look better, but the truth is that the tens of millions of American families that are deeply suffering right now are not fooled.

The following are 10 statistics that reveal that the latest unemployment numbers from the government are no reason to cheer....
Warning Signs ~ link ~
Warning Signs
Do you see all of the warning signs that are flashing all around you?  These days it seems like there is more bad economic news in a single week than there used to be in an entire month.  2011 is already shaping up to be a very dark year for the world economy.  The price of food is shooting through the roof and we have already seen violent food riots in countries like Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.  World financial markets are becoming increasingly unstable as the sovereign debt crisis continues to get worse.  Meanwhile, the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits is up, foreclosures are up and poverty continues to spread like a plague throughout the United States.  What we are starting to see around the globe is a lot like the "stagflation" of the 1970s.  All of the crazy money printing that has been going on is overheating prices for agricultural commodities and precious metals, but all of this new money is not doing much to help the average man or woman on the street.

Do you remember what the economy was like in America during the 70s?  We had high unemployment and high inflation at the same time.  It was horrible.  Well, all the warning signs are there for a stagflation repeat.  

Unemployment is at epidemic levels and it isn't showing any signs of decreasing much any time soon.  Meanwhile, the crazy money printing that the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been doing is starting to cause significant inflation.  The price of oil is about to cross the 100 dollar a barrel mark and the UN is forecasting that the global price of food is going to increase by 30 percent by the end of the year.
So, yes, there are some really, really good reasons to be incredibly concerned about the global economy in 2011.
Meanwhile, the only solutions that our global leaders seem to be offering are more money printing, more government debt and more financial control by international organizations.

The truth is that we have a real mess on our hands.  The following are 20 economic warning signs that should be of great concern to all of us....

'Two Dead' in Thai-Cambodia military border clash ~ link ~ The last thing that these two poor nations need is a war.  The area in dispute has been a trouble spot for years but is really minor in size and overall importance.  Both sides need to "cool it".  Stirling     
A Cambodian flag flutters at the Preah Vihear temple Cambodia secured the World Heritage listing of the ancient Preah Vihear temple in 2008
Shells landed in the grounds of the ancient Preah Vihear temple on the Cambodian side of the border and in a Thai village. It is the most serious incident on the border for some time.

A Cambodian government spokesman blamed the encroachment of Thai soldiers for the fighting and said a complaint would be sent to the UN Security Council. A Thai military official insisted that artillery fire from Cambodia was the trigger. But he said it might have been unintentional. The fighting ended after about two hours, with both sides confirming a ceasefire. The two countries' foreign ministers had been meeting in Cambodia to discuss the long-running border dispute when the fighting started. 

Arabs, Keep Out!  Israel lays claim to all the resources ~ link ~ This might have a lot to do with the mistreatment to the civilians of Gaza.  Israel wants them gone, so they can steal all the natural gas!  Stirling 
For years, various companies have been exploring the hydrocarbon deposits in the Levantine Basin, but only a handful of political and economic leaders were privy to the size of the prize. On 29 December 2010, the Israeli authorities gave Noble Energy Inc. the green light to release the news. The communication, announcing that exploitation was taking off after a political freeze, has been coupled with a diplomatic campaign to allow Tel Aviv to siphon off all the reserves to the detriment of the other coastline states.

Two wells, Gaza Marine-1 and Gaza Marine-2 are ready but not operational. In fact, Tel Aviv has systematically rebuffed all the proposals from the Palestinian Authority and the consortium to export gas to Israel and Egypt. Therefore, the Palestinians possess vast riches which they are unable to exploit.

To seize the totality of the energy reserves - both Palestinian and Lebanese - bathing in the Levantine Basin, Israel has chosen the military option. The Lebanese Foreign Affairs Minister Ali al-Shami recently urged the UN Secretary General to prevent Israel from exploiting the offshore energy reserves located in Lebanese territorial waters. Minister Uzi Landau claimed instead that the reserves are in Israeli waters and warned that his country will not think twice about employing force to protect them. Israel has therefore threatened to attack Lebanon again, like it did in 2006, with the intention this time of impeding it from exploiting its offshore deposits.

It is for the same reason that Israel does not accept a Palestinian state. To do so would imply the recognition of Palestinian sovereignty over a large portion of the energy reserves, which Israel wants to grab. It was to this end that the 2008-2009 "Cast Lead Operation" was launched and Gaza has been caught in the clutches of the blockade. Meanwhile, Israeli war ships control the whole of the Levantine Basin - and hence the offshore oil and gas reserves - within the framework of the NATO-sponsored "Mediterranean Dialogue" to "contribute to the security and stability of the region".

Holocaust Porn, I Know It When I See It .... Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link 

Iran could produce two nuclear bombs within two years - London think tank warns ~ link ~ Bullshit!  This 'think tank' is "close" to the British Rothschilds! This story comes about a week after the outgoing head of the Mossad said that they could not have a nuclear weapon until 2015 at the earliest.  The global banking families desire a new global war to usher in their long-sought totally satanic New World Order.  Stirling     

The Internet Kill Switch - One of the favorite new tools of tyrannical governments all over the Globe ~ link ~  
Internet Kill Switch
This past week was a perfect example of how the "Internet kill switch" is rapidly becoming one of the favorite new tools of tyrannical governments all over the globe. Once upon a time, the Internet was a bastion of liberty and freedom, but now nation after nation is cracking down on it. In fact, legislation has been introduced once again in Congress that would give the president of the United States an "Internet kill switch" that he would be able to use in the event of war or emergency. Of course there would be a whole lot of wiggle room in determining what actually constitutes a true "emergency". The members of Congress that are pushing this "Internet kill switch" bill want the U.S. to become more like China in this regard. In China, the Internet is highly controlled, highly regulated and highly censored. In fact, China has shut down the Internet in entire regions when they have felt it necessary. So what Egypt did in shutting down the Internet this past week is not unprecedented - but it was quite shocking.

Genius Video - Bank Bailouts Explained - The Screwing Of The American People - Make This Go Viral - video ~ link ~ Good One!

Congressman Ron Paul: Patriot Act Update - Republicans Move to Make Patriot Act Permanent - video ~ link ~ You just can't help but like Ron Paul.  Too bad we don't have a few hundred Congressmen and Senators like him, we would not be in this mess.  Stirling     

Fury builds over blackouts caused by de-industrialization of America ~ link ~ Fury is building over rolling nationwide blackouts triggered by the Obama administration’s deliberate agenda to block the construction of new coal-fired plants, as local energy companies struggle to meet Americans’ power demands amidst some of the coldest weather seen in decades.

- As we reported yesterday, four hospitals in Texas reacted furiously after they were hit with planned outages despite being promised they would be spared even as power to Super Bowl venues remains uninterrupted.

- Thousands in New Mexico have been left without natural gas as Gov. Susana Martinez on Thursday declared a state of emergency. “Due to statewide natural gas shortages, I have ordered all government agencies that do not provide essential services to shut down and all nonessential employees to stay home” on Friday, Martinez said after meeting with public safety personnel in Albuquerque,” reports the Associated Press.

- Borderland residents have been asked to limit their use of natural gas as the Texas Gas Service asks that larger commercial facilities voluntarily close their doors to save supplies.

- People in Tucson have been asked to limit their use of hot water and moderate their thermostat levels to save on energy.

- Shortages of natural gas in San Diego County has forced utility companies to “cut or reduce the gas supplied to some of their largest commercial and industrial customers,” reports North County Times.

- In El Paso, “Hundreds of thousands of electricity customers continue to face periodic blackouts, and nearly 900 gas customers still have no heat,” reports the El Paso Times, with El Paso Electric resorting to using generators in a struggle to meet demand while still having to implement forced outages.

Coal-fired power plants are used to convert coal to synthetic natural gas. The Obama administration’s efforts to block the construction of new clean-burning coal plants has massively exacerbated this week’s outages.

Pissed Off!:  67% of Americans are dissatisfied with the size and influence of major corporations ~ link ~ The American people are becoming increasingly angry about the extraordinary amount of power and influence that corporations have in the United States today.  A new Gallup poll found that 67 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the size and influence of major corporations in the United States today.  Not only that, the most recent Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index found that only 26 percent of Americans trust our financial system at this point.  The mainstream media is acting as if this is a new phenomenon, but the truth is that a dislike of giant corporations goes all the way back to the founding of this nation.  Our founders held a deep distrust for all big concentrations of power, and they intended to set up a nation where no one person or no one institution could become too powerful.

Unfortunately, we have very much strayed from those principles.  In the United States today, the federal government completely dominates all other levels of government and mammoth international corporations completely dominate our economy.

Many people today think of giant international corporations as being synonymous with "capitalism", but that is just not the case.

Our founders envisioned a land where free enterprise could flourish in an environment where no institution held too much power.

So this false left/right debate about whether we should give more power to the government or more power to the corporations is largely a bunch of nonsense. If the founders were around today they would say that we need to take a lot of power away from both of them.

Wal-Mart draws ire even in poor parts of Brooklyn ~ link ~ Wal-Mart and other 'big box' national retailers are a disaster for America and the world.  They put local businessmen out of business and act as a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up a large percentage of local money and sending it to Wall Street or elsewhere, with only the top store manager making any money and most store employees eligible for food stamps.  There should be special local taxes to equalize things for locally owned stores.   Stirling      

US Department of Homeland Security has told banks - in writing - that it may inspect Safe Deposit Boxes without warrant and seize any gold, silver, guns or other valuables it finds inside those boxes ~ link ~ Which is a direct violation of several clauses of the US Constitution.  Of course, the fascist jerks in the US Federal Government don't care about the Constitution.   Stirling       

Peaceful American Revolution - End the Wars - End the Fed - March 20, 2011 - video ~ link  

WSJ: What Could Bernanke and the NY Fed Be Hiding ??? ~ link ~ Crimes, lots of crimes.

Housing Armageddon: 12 Facts which show that we are in the midst of the worst housing collapse in US history ~ link ~ We are officially in the middle of the worst housing collapse in U.S. history - and unfortunately it is going to get even worse.  Already, U.S. housing prices have fallen further during this economic downturn (26 percent), then they did during the Great Depression (25.9 percent).  

Approximately 11 percent of all homes in the United States are currently standing empty.  In fact, there are many new housing developments across the U.S. that resemble little more than ghost towns because foreclosures have wiped them out.  Mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures reached new highs in 2010, and it is being projected that banks and financial institutions will repossess at least a million more U.S. homes during 2011.  Meanwhile, unemployment is absolutely rampant and wage levels are going down at a time when mortgage lending standards have been significantly tightened.  That means that there are very few qualified buyers running around out there and that is going to continue to be the case for quite some time to come.  When you add all of those factors up, it leads to one inescapable conclusion.  The "housing Armageddon" that we have been experiencing since 2007 is going to get even worse in 2011.
Right now there is a gigantic mountain of unsold homes in the United States.  It is estimated that banks and financial institutions will repossess at least a million more homes this year and this will make the supply of unsold properties even worse.  At the same time, millions of American families have been scared out of the market by this recent crisis and millions of others cannot qualify for a home loan any longer.  

That means that the demand for unsold homes is at extremely low levels. So what happens when supply is really high and demand is really low? That's right - prices go down.
Hopefully housing prices don't have too much farther to go down.  Ben Bernanke and the boys over at the Federal Reserve are doing their best to flood the system with new dollars in order to prop up asset values, but you just can't create qualified home buyers out of thin air.

Many analysts are projecting that U.S. housing prices will decline another ten or twenty percent before they hit bottom.  In fact, quite a few economists believe that the total price decline from the peak of the market in 2006 will end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 percent.
But whether prices go down any further or not, the truth is that the housing crash that we have already witnessed is absolutely unprecedented.

The following are 12 facts which show that we are in the midst of the worst housing collapse in U.S. history....


Iceland shows Ireland did 'wrong things' saving banks ~ link ~ Unlike other nations, including the U.S. and Ireland, which injected billions of dollars of capital into their financial institutions to keep them afloat, Iceland placed its biggest lenders in receivership. It chose not to protect creditors of the country’s banks, whose assets had ballooned to $209 billion, 11 times gross domestic product. 
The crisis almost sank the country. The krona lost 58 percent of its value by the end of November 2008, inflation spiked to 19 percent in January 2009 and GDP contracted by 7 percent that year. Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde resigned after nationwide protests. With the economy projected to grow 3 percent this year, Iceland’s decision to let the banks fail is looking smart -- and may prove to be a model for others.
“Iceland did the right thing by making sure its payment systems continued to function while creditors, not the taxpayers, shouldered the losses of banks,” says Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, an economics professor at Columbia University in New York. “Ireland’s done all the wrong things, on the other hand. That’s probably the worst model.”
Ireland guaranteed all the liabilities of its banks when they ran into trouble and has been injecting capital -- 46 billion euros ($64 billion) so far -- to prop them up. That brought the country to the brink of ruin, forcing it to accept a rescue package from the European Union in December. 

Dutch Jews want fast punishment for anti-Semitism ~ link ~ I am opposed to classical anti-Semitism, however, I feel that Freedom of Speech is more important.  I also suspect that there is much more to this than 'meets the eye'.  Some people want to be above all others and any criticism of them should result in criminal charges.  That is total fascist bullshit!   Stirling    

Sky from the Slopes of Kilmanjaro - video ~ link ~ Cool! 

Mystery of the mummy's Chinese travel ban ~ linkThere is much evidence to show that many white people lived in parts of China in pre-historic times.   Stirling     

The 'weird' predatory Fossa of Madagascar is threatened ~ link ~  
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In regards to the chaotic weather of late, it is in my opinion not only due to the disruption of the Atlantic currents, but also due to the odd behaviour of the sun, a decreased earthly magnetic field and increased volcanic activity.

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There is information outthere that says US is sending tropps to egypt. Mainly for evac purposes.

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