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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

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Oil Spill in the Apocalypse - video ~ link  

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Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

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News Analysis - Egypt Revolution - video ~ link ~ Very good, check it out.  Stirling      

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Pro-Mubarak Forces Attack Protesters ~ link ~

Egypt on the brink of a bloodbath ~ link ~ Please take the time to go to the link and read the entire article, it is important.  I am expecting rivers of blood to flow in Egypt and the western mainstream news media to spin things the way their masters tell them to, in the days ahead.  The Israelis will not allow the Arab masses to take over Egypt or to oust its puppet Mubarak or his Vice-President.  The leadership of the Army will not allow their massive perks to fall away from them (the military receives about US$1.5 billion a year from the US taxpayers).  The probability of truly horrific bloodshed is raising very fast.  Of course, the Army could revolt against the President and its top leadership.  But until and unless that happens, we are on a road to Hell in Egypt.  Stirling      

For the past week, western media have echoed reports about the demonstrations and repression rattling major Egyptian cities. They draw a parallel with the events that brought down Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and speak about a wind of revolt that is sweeping the Arab world. According to them, the movement could stretch to Libya and Syria. They further speculate that it should favour secular democratic sectors rather than Islamic forces since the influence of the clergy has been overestimated by the Bush administration and the "mollah regime" of Iran acts as a deterrent. Thus, the wish expressed by Barack Obama at Cairo University will be fulfilled: democracy will reign in the Middle East.

This analysis is erroneous in all respects.

- In the first place, the demonstrations in Egypt started several months ago. Western media ignored them, thinking they were short-lived. The Egyptians were not infected by the Tunisians, but the latter opened the eyes of the Western world to what was happening in that region.

- Secondly, the Tunisian people rose up against a corrupt government and administration that progressively brought all of society to its knees, stripping the ever expanding social classes of all hope. The Egyptian revolt is not aimed against this mode of exploitation, but against a government and administration that are so engrossed in serving the interests of foreign powers that they have no energy left to tend to the basic needs of the population.

In recent years, Egypt has been rocked by numerous riots, either in protest against the Egyptian Government’s collaboration with Zionism or fueled by hunger. These two factors are closely intertwined. The protestors raise pell-mell issues such as the Camp David accords, the Gaza siege, Egypt’s Nile water rights, the partition of Sudan, the housing crisis, unemployment, injustice and poverty.

Moreover, Tunisia was administered by a police regime, whereas Egypt is under the military boot. I use the term "administered" - and not "governed"- since in both cases, we are dealing with States under post-colonial tutelage, which lack both a foreign policy and an independent defense. Consequently, while in Tunisia the army came between the population and the dictator’s police forces, in Egypt the problem will be settled through a shootout among the military.

Feb. 4 declared the 'Friday of Departure' ~ link ~
Angry anti-government protesters in the capital Cairo

Egyptian protesters have declared that February 4 will be the “Friday of departure” for President Hosni Mubarak and say they will congregate at his palace on Friday afternoon.

Angry demonstrators, fed up with Mubarak's three-decade rule, jeered at the president's remarks while watching his speech on TV in Tahrir Square on Tuesday night and chanted that he should go immediately.

Senior Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei, who has expressed readiness to lead the country's popular uprising, has said that the people's message is clear and they want Mubarak out now and not in September.

After Mubarak's address, the protesters said that this Friday would be the “Friday of departure” for the president and announced that they would be gathering at his palace on Friday afternoon.

Corbett: The Global Awakening vs. The Internet Kill Switch - video ~ link

Wild Forces and Wild Times....Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Australia has been getting hammered. The scenes from Queensland are shocking and the devastation is immense. Now there comes a cyclone with winds over 200 kph and the promise of as much as 3 feet of water along the tourist coast. It is of such a power and fury that they say it may travel as much as 600 miles inland. As I’ve been saying, Mother Nature is on the move and soon to appear in locations around the world. My heart goes out to the people of Australia; a big and wild land, hosting the biggest and wildest force known on the planet. Meanwhile, storms march across the continental U.S.

We’ve yet to get one of the big volcano outbursts that are coming so, things remain relatively sane, which is not sane at all but consistent in its madness enough to be predictable and therefore, seemingly rational, when things are not. Things are not at all sane or rational.
Everywhere you turn now, the world is being manhandled into fascist policies of operation, whose object is a universal prison system that is manipulated by faceless goons, according to an unshakeable policy for the repression and regimentation of the human spirit. The idea is an insane, backstabbing scramble for the higher positions in order to be in the executive seats and free from the directives that flow down upon the oppressed masses. No one is responsible for the bad chemicals and lingering deaths. No one is responsible for the profits at the expense of quality and durability. No one is responsible for the loss of jobs and the disappearing manufacturing base. No one is responsible for anything, it’s just business as usual and if you don’t like it, you are a traitor to your country and to the spirit that made your country great.

Molotov Cocktails Fly In Cairo - video ~ link

Clashes Rage In Tahrir Square - with video ~ link

ElBaradei warns of imminent 'bloodbath' ~ link

Noted Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei blames Cairo for clashes between anti-government protesters and the regime's so-called sympathizers, warning it could lead to a “bloodbath.”

Posing as supporters of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, plainclothes police officers attacked the demonstrators in the capital. At least one person has been killed and hundreds of people have so far been injured in Wednesday's clashes.

Reports also say that security forces have also attacked people in Suez and Alexandria, both in the northeast.

On Wednesday, ElBaradei accused Cairo of using “scare tactics” and denounced the pro-regime supporters as a “bunch of thugs,” Reuters reported.

“My fear is that it will turn into a bloodbath,” he warned.

“I'm extremely concerned. I mean this is yet another symptom, or another indication, of a criminal regime using criminal acts.”

Unrest in Egypt could lead to Israel's worst nightmare ~ link ~ If Israel had taken the last decade or so, to build bridges to its neighbors, to end the expansion into Arab neighborhoods, to see that those disposed over the years of Israel's existence were well compensated, then having someone other than a western puppet as President of Egypt would not be a problem.  The real problem is the belief systems of the Israels, that they can do no wrong and the rest of humanity does not count.  Stirling      

Rights NGO: Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons have arrived in Egypt ~ link ~   
ScreenHunter_16 Feb. 01 20.40

Killing the Internet Not Just a Problem in Egypt ~ link As we speak, Egypt is struggling with a near-total Internet and communications shut-off, and not just Egyptians are grappling with the implications. Can the flow of social media information to an entire country simply be cut? Apparently, yes. And that’s not just an Egyptian concern.

It’s very much an American concern, in that a US-based company seems to be the maker of the Internet off-switch. As Tim Karr of Free Press notes, the US company Narus was founded in 1997 by Israeli security experts. Based in Sunnyvale California, Narus has devised what business fans call a “social media sleuth.”

As boosters put it: “Narus is the leader in real-time traffic intelligence for the protection and management of large IP networks…. Used by the world’s service providers and governments, Narus has developed and patented state-of-the art algorithms to detect network anomalies and manage unwanted IP traffic. Additionally, Narus has the unique ability to precision target and fully reconstruct all types of IP traffic, including e-mail, Web mail and instant messages.”
They call it “total visibility.” Who’s buying? Well, Egypt Telecom, the state-owned communications company. Human rights abusers Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are also clients. During Iran’s protests in 2009, dissidents were tracked, imprisoned and in some cases executed thanks to similar technology.

And in that Narus is owned by Boeing, the nominally US-based company that has outsourced jobs all over the world—we know that the US State Department has been lobbying for them. Got to boost those exports!

Gordon Duff Interviews Dr. Ezzat in Egypt - video ~ link 

Dr. Ezzat Reporting from Egypt 'The Uprising, the Treason and Israel' ~ link ~ Check out the full article at the link.  Stirling   
The police department in any free society is supposed to serve and protect the people and not the other way round. But in dictatorships its role is primarily to look after the dictator in return for privileges and authorities offered to them by the regime.

And as the dictator gets more deluded and paranoid over the years so does his security apparatus of officers and detectives. The dictator- people relationship is primarily of fear and submission. You take that fear and submission out of the equation and the relation is redefined again and so disturbed to the verge of uprising.

For ordinary Egyptians the ballot posts and the police stations used to be the most unlikely places they wanted to go to for both were directly connected to the deception and might of the regime. The parliamentary and presidential rigged elections never did anything except securing another term of autocratic power to Mubarak and his chosen ring of corrupt politicians. And likewise, police stations only meant one thing to any average Egyptian and that is humiliation and intimidation by the police thugs of officers and small detectives.

You don’t get to call or address any police officer in Egypt by his job title, no, that’s a taboo, you can only address or refer to him as Pasha – a title equivalent to lord in England- which gave any police officer the satisfaction he needed to feel superior and authoritative. Ordinary people answered to the Egyptian police officer anytime – especially under the implementation of Mubarak’s emergency law- while he answered to no one
Lately the security apparatus has started to use innovative ways of securing and fortifying the grip of the regime over the Egyptians. They started to use criminals, inmates and thugs to intimidate people away from demonstrations and from ballot posts. Whenever came a time for elections or probable rallies the police stations would release all the into-custody drug dealers and robbers under detention and let them infiltrate protestors in rallies or voters heading to ballots centers to scare them off  and even try and physically harm them so that they would refrain from thinking of voting or demonstrating ever again.

This has noticeably been resorted to as a routine and guaranteed approach since 2005 by the Egyptian security high ranking officials and mastered by most of the on field police officers and detectives in the country.

The detectives in almost every police station in Egypt have been regularly taking bribes from outlaws especially drug dealers and robbers in return for police raids intelligence and facilitating their release from detention in case of arrest.

Locals in Sharm-el-Sheikh convinced Mubarak is holed up there ~ link
Workers in the resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh are convinced Hosni Mubarak is holed up in his winter residence after fleeing rioters in Cairo.
Hosni Mubarak during an earlier visit to his winter residence in Sharm-el-Sheikh Photo: REX
The president is a frequent visitor to the resort and has hosted a number of world leaders there at his home, which is located inside the sprawling complex of a golf hotel. 
Last night the long entrance driveway to the residence was guarded by a small number of armed police who turned away all approaching vehicles. 
At the nearby main public entrance to the Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Hotel, guards refused to answer questions about the whether Mubarak was at home.

Could It Happen Here? By Dr. Payback ~ link ~ Scary stuff.  Stirling    

Tunis…Cairo…Wall Street?...Washington?

Could it happen here?

Consider:  In North Africa, unresponsive, self-interested, moneyed tyrants falling to popular revolt.  People impoverished by an unaccountable government run and funded by a wealthy and corrupt elite.  Two leaders, both "key allies" of the United States, leaders in the "war against terror," and thus against true democracy and Arab and Muslim self-determination. 

Ben Ali—the dictator of Tunisia, became president for life in 1987, held a series of 'elections' in which he never won less than 90% of the vote.  Ben Ali, the man who looted his own country, set up Swiss bank accounts for his family, and lived opulently amid the squalor of his own people.  Ben Ali, the "friend" of the West, key American ally in the 'war on terror' that is in reality a war on Islam.  But the people delivered justice.

Mubarak—the enemy of his own people, a traitor and betrayer, surviving only through the magnanimous "aid," $1.5 billion per year, from the U.S.—in return for serving as the American puppet, for enforcing Israeli-American interests over those of his own people, for helping to crush the innocents in Gaza on his doorstep.  

Mubarak—the Judenknecht, as the Germans would say, a slave to the Jews.  But the people delivered justice.
Could it happen here?

Wall Street—the pinnacle of Jewish-American-Zionist financial power.  Hedge fund managers making literally $5 billion per year, while 43 million Americans are on food stamps.  Half of all workers earn less than $500 per week.  One in six Americans are in a federal anti-poverty program.  Nearly 85% of people hate their jobs, and want to change, but can't.  The richest 1% take home 24% of all income.  The 30,000 employees of Goldman-Sachs earned a total of $11.4 billion last year—an average of $770,000 per person.

Washington—where every major action and every major decision centers on the concerns of the Jewish community.  Washington, where the Jewish Lobby reigns supreme, thanks to their omnipresence and ability to give millions of dollars to campaign funds.  Literally 90% of Congress yields without question to AIPAC, the Jewish Council of Presidents, and Zionist money (evidence:  during the Gaza massacre two years ago, 390 of 435 Congressmen [89.7%] voted to support Israel).  Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats, guilty alike. 

Congress—535 millionaires, 90% of whom take Jewish money and Jewish orders.  Congress—Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats alike—who support an eternal 'war on terror' which is nothing less than a war on the enemies of Israel: a war that costs Americans over $1 trillion per year, and a military/security machine that consumes more than 40% of actual income. 

Six million Jewish-Americans should not exercise overwhelming and decisive influence on a nation of 310 million; this is an elementary fact of democracy that any 4th-grader could understand.  And have no doubt:  the vast majority of American Jews exercise their privilege in ways small and large.  Directly so in institutions where Jews predominate:  government, media, entertainment, finance, medicine, law, academia.  Indirectly so in many other areas, due to leverage from advertisers, financial backers, and favorable legislation.  Even your 'average Jew' will call in the ADL, file complaints against neighbors and colleagues, and surreptitiously act to defend Jewish interests.  And nearly every American Jew is an explicit or implicit Zionist. 

Could it happen here?

Consider:  What if thousands of committed and enraged Americans took to the streets—to Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue—just as thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians have done?  What if they smashed the windows of the luxury suites in Manhattan, burned the castles of the rich, demanded payback, demanded justice

What if they came by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, bearing the arms guaranteed to them by the Constitution?  Thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians, with no weapons at all, took down their governments—imagine what thousands of armed and enraged Americans could do? 
What if, when the National Guard came in to "restore order"—in other words, to restore control by the rich and powerful—what if they refused orders, joined the rebels, and turned their weapons against their criminal bosses?
What if, when the military was called in to do the job that the Guard failed to do, the soldiers, too, refused orders to capture or kill their fellow men?  What if they, too, joined the rebel masses—the people—and turned their weapons against those petty dictators and Judenknecht who run the show? 

What if a phalanx of tanks arrived in Washington DC, took charge of their own destiny, drove down to Pennsylvania Avenue, and began firing point-blank at the White House?
What if the people took hold of their own destiny?  What if they refused to have their lives and livelihoods stolen from them, for the sake of the wealthy few, the Zionists, and the Jews—for whom no wealth is sufficient and no power too extreme?

Egypt Gaza; Hamas vs Jewish Banks - video ~ link ~ Take the time to view this.  Stirling   

Tony Blair: Mubarak is 'immensely courageous and a force for good'  ~ link ~ Oh Tony, you sad pathetic bullshit artist, get your nose out of Israel's collective butt.


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Good for you, Lord Stirling!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

What can an ordinary European man/woman do to survive the consequences of the Egypt revolt?

1. Get enough petrol/diesel for your car

2. Buy weapons, that are legal, like huge knives, hatchets, wooden sticks, pepper spray, bows and arrows etc.
(just in case the revolt spreads to Germany)

3. Store food, water and medicine

4. Build up a civil guard in your neighbourhood

5. Buy some bicycles for you and your family (incl. spare parts)

6. Pray to our Lord, our Saviour

Yours,in Christ,

Joaquin, Germany