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Imagine, just imagine, the outcry that would follow an imagined call by a European Muslim or Christian religious leader suggesting sending hundreds of thousands of Jews to concentration camps.  The Sheikh or priest or  bishop would be lambasted  beyond imagination, and his  denomination  or church  would immediately distance itself from his foolish remarks.  
Political authorities would also declare that Nazi-minded Sheikh or bishop has no place in modern Europe and that governments would nip the hateful and racist elements in the bud. In short, he would be looked upon  as a pariah, to say the very least. He even might be forced to commit suicide under public pressure.

As to Jewish circles, their protests would be clarion and omnipresent.

But how would things look like if such a call took place in Israel and was made by a popular rabbi, with hundreds of thousands of followers?
According to a weekly Hebrew magazine, several rabbis, including the rabbi of Safad, Shmuel Eliyahu,  recently proposed  the establishment of death camps for the Palestinians.

The magazine indicated that the creation of these camps would be the duty of all devout Jews.

The Yedeot Ahronot’s YNet on Saturday, 15 January quoted the rabbis  as stating that the Torah requires Jews to wipe out any trace of the so-called Amalek in Palestine . Many religious Jews refer to their perceived or real enemies as Amalek.

The YNet quoted Jewish intellectual Audi Aloni as saying that calls for the extermination of Palestinians are openly made in the synagogues as the genocidal idea has become a practical option.

“No one objected to Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Safad and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Chief Rabbi of Beit El, who undersigned the advisory opinion, which suggested approval for their opinion.”

I realize that these evil men don’t represent Jews everywhere, nor do they even represent the entire rabbinic community. There are many esteemed rabbis who reject outright the satanic mindset permeating through the landscape of the sick minds of people like Elyahu,  his cohorts and evil colleagues.

The Torah, after all, was supposed to be a light upon humanity. But when it becomes, thanks to those rabbis of Satan, a tool for genocide, there is obviously a huge catch-22 hanging over Judaism’s conscience.

Again, the fact that these nefarious rabbis don’t represent the entirety of Judaism is no guarantee that their damage will be limited. A fool man’s fire could frustrate a thousand wise men who wouldn’t know how to put it off.

Isn’t this the way the holocaust started? It didn’t start with concentration camps, or even with Kristalnacht.  Such death camps as Auschwitz , Treblinka, Mauthauzen and Bergen Belsen became only known much later.

The purpose of this small piece is not to vilify or demonize Jews. Nor am I particularly enthusiastic about hurling Nazi epithets at Jews. However, nothing should be further from truth.

The call for sending millions of Palestinians to concentration camps means that a sizeable segment of the Israeli Jewish society is capable, at least mentally, of embarking on the unthinkable. It means that a real Jewish holocaust against the Palestinian people is not outside the realm of imagination.

This matter is well known, even known too well for us who live in this part of the world. After all, Israel demonstrated two years ago, during its Nazi-like onslaught on the Gaza Strip, that it could do the unthinkable.

And that was not the first time Israel behaved manifestly nefariously. In 2006, during the Israeli aggression on Lebanon , the Israeli air force dropped more than 2,000,000 cluster bomblets on South Lebanon civilian areas, arguably enough to kill or maim at least  2 million Lebanese children.

The scant media coverage of the latest diabolic statements by the rabbis of evil in no way lessens their gravity and seriousness. After all, these are not marginal or isolated figures in society.

In fact, paying not sufficient attention to this phenomenon is tantamount to encouraging it. If Germans and others had not kept silence in the late 1920s and early 1930s, many things wouldn’t have occurred.

I would want to be cautious drawing historical analogy between every thing happening in Israel today and everything that happened in Europe several decades ago.  However, there are certain parallels that shouldn’t escape our attention, and the latest outrageous statements by these diabolical rabbis are one of them.

Let no one say that words are innocuous and can’t kill; nay, words can kill and do kill. A few years ago, a Jewish immigrant from France decapitated a Palestinian cabby from East Jerusalem after the taxi-driver gave the killer a ride to his home north of Tel Aviv. And when the murderer was eventually arrested and interrogated by the police, he said he heard his neighborhood synagogue rabbi say that the lives of non-Jews had no sanctity.

More to the point, it is abundantly clear that thousands of Israeli soldiers would rather heed and obey their respective rabbis’ homilies than their army superiors’ instructions when it comes to treating Palestinians. This fact was revealed during the Israeli onslaught on Gaza two years ago when Israeli soldiers knowingly and deliberately murdered innocent civilians, including children, by the hundreds.

But this is not the time for demonization; it is rather the time for action. Jewish leaders of all orientations should speak up as strongly as possible against those who are besmirching the good name of their religion.

The likes of Shmuel Eliyahu must be told that there is no place in Judaism for those who advocate genocide for non-Jews. In the final analysis, when Jews or anybody else think or behave or act like the Nazis acted, they simply become Nazis themselves.
Finally, Jews shouldn’t keep silent in the face of these abominations just because the media and public opinion in the West are more or less keeping silent. Well, since when a moral stance was decided by other people’s apathy or silence?   In fact, the immoral silence of much of the west toward what is happening in Israel these days is bad and dangerous for Jews and their future.
'Prince of Mercenaries' who wreaked havoc in Iraq - Turns up in Somalia ~ link ~ America has become a nation that: Has a Congress so corrupt that the average person has NO VOICE because he/she does not 'donate' ten of thousands of dollars; We allowed the NeoCons and Mossad to attack America on 9/11 and blame the "Arabs" for the false flag attack and then used that as the basis for two long on-going wars based on lies; Allows a mostly foreign owned private company, the 'Federal Reserve' to unconstitutionally control our money and charge us massive interest for the money that they create out of thin air; A nation that uses torture and secret prisons; A nation that uses mercenaries; A nation that has allowed a foreign born person to hold the presidency in direct disobedience to the United States Constitution; A nation that allows a tiny Middle East nation to control our foreign and military policy and a large part of our domestic politics; Etc., Etc.  Sad, very sad.   Stirling    
Blackwater employee on patrol in Baghdad 
AFP/Getty Blackwater employee on patrol in Baghdad 
Erik Prince, the American founder of the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide, has cropped up at the centre of a controversial scheme to establish a new mercenary force to crack down on piracy and terrorism in the war-torn East African country of Somalia. 
The project, which emerged yesterday when an intelligence report was leaked to media in the United States, requires Mr Prince to help train a private army of 2,000 Somali troops that will be loyal to the country's United Nations-backed government. Several neighbouring states, including the United Arab Emirates, will pay the bills.
Internet Creates One World Order? ~ link ~ We have begun to notice the following emergent sub dominant social theme: The Internet will bring the world together. On the surface is sounds na├»ve, but the academics are starting in on it, and that means an explosion of windy speculation about how the Internet will change the way the world relates to itself. Of course this fits right in with the power elite's larger promotion – that the world is globalized and growing moreso.
From our point of view the effects of the Internet may be entirely the opposite. The Internet may be a force for fragmentation rather than consolidation. Just because one is able to connect with others around the world, doesn't mean inevitability that the world draws closer together from a geopolitical standpoint. Knowledge of another culture has nothing directly to do with politics. "Globalization" is an artificial phenomeon driven by an Anglo-American power elite eager to consolidate further power.

The article excerpted above makes the case that technology will provide the glue for such a movement. But social networking sites are not websites and we have our doubts about WikiLeaks, as well. And we are not sure that "reporting the absolute present" is a change-maker either.

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing - video ~ link ~ This was censored as Israel's Internet attack dogs successfully, for a while, caused it to be taken down.  Stirling    
Malaysian Navy foils hijack attempt off Oman ~ link
Royal Malaysian navy commandos keep watch on detained Somali pirates
AP Royal Malaysian navy commandos keep watch on detained Somali pirates on Malaysian tanker MT Bunga Laurel in the Gulf of Aden
Malaysian navy commandos foiled an attempted hijacking of a Malaysian-owned ship by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, rescuing 23 crew members and detaining seven pirates, military officials said. 

The Singapore-bound chemical tanker, MT Bunga Laurel, was carrying lubricating oil and ethylene dichloride worth an estimated 30 million ringgit (£6m) when it was attacked by pirates about 300 nautical miles east of Oman on Thursday, said the Royal Malaysian Navy.
Ten Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced and Databased ~ link ~ The powers-that-be (the global banking families) intend that we will exist in a very near future world where we are all slaves in a very high-tech police state with total propaganda control over everything written/spoken.  Of course, they intend to seriously reduce the ranks of the 'unnecessary eaters' - that would be us - as part of the process of bringing about this New World Order.  Stirling     
Big Ears: 'Largest' Secret Spy Hub Uncovered In Israel - video ~ link ~ This operation is similar to that maintained by major powers.  Where does this tiny nation, supported by the American taxpayers, get off having such technology!  They intend to control and dominate the entire Middle East, even if it blows up the entire world.  Stirling      

Who Knew? PATRIOT Act up for Renewal This Month ~ link ~ Did you hear that the PATRIOT Act is up for re-authorization? No? Well, perhaps the US intelligence services can still keep a secret.
President George W. Bush signed the PATRIOT Act into law on October 26, 2001. Nearly a decade later, some of its the most noxious provisions have burrowed their way deep into our legal system.

A year ago, President Obama signed a bill extending three provisions of the original Patriot Act. Last week Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, introduced another extension of those provisions, triggering what's sure to be a bipartisan effort to continue to deny Americans their civil liberties.
The bill starts with so-called "roving wiretaps" that allow the government to spy on a nebulous array of individuals and devices, without specifying any of them ahead of time. The FBI could, with a single search warrant, raid every house or office that an individual suspect has visited over an entire year -- every single place, whether or not the residents themselves are suspects.

Then there's the eerily-named "lone wolf" provision, which lets the government apply the full power of the special courts created to deal with foreign spies against anyone who the government alleges is "preparing to attack." You don't even have to commit a crime to get these super-powered courts targeting you -- the Justice Department says that just visiting a flagged website would be enough!

But worst of all is the infamous "Section 215". This incredible provision allows the government to take whatever they want -- your phone records, medical records, email history, whatever -- without having to show you're suspected of a crime, or even relevant to an investigation! But it gets worse -- not only can the government just search through your personal records whenever they feel like it, but everyone involved is under a gag order to never let you know that you're being spied on -- and to ensure that you can never challenge the order in court. The government could be looking through your emails right now and you'll never even know.

The ACLU has a quick-and-dirty overview of some of the problems with these provisions over here.

Jesse James Poisoned Lincoln's Assassin ~ link

How Excess Spending, Taxation, and Controls are Destroying the USA Economy ~ link ~ America is the principal target, with Western Europe and a few other First World nations (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.) as secondary targets for the planned economic destruction that is a key part of the End Game to establish the satanic New World Order.  The Global Depression, the wars, the coming WWIII, etc., are not just happening.  They are planned!  Stirling      

BP - The Spiller ~ link ~ Good in-depth article.  Stirling   
Blockbuster Letter from Louisiana State Senator to Obama Regarding COREXIT Poisoning of the Gulf ~ link ~ link ~  And Obama could care less! He is a puppet for some very evil forces.  Stirling
The Earth Organization Proposes an Immediate Solution for the BP Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link ~ See the video here ~ link

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