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LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet.  UPDATED 23 November 2010  

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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

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Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link

Collection of videos on BP Caused Climate Change:
Check  out this video - A video overlay over my discussion with Dr. Bill Deagle on the NutriMedical Report of what is really going on with the weather ~  link

Glacier loss in Hawaii tied to change in North Atlantic AMOC current ~ link ~ I have been making the point since last summer that the death of the Loop Current has caused GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGES.  Stirling

Down East Blizzard: Corexit from Gulf Oil Spill linked to weather conditions - with video ~ link ~ Excellent!

UK Winter Weather Warning - Video ~ link

ICE AGE 4 - DAWN OF THE BP oil disaster - video ~ link 
Damaged Gulf Stream affects Jet Stream - Earl of Stirling - video ~ link   

Video overlays of Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle on the NutraMedical Report talking about the BP Oil Disaster caused global weather crisis ~ link ~ (this second one is longer, the entire hour-long program) ~ link 

Big Freeze Hits Britain - video (with Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle talking - late Nov.) ~ link 

Mysterious bird deaths hit Sweden ~ link ~ This is very strange!  Stirling
Dead birds in street in Falkoeping One eyewitness said he had seen hundreds of dead birds in the street
Police in the town of Falkoeping have told Swedish media that between 50 and 100 jackdaws had died. Parallels have been drawn with the mysterious death of about 3,000 red-winged blackbirds in the US state of Arkansas on New Year's Eve.

Aftonbladet newspaper quoted one resident, Drilon Hulaj, who said that as he drove home late on Tuesday night the street in front of him was dotted with "hundreds of dead birds". Mr Hulaj said he had been immediately reminded of the events in the town of Beebe, Arkansas. Scientists have said the blackbirds there many have been affected by fireworks. There have been no reports of fireworks or storms in Falkoeping at the time.

Birds, HAARP and New Madrid ~ link ~ Most interesting.  This article makes a linkage between the recent New Madrid earthquake and a number of bird die-offs.  Could be.  Stirling 

Who is Digisonde?  Well it appears, thanks to the research of Mr. Beckham and his associates, that Digisonde is a company that has created some nifty HAARP triangulation measurement sensors.  One such sensor is shown at the top of this article.

Here you see a snapshot from the Beckham video showing a map with push pins located at three points.  One push pin is located at Gilbertsville, Kentucky, the next is located at Beebe, Arkansas, and the third is located at LaBarre, Louisiana.  I believe you can click on the image to see a larger view.  This map is located in the upper left hand corner.

Now in the center of this image you see the Digisonde 7 and 4 antenna sensor array detection pattern.  They look like pyramids (interesting, huh?).  Its really important to note, however, that the triangles making up these pyramids are 120 degree angles.  This is VERY IMPORTANT to take note of or you will NOT see how critical this point is. 

Evidently, when using these sensors to pin-point a particular location, you must place the sensors at or near where the 120 degree triangle's 3 points are located in such a manner that you can "detect" the output of ionospheric energy to ensure the CENTER POINT of the energy is going to be located PRECISELY where you want it.

This is hard to explain properly with words so I included this image to help illustrate this concept a little better.

Hopefully you can see the 3 yellow push pins on the map marking the towns mentioned above.  These create a 120 degree triangle.  The center of the LONG LINE between the two farthest points is where the auroral ionospheric energy will be at maximum during HAARP transmission.

By using these Lowell Digisone International sensors, HAARP can be aimed at approximate locations, and then FINE TUNED to ensure the energy field is precisely on target.

Each of these towns,

  1. Gilbertsville, KY
  2. Beebe, AR
  3. LaBarre, LA


 Why are the animals dying.  Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths ~ link ~ So the idea that the government might be conducting experiments on the weather or on wild animal populations is in no way bizarre. It's routine, in fact.  

Yet that's not what we saw. Instead, we saw 100,000 fish dying all at once (or very nearly all at once). This is not indicative of infectious disease. Even the CDC will tell you that. Infections don't time themselves to kill large populations simultaneously. The pattern of death all but rules out infectious disease as the cause.

This pattern is, however, indicative of a poison or some other radical change such as a sharp temperature change in the river. Something changed in the environment -- perhaps a rapid depletion of oxygen, or the interference with fish physiology through electromagnetic means. And this points to something other than disease: Perhaps the behavior of a corporation or the actions of a government experiment.

In either of those cases, the truth will almost certainly be hidden from public view. Scientists will be paid off to say it was caused by disease, and the corporate-controlled press will buy it, too. And that's what people will be told.

But I'm suspicious. When I see animals dying 100,000 at a time and birds falling out of the sky, I begin to suspect much more than just normal in-the-wild infectious disease. I suspect something far more nefarious is afoot, and whatever it is, you have to ask the inescapable question: Is this a trial run of a much larger experiment involving other species? Perhaps even humans?

Bird and Fish Die-Offs Target Single Reace Species - Maybe Energetics Weapons Can Fine Tune DNA Frequencies To That Degree ~ link ~ Actually this is now in the field of Scalar Warfare, one of the most classified subjects imaginable.  I suspect, but do not know for certain as it is outside of my specialty in theoretical weaponry strategy and design, that there are scalar weapons that can be tuned very finely.  That can take out specific animals or sub-types based on DNA.  Weapons that can kill specific viruses/etc.  Also that scalar weapons can be fine tuned to alter molecular structures, for instance to 'blast' an area of the ocean with oil to degrade that oil into other substances. I have heard that we have weapons that can kill every living thing in a large area, such as a city, and leave everything else (such as the buildings, cars, etc.) alone, and I am not talking about a neutron bomb, but a scalar weapon.  So we need to keep an open mind about the cause/causes of the fish and bird kills lately, and their possible connection to earthquakes (which can be caused by scalar weapons also).  Stirling    

10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba, Canada ~ link ~ Update: More bird deaths reported in U.S. Just days after thousands of blackbirds dropped out of the sky over a small town in Arkansas, another 500 birds fell to their death over a Louisiana highway. is getting reports of Bird deaths in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia.

Canada: There has been some kind of very extreme weather event in the arctic apparently in Northen Manitoba and in the general area of Churchhill Manitoba. There is a flurry of Military activity at the old CFB base near Churchill.

Somekind of super atmoshperic heating/cooling event led to a drastic increase in temperatures then a sudden decrease in temperatures. Tens of thousands of birds and probably other wildlife died in what is being described as a mega "ice storm", like the one that happened in Quebec that knocked out power lines for weeks and cost billions in damage.
Inuit in the far north has reported methane out-gassing that sometimes spray 30 meters into the air, extreme changes are happening in the arctic and this may be a chain reaction of events that precipitate the collapse on the Greenland ice sheet and the failure of the north Atlantic current.

Coastal Brazil - 100 Tons of fish have turned up dead since last Thursday ~ link

Pescadores já encontraram pelo menos 100 toneladas, principalmente de sardinhas. Fishermen have found at least 100 tonnes, mainly sardines.
A survey conducted by the Federation of Fishermen's Colony of Paraná, Paranaguá on the coast of the state, indicates that at least 100 tons of fish (sardine, croaker and catfish) have turned up dead since last Thursday off the coast of Parana.
No domingo, técnicos do Instituto Ambiental do Paraná (IAP), da Secretaria de Estado do Meio Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos (Sema), colheram amostras para verificar a razão das mortes. On Sunday, representatives from the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP), the Secretary of State for the Environment and Water Resources (SEMA), took samples to verify the reason for the deaths. O relatório será divulgado hoje. The report will be released today.

O presidente da Federação das Colônias de Pescadores do Paraná, Edmir Manoel Ferreira, conta que, entre Paranaguá e Guaraqueçaba, pelo menos 2,8 mil pescadores dependem diariamente dos frutos do mar. The president of the Federation of Fishermen's Colony of Parana, Edmir Manoel Ferreira, reports that between Paranaguá and Guaraqueçaba at least 2,800 fishermen depend on the daily seafood.
“Na quinta-feira começamos a perceber muito peixe morto. "On Thursday we began to realize very dead fish. Só uma comunidade chegou a enterrar 15 toneladas. Only one community came to bury 15 tons. Estamos vivenciando uma situação muito triste no litoral”, relata. We are experiencing a very sad situation on the coast, "reports.

Além de Paranaguá, Ferreira afirma que os peixes mortos estão começando a aparecer em outras cidades do litoral. Apart from Paranagua, Ferreira said the dead fish are starting to appear in other coastal towns.
“O peixe morto está indo para Antonina, Guaraqueçaba e Pontal do Paraná. "The dead fish are going to Antonina, and Guaraqueçaba Pontal do Paraná. Precisamos de uma solução urgente para isso”, alerta. We need an urgent solution to this, "he warns.

O capitão Edson Oliveira Ávila, coordenador regional da Defesa Civil do Paraná na região, acredita que existem três hipóteses para a morte dos peixes. Captain Edson Oliveira Avila, regional coordinator of Civil Defense in the Paraná region, believes there are three hypotheses for the death of fish.
“Vamos aguardar para saber o que aconteceu, mas as especulações apontam que os peixes podem ter morrido devido um desequilíbrio ambiental, descarte de um barco de pesca ou vazamento de produtos químicos”, diz. "We will wait to see what happened, but speculations suggest that fish may have died due to an environmental imbalance, dropping a fishing boat or leakage of chemicals," he says.

Por meio de sua assessoria de imprensa, a prefeitura de Paranaguá informou que a venda de frutos do mar está, por precaução, temporariamente suspensa na região. Through his press office, the city of Paranagua said the sale of seafood is a precaution, temporarily suspended in the region.

Two Million dead fish in Maryland, USA ~ link ~   Around two million fish have died in the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland, just days after two similar incidents elsewhere in the US baffled scientists.
Chesapeake Bay
The dead fish were found in Chesapeake Bay
Officials are now trying to find out what happened.
Maryland Department of the Environment spokeswoman Dawn Stoltzfus told Sky News Online that at the moment it does not look like pollution is to blame.
She said: "The dead fish are mainly juvenile spot fish, and they can't survive very cold water temperatures. Typically they should have left the bay by now. "Our working theory, that looks pretty strong, is that it's been caused by cold water stress." This mass "fish kill", as it is called, happened after water temperatures plunged to near record lows in the area in late December, but scientists have yet to prove conclusively that this was the cause.

Thousands of dead fish in Spruce Creek - Florida ~ linkThousands of dead fish were floating in Volusia County Tuesday. They were all in Spruce Creek in Port Orange. The fish kill is unusual because it is warm, according to people who live along the creek.

It's been a week since there were freezing temperatures, but there are fish lining the banks. Some said it's the worst kill they've ever seen; thousands of fish lined the twists and turns of Spruce Creek.
The sheer number of fish and the smell were both overwhelming."It was fun last night trying to sleep with the smell going on," said resident Sunny Morningstar."Even with your windows closed and everything?" WFTV reporter Jason Allen asked."Yes, yes," Morningstar said.Buzzards and pelicans flocked to the site Tuesday and swarmed above the water. They filled trees and private boat docks and waited at the water's edge for an easy meal.Kayakers on the creek told WFTV, that during their five-hour paddle, they'd seen fish around every bend and it appeared to be one of the most extensive kills they had seen."This looks a little worse than last year, at least this area. I don't remember this being that populated as it is this time," resident Mike Kovach said.The Fish and Wildlife Commission was aware of the kill. A representative said it started last week. The representative blamed last week's cold temperatures and speculated the kill wasn't growing, but that winds were causing fish to just pile up.Most of the fish were mullet, ladyfish and catfish, and not the valuable sporting fish called snook that died in mass during a cold spell last year.

40,000 crabs wash up on Kent coast - dead from hypothermia in freezing sea off England ~ link
Sad discovery: Dr Alasdair Bruce, one of the experts studying the dead crabs. It is the second year in a row the beaches have been littered with the sea creatures
Sad discovery: Dr Alasdair Bruce, one of the experts studying the dead crabs. It is the second year in a row the beaches have been littered with the sea creatures

Thousands of dead crabs have washed up along the Kent coast, with environmental experts believing the cold weather in Britain is to blame. The Velvet swimming crabs - also called devil crabs - are thought to be victims of Britain's coldest December in 120 years, which left sea temperatures much lower than average. More than 40,000 of the crabs - Britain's largest swimming crab - are littering beaches around Thanet, along with smaller numbers of whelks, sponges and anemones.

Mass evacuations as China's south battles 'Big Freeze' ~ link ~
Frozen plants on highway in Guiyang, Guizhou province 3 January 2011. Freezing rain and unusually low temperatures are predicted to continue for several days
Freezing temperatures in south-western China have forced the evacuation of 58,000 people from their homes, according to the Chinese authorities. Ice and snow have closed roads, leaving thousands of motorists stranded.
Officials said the roofs of more than 1,000 homes in five provinces have collapsed because of the bad weather. Those living in mountainous areas have been hardest hit - with tens of thousands being evacuated.

The authorities say that snow and ice across the region has damaged almost 300,000 acres of crops - with losses of nearly $200m (£129m).

Cold snap persists, causing chaos in central and southern China ~ link ~ The cold snap that has seized several central and southern Chinese provinces since New Year's Day is likely to persist 10 more days, driving up grocery prices in some cities and cutting supplies in others.
More than 100 primary schools in Guiyang's Yuyan District and Kaiyang County have suspended classes over safety concerns, the provincial education department said.
"We have told schools to skip the final test and begin the winter holidays in advance if the bad weather persists," it said on its website.

Besides Guangxi and Guizhou, the freezing weather also hit the central Hunan Province, and Chongqing Municipality in the southwest, packing snow and sleet and bringing traffic to a standstill on icy expressways. In Hunan's Xiangxi and Huaihua, nearly all coach bus services have been suspended as it is increasingly risky to drive on the icy, slippery roads. On State Highway No. 319 that zigzags through the western parts of the province, toppled vehicles and stranded passengers can be seen nearly every kilometer.

In Chongqing, the cold snap wreaked even more havoc by freezing 285 km of tap water pipeline in Youyang County Wednesday, cutting water supplies to 85,000 residents, a county government spokesman said.

China's cold snap lingers ~ link ~ The cold snap that began New Year's Day in several central and southern Chinese provinces is likely to maintain its grip for another week, forecasters say.

World food prices enter 'danger territory' to reach record high ~ link ~ The first stage of the impact from the coming mini-Ice Age (hopefully just a "mini" not a full blown Ice Age) is the weather itself.  The second stage is prices of food beginning to be effected.  It only gets worst as we get into the third stage/etc.  Stirling 
An El Salvadorean harvests sugar cane
An El Salvadorean farmer harvests sugar cane. Sugar and meat prices are at record levels. Photograph: Victor Ruiz Caballero/AP
Prices have been rising steadily but Abbassian said that by now he had been expecting food prices to start to fall because many poorer countries had good harvests last year.
But this has not happened after unpredictable weather caused a poor wheat crop in Russia. Last year European wheat prices doubled, US corn prices rose more than 50% and US soybean prices jumped more than 30%.

The current floods in Australia have the potential to affect prices for commodities such as sugar and cane growers are warning of production problems for up to three years. Wheat supplies are expected to be affected – Australia is the fourth-largest wheat exporter – and the country is also the largest exporter of coking coal, production of which is also being affected by the floods.

World food prices at fresh high says UN ~ link ~
Global food prices rose to a fresh high in December, according to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO). Its Food Price Index went above the previous record of 2008 that saw prices spark riots in several countries.
Soaring sugar, cereal and oil prices had driven the rise, the report said.....But he added that "unpredictable weather" meant that grain prices could go much higher, which was "a concern".

The current spike in prices is being caused primarily by increases in the cost of sugar and, more importantly, cereals, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute. The price of wheat in particular has risen sharply. This is because wildfires last year in Russia, which accounts for 11% of global exports, resulted in an export ban, the institute's director of markets, trade and institutions, Maximo Torero, told the BBC. The recent floods in Australia, which also accounts for 11% of global exports, has compounded the problem, he said.

Droughts in Argentina, the world's second biggest exporter of corn behind the US, have also pushed the price up, Mr Torero said. "The situation is very tight. If we have more natural disasters, we could have a problem," he said.

UN Food and Agriculture Organization sees food prices heading even higher ~ link ~
A Lao woman transplants rice seedlings in a paddy field on the outskirts of the capital January 26. The worst flooding in memory last year has severely affected Laos' rice supply for 1997, and aid agencies are preparing to help meet the deficit. REUTERS/Darren Whiteside

UN Food Price Index Jumps in December ~ link ~The food price index of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization rose 32 percent from June to December, according to the new data. In December the index was slightly higher than it was in June 2008, its previous peak. The index is not adjusted for inflation, however, making it difficult to make an exact comparison.
The index is a measure of commodity prices on the world export market. It was pushed up in 2010 by rising prices for cooking oils, grains, sugar and meat.

“We are at a very high level,” said Abdolreza Abbassian, an economist for the organization, which is based in Rome. “These levels in the previous episode led to problems and riots across the world.” 

Record food prices expected to soar even higher ~ link
Record global food prices expected to soar even higher
"The fundamentals of the corn market are clearly the tightest ones," said Societe Generale analyst Emmanuel Jayet. "It's the grain where stocks are already very low and where there are questions about a further drop to historically low levels," he said, adding that he also expected soybeans and wheat prices could rise on a fall in supplies.
Pinpointing soybeans, Jeffrey Currie, Global Head of Commodities for Goldman Sachs said the protein-rich beans were a more attractive investment than wheat due to greater potential demand growth and limited supply.    Crude oil prices have also crept higher on a resurgence in global demand, which has raised concern of a double burden of high food and energy prices particularly for developing countries with import needs, Abbassian said.

Cold weather kills dozens in northern India ~ link ~
Near-freezing temperatures and icy Himalayan winds have killed dozens of people in northern India over the past two weeks and forced schools to close in the capital, officials said Wednesday. A spokesman for worst-hit Uttar Pradesh state said five people died from the cold overnight, pushing the number of deaths there to 41.

12 Homeless people froze to death overnight in Poland  ~ link ~ Twelve homeless people froze to death in Poland last night bringing the country`s death toll caused by freezing temperatures in the past three days to 30. 
Severe frost also left some 150,000 people in the southern Polish city of Czestochowa without heating.

Global sea temperature continues to drop ~ link ~
Wade says:
One thing I’ve noticed is how low the heat anomaly is for the Gulf of Mexico and the gulf stream current. If you look at past temperature plots of the gulf stream, you’ll notice that a trail of cold water is moving closer and closer to Ireland and Britain. I don’t know what it means, but it is interesting to me. Especially since I live in North Carolina where the coast was formed by the gulf stream current.

Australia government reports 'large volume of cooler than normal water has been evident below the surface of the tropical Pacific for many months' ~ link ~

The Sun is still in a slump - Still not conforming to NOAA "consensus" forecasts ~ link
NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) produced their monthly solar cycle progression update yesterday. The news is not encouraging. We’ve had a drop in solar activity again in December, The sunspot count is lower, but the really worrisome thing is the Ap geomagnetic index. The solar dynamo has now dropped to magnetic activity levels last seen in late 2009. Readers may recall this post from December 23rd: Solar Geomagnetic Ap Index Hits Zero which was a bit unusual this far into cycle 24.
Here’s the Ap Index from SWPC:

The Ap value of 3 was last seen in late 2009 and early 2010, which bracketed the lowest value seen in 10 years (on the SWPC graph) of Ap=2 in December 2009. It was also the lowest value in the record then. SWPC has since revised their data upwards from 1 to 2 for December 2009. Here’s what it looked like then:

And here is the story at that time:
Solar geomagnetic index reaches unprecedented low – only “zero” could be lower – in a month when sunspots became more active
The 10.7 centimeter radio flux is a bit more encouraging, but still rather anemic compared to where to where it should have been in the solar cycle.

Here’s the data:

Queensland floods: Rockhampton floodwaters 'peak' - with video ~ link Floodwaters in the Australian city of Rockhampton appear to have peaked at a lower level than previously feared. The Fitzroy River which flows through the city seems to have levelled off at 9.2m (30ft) rather than 9.4m, but forecasters are warning of more rain.

Queensland is in the grip of a flood crisis, with some 40 communities affected and 1,200 homes submerged. A task force has been created to lead recovery efforts. Officials say the flood bill could exceed A$5bn (£3bn). Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has appointed Maj Gen Mick Slater to head the task force.

Icy conditions cause crashes across Scotland ~ link ~
M8 jams The closure of part of the M8 caused major rush-hour tailbacks
The M8 in North Lanarkshire was closed for more than three hours during the morning rush hour due to black ice. The M9 near Stirling was also closed between junctions 8 and 9 after a multi-vehicle crash. And there were diversions on the A9 after the death of a 16-year-old girl near Auchterarder on Tuesday night. Tayside Police said the girl, who has not been identified, died after being hit by a number of vehicles.

In South Lanarkshire, an elderly couple died after being hit by a lorry in Hamilton at about 0945 GMT. Emma and Jake Grier, who were both 76 and from nearby Motherwell, were hit by the vehicle in Townhead Street and died later in hospital. A man also died after being hit by a car on a stretch of road near Conon Bridge in the Highlands.

Last December UK's coldest for 100 years ~ link
Frozen fountain in Nottinghamshire Crisp, wintry weather turned usually fluid attractions into static features
Last month was the coldest December documented for the UK since nationwide records began 100 years ago, the Met Office has confirmed.

For central England, it was the second coldest December since 1659.


North Korea calls for 'unconditional' talks with South ~ linkThe North wants to avoid being the Korean Theater of WWIII.  I have no respect for them, but this is a positive step.  The question is, will the global banking families allow peace to continue there or will they engineer war?  Stirling 
South Korean troops conduct military drills in Chulwon, near the DMZ (3 Jan 2011) Both sides have been conducting military drills amid the rising tensions
North Korea wants "unconditional" talks with the South to put an end to months of extreme tension, the North's official news agency reports. In a rare conciliatory gesture, KCNA said Pyongyang was ready to meet "anyone, any time, anywhere", and proposed a mutual end to provocation. The late-night statement came as top US envoy Stephen Bosworth began a new round of diplomacy in the region.
Tensions have been high since the North shelled a Southern island in November. KCNA said North Korea was proposing "having wide-ranging dialogue and negotiations" with Seoul, saying such co-operation was "the only way out from this serious situation".

"In order to mend the North-South relations, now at the lowest ebb, we will conduct positive dialogue and negotiations with the political parties and organisations of South Korea including its authorities," the statement said. It proposed that both sides also put an end to "slanders and calumnies" of each other, and refrain from "any act of provoking each other in order to create an atmosphere of improving the inter-Korean relations".

Missile seen off South Padre Island, Texas - video ~ link ~ South Padre Island is a neat beach, been there, but I never saw any missiles fired from there.  This is another mystery missile firing following on the California event late last year.  Stirling  

Col. Sabrosky's Challenge to Local VFW Posts on 9/11 Truth ~ link ~ I like the man's thinking.  Use our patriot organizations to get to the truth of 9/11 and punish the evil doers.  This is an important article, please do take the time to read it and copy it to anyone you know in a position to do something about it.  Stirling 

The 911 Truth Movement in 2011 is ready to move forward in 2011. 3000 of our fellow Americans were murdered in cold blood, and we don't know by whom. We do know who didn't do it, at least not alone. As former German Defense Minister Andreas Von Bulow has written in his book "The CIA and September 11":
"Planning the attacks was a master deed, in technical and organizational terms. To hijack four big airliners within a few minutes and fly them into targets within a single hour and doing so on complicated flight routes! That is unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatuses of state and industry." Tagesspiegel, 13. Jan. 2002
A Zogby poll as far back as 2006 shows that 42% of Americans think the 911 Commission was "cover up," and the truth movement has only spread since then, with a TV ad featuring 911 survivors pleading with the nation to give their relatives justice. We can stop arguing over whether the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) is plausible. It is not. The reams of inconsistencies, improbabilities, and impossibilities need not be gone over again here. Suffice it to say only that the official conspiracy theory is impossible according to the laws of physics, which show not enough fuel in the form of kerosene (jet fuel) and office furniture was present, burning under the right conditions, to sufficiently weaken the steel. The Building 7 story is even more impossible, if that can be.

This is not to denigrate the hundreds of other points which must be addressed, only to say that they are adequately treated in other places.

The problem is now political, as truth adherents probe the wall of silence and recalcitrance among our high officials and prosecutors, who tremble at even allowing the words 911 Truth to slip from their lips lest it end careers, or in the case of the psychotics we have possibly uncovered, even more. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, for five years Director of Studies U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research, Vietnam veteran and 10-year US Marine, has suggested that the nation's salvation lies in the hands of its local veterans posts. Sabrosky has outlined as close as we have come to a roadmap to justice, and restoration of the Constitution and the Republic.

Sabrosky says the local veterans posts have not been "bought-out," in contrast to our national leaders and institutions or even the national leadership of the VFW, American Legion, and other large veterans organizations. Sabrosky says these posts are not aware of their own power, and deploy usually only in support veterans benefits and issues. Were a single local veterans post to issue a call to its local, not national, media, for prosecutions for 911, the sea change would begin.

Media as a Branch of Government ~ link This merger of Big Media and Big Government is not anything new, at least to libertarians. As Murray Rothbard, the founder of the modern libertarian movement, put it:
“All States are governed by a ruling class that is a minority of the population, and which subsists as a parasitic and exploitative burden upon the rest of society. Since its rule is exploitative and parasitic, the State must purchase the alliance of a group of “Court Intellectuals,” whose task is to bamboozle the public into accepting and celebrating the rule of its particular State. The Court Intellectuals have their work cut out for them. In exchange for their continuing work of apologetics and bamboozlement, the Court Intellectuals win their place as junior partners in the power, prestige, and loot extracted by the State apparatus from the deluded public.”

Even a dictatorship requires the implicit consent of the majority, which puts up with its depredations until the weight of tyranny presses down so hard that the impetus to rebel is inevitably provoked. What keeps the spirit of rebellion in check are the blandishments of the Court Intellectuals, among whom the mandarins of the “mainstream” media figure prominently.

Rothbard, in the essay cited above, was discussing historical revisionism – the practice of revising the accepted or “official” (i.e. government-generated) history of an event, such as a war, in light of new and often deliberately overlooked or suppressed data. The term entered common usage in the period following World War I, when it was revealed that, far from being a glorious and heroic crusade to “make the world safe for democracy,” the conflict was all about making the world safe for European imperialism, for the arms trade, and for American banking interests whose loans to the Allies were guaranteed by US entry into the war. 

As Rothbard notes:
“The noble task of Revisionism is to de-bamboozle: to penetrate the fog of lies and deception of the State and its Court Intellectuals, and to present to the public the true history of the motivation, the nature, and the consequences of State activity. By working past the fog of State deception to penetrate to the truth, to the reality behind the false appearances, the Revisionist works to delegitimize, to desanctify, the State in the eyes of the previously deceived public. By doing so, the Revisionist, even if he is not a libertarian personally, performs a vitally important libertarian service.”
The task of Revisionism looks very much like the alleged role of Journalism in a free society, and so it is. Yet as we’ve lost our freedoms, down through the years, ceding them to government at every critical turn, our “free” media, instead of “working past the fog of State deception to penetrate to the truth,” has acted like a fog machine, generating and legitimizing deception rather than exposing it.


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Take what you read from with a grain of salt, please.

(Manitoba bird kill)

Look into his posts, the spammy nature of his links and downloads, the fact that he never provides sources etc..

Just a word of caution.