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Global Changes from the Dying Gulf Stream and already dead North Atlantic Current
LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet. However, the corporate owned Mainstream News Media have embargoed the story. Please forward the story to as many sites and people as you can, and to your local newspaper UPDATED 5 October 2010 - Thanks

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link ~ This shows North Brazil Current beginning to loop back into itself.  Possible death of entire Thermohaline Circulation System. Updated to latest setting.

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Video on the Gulf Stream and its connection to any future Ice Ages ~     link

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link
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Rigging Elections Electronically How They Do It ~ link ~ Make no mistake, if you vote on a computer or if you vote on a punch card that is scanned by a computer, your vote is almost certainly a joke.  Those that control the source code control the outcome of the election.  End of story.  Stirling  
The programming of these machines today is more sophisticated than those in the early years. Now, they can load in programs that are preprogrammed to produce a certain result in favor of any number of candidates (but they usually only select one or two critical races), and will only adjust the number of votes necessary to assure that outcome as the vote is progressing. They can even do this AFTER the machine has confirmed the voter's real preference on a paper receipt, but before sending the tally on to the computers at state election headquarters. They can also program this software to erase itself after its done it's work, so forensic programmers can't trace them. Other programs could work only at the state level by altering the results coming in from the counties. Nothing is foolproof when it comes to electronic voting. 

The News Factor in Elections: We all know the mainstream news is biased towards government power and its globalist intervention agenda. It is a major factor in controlling public perception during elections. Fewer still realize that the presumed "conservative" Fox News channel is also controlled by the PTB in a different way. The owner, globalist Rupert Murdoch, is no conservative. His prime commentators (with the exception of Glenn Beck) are trying to steer conservatives toward controlled Republican candidates like Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee.
National Public Radio, claims to be neutral but is very liberal. However, in the wake of the firing of NPR's Juan Williams for stating his sincere fear about being on an airplane when Muslim men in Muslim garb get on board, we have another chance to scrutinize public funding of the news-which should stop, including the government subsidies to individual public radio stations.
In turns out that NPR CEO Vivian Schiller is behind the push to have government eventually take over and control all news. Tara Servatius of explains: "As Schiller explained in a speech to the NPR board of directors in 2009, it is public radio's responsibility to fill the gap in journalism left by dying local television stations and newspapers. Schiller, a former New York Times executive, is one of a few dozen power players working with the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and a leftist group called Free Press to 'reinvent journalism,' is [promoting] a plan to take over local news coverage from for-profit television, radio and print media, which Schiller and her friends claim is in danger of extinction [partially true]. These 'friends' get together regularly with the heads of the FCC and FTC to brainstorm the details in government and congressional meetings. These meetings include the leaders of all the country's public broadcasting outlets, including PBS, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and American Public Media." --Another conspiracy afoot? It looks that way.
Some Israelis hoping for a GOP win, but will history repeat itself? ~ link ~ As predictions of a Republican tidal wave in the coming congressional elections became more certain, some Israelis were experiencing goose bumps of anticipation.

Many on the right in Israel believe a shift of one or both houses of Congress to a Republican majority could limit the Obama administration's ability to pressure Jerusalem - even more than it is already limited with the Democrats - in its quest for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Early in his current term, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his own predilection succinctly: "I speak Republican," he told Alon Pinkas, a top Israeli diplomat whose help he was seeking in establishing rapport with President Obama, then new to the White House. Currently, Netanyahu refrains from speaking on the issue but is still said to be watching the November elections closely.

Israeli officials, according to a congressional source, have also been raising questions in recent weeks about a possible change in U.S. policy if Democrats lose the House.

Obama loses his cool: Angry Obama yells back at new poll shows his own party isn't sure he should be President in 2012 ~ link ~ There are rumors of a major Chicago scandal to hit Obama right after the election.  I think that will help to set the groundwork, but the real key will be the issue of his actual place of birth and his constitutional eligibility to be president will be re-opened by Republicans with some Democratic support.  Congress has the constitutional duty to accept or not accept elections for President/Vice-President.  Courts and Congress can re-visit past rulings if it can be shown that fraud before the Court/Congress took place.  This would allow a simple majority to kick Obama out without an Impeachment trial.  It might also allow them to kick the entire team of Obama/Biden out and install the new Speaker of the House of Representatives as the lawful President under the Constitution.  Things could get real interesting in the next three months.  However, a diversion of the highest order of magnitude would be a war with Iran/General Middle East War/WWIII, and that may well 'be in the cards'.  Stirling  
BP Oil is now in the Food Chain ~ link ~  

 BP, Haliburton, Transocean, US Government are all directly complicit in this Environmental Crime of the Millennium ~ link It is actually much worst than this article says it is, as BP and the Obama Administration used millions of gallons of disputants to sink most of the oil.  This makes it all but impossible to clean up and ensures that the Loop Current will stay dead for some time, with dramatic effects on global weather continuing.  Stirling   
As the blame game continues and the truth trickle out little by little, many will be left wondering how the disaster will play out and the imminent threats of future disasters. It is blatantly clear beneath the dog and pony shows, such mega disaster could not have happened if the checks and balances in place had been functioning as they should. It is fortuitous that all of them should expediently fail one after another. More likely, the checks and balances had long been subverted and broken. It is an industry speeding down the highway with its driver drunk with greed and power. If the “drunken speedster” is not stopped in time, the result can only be a big bang when the road runs out.  
World Renowned scientist says Florida's East and West coasts under oil threat - video ~ link 
Jewish settlers burn old Christian church in Jerusalem ~ link ~ This is a story that you will not read about on the mainstream news media.  Stirling  
Group of extremist Jewish settlers set a one hundred year old Christian church on fire in Jerusalem on Friday causing substantial damage to its first floor.

Zakaria Al-Mashriqi, a leader in the church, denounced in a press release the “sinful crime” that targets destabilizing relations among heavenly religions and inciting strife in addition to expelling Palestinians from the holy city through such repeated attacks on citizens and their property.

He added that the church was built in Jerusalem in 1897, and housed the Palestinian Bible College until 1948, when parishioners were pushed out by Jewish armed gangs during the violence accompanying the creation of the state of Israel.
He said that right-wing Israeli settlers broke a number of windows of the two-storey church and hurled Molotov cocktails inside it completely burning the first floor.

Mashriqi appealed for urgent intervention to protect the holy places in Jerusalem and called on the Israeli government to act responsibly and condemn the attack, and work on investigating the attack to find out who was involved and file charges in the case.

The world community must shoulder its responsibility toward protecting the holy shrines and Palestinians in the city, he said, calling for shunning violence and for dialog among religions.

Bombs, Terrorism and Manure ~ link ~

“Worse still, the “terrorists” father, described by the press as a “Muslim banker” turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA.”

“Never was America, its freedoms and security less free and less secure as when Michael Chertoff was watching over us.”
Last week, we were told courier services were carrying powerful and undetectable bombs, sent from Yemen, mailed to “Chicago synagogues” to strike out at America’s Jewish population just before the elections.  This would seem like a credible terrorist act if it were not for a few things:

Brazil finds massive oil field ~ link ~ My long time viewers will remember the stories that I link a while back saying that the global elite were investing heavily in Petrobras.  It is no accident that suddenly Brazil/Petrobras makes a massive "discovery".  There are hidden space based technologies that can and do locate all key oil fields.  Stirling  

Brazil's Rousseff posied to take presidency ~ link 

Bolivia poised to power world's electric cars - with video ~ link ~ Industry analysts predict that by 2020, one in 10 vehicles in the world will run on battery power. Most -- if not all -- manufacturers are adopting lithium-ion as their battery of choice.
If that prediction turns out to be true, experts say demand for lithium will outstrip supply in less than 10 years, unless new sources are located. One potential source exists high in the Bolivian Altiplano, where the Andes Mountains are at their widest.

Bolivia announced that Iran will partner in the manufacturing of lithium ~ link Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on Wednesday that Iran will “partner” in the manufacturing of lithium reserves in his country, the alliance which had also shown interest industry groups and governments of other countries.

The president made the announcement to complete a three-day official visit to Tehran, where the governments of Bolivia and Iran reaffirmed a political and economic alliance, along with several cooperation agreements, according to state news agency ABI.

Why Silver is catching up, Why it's broken out and Where it goes from here ~ link 

Athens marathon marks 2,500th anniversary of legendary run ~ link ~ A record number of people have taken part in the Athens marathon to mark the 2,500th anniversary of the run which inspired the modern event. 

In 490BC, the Athenian army defeated the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. According to legend, a messenger called Pheidippides ran the 42km (26 miles) to Athens to announce the victory.
Illuminati Extorting Hollywood Stars? ~ linkThis is an interesting article, take the time to read it all.  Stirling 
"How many people have you known personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the last five years?" Randy Quaid asked.

"I have personally known eight actors..."  Quaid stopped for a moment, clearly fighting back tears.  "All of whom I have worked with and was close to - Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine among them.  I believe these actors were whacked and I believe many others, such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, are being played to get at their money."

See Randy Quaid's remarkable press conference here. 
Cool light shows ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Keep in mind, that what you see, either in person or on video, can be faked.  Stirling