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LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet.  UPDATED 23 November 2010  
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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 
Oil Spill in the Apocalypse - video ~ link  

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

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Collection of videos on BP Caused Climate Change:
Check  out this video - A video overlay over my discussion with Dr. Bill Deagle on the NutriMedical Report of what is really going on with the weather ~  link

Glacier loss in Hawaii tied to change in North Atlantic AMOC current ~ link ~ I have been making the point since last summer that the death of the Loop Current has caused GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGES.  Stirling

Down East Blizzard: Corexit from Gulf Oil Spill linked to weather conditions - with video ~ link ~ Excellent!

UK Winter Weather Warning - Video ~ link

ICE AGE 4 - DAWN OF THE BP oil disaster - video ~ link 
Damaged Gulf Stream affects Jet Stream - Earl of Stirling - video ~ link   

Video overlays of Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle on the NutraMedical Report talking about the BP Oil Disaster caused global weather crisis ~ link ~ (this second one is longer, the entire hour-long program) ~ link 

Big Freeze Hits Britain - video (with Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle talking - late Nov.) ~ link

Latest Lord Stirling interview on climate changes, bird and fish kills, and the causes thereof This is a link to a recent video that I have done on the climate changes brought on by the BP Oil Disaster caused death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.  Stirling  Also see this video just in ~ link ~ link  

Riots spread as global food shortages worsens ~ link ~ If all the food in the world were shared out evenly, there would be enough to go around. That has been true for centuries now - if food was scarce, the problem was that it wasn't in the right place.

But there was no global shortage. However, that will not be true much longer.

The food riots began in Algeria more than a week ago, and they are going to spread. During the last global food shortage, in 2008, there was serious rioting in Mexico, Indonesia and Egypt. We may expect to see that again, only more widespread.

Most people in these countries live in a cash economy and a large proportion live in cities. They buy their food, they don't grow it. That makes them vulnerable, because they have to eat almost as much as people in rich countries do but their incomes are much lower.

The poor, urban multitudes in these countries (including China and India) spend up to half of their entire income on food, compared with only about 10 per cent in rich countries.
When food prices soar, these people quickly find that they simply lack the money to go on feeding themselves and their children properly - and food prices now are at an all-time high.

In Corrupt Global Food System, Farmland Is The New Gold ~ link 
Famine-hollowed farmers watch trucks loaded with grain grown on their ancestral lands heading for the nearest port, destined to fill richer bellies in foreign lands. This scene has become all too common since the 2008 food crisis.

Food prices are even higher now in many countries, sparking another cycle of hunger riots in the Middle East and South Asia last weekend. While bad weather gets the blame for rising prices, the instant price hikes of recent times are largely due to market speculation in a corrupt global food system.

"We have set up a global food system that supports speculation. And with [such] markets, we can't get speculators out of the food business," said Lester Brown, an agricultural policy expert and founder of the Washington- based Earth Policy Institute. "Farmland is better gold than gold for speculators," Brown told IPS.

Tunisian forces battle with gunmen as parties seek coalition ~ link ~ Tunisian security forces fought gun battles with armed men in the capital as politicians tried to form a unity government two days after the president was ousted after more than 23 years in power.

Breaking a relative calm enforced by the army in Tunis earlier in the day, state television reported two separate gun battles, one near the central bank building and another outside an opposition party's headquarters about 1 km (half mile) away. A military source told Reuters that Tunisian special forces were also exchanging fire with members of the ousted president's security force near the presidential palace in a Tunis suburb.

Tunis gun battles erupts after Ben Ali aide arrested ~ link ~ Tunisian forces are exchanging fire near the presidential palace with members of deposed President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's guard, reports say. Witnesses reported heavy gunfire in Carthage, north of the capital Tunis, where the palace is located. It comes after the ex-head of presidential security, Ali Seriati, was arrested and accused of threatening state security by fomenting violence.

"The army has launched an assault on the palace... where elements of the presidential guard have taken refuge," AFP news agency quoted a Tunisian military source as saying.
An eyewitness quoted by Reuters news agency said: "There is firing from around the presidential palace, intensive and continuous." There was also gunfire near the interior ministry and the headquarters of an opposition party. Two gunmen firing from a roof near the interior ministry were reportedly shot dead by the security forces.

In another development, a group of Swedish nationals - who were apparently in the country on a wild boar hunting trip - were attacked and badly beaten in Tunis amid reports that foreign nationals were among the presidential guard. There have also been attacks targeting businesses and buildings connected with the former president and his family.

Australia: Floods now hitting southern state of Victoria - Thousands abandon homes there ~ link
Thousands of people have fled their homes in Victoria as major flooding hits the southern Australian state. The floods have already swamped some of the state's northern towns and are threatening 1,400 homes in 43 others.

"We still have four river systems in major flood, being the Wimmera, the Avoca, the Loddon and the Campaspe rivers.
"And of course we are seeing unprecedented stream rises not witnessed for decades, and in fact that's leading to widespread flooding over vast areas of Victoria that haven't been seen for decades," he said. The towns of Echuca and Horsham are expected to be the worst hit.

Victoria braced for worst floods in 100 years ~ link ~
"In some of our river systems, we are seeing unprecedented stream rises," said State Emergency Service operations director Trevor White, saying the flood event was one of Victoria's biggest since records began.

Neil Pankhurst, mayor of the Murray River port of Echuca, said the town's levee was designed to withstand a one-in-100-year flood, which is dangerously close to what was expected last night. "The levee is designed to contain a flood of the level we're expecting and we believe it will hold," Mr Pankhurst said.

Australia floods sweep south, trail of disaster grows ~ link
Main Image 
Australian floods wreaked fresh havoc on rural communities in the south on Sunday, leaving a trail of destruction across four states, at least 17 dead and the prospect of reconstruction of historic proportions. As tens of thousands of people in flood-stricken towns and cities in the north worked to clean out their homes and offices, heavy rains and floods meted out fresh disaster in southern Victoria state, the nation's second most populous. Four major rivers in Victoria were in full flood, with 43 towns, 3,500 people and 1,400 properties affected. Hundreds of people have evacuated their homes, though no one has been killed so far in that state.
The floods began in the northern mining state of Queensland last month and have caused billions of dollars in damage from broken infrastructure, lost commodity exports and the paralysis of the state capital, Brisbane, a city of two million.
Queensland has accounted for all deaths so far, though the floods have also hit New South Wales and Tasmania states.

Brazil floods: Army deployed in Rio de Janeiro state - with video ~ link ~ Brazilian soldiers have arrived in Teresopolis, one of the towns worst affected by deadly mudslides in the state of Rio de Janeiro, to assist with the rescue efforts. Officials say at least 600 people are known to have died in the floods.

In the town of Nova Friburgo, officials are burying unidentified bodies because of a lack of mortuary space.
State governor Sergio Cabral has declared seven days of mourning for the victims of the disaster. Major Alexandre Aragon, who commands the troops in Teresopolis, said he had been given a threefold mission: to support the rescue efforts, to help recover and identify bodies, and to guard against looting. The military will also try to clear some of the blocked roads which have forced rescuers to reach some of the worst-hit areas on foot.

South Africa to declare flood disaster ~ link ~ The Southern Hemisphere on three continents (South America, Africa, and Australia) is undergoing a climate crisis caused by the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico and its effect on the Thermohaline Circulation System.  Stirling   
Rains have hit the country from Kwa-Zulu Natal in the east to the Northern Cape in the west over the last month.
Thousands of homes have been flooded and people living along the Orange River have been evacuated. Some bridges over the river have been closed, and the South African airforce have been helping in the evacuation. Police divers are searching for the bodies of people who drowned.
President Jacob Zuma has formed a ministerial task force to tackle the issue, led by Mr Shiceka.

Wales: Flooding closes roads in Conwy and Powys ~ link
Flood defences at the Pont Fawr Bridge, Llanwrst, on Saturday Photo: Environment Agency 
A number of roads are reported as closed or "hazardous" in Conwy and Powys on Sunday. Up to 50mm of rain fell in Conwy and Gwynedd with the worst weather expected to move south during Sunday. By 15.55 GMT, there were four flood warnings and six flood alerts.

In north Wales, the Met Office said there would be early heavy bursts before the rain eases and moves southwards.
The heaviest bursts are expected in the hills of mid and south Wales, especially the Brecon and Cambrian mountains.

Rain causes rise in flood risk in Scotland ~ link
Car driving through flooded road 
Flood watches and warnings have been put in place on most of Scotland's rivers. According to the Sepa website, 26 flood watches and warnings were in place, five of them classified as severe.

Central Scotland Police said flooding was affecting many roads and urged drivers to take care. Tayside Fire and Rescue said it had dealt with dozens of calls about flooding in Perthshire - with Bridge of Earn one of the worst affected areas. Sepa's said waters were rising at the rivers Tay, Earn, Tummel and Isla, and advised: "This means that severe flooding is expected for the area, affecting many homes and businesses, main roads and large areas of land. "There is a serious danger to life and property. Act now to protect yourself, your family and your home or business."

Ireland: Foreign Minister Martin in challenge to PM Cowen ~ link ~ Those in the government, having committed Economic Treason against the nation and its people by bailing out the greedy evil bankers, are now very worried about what the voters will do at the coming election.  They are lucky that they have not been hung from light poles by the mobs.  Stirling 
Michael Martin 
The Irish foreign minister has tendered his resignation and said he will vote against Prime Minister Brian Cowen in a vote of confidence on Tuesday. Micheal Martin, seen as a rival for the leadership of the ruling Fianna Fail party, said that the PM had told him his resignation was not necessary.
But he said he believed a new leader was needed before a general election.

Earlier, Mr Cowen said he would stay on as party leader but would offer colleagues a secret confidence ballot. He has faced recent scrutiny about a meeting with the head of Anglo Irish Bank shortly before he announced a multi-billion euro bank guarantee. 

France's National Front picks Marine Le Pen as new head ~ link ~ Le Pen, like her father, is not under the thumb of the Rothschild empire and the Zionists.  Last election, both main candidates for President of France were Rothschild puppets and hard core Zionists.  Stirling   
Marine Le Pen speaks at a FN meeting (Dec 2010) 
The anti-immigrant FN has been shunned by France's main parties, but Ms Le Pen has said she wants to break with the party's xenophobic image. In a combative farewell speech on Saturday Mr Le Pen, 82, insisted that "unceasing immigration" posed a threat to France. "All my comments were distorted from their true meaning... because I refused to submit to the dictatorship of the thought police," he told cheering supporters at the conference in the central city of Tours.

Is PM Putin Russia's Modern Day Andrew Jackson ~ link ~ I get sick of hearing Russia being the bad guys in the press as the enemy of World Peace. It has been almost 20 year since the Soviet Union collapsed. Yes Vladimir Putin maybe was an ex KGB agent. He is also a brilliant and well educated man. In a post Soviet Russia even people do have a change of heart about many things and regardless of collectivism was the norm in Soviet times. I see his love of country and his countrymen far outweighs any ideology he may have before the Russian Federation.
           Right after the Soviet collapse and the Russian attempted coup. Soviet Premier Gorbachev and former Russian President Boris Yeltsin looted the wealth of the nation before they left office and brought in the oligarchs who were agents of the House of Rothschild who controlled the buying up industry economy pennies on the dollar. The country was very unstable. If Putin did not step in and bring stability to the nation. There would be more of a repressive regime and economic dire straights.
           As we were hearing in the press over here of Putin jailing political enemies was a lie. Putin was going after the international financiers who were agents of the Rothschild banking cartel. Those oligarchs who are not jailed and imprisoned are hiding out in London and Israel. President Andrew Jackson back in the 1830s took on the bankers and won because once the issuance of currency is in the hands of privet bankers. The economy is in a choke hold as long as these bankers were in control. Old Hickory freed the nation from the Bankers death grip on the nation till 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act became law.
           I give kudos the Prime Minister Putin for bringing stability to the Russian Federation by getting rid of the oligarchs and put the nation on a solid footing were the nation is not in debt anymore and the currency is issued by the government interest free from a state owned central bank. The Prime Minister is about as close as we can get to a modern day Andrew Jackson taking back control from the bankers in a post Soviet era. Russia has come a long way from were it was 20 years ago when the socialist system imploded. It is not were it should be. But it is far better today and much more stable.

Is Tunisia a Zionist coup to take full control of the oil, gas of Algeria, Libya ~ link ~ Interesting!  This is a very important article, I urge my readers to 'check it out'.  I cannot say for certain that the gist of this article is true, but it could well be.  It fits other "revolutions" that turned out to be CIA/Mossad/Rothshild operations.  I missed this one altogether.  Stirling    

There is a belief that the US through NATO, Israel “have crafted a long-term joint security program in the Middle East and North Africa to downsize the world of Islam and disintegrate the countries there.”

“Attacks on churches in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia can be analyzed in the context of a Zionist scenario aimed at driving a wedge between Muslims and Arab Christians.”

General Rachid Ammar is the new ruler of the country, he is backed by the Israeli apparatus in Washington and he is very close to NATO and the Africom command led by General Ward. General Rachid Ammar, special relation to Israel and NATO-Africom command. Zionists are now trying to set up and open NATO military bases through the new general in charge, Rachid Ammar in Tunisia, very close to NATO command and the Israelis he meets regularly in the NATO ‘ Military Mediterranean Dialogue Contact Committee; (

In 2011, this is the first big move in North Africa to establish the Greater Middle East Plan to divide and seize the ultra rich oil and gas resources area in Algeria, Tunisia and Lybia, exactly like they did to Sudan, (Somalia and Yemen are terminals points to export the hydrocarbures from Africa and strategic places for the route of the oil and gas transportation).

Both countries are in the brink of collapse, the Islamic parties will take power which means energetic security threats to Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Greece) and Israel.

This would undermine Zionist Mubarak Egypt regime as well, as a new Western North African Muslim united political front against Israel will be able to send troops to Gaza in case of war, like they did in 1956 when Algerian were sent to help the Nasser’s Egyptian army against the French, British and Israel who seized the ‘Canal of Suez’. This puts an enormous pressure on Israel and will definitively destabilize Egypt.

Tunisia is a strategic place in North Africa and this is ‘a chance’, for the Israelis to take the full control of all these upcoming popular Revolutions in the Muslim world.
As the Zionist apparatus in Washington and Europe (NATO) is believed to be behind the plan, but they can easily loose the control of their dominant position in the Arabic world, their future is  at stake.

A real change, coming from the oppressed Arab people signifies the end of Israel in short term.

South Sudan ends independence vote, awaits statehood ~ link ~ Interesting, when you consider the article above.  Stirling   South Sudan's polling centers closed their doors on Saturday after a week-long vote on independence from the north that could end a vicious cycle of civil war with the creation of the world's newest state.

Former President Jimmy Carter, leading a mission observing the vote, said turnout could reach 90 percent and that it seemed likely the south had voted for independence.

The US-Israeli coup in Beirut ~ link ~ More Israeli craziness that will just end up causing another war, only this one will likely trigger World War III and Armageddon.  Stirling    

The United States and Israel have executed a stealth coup that has precipitated the collapse of Lebanon's unity government. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton preemptively torpedoed negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Syria by telling "Saudi King Abdullah and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri that the U.S. would reject any settlement at the expense of the UN tribunal." (Tehran Times) Clinton knew that the Saudi-Syria team was close to a "breakthrough" that would have resolved contentious issues related to the investigation of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. She could not allow that to happen because it would derail the US/Israeli plan for regime change and another Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The UN's Special Tribunal for Lebanon--or the STL, as it is called--is a US/Israeli invention designed to tarnish Hezbollah by leveling trumped up charges against its members. Tel Aviv and Washington want to connect Hezbollah to the murder of Rafik Hariri in order to brand the nationalist militia a "terrorist organization." Once the group is convicted on charges of terrorism, Israel will be able to conduct its cross-border attacks with impunity.

According to AFP, the STL's indictments could be delivered (secretly) as soon as Monday and members of Hezbollah will be implicatd. 

AFP: "Citing sources close to the tribunal, the newspaper said on Saturday that prosecutor Daniel Bellemare will present the findings of his probe into the murder to pre-trial judge Daniel Fransen at a hearing behind closed doors in The Hague, where the tribunal is based for security reasons.

"According to several sources close to the office of the prosecutor, the charges target members of Hezbollah," it said." ("Hezbollah 'expected to be named in Hariri probe'," AFP)

Also, it looks like the US and Israel have decided to cast wider net and use the court to implicate Israel's arch-rival Iran at the same time. This is from Israel's YNet News: 

"Sources say UN tribunal will present evidence showing the murder of former Lebanese premier was committed by Iran's Quds force and Hezbollah at Khamenei's order. 'They considered him Saudi agent,' source says.

Sources familiar with the investigation into the assassination of Rafik Hariri in 2005 told Newsmax that the United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon will accuse Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei of giving the order to murder the former Lebanese prime minister, according to the Lebanese website Naharnet." ("Report: Iran ordered Hariri assassination",

   Hezbollah's Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah knows the game that the US and Israel are playing, which is why he called for an emergency cabinet meeting last week to see if an agreement could be reached that would settle the matter internally. But current Prime Minister Saad Hariri--who is allied to the White House--rejected the idea leaving Nasrallah no choice but to disband the government and call for new elections. 

US Pressure Triggers Collapse of Lebanese Government ~ link ~ Israel is desperate to control events so that it can force the Iranian supplied and controlled missiles and rockets out of Lebanon, so that it can attack Iran.  The leaders of Iran are not so stupid as to allow this to happen.  They know that without the missiles/rockets and their WMD warheads, Iran 'is toast'.  That is why they put them there in the first place.  Any attempt to remove them or arrange circumstances to force their removal will result in their use as they are a key part of the Iranian MAD (mutually assured destruction) Counter-Force.  Stirling   

After first pursuing the theory of Syrian sponsorship of the killing, the Tribunal concluded the testimony of the witnesses were unsubstantiated and released the four Lebanese generals, who had been imprisoned for four years without charges. One of the generals began a legal case in Syria over his false detention, leading to the indictment of some 30 politicians, officials and journalists in Lebanon and elsewhere.

Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader, told the AFP news agency, “Saad Hariri was on the brink of making a major concession as concerns the tribunal, but occult forces prevented him from doing so.”

While Jumblatt failed to spell out the identity of these “forces,” it is apparent that the principal pressure to scuttle the Saudi-Syrian mediation of the dispute came from Washington and Paris.

This view was put forward more explicitly by Energy Minister Jibran Bassil, one of the first 10 to resign. He told Lebanon’s Daily Star, “The other side bowed to external, especially American pressure, ignoring the advice and wishes of the Saudi and Syrian sides.”

Similarly, State Minister for Administrative Development Mohamad Fneish said, “There was an Arab effort which we dealt with positively. We even bargained on it. However, as a result of US interference and the inability of the other side to deal with it, this effort reached a deadlock.”

After hastily leaving Washington following the dissolution of his cabinet, Saad al-Hariri made a stop-off in Paris to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Obama administration has viewed the tribunal as a means of pursuing its own interests in Lebanon, particularly that of weakening Hezbollah and striking a blow against its principal international ally, Iran.

The Logic of Imperial Insanity and the Road to World War III ~ link ~ I maintain that ultimately the route being taken by the governments of the world, and those pulling their strings, are illogical and can only fully be understood by looking at the spiritual dimension.  Satan's time is almost up, and he has not wiped out the name of Christ or God on this planet.  He therefore intends to destroy all human life on Earth and perhaps the planet itself, as well.  He lies to everyone (as Jesus Christ said, he is the father of all lies), and especially lies to his minions such as the global banking family members.  They are sealing their own destruction and doing so willingly because they are blinded by their faith in the ultimate loser of all, the fallen angel Lucifer/Satan.  The Bible however, tells us that Jesus will return to save the human race again and to establish a New Heaven, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem.  Stirling     
 In the late 1990s Brzezinski wrote up the design for America’s imperial project in the 21st century in his book, “The Grand Chessboard.” He stated bluntly that, “it is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges, capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America,” and then made clear the imperial nature of his strategy:

To put it in a terminology that harkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.[1]

He further explained that the Central Asian nations (or “Eurasian Balkans” as he refers to them):

are of importance from the standpoint of security and historical ambitions to at least three of their most immediate and more powerful neighbors, namely Russia, Turkey and Iran, with China also signaling an increasing political interest in the region. But the Eurasian Balkans are infinitely more important as a potential economic prize: an enormous concentration of natural gas and oil reserves is located in the region, in addition to important minerals, including gold.[2]

Brzezinski emphasizes “that America's primary interest is to help ensure that no single power comes to control this geopolitical space and that the global community has unhindered financial and economic access to it.”[3]

Obama as a Rabid Imperialist

Obama wasted no time in rapidly accelerating America’s imperial adventures. While dropping the term “War on Terror” from usage, the Pentagon adopted the term, “overseas contingency operations.”[4] This was to be the typical strategy of the Obama administration: change the appearance, not the substance. The name was changed, but the “War on Terror” remained, and not only that, it was rapidly accelerated to a level that would not have been possible if undertaken by the previous administration.

The current expansion of American imperialism globally has been rapidly accelerated since Obama became President, and seems intent on starting and expanding wars all over the world. When Obama became President, America and its Western allies were engaged in a number of wars, occupations and covert destabilizations, from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, to the Congo, and Obama took office in the midst of Israel’s brutal assault against Gaza. From the beginning of his presidency, Obama immediately justified Israel’s vicious attack against innocent Palestinians, rapidly accelerated the war and occupation of Afghanistan, expanded the war into Pakistan, started a new war in Yemen, and supported a military coup in Honduras, which removed a popular democratic government in favour of a brutal dictatorship. Obama’s administration has expanded covert special operations throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa, and is paving the way for a war against Iran.[5] In fact, the Obama administration has expanded Special Operations forces into 75 countries around the world (compared with a height of 60 during the Bush regime). Among the many countries with expanded operations are Yemen, Colombia, the Philippines, Somalia, Pakistan, among many others.[6] Further, in recent months, the Obama administration has been saber rattling with North Korea, potentially starting a war on the Korean Peninsula. With the creation of the Pentagon’s Africa Command (AFRICOM), American foreign policy on the continent has become increasingly militarized.

No continent is safe, it seems. America and its NATO cohorts are undertaking a seemingly insane foreign policy of dramatically accelerating overt and covert military imperialism. This policy seems to be headed for an eventual confrontation with the rising eastern powers, in particular China, but potentially India and Russia as well. China and America, specifically, are headed on an imperial collision course: in East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The competition for access to resources is reminiscent of the ‘Great Game’ of the 19th century, of which Afghanistan was a central battlefield.

One would think that in the midst of a massive global economic crisis, the worst the world has ever seen, the major nations would scale back their imperial over-reach and militarism in order to reduce their debts and preserve their economies. However, there is an ‘imperial logic’ behind this situation, and one that must be placed within a wider geopolitical context. 

First, we must properly address the nature of China’s rise in the world order. What we are witnessing is an historically unique situation. For the first time, the rise of a ‘new’ power is taking place not in the context of rising against the hegemonic powers of the time, but within the hegemonic order. In short, China’s rise has not been a rise against America, but rather a rise within the American world order. Thus, China has risen as much as the West has allowed it to rise, but that does not mean that China will not seek to serve its own interests now that it has accumulated significant global status and power. China has risen by integrating with the Western-dominated economic system, and in particular the Western banking and central banking systems. China and America are economically dependent upon one another, as America purchases China’s cheap products, and China funds America’s debt. In effect, China is also funding America’s imperial adventurism.

Thus, we are presented with a unique situation: one of mutual dependence and competition. While China and America are dependent upon one another, they are also each other’s greatest competitors, specifically in terms of access to and control over resources. For example, China supports both Iran and Sudan. These two nations are major targets of American imperial ambitions, not because of any humanitarian or anti-terrorism concerns (although that is the propaganda espoused most often), but because of the significant resources and strategic relevance of these nations. As they are not subservient to the West and specifically America, they are considered ‘enemy nations’, and thus the media focus on demonizing these nations so that the public is supportive of military or other means of implementing “regime change.” China supports these nations because of its access to their resources, and as a counter to American influence.

The American Empire is in decline, and is utterly bankrupt; however, its elites, which are in fact more global than national in their ideology and orientation, are seeking to not simply have American power disappear, or be replaced with Chinese power, but rather to use American power to construct the apparatus of a new global structure of authority, and that the American Empire will simply fade into a global structure. This is a delicate balancing act for the global elite, and requires integrating China and the other dominant powers within this system. It also inherently implies the ultimate domination of the ‘global south’ (Africa, Latin America, and parts of Asia). This is an entirely new process being undertaken. Empires have risen and fallen throughout all of human history. This time, the fall of the American Empire is taking place within the context of the rise of a totally new kind of power: global in scope, structure and authority. This will no doubt be one of the defining geopolitical events of the next several decades.

Historically, periods of imperial decline are marked by a rapid acceleration of international conflict and war, as the declining power seeks to control as much as it can as fast as it can (thus we see America’s seemingly insane expansion of war, conflict and militarization everywhere in the world), while rising powers seek to take advantage of this decline in order to accelerate the collapse of the declining power, and secure their position as the next dominant power. Yet, in this geopolitical landscape of the 21st century, we are faced with this entirely new context, where the decline of one empire and the rise of a new power are taking place while both seek to integrate and construct an entirely new system and structure of power, yet both seek to secure for themselves a dominant position within this new structure. The potential for conflict is enormous, possibly resulting in a direct war between America and China, or in a mass of global proxy wars between them.

This new century will indeed be an interesting one. The prospects of a new global war are increasing with every accelerated military adventure. The primary antagonist in this theatre of the absurd is without a doubt, the United States. If the world is headed for World War III, it is because America has made such a situation inevitable. One cannot preclude that for many global elites, such a result may be desirable in and of itself. After all, World War I provided the impetus for the formation of the League of Nations, and World War II provided the push for the United Nations to “secure peace between nations.” In a world largely run by global strategists, it would be na├»ve to assume that it has not occurred to some that a new world war could be precisely the event they need to convince the people of the world to accept their desired system of global governance; no doubt to secure ‘world peace.’ At least, I am sure it will be sold under that pretense.

Preparing for War with Russia?  Washington To Rearm Georgia For New Conflicts ~ link ~ This is a demonic induced strategy to set the stage for a 'domino effect', causing several different military events around the world to happen at about the same time, triggering World War III/Armageddon.  Stirling  

U.S. troops were in Georgia during the five-day war with Russia in 2008 and later in the same month American warships were docked in the country's ports as ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet were deployed within firing range.

Never before have military forces from the world's two major nuclear powers been on opposing sides of a battle line during wartime.

By increasing the provision of sophisticated weaponry to Georgia, Washington is taunting Russia on its southern border and running the risk of a military conflict that may draw it into a direct confrontation with its main nuclear rival.

China's military leaps forward to catch up with US ~ link ~ China is sending a strong message to the US and countries in the region that China’s military modernisation is unstoppable, and China is determined to become this region’s dominant actor

BY quietly building up its stash of high-tech weaponry, China is threatening US military supremacy in the Pacific, worrying its neighbours and contributing to a renewed arms race in Asia, analysts say.

Just days before Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to Washington and as US Defence Secretary Robert Gates was in Beijing this week to patch up frayed defence ties, China’s military sent its first stealth fighter into the skies.

Analysts agree the test flight of the J-20 carried out by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which surprised many military observers, was no coincidence.

‘China is sending a strong message to the US and countries in the region that China’s military modernisation is unstoppable, and China is determined to become this region’s dominant actor,’ said Taiwan-based PLA expert Arthur Ding. The emergence of the first photos of the J-20 just before Gates’ visit forced the Pentagon chief to admit that China ‘may be somewhat further along in the development of that aircraft than our intelligence had predicted’.

Fallujah: City of no children ~ link ~
It was recently reported that doctors had advised women in Fallujah not to give birth. There are many medical reasons for infertility which might shatter the dreams of a young woman. It is not difficult to imagine how heartbreaking it must be for a woman who is advised that she can never bear children. But for the young women of an entire city – tens of thousands of them – to be advised not to give birth, how can one imagine such collective pain? But perhaps it does not matter – one life is a tragedy, a million a statistic? Certainly this episode attracted limited press attention. Media Lens highlighted an interesting contrast with the attention directed at the lady who chucked a cat into a bin – one cat confined for a few hours was a tragedy.

This year the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a study, "Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009" by Chris Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi. The report concludes "results confirm the reported increases in cancer and infant mortality which are alarmingly high. The remarkable reduction in the sex ratio in the cohort born one year after the fighting in [Falluja] 2004 identifies that year as the time of the environmental contamination." It was this increase in the incidence of child cancer and deformities which resulted in women being advised not to give birth. Fallujah is not the only city witnessing skyrocketing rates of child cancer. "The rapidly soaring child cancer rate in the southern Iraqi province of Basra has prompted the officials in the country to open the country’s first specialist cancer hospital for children in the province’s capital. […] Since 1993, Basra province has witnessed a sharp rise in the incidence of childhood cancer. 'Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) among children under 15 has increased by about four times,’ said Dr. Janan Hasan of the hospital inaugurated on Thursday in the southern port city of Basra."

'Peace Now' at Tel Aviv rally:  Lieberman threat greater than Iran ~ link ~Thousands of activists from left-wing movements and human rights organizations marched in Tel Aviv on Saturday in protest of the Knesset's decision to set up a committee of inquiry to probe the funding sources of leftist groups. 

The protest march, under the headline "Demonstration (since it's still possible) for democracy", left from Tel Aviv's Meir Park toward the plaza in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where a rally took place in which Knesset members from Kadima, Meretz, and Hadash as well as officials from Peace Now and human rights groups delivered speeches. 

Gates: US Needs Troops in Japan 'Long Term' to target China, North Korea ~ link ~ Gates, the Secretary of Defense for both Obama and Bush, is a war-hawk.  War, war, and more war, is his motto.  Stirling   

In a speech today at Keio University in Tokyo, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates insisted the US needed to keep its 47,000 troops in Japan “long-term” and that the presence is “more necessary, more relevant and more important than ever.

Though the military deployment in Japan was historically about posing a threat in the Pacific to the Soviet Union, Gates insisted that the troops are there to “keep China’s rising power in check” and to target North Korea, which one would figure was more the reason the troops in South Korea are there.

Ellen Brown on the Efficiencies of the State and the Progress of Her Public Banking Vision ~ link ~ Good article.  Stirling  

The thesis is that the power to create money has been usurped by a private international banking cartel, which issues our money as debt and lends it back to us at interest. The cartel makes it appear that governments are creating our money, and governments get blamed when things go wrong; but they are actually just pawns of the cartel. We the people can get back our government and our republic only by reclaiming the power to create our own money. We can use the same credit system that private banks use, but administered as a public utility, monitored and overseen by public servants on the model of libraries and courts. To be a sustainable system, profits need to be returned to the community rather than siphoned off into private coffers.
A publicly-owned central bank can be very effective in serving the people. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is my favorite model. Not all publicly-owned banks, however, are effective for that purpose. I often hear British money reformers complaining that the publicly-owned Bank of England is still serving the interests of the private banking establishment, just as when it was private. It is public in name only.

Sure, but somebody manipulates governments into wars and other mayhem. I believe a government could be structured so that it actually served the people; but first, it would have to recapture control of its monetary system. Few governments are in that position today.
The Class War Launched by America's Wealthiest ~ link ~ Well worth the short time needed to read this article.  Stirling    

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