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USN test-fires SLBM nuclear Trident missile in Middle East in drill with Saudis in warning to Iran ~ link ~ The United States test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads during a joint military exercise Wednesday with Saudi Arabia, a Western military official said.

The Trident missile launch was carried out in the kingdom, the official said, but he would not give a precise location. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Iran nuclear scientist "defects" to USA ~ link ~ I bet he defected! Soon we will be told that information supplied by him indicated that Iran has or will soon have nuclear weapons so 'we just had to attack them'.

ABC News said Shahram Amiri had been resettled in the US and was helping the CIA in its efforts to block Iran's nuclear programme.

Mr Amiri disappeared in Saudi Arabia while on a Muslim pilgrimage.

Iran accused the US of abducting him but Washington denied any knowledge of the scientist. The CIA has declined to comment on the latest report.

Iran nuclear scientist defects to USA in CIA 'Intelligence Coup' ~ link ~ Santa Clause defects to South Pole in CIA 'Intelligence Coup'. Right! This is coming out now to prep the public for the "intelligence" that will come "from him".

An award-winning Iranian nuclear scientist, who disappeared last year under mysterious circumstances, has defected to the CIA and been resettled in the United States, according to people briefed on the operation by intelligence officials.

Iran's Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, and other Iranian officials last year blamed the U.S. for "kidnapping" Amiri, but his whereabouts had remained a mystery until now.

Hezbollah arming itself for expected Israeli attack ~ link ~
Hezbollah's deputy secretary-general, Sheikh Naim Qassem, says his organization is arming itself because it fears a forthcoming Israeli attack.

Israeli Television Channel 10: Israel fears confrontation with Hezbollah ~ link ~ Israel lost the Second Lebanon War to Hezbollah. However, that will not stop Bibi Netanyahu. If anything, it is one of the things that motivates him, as he drives the Middle East and his people to another war.

South Korean Defense Minister: North Korea may have intentionally floated a mine to attack South's warship ~ link ~ When the Third World War begins, there is a good chance of a Korean Theater (and it will be very bloody if it happens).

South Korea orders military on alert ~ link ~
South Korea's president ordered the military on alert Tuesday for any moves by rival North Korea after the defense minister said last week's explosion and sinking of a South Korean ship may have been caused by a North Korean mine.

The blast ripped the 1,200-ton ship apart last Friday night during a routine patrol mission near Baengnyeong Island, along the tense maritime border west of the Korean peninsula. Fifty-eight crew members, including the captain, were plucked to safety; 46 remain missing with dim prospects for finding any further survivors.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Hillary Clinton: Canadian troops are leaving Afghan War in 2011 ~ link ~ Clinton went on Canadian television on Monday and said the U.S. would like Canadian troops to remain in Afghanistan past 2011 and suggested they could switch from a combat to a training role.

But Dimitri Soudas, a spokesman for Harper, says Harper told Clinton on Tuesday that after 2011 Canada will be involved in a civilian mission focused largely on aid and reconstruction.

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon also ruled out any form of a military mission post-2011 at a news conference late Monday night following Clinton's remarks.

Monsanto controls up to 90% of world's food crop seeds? - video ~ link

Real Face of Jesus ~ link ~ I know several of the scientists and historians involved in the Shroud of Turin studies and I am convinced that this is the actual burial shroud of Jesus Christ and that the Image is really His.

Special Post - HOLY FIRE


As this is Holy Week, I am doing a series of links to articles on the Miracle of the Holy Fire, which occurs at the same place, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday.

Holy Fire from Orthodox Wiki ~ link ~
Holy Fire (Greek 'Αγιος Φως, literally "Holy Light") is a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday, the day preceding Pascha. It is considered by many to be the longest-attested annual miracle in the Christian world, though the event has only been documented consecutively since 1106. In many Orthodox countries around the world the event is televised live.

The ceremony begins at noon when the Patriarch of Jerusalem or another Orthodox Archbishop recites a specific prayer. The faithful gathered will then chant "Lord, have mercy" (Kyrie eleison in Greek) until the Holy Fire descends on a lamp of olive oil held by the patriarch while he is alone in the tomb chamber of Jesus Christ. The patriarch will then emerge from the tomb chamber, recite some prayers, and light either 33 or 12 candles to distribute to the faithful.

The fire is also said to spontaneously light other lamps and candles around the church. Pilgrims say the Holy Fire will not burn hair, faces, etc., in the first 33 minutes after it is ignited. Before entering the Lord's Tomb, the patriarch or presiding archbishop is inspected by Israeli authorities to prove that he does not carry the technical means to light the fire. This investigation used to be carried out by Turkish soldiers.

The Holy Fire is first mentioned in the documents dating from the 4th century. A detailed description of the miracle is contained in the travelogue of the Russian igumen Daniel, who was present at the ceremony in 1106. Daniel mentions a blue incandescence descending from the dome to the edicula where the patriarch awaits the Holy Fire. Some claim to have witnessed this incandescence in modern times.

The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem from the Orthodox Information Center ~ link ~ "The Miracle of the Holy Fire" by Christians from the Orthodox Churches is known as "The greatest of all Christian miracles". It takes place every single year, on the same time, in the same manner, and on the same spot. No other miracle is known to occur so regularly and for such an extensive period of time; one can read about it in sources as old as from the eighth Century AD. The miracle happens in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, to millions of believers the holiest place on earth. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre itself is an enigmatic place. Theologians, historians and archaeologists consider the church to contain both Golgatha, the little hill on which Jesus Christ was crucified, as well as the "new tomb" close to Golgatha that received his dead body, as one reads in the Gospels. It is on this same spot that Christians believe he rose from the dead.

The miracle occurs every year on the Orthodox Easter Saturday. There are many types of Orthodox Christians: Syrian, Armenian, Russian and Greek Orthodox as well as Copts. In the Holy Sepulchre Church alone there are 7 different Christian Denominations. The Orthodox Easter-date is fixed according to the Julian Calendar, and not the usual Western European Gregorian calendar, which means that their Easter normally falls on a different date than the Protestant and Catholic Easter.

"I find my way through the darkness towards the inner chamber in which I fall on my knees. Here I say certain prayers that have been handed down to us through the centuries and, having said them, I wait. Sometimes I may wait a few minutes, but normally the miracle happens immediately after I have said the prayers. From the core of the very stone on which Jesus lay an indefinable light pours forth. It usually has a blue tint, but the color may change and take many different hues. It cannot be described in human terms. The light rises out of the stone as mist may rise out of a lake it almost looks as if the stone is covered by a moist cloud, but it is light. This light each year behaves differently. Sometimes it covers just the stone, while other times it gives light to the whole sepulchre, so that people who stand outside the tomb and look into it will see it filled with light. The light does not burn I have never had my beard burnt in all the sixteen years I have been Patriarch in Jerusalem and have received the Holy Fire. The light is of a different consistency than normal fire that burns in an oil lamp.

"At a certain point the light rises and forms a column in which the fire is of a different nature, so that I am able to light my candles from it. When I thus have received the flame on my candles, I go out and give the fire first to the Armenian Patriarch and then to the Coptic. Hereafter I give the flame to all people present in the Church."

Holy Fire - Wikipedia ~ link ~ The Holy Fire (Greek Ἃγιον Φῶς, "Holy Light") is described by Christians as a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday, the day preceding Orthodox Easter. It is considered by many to be the longest-attested annual miracle in the Christian world. It has only been consecutively documented since 1106 A.D., previous references being sporadic.[1] The ceremony is broadcast live in Greece, Russia, Georgia, Cyprus, Lebanon and other Orthodox countries like Egypt. Furthermore, the Holy Fire is brought to certain Orthodox countries, such as in Russia, Greece, Serbia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon and Armenia, every year by special flights, being received with honors by state leaders at the respective airports.

On the appointed day at noon, the Greek Orthodox patriarch, followed by the Coptic archbishop and the Armenian archbishop, march in grand and solemn procession with their own clergies, while singing hymns. They march three times round the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Once the procession has ended, the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem or another Orthodox Archbishop recites a specific prayer, puts off his robes and enters alone into the sepulcher. Before entering the Tomb of Christ, the patriarch is examined by Jewish Israeli authorities to prove that he does not carry technical means to light the fire. This investigation used to be carried out by Muslim Turkish Ottoman soldiers. The Coptic and the Armenian archbishops remain in the antechamber, where the angel was sitting when he appeared to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection of Jesus.[2] The congregants subsequently chant Kyrie eleison ("Lord, have mercy" in Greek) until the Holy Fire spontaneously descends on 33 white candles tied together by the Patriarch while he is alone inside the tomb chamber of Jesus. The patriarch then reveals himself from the tomb chamber and recites some prayers, before he lights either 33 or 12 candles and distributes them to the congregants. The fire is considered by believers to be the flame of the Resurrection power, as well as the fire of the Burning Bush of Mount Sinai.

Pilgrims claim the Holy Fire does not burn their hair, faces, clothes or anything else during the first 33 minutes of its appearance. One web site offers videos claiming to show worshipers having prolonged contact with the flames without discomfort or damage to skin or hair.

Description of the Miracle of the Holy Fire that happen every year in Jerusalem ~ link ~ This link is from a previous year. Holy Saturday is on this coming Saturday, 3 April 2010.

Holy Fire - Photos and videos links ~ link

Holy Fire - Video - YouTube from 2008 ~ link

Holy Fire in Jerusalem - article from 1982 ~ link

Holy Fire - Holy Week and Pascha in Jerusalem - 1846 ~ link

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News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, BioWar, Global Depression

National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 820 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Israel Threatens Lebanon: A New Middle East War? ~ link ~ Bibi Netanyahu, the man most likely to start World War III.

Israel has moved its new Iron Dome anti-missile system to its northern border, even though the original plan was to deploy it in the south to intercept rockets fired from Gaza. The system is supposed to be up and running by June. “Making Iron Dome operational will transform Israel’s diplomatic and security situation,” says Israeli Defense Ministry director general Pinhas Buchris.

Given that Hezbollah has not fired a rocket at Israel since the summer of 2006, why would Tel Aviv move Iron Dome to the northern border unless it was to assure the Israeli public that it will not come under fire in the advent of a new war? In any case, Iron Dome is unlikely to transform anything, since anti-missile systems tend to be more about hype and hope than performance.

There is, of course, the possibility that the Israelis will bet the house and hit Lebanon, Syria and possibly Iran’s nuclear facilities. The rhetoric coming out of the Netanyahu government ties all three countries together, which is why Peled lumped Syria with Lebanon. The standard line coming out of Tel Aviv is that Iran is behind everything, including Hamas.

Is a US attack on Iran imminent? ~ link ~ Even if the United States and Israel are primarily engaged at this point in a war of nerves, the political and military logic of their actions lead inexorably to war.

Yesterday the World Socialist Web Site reported on the Brookings Institution’s simulated war games in which Iran was the target (see: “Washington ratchets up war threats against Iran”). Teams of US officials—“playing” the US, Israel, Iran, and other regional powers—tried to determine the outcome of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear plants. The war game tried to present the conflict as initially remaining limited to exchanges of targeted strikes between Israel and Iran.

US policymakers let it be known, however, that they envisaged ultimately mounting a massive assault on Iran. The war game was halted a week into the war—which, by then, had spread to Iranian or pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon, Israel, the Occupied Territories, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Persian Gulf—with the US preparing strikes to annihilate large sections of the Iranian military.

Israel to focus on key Iranian nuclear targets in any strike ~ link ~ Articles like this are simply pre-war propaganda. They paint a picture of the coming war as a limited, mostly one-sided effort, with little death and destruction. Pure bullshit!

Israeli Air Force conducts first ever missile defense system test ~ link ~ The way to overcome a high tech anti-missile defense system is to fire more missiles at it then it can handle. That is why there are 50-60,000 rockets and missiles in Lebanon aimed at Israel, plus hundreds to thousands more in Syria and Iran. The crazy Israeli policy of war, more war, and even more war will get the Israelis killed, along with most people in the Middle East and the world (as the next war becomes WWIII/Armageddon).

Israel To Allow Shoes Into Gaza After Three-Year Ban ~ link ~ What kind of sick bastards deny hundreds of thousands of people shoes!

A Group of British MPs seek review of arms exports to Israel ~ link ~ The Rt. Hon. David Miliband, MP is "close" to the Rothschilds and a very strong of the best British Foreign Secretaries that Israel ever had.

Britain's Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the government was looking into all existing licenses to see whether they adjust, adding that the U.K. had strong and effective export controls, The Guardian reported.

In April 2009 Miliband said that the U.K. would review all its weapons exports to Israel, in the wake of the Israel Defense Forces' recent offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Making a Killing: US-NATO Fuel New Arms Race in the Middle East ~ link ~ Historically, the build-up of weaponry in the Middle East has been attributed to well-founded suspicions that Israel possesses over 200 nuclear warheads and receives billions of dollars worth of military aid from the US every year.

But it now seems that the catalyst for a renewed arms race in the region is fear among Arab states of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Notwithstanding Iran’s consistent denial of such ambitions and the complete lack of evidence that it is seeking nuclear weapons, let alone being near to possessing such devices, the bogey-man image of the Islamic Republic is evidently a potent driver of military build-up in the region.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The top four arms suppliers to the region are the US, France, Germany and Britain – the very Western powers that are falling over themselves to warn the “international community” of the “threat posed by Iran”.

US-NATO Atrocities Committed in Afghanistan: How Did We Become This Pacified To War? ~ link ~ If the U.S. public looked long and hard into a mirror reflecting the civilian atrocities that have occurred in Afghanistan, over the past ten months, we would see ourselves as people who have collaborated with and paid for war crimes committed against innocent civilians who meant us no harm.

Some of us still let ourselves believe that the war can do some good in Afghanistan, that our leaders’ motives for escalating the war, however dominated by strategic economic concerns and geopolitical rivalries, still in some small part include the interests of the Afghan people.

There are others who know where this war will lead and know that our leaders know, and have simply become too fatigued, too drained of frightened tears by this long decade of nightmare, to hold those leaders accountable anymore for moral choices.

It’s worthwhile to wonder, how did we become this pacified?

But far more important is our collective effort to approach the mirror, to stay in front of it, unflinching, and see the consequences of our mistaken acquiescence to the tragic mistakes of war, and then work, work hard, to correct our mistakes and nonviolently resist collaboration with war crimes.

Hillary Clinton slams Canada, leaves 'Global Warming' based Arctic summit ~ link ~ link ~ "What happens in the Arctic will have broad consequences for the earth and its climate. The melting of sea ice, glaciers and permafrost will affect people and ecosystems around the world,'' Clinton said.

US Treasuries sell-off raises sovereign debt fears ~ link ~
The yield on 10-year Treasuries – the benchmark price of global capital – surged 30 basis points in just two days last week to over 3.9pc, the highest level since the Lehman crisis. Alan Greenspan, ex-head of the US Federal Reserve, said the abrupt move may be "the canary in the coal mine", a warning to Washington that it can no longer borrow with impunity. He said there is a "huge overhang of federal debt, which we have never seen before".

US Mall Titan General Growth Properties Files for Bankruptcy ~ link ~ It looks like the commercial real estate crash has begun.

US Stocks Soar - Many Analysts Ask WHY? ~ link ~ Smoke and Mirrors. The Stock Market is a controlled scam for the global banking cartel.

American healthcare "reform" is boom for India outsourcing companies ~ link ~ That this can even happen, using American taxpayer money to pay for offshore jobs when we have a Depression in America and up to 25% unemployment with another 25% underemployment, is outrageous. It is reflective of an attitude in Washington and among the corporate leaders in America that is very corrupt, very anti-American, and needs to ended. Strike on April 15 - 16- 17 - 18, take America back while we still can.

100 Million Americans Question or Find Fault with the Official 9/11 Story ~ link ~ I find this rather sad because it means, that subtracting children and others who may be unable to understand higher thought processes, about 100+ million Americans are either too scared to get outside of the box or just plain 'brain dead' and still believe the Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (that a 6'6" Arab sat in a cave in Afghanistan and got the USAF to stand down on 9/11 and changed the laws of physics for just that day). If you still believe the official nonsense, after all the in-depth articles supplying proof that it could not have happened the way they told us it did, then you are simply dumber than a rock.

Church reformers have second thoughts on Pope ~ link ~ I know Bill Burleigh who is mentioned in this article, we have close relatives in common and I trust his judgment, but I still feel that it is imperative that Pope Benedict XVI end celibacy. Burleigh, the former president of E.W Scripps Co., owner of a chain of American newspapers, said he is inclined to believe the Vatican explanation.

"I think he's getting a bum rap on a lot of things," he said of the pope. "I'm just not very quick to jump to the judgment that a lot of people want to seem to jump to at the moment. A lot of things, we don't know."

Keeping the Record Straight on Pope Benedict XVI and the Crisis ~ link ~ This is a very good article and is a 'must read' for the background of what is happening. I do feel that Pope Benedict XVI is taking it on the chin, and that some of the current attacks on him are unfair. However, I do feel that he is a long time insider in the Vatican and he and others have not handled the problem well at all. They have a really major institutional problem in that they have, at least in many nations, up to 50% of priests who are homosexuals. That is most certainly not what Christ intended for His priesthood and it is a continuing invitation to more "problems" of a sexual nature within the priesthood. It is long past time to end the man-made rules of celibacy for priests and bishops. It is long past time to dismiss priests who are hiding behind their Roman Collar and simply do not believe in Catholic Dogma. It is long past time to weed out the more active homosexuals in the priesthood.

Vatican defends the Pope in US lawsuit ~ link ~ In court documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, Vatican lawyers map out a three-pronged strategy — to be formally filed in coming weeks — seeking to dismiss the suit before Benedict XVI can be questioned or secret documents subpoenaed.

Vatican lawyers plan to argue that the pope has immunity as head of state, that American bishops who oversaw abusive priests weren't employees of the Vatican, and that a 1962 document is not the "smoking gun" that provides proof of a cover up, the documents reveal.

Lithuania: Father Kills Pedophile Judge and Senior Politician ~ link ~ If I were the parent of a child raped I would hunt the son-of-a-bitch down and give him a one-way ticket into Hell. End of story.

Fears grow as study shows genetically modified food crops 'can cause liver and kidney damage' ~ link ~ This will not in any way slow down the major global agricultural firms from expanding this highly profitable sector of their business operations.

You can both go hang, say voters in UK ~ link ~ People do not want Gordon Brown as their Prime Minister for another five years but have no enthusiasm for the Conservative Party, according to an opinion poll for The Independent.

The ComRes survey suggests the mood of the nation is one of "a plague on both your houses" as Labour and the Tories struggle to inspire voters ahead of a general election expected on 6 May. According to the poll, the Tories have halted a recent slip in their fortunes and now enjoy a seven-point lead, up two points on last month. They are on 37 per cent (no change), Labour on 30 per cent (down two points), the Liberal Democrats on 20 per cent (up one point) and other parties on 13 per cent (up one).

Tony Blair praises Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling ahead of election ~ link ~ Wow, that will really help Brown ...NOT. Anyone stupid enough to believe anything that Phony Tony says is stupid enough to already be voting Labour.

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News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, BioWar, Global Depression

National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 820 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Tax Day Strike news alert - video ~ link

War Games: Isreal gets ready to Strike at Iran's Nuclear Sites ~ link ~
Israeli air force have practiced simulated strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities using airspace of at least two unidentified Arab countries, a newspaper published in east Jerusalem reported.

According to Al Manar paper, several Israeli combat jets carried out in late February bombing drills "targeting" known Iranian nuclear sites "in two Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, which are close territorially with the Islamic republic and cooperate with Israel on this issue."

Al Manar said Israel had received the permission to use the airspace from the top leadership of these countries and Washington "gave a blessing" to Tel Aviv to conduct these exercises.

Is 'Babylon The Great' Israel? ~ link ~ This article refers to Israel and its possible role in the 'End Time'.

The 'Long War' quagmire ~ link ~
Without public debate and without congressional hearings, a segment of the Pentagon and fellow travelers have embraced a doctrine known as the Long War, which projects an "arc of instability" caused by insurgent groups from Europe to South Asia that will last between 50 and 80 years. According to one of its architects, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are just "small wars in the midst of a big one."

Beijing Challenges the US-NATO-Israel Military Agenda: China's Stance Boosts Iran ~ link ~
The Iranian establishment has also arrived at the conclusion that within the framework of a global power shift, West Asia is transforming rapidly. There is a growing perception in Tehran of an emerging power vacuum in the region. This situation, in Tehran's view, has arisen mainly on account of the growing weakness of Israel, especially after the debacle it suffered at the hands of the Iran-backed Hizbollah in the 2006 summer war in Lebanon. Iran firmly believes that eventually it would be joined by Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, and possibly Saudi Arabia, which is already working with Syria to stabilise a polarised Lebanon, to engender a new security order in the region. Many in the Iranian establishment are of the view that China and Russia are poised to emerge as the new global players in West Asia.

Are America's hawks really preparing to swoop on Iran? ~ link ~ This article starts out like the author has some sense, but ends up repeating the same old party line about Iran being so dangerous, etc. What articles like this fail to cover is WHAT WILL IRAN DO IN RESPONSE TO A MASSIVE ATTACK AGAINST IT. Such one-sided viewing of the "future" is both crazy and untruthful. Iran has an Advanced Biowar MAD (mutually assured destruction) doomsday counter-force capable of killing a third or more of the people on this planet. It just might make sense to take this into account!

South Korean Defense Minister: Warship may have struck old mine ~ link ~ link ~
Or it may have struck a new mine or been attacked directly by the North.

Korean Tensions Pale Alongside Agenda To Attack Iran ~ link ~ An incident in the Yellow Sea that could trigger further heightened tension between North and South Korea is likely to be played down by the globalist power structure in the U.S. because it threatens the focus of their agenda in the middle east.

Reports suggest that a South Korean ship sunk in waters south of the maritime border could have been struck by a North Korean torpedo.

Brown said 'appalled' by behavior of some Labour MPs ~ link ~ I am appalled that his government still has not ended the rules of male only succession to my titles as I requested years ago.

Health Care Battle Ends; War on Social Security Begins ~ link ~
Drunk with success over their Health Care bill passing, the Democrats are now lusting after even greater conquests. With the celebratory hangover still aching, the Democrats lurch forward towards a hasty drive to “reform” Social Security. The Social Security reform will no doubt resemble the health care reform, the details of which remain a mystery to most Americans. The essence of both policies will be based on one principle: reduce the debt of the United States by any means necessary.

Deep Background - Assassinating Americans ~ link ~
Even in World War II, the United States did not attempt to assassinate U.S. citizens who went over to the enemy, but that has now changed with President Obama’s overseas contingency operations.

On Feb. 3, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence Committee that the United States government has developed procedures for killing American citizens abroad who are “involved” with groups threatening to carry out terrorist acts directed against other Americans. Three U.S. citizens have already been approved by the White House for summary execution as soon as actionable intelligence is developed to enable a pilotless drone’s hellfire missiles to do the killing. One is Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi; the second is American al-Qaeda member Adam Perlman, who goes under the name Adam Yahiye Gadahn; and the third is believed to be a Somali from Minnesota who has joined the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabab in the Horn of Africa. Anwar al-Aulaqi, linked in the media to the Christmas underwear bombing and with Major Malik Nadal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, has denied any involvement in either incident. Perlman, a propagandist for al-Qaeda, is in Waziristan. Killing these men would involve using military drones to attack targets in three countries with which the United States is not at war.

Obama: 15 Recess Appointments while Senate on Easter recess ~ link

Congressman Ron Paul: The People Are Catching On That The Government Is Bankrupt - video ~ link

Is America 'Yearning for Fascism?' ~ link ~
"We are ruled not by two parties but one party," Cynthia McKinney, who ran for president on the Green Party ticket, told me. "It is the party of money and war. Our country has been hijacked. And we have to take the country away from those who have hijacked it. The only question now is whose revolution gets funded."

The Democrats and their liberal apologists are so oblivious to the profound personal and economic despair sweeping through this country that they think offering unemployed people the right to keep their unemployed children on their nonexistent health care policies is a step forward. They think that passing a jobs bill that will give tax credits to corporations is a rational response to an unemployment rate that is, in real terms, close to 20 percent. They think that making ordinary Americans, one in eight of whom depends on food stamps to eat, fork over trillions in taxpayer dollars to pay for the crimes of Wall Street and war is acceptable. They think that the refusal to save the estimated 2.4 million people who will be forced out of their homes by foreclosure this year is justified by the bloodless language of fiscal austerity. The message is clear. Laws do not apply to the power elite. Our government does not work. And the longer we stand by and do nothing, the longer we refuse to embrace and recognize the legitimate rage of the working class, the faster we will see our anemic democracy die.

Western Civilization and the Economic Crisis: The Impoverishment of the Middle Class ~ link ~
In the past few decades, the middle class has been forced to survive on debt. In order to maintain the image of middle class, and to maintain the functions of the middle class (i.e., to consume), the middle class needed access to credit and had to descend into a class of debt. Now, as the world is undergoing a rapid social, political, and economic transformation, the middle class has been marked for death. As a debt crisis takes the nations of the world into debt servitude, the middle classes of the western world will lose their access to credit, and will be forced into repaying their debts. As nations fall under a debt crisis, the middle class will collapse with it. A class built and sustained on debt is not sustainable. We are entering into a period of rapid class transformation on a global scale.

It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls ~ link ~ A BAD Sign!

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group of China will purchase Volvo from Ford for $1.8 billion ~ link ~
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, based in Hangzhou, agreed to pay $1.8 billion for Volvo, with $1.6 billion in cash and the rest in a note payable to Ford.

Ford paid $6 billion in 1999 to acquire Volvo, leaving the company with a substantial loss on its investment. Ford has shifted its strategy to focus on its core brands and has already sold off other luxury brands, including Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Group of India for $2.3 billion a year ago.

How the EU Parliament "is spending your taxes" ~ link ~
  • €40 million for new office space in Brussels to accommodate the 150 new staff members and 66 contract staff
  • €586 million to renovate and extend the European Parliament building in Luxembourg (you didn’t know that the European Parliament had a building in Luxembourg as well as Brussels and Strasbourg, did you?)
  • €80 million to provide an additional office for each MEP for the accommodation of a third or fourth assistant
  • €10 million for a second creche in Brussels
  • €20 million for a “House of European History”
New EU Gestapo - Europol ~ link ~ Europol can access personal information on anyone – including their political opinions and sexual preferences – if it suspects, rightly or wrongly, that they may be involved in any “preparatory act” which could lead to criminal activity.

Economic Power Grab by EU: Plan to control UK's economy ~ link

UAE silent on Saudi naval battle report ~ link

Ratzinger's Swan Song: It's Time for the Pope to Go ~ link ~
Naturally, the Vatican has circled the wagons and is lashing out at the media. But it's a hopeless cause. As the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger (as Benedict was known at the time) was at the center of the action and took steps to silence priests who might blab about what they knew. In a 2001 letter to the bishops, Benedict "ordered them to keep sexual abuse allegations secret under threat of excommunication -- updating a noxious church policy... that both priests accused of sex crimes and their victims "observe the strictest secret" and be "restrained by a perpetual silence." (Washington Post).

Abuse Victims may bring suits against Vatican ~ link ~ This is the greatest crisis in the Roman Catholic Church since the Protestant Reformation. The evil forces intent on doing damage to the Church have set up a 'perfect storm': The Church has allowed some of the sickest perverts to hide behind the Roman Collar, covering up a massive number of rapes of children. Now, the Pope has been exposed as someone who was involved in the cover-ups of many of these most serious crimes. That the current Pope will still not clean house by ending celibacy is highly indicative that this Pope, like the last one, is serving two masters.

Mounting anger at the Catholic Church’s failure to act on predatory priests in the U.S., Europe and Mexico has plunged the papacy into an institutional crisis described by an American Catholic newspaper last week as “the largest in centuries.”

Yet the talk in Catholic circles was of little else as the Pope’s former life as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, archbishop of Munich and senior Vatican administrator, came under intensifying scrutiny.

Jazz: 'Heading Home' - Joshua Redman Quartet - video ~ link

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News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 820 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Israel's Prime Minister downplays 'row' with US ~ link ~

Map of Jerusalem
1 Gilo: 850 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Nov 2009
2 Pisgat Zeev: 600 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Jan 2010
3 Sheikh Jarrah: Municipality approves the building of 20 new apartments on the site of an old hotel
4 Ramat Shlomo: 1,600 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Mar 2010
5 Silwan: Demolition orders on 88 Palestinian homes built without difficult-to-get permits - Israel planning controversial renewal project
6. West Bank barrier: Making Palestinian movement between West Bank and Jerusalem harder - Israel says it is for security

Israeli spy agency Mossad still unchallenged in the West ~ link ~ There's reason for concern about Israel getting away with such operations. Petras notes: "The unfettered operation of foreign state-sponsored death squads, carrying out extra-judicial assassinations with impunity, is a serious threat to every critic, writer, political leader and civic activist who dares to criticize Israel."

South Korean warship was split in half ~ link ~
Like I said earlier, this was a act of war that the South Koreans are trying to downplay to avoid a all-out war.

American troop deaths double in Afghan War ~ link ~ Why are we still loosing brave men and women to this war based on a False Flag Operation (9/11) and lies on top of lies?

Media Disinformation regarding America's Afghan War ~ link ~ In the U.S. mainstream media, complete silence reigned once again. Chagoti Ghar (Chergotah) simply does not exist. The deaths of an Afghan woman, an 8-yr old Afghan girl and a teenaged couple are unworthy of mention in America. Another immaculate deception, or conception in which a teenaged couple was first transformed into two Taliban sub-commanders. That is, until a courageous, independent investigator challenges the official U.S/NATO lies.[20]

Nuclear Weapons present a clear and present Danger to Humanity and Life on Earth ~ link ~ Nuclear weapons present humankind with an immense challenge, one far greater than most people understand. Many people realize, of course, that nuclear weapons are dangerous and deadly, and that in the past they were used to destroy the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with a single weapon demolishing each city. But few people have grappled with the proposition that these weapons are omnicidal; they go beyond suicide and genocide to omnicide, the death of all.

In a cataclysmic strike, resulting in the destruction of present life forms on the planet, these weapons would also obliterate the past and future, destroying both human memory and possibility. They would obliterate every sacred part of being, leaving vast ruin and emptiness where once life, love, friendship, decency, hope and beauty had existed.

Despite the omnicidal capacity of nuclear weapons, leaders of a small number of countries continue to maintain and develop nuclear arsenals and rely upon these weapons for national security. They justify this reliance on the basis of nuclear deterrence, arguing that the weapons prevent war by the threat of retaliation with overwhelming destructive force. This argument has many flaws, the most important being that deterrence is only a theory and is subject to human fallibility.

Nutrimedical Report - Friday's show with Tim Alexander - Earl of Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle - audio ~ link

Vatican pressured to reveal more about Pope Benedict's connection to sex abuse cases ~ link ~ The evil of the sex perverts in the Roman Catholic Church, and those who simply covered up the problem while children were continued to be attacked, is being used in an attempt to bring down the Church. It is up to the rank and file Catholics to begin to demand of their local bishops that celibacy be ended and gay clergy be dismissed.

Financial Fraud on Wall Street ~ link ~ The re-nomination of Ben Bernanke, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has to be one of the ultimate political insults, particularly coming from Republicans, as did his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, both have taken America and the world down the sewer. Ben Bernanke saved Wall Street, the banks, insurance companies and a myriad of other financial firms.

This is the same Ben who refused to release records to uncover where $2 trillion had gone in the loan program that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers. This is an appellate defeat for the Fed. We would expect they will next appeal to the Supreme Court. This is important to the Fed, because a loss would not only expose which institutions were insolvent, US and foreign, but it would expose what collateral was accepted for these so-called loans, and have they been paid back?

The debt load, particularly in advanced economies, is overextended and unsustainable at more than 400% of GDP in the US alone. That is 25% higher than US debt was in the 1930s. Those who do believe debt will be settled and currencies devalued, also know that recovery from that debt will take 20 or more years.

JPMorgan Chase is cutting a deal with your government for a $1.4 billion tax refund. This is a benefit for taking over Washington Mutual. JPM paid only $1.9 billion for Wamu. If the tax break is allowed they have 73.6% of the purchase price back. JPM wants to score $10’s of billions for a $500 million investment.

A Ton of Money, All in One Place - photos ~ link

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday

Some European (mostly) music for the coming Holy Week and Easter Holiday.

Amazing Grace - International Pipe Bands at Red Square - video ~ link

International Pipe Bands at Red Square - Part 1 - video ~ link

International Pipe Bands at Red Square - Part 2 - video ~ link

Stirling Castle Pipe Band at Stirling Castle, Scotland - video ~ link

German March Medley - video ~ link

Mussinan Marsch - video ~ link

Bohemia Marsch - video ~ link

Alte Kameraden (with Military Band of the Chinese People's Liberation Army) - video ~ link

American Military March - video ~ link

Anglo American Patriotic Song From WWII (Rum and Coke) - video ~ link

Patriotic Song From Scotland - video ~ link

Scotland the Brave - audio ~ link

National Anthem Iceland - vocal - video [From those tough people who told the global banksters to 'stick it'.] ~ link

National Anthem Imperial Russia (The Prayer of Russians) - video ~ link

Anthem of Vatican City (Inno e Marcia Pontificale) - video ~ link

National Anthem of Poland (vocal) - audio ~ link

National Anthem USA - video ~ link

La Marseillaise (French/English subtitles) - video ~ link

God Save the Queen - video ~ link

Deutschland Uber Alles - video ~ link

O Canada (organ) - video ~ link

Trumptet Tune (organ) - video ~ link

Rule Brittannia (organ) - video ~ link

Biggest Organ in South America - video ~ link

Malaita: More from Are Are panpipers - video ~ link

Bamboo Music & Dance of Soloman Islands - video ~ link

Nesian Island Girls - video ~ link

The OuLaLa girls from Papara Tahiti - video ~ link

Top Secret Drum Corps [Swiss] Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009 - video ~ link

Stranger In Paradise - audio ~ link