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LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet.  UPDATED 23 November 2010

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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

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The True Spirit of Christmas - with video ~ link 


Ice Age Coming ~ "Life on this Earth just changed" ~ Continuing Reports ^

^The Big Freeze returns: Temperatures fall to -18C overnight (and chaos will last for "two weeks") ~ link ~ What if the temperature and snow continue until May or June???  Stirling
Arctic winter: A woman walks along a snow covered road in Humberton, northern England as Britain prepares for another testing week of weather
Arctic winter: A woman walks along a snow covered road in Humberton, northern England as Britain prepares for another testing week of weather

The shelves are bare: Shortages have meant milk is running out in supermarkets like this store in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
The shelves are bare: Shortages have meant milk is running out in supermarkets like this store in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

^Snow: Britain wakes to sub-zero temperatures as 'Big Freeze' returns with a vengeance ~ link ~ Today the highest maximum temperatures across the UK are expected to fluctuate between a chilly 0C and minus 2C and there is no respite from the cold in sight. Overnight on Sunday temperatures plummeted to -. 4F (-18C) in parts of Yorkshire while this morning commuters faced chilly journeys to work, blighted by snow and patches of freezing fog.

A band of snow moving south across Scotland is likely to reach northern England later on Monday, potentially bringing more chaos to the roads as motorists struggle home from work. Some parts are expected to see snowfalls of between five to 10 centimetres. Meanwhile, central England and areas such as Gloucester and the Cotswolds are likely to see patches of freezing fog. The lowest overnight temperature of -. 4F (-18C) was recorded in Topcliffe in North Yorkshire.

^Wales gripped by big freeze amid ice warning ~ link
Brecon Beacons 
BBC Wales weather presenter Sue Charles said: "The snow began to thaw over the weekend but after another bitter night, things are about to get colder again, with ice and fog patches a problem on Monday morning. "So it starts frosty - ice on untreated surfaces, freezing fog patches, especially along the Marches - but through the afternoon most of us should see some sunshine although temperatures will struggle to get above freezing nearer the border. "Where we've got onshore wind, it might be more like 2 or 3C, such as Anglesey and Gwynedd.

"Overnight into Tuesday, there will be a widespread frost and further snow - it's more likely across parts of north and mid Wales and it's hard to say exactly how far south it will come. It will be colder than Monday.

^Blanket of white covers Europe, America ~ link

^I Keep Telling You It's Getting Colder! ~ link ~ Good article, take the time to read it all at the link. Stirling 
We don’t like to think that the press and the corporations that control it are just flat-out lying to us. Like abused children at the hands of their parents we hope against all odds that big brother is really looking out for us. We hope that we continue to live in a free society in the west, but this is an absurd and deliberately-created illusion. The Gestapo took over the mainstream press a long time ago. We can clearly see that in the total blackout of what is still going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The suffering and growing sickness from the oil spill is growing, but these people have been written out of the universe by our precious free press. The oil is still there and the President of the United States should be impeached for his betrayal of all these people.

Down here on the ground and back to daily life we find extreme cold gripping Europe. Forecasts are for temperatures to plunge down to -38°C in Switzerland. We find bitter and brutal cold front moving down into the United States and the coldest in Trondheim, Norway in 222 years.It really does sound and feel like global warming doesn’t it?Temperatures across Germany and France to Britain and Scandinavia will slide 10°F to as much as 20°F below normal. Energy demand for home heating will rise substantially.
Polar express coming to Europe. Photo source: Wikipedia

Computers have been forecasting a wicked cold winter for Europe this year and now that has arrived. A blast of Arctic air has descended across northern and central Europe as a huge high pressure zone off in the Atlantic combined with a low pressure system to the east over the Baltic, pumping frigid air over the continent. One meteorologist says such a weather pattern was last seen 70 years ago.

The coldest nightin Derby, England in 134 years (dating back to 1876 when records first began) was just registered this November.

Some of the coldest air to blast through the United States during the month of November is spreading fierce record cold to the western two-thirds of U.S.“The bitter, Arctic air already invaded the Northwest over the past few days, sending temperatures plummeting to record lows in Seattle and many cities across Montana.

New records include high temperatures of minus 10°F in Cut Bank, Mont., and minus 8°F in Lewistown, Mont., last Tuesday. A record low temperature of 27° was set at Redding Airport in California the other morning. This breaks the old record of 28° set in 2007. And we already have record snow in at least 12 states.

Northern Ireland also had its lowest November reading on record with 15°F at Loch Fea.

The next Ice Age perhaps started this week, as a few scientists have warned might be coming. It might be an early call but certainly it’s an early winter. I would bet the barn that it sure is going to feel like the beginning of an Ice Age in Europe and probably the entire northern hemisphere these next months. Though this winter might be catastrophic in terms of heating costs and more dramatic rises in food prices, on top of what we are already suffering through, the real threat, that they are probably trying to hide from us, is the cold getting worse each year.

People have no idea how vulnerable modern civilization is but I imagine we are going to get some severe lessons in this regard. Personally I already have tears in my heart and dripping down my face for those who will freeze to death and for all the children who are going to be cold and go hungry.

^Whiteout across Britain as Cancun Climate Change Summit Discusses Global Warming!!! ~ link ~ These jerks will be up to their collective asses in snow and ice and still discussing global warming!  Stirling  

^The facts presented by Dr. Zangari, Dr. Deagle, and myself have finally gone mainstream: The Telegraph of London ~ link ~ This goes back to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, of course. The oil has gummed up the ocean bed and switched off the North Atlantic Current, which keeps Europe from freezing.

We are at the start of a new Ice Age. You don’t believe it? OK, what game are you going to watch this weekend?

In lieu of a match programme, you might want to read the findings of Dr Gianluigi Zangari, theoretical physicist at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy who says that the Earth’s central heating system has broken down because of the oil spill.

Iran and key powers meet for nuclear talks in Geneva ~ link ~
Bushehr nuclear power plant, Iran Iran says it is getting around UN sanctions by producing uranium domestically
Iran and key world powers have begun talks in the Swiss city of Geneva on Tehran's disputed nuclear programme.
These are the first such talks in more than a year, although analysts say any breakthrough is unlikely.

On Sunday Iran said it had delivered its first domestically produced raw uranium and would now go into the talks with "strength and power".

WikiLeaks and the Worldwide Information War ~ link ~
The recent release of the 250,000 Wikileaks documents has provoked unparalleled global interest, both positive, negative, and everywhere in between. One thing that can be said with certainty: Wikileaks is changing things.

There are those who accept what the Wikileaks releases say at face value, largely due to the misrepresentation of the documents by the corporate-controlled news.

There are those who see the documents as authentic and simply in need of proper interpretation and analysis.

Then there are those, many of whom are in the alternative media, who approach the leaks with caution and suspicion.

There are those who simply cast the leaks aside as a ‘psy-op’ designed to target specific nations that fit into U.S. foreign policy objectives. Finally, then, there are those who deplore the leaks as ‘treason’ or threatening ‘security’. Of all the claims and notions, the last is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous. This essay aims to examine the nature of the Wikileaks releases and how they should be approached and understood. If Wikileaks is changing things, let’s hope people will make sure that it changes things in the right direction.

Racist Israeli Interior Minister Yishai refused fire trucks from Christian group ~ link ~ These new fire trucks, which a pro-Israeli Christian group wanted to donate to Israel, could have been put to use fighting the large forest fire in the last few days.  The racist nuts have control of the Israeli Cabinet, and this is a prime example of their insanity.  Stirling 

South Korea starts live-fire drills amid tensions with North ~ linkSouth Korea's military began a major live-fire exercise Monday amid high tensions on the divided peninsula following North Korea's deadly bombardment of a border island last month.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said the five-day series of drills would take place in 29 locations off South Korea, despite the North's claims that it could trigger war.

South Korea starts live-fire exercises in defiance of warning from North Korea ~ link
South Korean Marines check South Korean Marines check 'Cheonma', a self-propelled surface-to-air missile system, on Baengnyeong Island 

South Korea's military said the exercises were scheduled to take place in seas near the disputed Northern Limit Line (NLL) off the west coast, but not near Yeonpyeong island which was hit by a barrage of North Korean shells 13 days ago.
Pyongyang said the exercise, expected to last around a week, showed that Seoul was "hell-bent" on setting off a war.

Spiraling out of control: The Risks of a New Korean War ~ linkAn artillery duel between North and South Korean forces on November 23 has set in motion a series of events which threaten to spiral out of control. 

During the drill, South Korean artillery on Yeonpyeong Island fired in a southward direction, away from the North Korean mainland, and this was not the first time that such drills had been conducted. North Korean forces could have made their point sufficiently by splashing some shells into the sea. Instead, they overreacted in a manner that manifested an inexcusable disregard for human life by targeting the island.  

Why the North did so can best be explained by recent developments in relations between the two Koreas. This was, after all, the first artillery duel between the two nations in forty years, so something led to it. 

WikiLeaks and plausible lies - Where have all the critical thinkers gone? ~ link

Gordon Duff: Why WikiLeaks Doesn't Add Up ~ link ~ Great story, take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling

One out of seven news outlets have noticed, thus far, that Wikileaks seems to have a “soft heart” when it comes to Israel and India.  Zbigniew Brzezinski caught on, finally, declaring that Wikileaks is an “intelligence operation” using “pointed” information carefully “seeded” into a combination of minor scandals and chickenfeed.

There is absolutely no question for the press that Wikileaks is totally phony, we all know it, it is blatantly slanted, clearly not only anti-American but aimed Islam.  At the same time, it is trying to be more and more clever about seeming less the Mossad “game theory” construct that we all know it is.

Much of the press seems to have gotten “talking points” from somewhere, leading them to the material Brzezinski picked up when he “trashed” Wikileaks.  We did the “math” on the Afghanistan leak.  80% of the stories to hit the media mentioned Pakistan aiding the Taliban.  We did the actual count and found 38 reports out of 92,000 documents that were unsubstantiated reports of Pakistani activity in Afghanistan.

Something about this had a terrible smell.  It should have taken weeks to find the Pakistan stuff but the press had it all immediately.  Brzezinski is right, Wikileaks is something very wrong packaged to look very innocent.  We saw the same thing in the Iraq “dump,” all about imaginary secret agents from Iran.

We are seeing it again, Israel the hero, sparkling clean, a land of angels and wizards, surrounded by dirty Arabs and Paki’s and now, seemingly worst of all, the corrupt and inept Americans, exposed for what they are, OK, almost exposed except for one thing, everything Americans are accused of in Wikileaks was done in support of Israel, at the direction of their powerful AIPAC lobby.  Nothing of this is mentioned nor the fact that the leaders in Washington who formulated the policies Wikileaks is trashing are, largely, Israeli citizens.

Is the Internet 9/11 Under Way ~ link ~ One of the strategic goals of the WikiLeaks scam is creating the "reason" to crack down on the Internet.  The hidden powers-that-be hate, and I do mean HATE, the truth and they intend to shut down the free and open Internet.  Stirling  

What will the Wikileaks debacle herald?

You guessed it--the last bastion of freedom of information and expression, a free Internet, will topple. After all, if information is now the enemy, we must carefully police any and every aspect of this dangerous medium--all for the safety and protection of 'we the people'.

Oh, we'll still have the Internet, just like you can still fly. You'll just have to be on the "approved" list, screened, stamped, zapped, mugged and molested if you want to get "on the net". No biggie. Thanks Julian--job well done.

These leaks spell doom for web freedom ~ link ~ That is one of the reasons for the "leaks".  This is all a big Mossad/CIA scam.  Stirling

WikiLeaks: Brought to you by the CIA - These guys nailed it back in July - video ~ link

Professor Richard Falk on Universal Jurisdiction ~ link ~  This article is about Universal Human Rights Jurisdiction as applied to the Palestinian issue.  However, keep in mind that many nations have instituted Universal Human Rights Jurisdiction legislation and this allows people to sue governmental leaders in other nations for Human Rights violations.  For example, people can sue TSA and DHS officials, at the highest and lowest levels, in foreign courts for Human Rights violations and collect large judgments.  This was specifically designed to get around corrupt or intimidated courts in the native countries, courts that are unwilling or unable to punish those officials that violate the Human Rights of others.   Stirling 

The US-NATO March to War and the 21st Century "Great Game" ~ link

Palestinian families spend up to 40% of their income on water - video ~ link ~ This is because a number of years ago the Israelis used water table surveys to lay out the land that they would seize in their expansion program.  They took as much of the land, with accessible water tables under it as possible.  Stirling 

Wayne Madsen: The Israeli Lobby Owns the Congress, Hollywood, and the White House ~ linkWayne Madsen: I don’t believe the attacks were planned by the FBI.  I believe they were an operation carried out by Mossad, Saudi intelligence, with which Mossad has had and continues to have a close relationship since the days of the Safari Club of western and Middle East intelligence services combining their operations, and elements of the CIA. Cossiga, Gul, parliament members in Germany, Britain, and Japan, the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, and others all understood this was an inside job that also involved a handful of people at the top of the Bush administration, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, A.B.Krongard of the CIA, and Rudolph Giuliani, as well.

First Brazil now Argentina Recognizes Palestine within its 1967 Borders ~ link ~  
Kirchner and Abbas. File
Kirchner and Abbas. 

Helen Thomas and the Zio-Ogres from the Synagogue of Satan ~ link ~ Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Kosovo: Towards the Formation of "Greater Albania" ~ link

The Battle of Europe*

*Financial oligarchy dictates terms of Irish bailout ~ linkThe €85 billion bailout agreed on Sunday evening between the European Union, International Monetary Fund and the Irish government will enforce the demands of the financial elite through the further impoverishment of the working class. It will ensure that those responsible for the current crisis are protected from any losses, while state finances will be raided once again to bail out insolvent financial institutions.

Negotiations were held throughout the weekend, with fears that failure to secure a deal by the opening of trading on Monday would precipitate a market collapse—driven in particular by concerns over bondholders being made partially liable for bank debt. This was explicitly ruled out, although a vague commitment was made by EU member states to consider imposing sanctions on bondholders after 2013.

Even such a limited proposal was too much for financiers. As European Central Bank policy-maker Christian Noyer warned, “As far as I’m concerned, I exclude that there will be haircuts [for bondholders] in the future. It will be a major objective of all members of the EU to do everything necessary to be in a position to fully honour their debts in the future. I exclude this as an eventuality even if it’s legally possible.”

*A Normal Day In Blighty ~ link ~ Two obvious questions cry out for answering here:




By this simple con bankers have taken hold of all the levers of power and sources of profit within our societies.

By this simple scam they rule the world.

By this simple scam they own our politicians (can you possibly doubt this?) and the mainstream media

Because they can create money out of nothing as debt, they can use the financial markets to bring down any corporate head who does not follow their agenda, they can fund the think-tanks that create government policy, educational curriculum and every other kind of social engineering we now endure.

By this scam the oligarchs control our minds.

The parasite now dominates the body by occupying the brain. The parasite cares only for itself. It does not love the body. It would rather kill the body than lose the ability to control its actions.

We need to wake those parts of the mind that can still function properly and convince the body that it must cast off this savage parasite.

For ever.

Chaos in Lib Dem ranks as vote on tuition fees creates party split ~ linkNick Clegg has failed in an attempt to head off a presentational disaster for his party, and Liberal Democrat MPs will split three ways this week when the Commons votes on plans to almost treble university tuition fees.

Tension is mounting at Westminster ahead of Thursday's crunch vote on the Coalition's proposal to allow universities to charge up to £9,000 a year in fees.

Mike Hancock, M.P., had string of young, beautiful Russian assistants ~ link ~ I kind of know how that is.  After my wife died I had this Russian girlfriend, I mean she was a real supermodel and then some.  Trouble was she had lots of American and British boyfriends.  Russia, the Ukraine, and Serbia are well known for their beautiful women.  Some are great people, others are very good at using their looks but are not really very nice.  Sometimes it is hard for single old guys, to see past the beautiful face/body and see the true overall person.  Stirling 

Banks Braced as King Eric's Day of Reckoning Arrives ~ link ~  

'More than 34,000 people around the world, mainly in France, Italy and Britain, have taken Cantona's big idea seriously. They have pledged their support to internet sites which have called for a co-ordinated "bank run" tomorrow. Another 27,000 are said to be "considering" joining in.

Politicians and bankers, who initially ignored the growing "buzz" surrounding the Cantona bank raid, have been making increasingly jittery remarks in recent days. They say there is no danger that the banking system will collapse, even if the super-wealthy Cantona withdraws all his own millions (which he insists that he will). They fear, nonetheless, that mass demands for cash could gum up the system in some countries and cause, at least local, liquidity problems.

Fed reports lifts lid on Great Bank Heist of 2008-2009 ~ link ~ The US Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday released documents on emergency measures it took between 2007 and 2010, using taxpayer funds, to bail out major financial firms in the US and around the world. The sums involved are staggering.

Fed bailout loans outstanding reached a high of $3.3 trillion, but the cumulative amount of cash funneled by the US central bank to banks, hedge funds and major industrial corporations reached the tens of trillions of dollars.

Every major Wall Street bank was on the Fed dole, as were giant companies including General Electric and Verizon Communications. The Fed ran nearly a dozen separate bailout programs which together eclipsed by far the Treasury Department's $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program―the program that handed over billions in public funds to the banks in 2008 and 2009. In comparison to the amounts funneled by the Fed to US financial institutions, the Obama administration's $787 billion stimulus package was a drop in the bucket.

These vast sums were loaned out at rock-bottom interest without any strings attached. The banks and corporations that benefited were not even obliged to provide an account of what they did with the money. The entire purpose of the operation was to use public funds to cover the gambling losses of the American financial aristocracy, and create the conditions for the financiers and speculators to make even more money.

No, the Big Banks have NOT "Paid Back" Government Bailouts and Subsidies ~ link ~ The big banks claim that they have paid back all of the bailout money they received, and that the taxpayers have actually made money on the bailouts.
However, as Barry Ritholtz notes:
Pro Publica has been maintaining a list of bailout recipients, updating the amount lent versus what was repaid.
So far, 938 Recipients have had $607,822,512,238 dollars committed to them, with $553,918,968,267 disbursed. Of that $554b disbursed, less than half — $220,782,546,084 — has been returned.
Whenever you hear pronunciations of how much money the TARP is making, check back and look at this list. It shows the TARP is deeply underwater.
Moreover, as I pointed out in May, the big banks have received enormous windfall profits from guaranteed spreads on interest rates:

Jobless Recovery?: 25 Unemployment Statistics That Are Almost Too Depressing To Read ~ link
Guess what?  Unemployment is up again!  That's right - even though Wall Street is swimming in cash and the Obama administration is declaring that "the recession is over", the U.S. unemployment rate has gone even higher.  So are you enjoying the jobless recovery?  The truth is that there should not be any talk of a "recovery" as long as the "official" unemployment rate remains at around 10 percent and the "real" unemployment continues to hover around 17 percent.  There are millions and millions of American families that are living every day in deep pain because of the lack of jobs.  Meanwhile, there are all of these economic pundits that are declaring that we are just going to have to realize that chronic unemployment is the "new normal" and that if other nations can handle high rates of unemployment then so can we.  The most optimistic economists are projecting that we can perhaps get the unemployment rate down to around 8 percent by 2012.  On the other hand, there are many economists that are convinced that things are going to get even worse.

If you have never been unemployed, it can be hard to describe how soul-crushing it can be.  As the bills pile up and the financial obligations mount, the pressure can be debilitating.  Being unemployed for an extended period of time can easily plunge you into depression and grind your self-worth away to almost nothing.  After getting rejected dozens of times (or even hundreds of times), many Americans simply give up.  There are countless marriages and countless families that are being ripped to shreds by financial pressure even as you read this.  When the money is gone and there is no job in sight it can be a really, really empty feeling.

Of course there is a whole lot more to life than money, but it can be difficult to tell that to someone who can barely sleep at night because of the intense pressure to find a job.
The vast majority of Americans have at least one family member or close friend that is looking for work right now.  Times are really, really tough and unfortunately the long-term outlook is very bleak.  We should have compassion on those who are out of work right now, because soon many of us may join them.

The following are 25 unemployment statistics that are almost too depressing to read....

Trillions in secret Fed bailouts for global corporations and foreign banks - Has the Federal Reserve become a Completely Unaccountable Global Bailout Machine ~ link ~ Yes and the American people, dulled by Hollywood/television and a globalist/corporate news media, have been and are totally 'asleep at the wheel'.  Stirling 
Bailout LOLCat
Has the Federal Reserve become the Central Bank of the World?  That is what some members of Congress are asking after the Federal Reserve revealed the details of 21,000 transactions stretching from December 2007 to July 2010 that totaled more than $3 trillion on Wednesday.  Most of these transactions involved giant loans that were nearly interest-free from the Federal Reserve to some of the largest banks, financial institutions and corporations all over the world.  In fact, it turns out that foreign banks and foreign corporations received a very large share of these bailouts.  So has the Federal Reserve now become a completely unaccountable global bailout machine?  Sadly, the truth is that we would have never learned the details of these bailouts if Congress had not forced this information out of the Fed.  So what other kinds of jaw-dropping details would be revealed by a full audit of the Federal Reserve?

It is important to try to understand exactly what went on here.  Banks and corporations from all over the globe were allowed to borrow gigantic piles of money essentially for free.  Yes, when you are getting interest rates such as 0.25 percent, the money is essentially free.  These loans were not available to everyone.  You or I could not have run over to the Federal Reserve and walked away with tens of billions of dollars in loans that were nearly interest-free.  Rather, it was only the megabanks and megacorporations that are friendly with the Federal Reserve that were able to take advantage of these bailouts.

In this way, the Federal Reserve is now essentially acting like some kind of financial god.  They decide who survives and who fails.  Dozens and dozens and dozens of small to mid-size U.S. banks are failing, but the Federal Reserve does not seem to have much compassion for them.  It is only when the "too big to fail" establishment banks are in trouble that the Federal Reserve starts handing out gigantic sacks of nearly interest-free cash.

12 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Right Now To Prepare For The Coming Financial Apocalypse ~ link ~ The list makes good sense.  Stirling  

The Hidden War ~ link ~ The world has been lately busy with what could be considered major wars and other low level conflicts. The major wars can be seen in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Palestine, while low level conflicts can be seen in places like Haiti, Somalia, India, and Sudan. Potential future wars are planned to break out in places like Korea, Yemen, and the Persian Gulf region (Iran). Yet all these wars are just distracting symptoms of a hidden war that is still being waged since the beginning of humanity.

Since creation (possibly millions of years ago) Man has been engaged in conflict and battles killing his brother for land and for its natural resources. Although billions of people were killed, empires collapsed, cities burnt and destroyed, civilizations lost, and land torched and contaminated, the so-called civilized modern Man of today is still not convinced that wars do not solve conflicts but exacerbate them. Wars are still being waged, Cain keeps killing his brother Abel, despite the wide spread anti-war movements and the many peace activists, for they, like many modern physicians, are not aware of the real cause of conflict; the hidden war, and keep attempting to cure the symptoms rather than the cause.

But what is this hidden war that the majority of people are not aware of? This is the war of the powerful minority (wealthy power elites) against the weaker majority of the population of the whole world including one's own countrymen.

The symbol of the unfinished pyramid with its all-seeing eye on top on the American one Dollar bill represents the state of the world. This pyramid represents the power hierarchy and is divided into three major structures; the controlled at the bottom, the administrators and enforcer of power at the middle, and the controllers at the unfinished top with the all-seeing eye. The first two structures are also subdivided into lesser substructures.

Elitist Leading On An Odyssey Of Economy Ruin ~ link ~ Prices to continue to rise, dollar devaluation threat, and a major loss of buying power is to come, Europe papers over the mess, housing bottom soon to appear, job cuts,

Happy as a Hangman ~ link ~ A very good article.  Stirling 

Innocence, as defined by law, makes us complicit with the crimes of the state. To do nothing, to be judged by the state as an innocent, is to be guilty. It is to sanction, through passivity and obedience, the array of crimes carried out by the state.

To be innocent in America means we passively permit offshore penal colonies where we torture human beings, some of whom are children. To be innocent in America is to acquiesce to the relentless corporate destruction of the ecosystem that sustains the human species. To be innocent in America is to permit the continued theft of hundreds of billions of dollars from the state by Wall Street swindlers and speculators. To be innocent in America is to stand by as insurance and pharmaceutical companies, in the name of profit, condemn ill people, including children, to die. To be innocent in America is refusing to resist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are not only illegal under international law but responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. This is the odd age we live in. Innocence is complicity.

The steady impoverishment and misery inflicted by the corporate state on the working class and increasingly the middle class has a terrible logic. It consolidates corporate centers of power. It weakens us morally and politically. The fraud and violence committed by the corporate state become secondary as we scramble to feed our families, find a job and pay our bills and mortgages. Those who cling to insecure, poorly paid jobs and who struggle with crippling credit card debt, those who are mired in long-term unemployment and who know that huge medical bills would bankrupt them, those who owe more on their houses than they are worth and who fear the future, become frightened and timid. They seek only to survive. They accept the pathetic scraps tossed to them by the corporate elite. The internal and external corporate abuse accelerates as we become every day more pliant.

Our corrupt legal system, perverting the concept that “all men are created equal,” has radically redefined civic society. Citizens, regardless of their status or misfortune, are now treated with the same studied indifference by the state. They have been transformed from citizens to commodities whose worth is determined solely by the market and whose value is measured by their social and economic functions. The rich, therefore, are rewarded by the state with tax cuts because they are rich. It is their function to monopolize wealth and invest. The poor are supposed to be poor. The poor should not be a drain on the resources of the state or the oligarchic elite. Equality, in this new legal paradigm, means we are all treated alike, no matter what our circumstances. This new interpretation of equality, under which the poor are abandoned and the powerful are unchecked, has demolished the system of regulations, legal restraints and services that once protected the underclass from wealthy and corporate predators.

Stupid People are what's killing America - video ~ link ~ Very good video, but scary.  You should take the time to view this.  Stirling  

From American Revolutionary To American Apathy ~ link ~ Take the time to read the full article, it's worth it.  Stirling 
What happened Americans? Where is your fighting spirit? Where is your passion? Where is your pride? Your sense of dignity? Your self-worth? Is there anything that you really care about anymore?

Your personal privacy is gone. Your standard of living has plummeted. You can’t afford to live a basic middle-class life, even though you have two working parents. Your police force abuses its power; your politicians are corrupt and incompetent; you’re so far in debt that your
American Dream is to make next month's payments, yet you trudge along grinding out a living like there’s something honorable about it.

The revolutionaries who started this country would look at the current population in disgust, and frankly so do I. Being an American myself I have been weighing two options in recent years: stay and fight, or bid good riddance and get out of this police state. I’ve seen a steady erosion of civil liberties, blatant violations of the Bill of Rights, complete disregard for the limits put in place by the US Constitution, all while our army and police force run around exerting their will, continually expanding, ultimately accountable to no one.

And the worst part is that Americans do nothing. For the life of me I cannot figure out why nobody cares. Is it because Dancing With The Stars is just so interesting you can't look outside at the world around you? Are you so concerned about voting for Bristol Palin to make the next round that you didn’t notice our government has literally inserted itself into every aspect of our lives? Look outside your personal bubble for the next 5 minutes, and see if you don’t find anything wrong with this picture.

Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values ~ link 

TSA-Style Pat Downs Hit The Streets ~ linkThat is how fascism grows.  If the public allows it to happen, it will continue to get worst and worst.  Those who are too stupid to know history, are doomed to replete it.  Stirling  

In Philadelphia, you don’t have to visit the airport to have the government molest you, TSA-style “stop, question and frisk” pat downs are already being conducted by police on the streets targeting people who act suspicious, by doing things like putting their hands in their coat pocket.

Surrendering our civil liberties ~ linkRead my comments above on the article link on Universal Jurisdiction.  Stirling 

Heartwarming Clip of a Gorilla Reuniting with the Man Who Raised Him - video ~ link ~ You should watch this.  Stirling 

Rare window into the Life of Tsarist Russia ~ link ~ The murder of the Russian Imperial Family was one of the key events of the 20th Century.  One that was central to so very much of what followed.  Stirling  
Letters, photos and drawings from the court of Tsar Alexander III Thousands of letters, photos and drawings have been discovered in Geneva


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Mysterious ‘Vortex’ near Gulf of Aden

Do you reckon this could explain the enormous and unprecendented international navy build-up?

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about the recognition of palestine process

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