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Lord Stirling on the NutriMedical Report today ~ link ~ talking about the growing revolutions in the Middle East.

 Egypt in Revolution

Further Information on Massacre in Suez, Egypt ~ link ~

A statement on the Egyptian Association for Change USA Facebook wall reads:

...The situation in Suez copied and translated word for word from an Egyptian living in Suez: Now everything is fully destroyed, it is as if we are in emergency curfew, armored vehicles/tanks are everywhere in the area of 'Irbieen' and in the governerate - and we hear the sound of bombs/grenades every few minutes and there is still live ammunition and the protesters are brave men and women and none of them are afraid nor did anyone run or escape, even though they know that alot of protesters are detained in towers since 9 o'clock and there are no networks to confirm that parents are okay and security forces and fully in charge and we have yet to see the mayor, he hasn't even made a statement about what has happened and to comfort the parents of those who were jailed and the parents are enraged. One of the parents hasn't even received the body of her daughter until now and chaos is filling the place and we do not know what fate will being to us tomorrow with this government...

Few pictures or videos are coming out of Suez, but what we have been able to obtain do look very disturbing. A grainy photograph below, courtesy of Rassd News Network, shows fires in the streets of Suez and protesters milling around, probably shortly before the military crackdown on the protesters:

Reports of 'massacre' in Suez as protests in Egypt move into third day ~ link ~ link ~ Oh shit!  This will totally inflame the Egyptian masses now, if true.   Stirling   

Anti-government protests in Egypt moved into their third day early Thursday, with unconfirmed reports of police "massacres" of civilians in the port city of Suez. In Cairo, protesters "played cat and mouse with police" into the early hours of Thursday, Reuters reported. Opposition groups reported on their websites that electronic communications had been cut off in the city center, and parts of the city were experiencing blackouts.

The official death toll stood at six over the first two days of protests, but social networks were abuzz with claims of police shooting at protesters, many of those reports focusing on the city of Suez, where protesters torched a government building on Wednesday. "Security forces are committing heinous massacres and there is zero media coverage," read an update on the web page of Suez from Egyptian Association for Change - USA, an opposition group that had joined the call for an uprising starting on January 25.

"Government is trying to cover up what happened in city of Suez. Media banned from entry," read another update. "Reporters from Suez, Al Jazeerah, Dream and Al Mehwar were prohibited from entering Suez to enforce a media blackout on the subject. Others reported on the web page that a curfew was placed on the city and police were using "live ammunition."

Breaking news video from Egypt ~ link

Very recent photos from the BATTLE OF SUEZ - Facebook ~ link ~ This is not rioting or demonstrating, this is REVOLUTION!  Stirling   

Egyptian Association for Change - USA  site - With up to the minute reports for Egypt and of solidarity rallies worldwide ~ link

Demonstrations/Riots spread to new areas in Suez, Egypt ~ link
<p>أحد المواطنين يهتدف في المتظاهرين، خلال المظاهرة التي يشارك فيها ألاف المواطنين من السويس، 25 يناير 2011. انضم أهالي السويس إلى مظاهرات «يوم الغضب» التي دعت له القوى السياسية المعارضة، وبعض أفراد الحركات الشعبية،في كافة أنحاء مصر ،و التي تتزامن مع عيد الشرطة، احتجاجاً على الأوضاع المتردية على المستوى الاقتصادي و الاجتماعي و السياسي. فيما شهدت المظاهرات استعدادات أمنية مكثفة سبقت تواجد المتظاهرين</p>
Photographed by سيد شاكر
New encounters between security forces and protesters broke out in Suez Governorate northeast of Cairo, as “Day of Anger" protests continued for a third day. The clashes extended to new areas of the governorate in protest of the deaths of at least four people. Large numbers of security personnel deployed through the area during the early morning and--in a bid to prevent citizens from demonstrating during the funeral procession of two protesters killed Tuesday--they gathered in force in front of the morgue holding the protesters' bodies.

Opposition groups called for the protests earlier this month on 25 January, Egypt's Police Day. A large group occupied the area opposite the morgue after authorities delayed transferring a dead protester’s body to his family. Demonstrators later clashed with security agents stationed inside the morgue, pelting them with stones. An eyewitness said demonstrators Thursday morning set a police station on fire. Police fled before the building went up in flames, the witness said. On Wednesday, other protesters also set a number of other buildings aflame including a government building and the office of the ruling party.

Egyptians Defy Protest Ban - Plan Big Rallies for Friday ~ link ~ Reports came out last night that Mubarak's family had left Egypt.  I would not be surprised if he is out of office and/or dead by Monday.   Stirling     

The Downfall of Mubarak of Egypt ~ link
Egypt – once known amongst Arabs as the mother of the world- that used to be the leader nation of the Arab world during the presidency of late President Nasser has turned during Mubarak’s reign into a shadowy and subordinate political entity.

The deeply rooted corruption of the Mubarak regime has turned one of the oldest agricultural societies on earth into one of the world’s biggest importers of wheat.

Mubarak’s agricultural cooperation with Israel has destroyed Egypt’s production of the world’s finest cotton to be replaced by fields of carcinogenic[i] fruits and vegetables.

ElBaradei willing to lead an intern government in Egypt ~ link ~Mohamed ElBaradei has arrived in Egypt

<p>الدكتور محمد البرادعي ، المدير السابق للوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية ، يتوسط حشد من النشطاء السياسين من الحملة الشعبية لدعم ترشيحه لانتخابات رئاسة الجمهورية ، وأعضاء من حزب الغد ، والكرامة، والإشتراكيين الثوريين، وشباب 6 أبريل ، في وقفة احتجاجية أمام مسجد "سيدي جابر" ، الإسكندرية ,   يونيو  , تضامنا مع أسرة خالد سعيد ، و الذي عرف إعلاميا بضحية الطوارئ ، جاءت هذه الوقفة بعد أن قدم البرادعي واجب العزاء لأسرة الضحية .</p>
Prominent opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei said he is willing to head a transitional government in Egypt if the public asked him to do so, regional news network al-Arabiya reported on Thursday.

The statement comes as Egypt faces its third day of clashes between police and anti-government demonstrators calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

ElBaradei, the former International Atomic Energy Agency chief turned Egyptian dissident, was expected to return to Cairo on Thursday from his residence in Vienna.  Also see: Unrest Continues in Egypt amid expected Baradie's return ~ link
Egypt's unrest continues for the third consecutive day on Thursday with protesters calling for a one-million-march after Friday prayers.

Eyewitnesses said that protests continued for the third day in front of Lawyers syndicate in central Cairo amid high security presence. Hundreds of young Egyptians demanded an end to Mubarak's 30-year-rule.

Clashes between hundreds of protestors and security forces are taking place in central Ismaliya city, east of Egypt, on Thursday, with people demanding the current government to step down. According to Xinhua reporter, six protestors have been detained while urging the ruling National Democratic party to be dissolved, the government to step down and asking for proper political reforms in the country.

Egypt's Nobel price laureate Mohamed El Baradie will arrive in Egypt on Thursday to join demonstrations that are scheduled to take place after Friday prayers.

Egypt unrest:  ElBaradei returns as protests build - video ~ link ~ Mohamed ElBaradei: "If the regime was to use force, it would be completely counter-productive"
Speaking on his arrival in Cairo, Mr ElBaradei said he would join the protests "I wish we did not have to go out on the streets to press the regime to act," he said, according to Reuters news agency. The protests are expected to increase on Friday, when the weekend begins in Egypt and millions gather at mosques for prayers. As he left Vienna, where he now lives, Mr ElBaradei told reporters: "If [people] want me to lead the transition, I will not let them down."

A new truth dawns on the Arab world ~ link ~ This will move things closer to a General Middle East War, which will quickly become World War III and Armageddon.   Stirling     

The Palestine Papers are as damning as the Balfour Declaration. The Palestinian "Authority" – one has to put this word in quotation marks – was prepared, and is prepared to give up the "right of return" of perhaps seven million refugees to what is now Israel for a "state" that may be only 10 per cent (at most) of British mandate Palestine.
And as these dreadful papers are revealed, the Egyptian people are calling for the downfall of President Mubarak, and the Lebanese are appointing a prime minister who will supply the Hezbollah. Rarely has the Arab world seen anything like this. To start with the Palestine Papers, it is clear that the representatives of the Palestinian people were ready to destroy any hope of the refugees going home. 

And so where are we going? Could it be, perhaps, that the Arab world is going to choose its own leaders? Could it be that we are going to see a new Arab world which is not controlled by the West? When Tunisia announced that it was free, Mrs Hillary Clinton was silent. It was the crackpot President of Iran who said that he was happy to see a free country. Why was this? 

Hosni Mubarak's security commander, a certain Mr Suleiman who is very ill, may not be the man. And all the while, across the Middle East, we are waiting to see the downfall of America's friends. In Egypt, Mr Mubarak must be wondering where he flies to. In Lebanon, America's friends are collapsing. This is the end of the Democrats' world in the Arab Middle East. We do not know what comes next. Perhaps only history can answer this question.

Egypt's government forbids more protests ~ link ~ Right....those clowns had better get out of the country while they can still make it to an airport alive.  Stirling      

Yemen Protests Draw Thousand In Tunisia Inspire Demonstrations ~ linkThe largest demonstrations took place in the capital of Sanaa, where crowds in four parts of the city shut down streets and chanted slogans calling for an end to the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been in power for nearly 32 years.
"We will not accept anything less than the president leaving," said independent parliamentarian Ahmed Hashid.
Similar anti-government protests took place in the southern provinces of Dali and Shabwa where riot police used batons to disperse the demonstrators. In al-Hudaydah province, an al-Qaida stronghold along the Red Sea coast, thousands took to the streets demanding the end of Saleh's rule.
Opposition leaders called for more demonstrations on Friday.

Violence in streets of Cairo as unrest grows ~ link
Protesters clash with police during a demonstration in Alexandria yesterday
Protesters clash with police during a demonstration in Alexandria yesterday


Egypt protests: Your stories from BBC ~ link ~
Protesters march through Tahrir Square. Photo: John Andrew Wein. January 25

Anti-Government rallies hit Yemen - with video ~ link ~ Inspired by recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, opposition members and youth activists are rallying at four different locations in Sanaa on Thursday, chanting for Saleh, who has been in power for 32 years, to step down.
"Enough being in power for [over] 30 years," protesters shouted during the demonstrations.

They also referred to the ouster of Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, saying he was "gone in just [over] 20 years".
"No to extending [presidential tenure]. No to bequeathing [the presidency]," they chanted.

An opposition activist said that the staging of the demonstration in four separate parts of the capital was aimed at distracting the security forces.

Yemen protests: Thousands call on president to leave - video ~ link 

Tunisia Foreign Minister resigns ~ link
Tunisian Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane. Photo: 25 January 2011 Mr Morjane's resignation comes ahead of an expected cabinet shake-up
Tunisian Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane has quit the country's new interim government, state TV reports.
His resignation comes after days of protests demanding a purge of members of the party of ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Mr Morjane quit the RCD party last week, but that has not proved enough to appease protesters.

On Wednesday Tunisia issued an international arrest warrant for Mr Ben Ali, who is now in Saudi Arabia. Mr Ben Ali - who fled the country on 14 January - is accused of illegally acquiring property and assets and transferring funds abroad during his presidency.

World Gripped By Anti-Government Riots: America Next? ~ link ~ The planet is in a never-ending cycle of anti-government revolt as riots that plagued Europe last year now spread like wildfire through the Middle East and beyond, threatening to accelerate bloody clashes and force the hand of authorities as the risk of a new Tiananmen Square-style massacre grows ever likelier. Is America next in line to experience unrest that has touched almost every corner of the globe?

The latest countries to be enveloped by the chaos are Tunisia, Egypt, and now Yemen, whose population are demanding the ouster of 30-year President Ali Abdullah Saleh in a protest against poverty and lack of political freedom.

The unrest in Yemen was inspired by a popular uprising in Tunisia earlier this month that led to the ejection of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, figurehead of a government accused of abusing their power to enrich themselves while the poverty gripped the rest of the country. Ben Ali was forced to flee the country and the interim government has now issued an international arrest warrant for the President and his wife.

Riots in Tunisia were quickly followed by mass protests in Egypt demanding an end to President Mubarek’s regime. Four people have died as demonstrators engaged in violent clashes with police and set fire to government buildings.
Besides America there has barely been an area of the globe that hasn’t been hit by riots and unrest in the last six months, as the fallout from the economic collapse begins to be felt amongst the victims of the financial terrorists that launched an assault characterized by falling wages, high unemployment, spiraling inflation and food prices as well as crippling austerity cuts.

US Pursues Two-Track Policy to Suppress Protests in Egypt and Tunisia ~ link ~ The United States is working intensively to suppress mass protests in both Tunisia and Egypt and prop up the local ruling elites that are entirely subordinate to American imperialism. It is using different tactics in the two countries, dictated in large part by their relative strategic importance to US ruling class interests in the Middle East.

In Tunisia, Washington backed its long-time asset Zine El Abidine Ben Ali until it concluded that his position could not be salvaged despite weeks of violent repression against anti-government demonstrators. Just days before Ben Ali was driven from the country, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States was “not taking sides” between the dictator and protesting workers and youth.

It has been widely reported that the US instructed the Tunisian military to refuse Ben Ali's orders to fire live rounds into mass demonstrations in Tunis and other cities, effectively pulling the rug out from under Ben Ali and making the military leader, Gen. Rachid Ammar, the political arbiter within the country.

The US undoubtedly engineered the formation of a so-called interim unity government following Ben Ali’s January 14 flight to Saudi Arabia. This government, dominated entirely by political henchmen of the ousted dictator, has since been the target of popular demonstrations demanding a government free of former members of the ruling party.

The Obama administration has sent its assistant secretary of state for the Near East, Jeffrey D. Feltman, to Tunis to “confer with the interim government.” With the promise of elections in six months, Washington is backing in all essentials the old regime minus Ben Ali, and calling this cynical fraud “democracy.”

It is portraying General Ammar as the “protector” of the “democratic revolution,” even as the interim government sanctions increased police repression against the protests, which are increasingly dominated by impoverished workers and youth from Tunis and the blighted central and southern parts of the country where the revolt began in December.
Tuesday’s momentous events in Egypt have complicated Washington’s efforts to contain the upsurge of popular opposition in Tunisia and other Arab countries, including Algeria, Yemen and Jordan. An estimated 50,000 people, predominantly young unemployed workers and students, defied the police dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak, routinely described as a “staunch ally of the US,” to demand his resignation and the lifting of emergency rule.

It was the biggest popular movement in Egypt since food riots swept the country in 1977, four years before the military installed Mubarak as president. In the midst of the regime’s savage police repression—using tear gas, water cannon, rubber bullets, concussion grenades and truncheons—US Secretary of State Clinton Tuesday afternoon declared her government’s support for Mubarak.

It had already been reported that two protesters in Suez had been killed by the police and countless more arrested when Clinton told reporters at the State Department: “Our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people.”

This was an unmistakable signal that the United States was drawing the line in Egypt and would not withdraw its support for Mubarak. It was tantamount to a green light to the regime to employ any degree of force necessary to crush the popular uprising.

This did not take long. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, riot police violently dispersed several thousand demonstrators who had camped out in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square. Plain clothes police beat demonstrators and reporters were attacked and jailed.

US imperialism believes that the stakes are too high in Egypt to permit the ousting of Mubarak in a similar manner to the toppling of Ben Ali in Tunisia. Egypt is the most populous and politically important of the Arab states and the recipient of tens of billions of dollars in US military aid. It is the main bulwark of US domination in the Arab world.

As a 2009 report by the Brookings Institution put it: “Egypt is America’s closest Arab ally, a key strategic support for US military operations in the Middle East and a central player in Arab-Israeli peace efforts.”

Disturbing Video From Third World America: People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water in California - Squatters in Their Own Homes - Video ~ link ~ Watch this if you can.  Stirling     



Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Who do yo think is behind all these "revolutions" in northern Africa?

The Zionists, Iran, North Korea, the USA, China, Russia?

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Lord Stirling said...

Food, poverty,unemployment, death of hope are some causes. Ultimately, this is part of the final stages of the End Times.

Yours in Christ,


Anonymous said...

food prices are controlled by?

The economies of the world controlled by?

To look for a country possible responsible goes against everything we should know by npw.
there are not nationalities in that level of control. Only ideologies and a game for power fro what ever reason.

i would like to ad to the possible reasons - masons and illuminati and why zionist and globalists?

I dont know, but "countries" or intelligence services seem like an old thing and a way to simple argument. End times is according to mayan calendar not as much as END as the dawning of a new era of 1000 years of peace.. These two need some thought. thousand years of peace is possible only after the world or mankind is basically destroyed?

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The Perfect Genetic Storm – Synthetic DNA and the Gulf Blue Plague