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Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Global Changes from the Dying Gulf Stream and already dead North Atlantic Current
LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet. However, the corporate owned Mainstream News Media have embargoed the story. Please forward the story to as many sites and people as you can, and to your local newspaper UPDATED 5 October 2010 - Thanks

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Video on the Gulf Stream and its connection to any future Ice Ages ~     link

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

Ancient Scottish Barony Title for sale.  There are about 100 Scottish feudal baronies that still exist; only a handful are from the very ancient Baronage of the Isles, as this one is.  In a time of economic crisis, it pays to put some of your wealth into important artwork, properties, etc. of rare value.  This is one of the most rare things that can be purchased and held. For sale at US$150,000 ~ link

A USAF F-22 Raptor stealth fighter crashed in Alaska on Tuesday night.  As of today, the pilot still has not been located.  There are reports that the aircraft was shot down by a Chinese submarine based energy weapon.  This comes within days of the SLBM launch just off the coast of LA, California at evening rush hour, that was witnessed by scores and filmed by a local TV news helicopter.  There are reports that the F-22 was carrying a nuclear weapon and that special teams have been sent to the crash area.  That there has been so little news coverage of this story is itself a rather large 'Red Flag'.  The story of the SLBM launch was played down by the Defense Department but could not be ignored.  Something of great significance may well be happening here.  I do feel that the launch of a normally nuclear armed SLBM just offshore of America's second largest city was a MAJOR WARNING by China to those forces taking the world into the Third World War.
The F-22 is the military's newest and most technologically advanced fighter. It's a one-man, stealth supercruiser designed for air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. The Air Force has 137 of them in its fleet, each valued at roughly $143 million.
Canadian CF-18 fighter shot down by Chinese energy weapon? ~ link  ~

More on the Chinese SLBM launch off of Los Angeles ~ link
Missile experts, including those from Jane’s in London, say the plume was definitely from a missile, possibly launched from a submarine. WMR has learned that the missile was likely a  JL-2 ICBM, which has a range of 7,000 miles, and was fired in a northwesterly direction over the Pacific and away from U.S. territory from a Jin class submarine. The Jin class can carry up to twelve such missiles.

Navy sources have revealed that the missile may have impacted on Chinese territory and that the National Security Agency (NSA) likely posseses intercepts of Chinese telemtry signals during the missile firing and subsequent testing operations.


Airport "security": American anger at invasive airport "security" measures ~ link ~ The comments (below) by the facsist Secretary of "Homeland Security" earn her the not so coveted Bullshit Flag Award.  Stirling 
US airport security agents are facing growing anger at new anti-terrorism screening procedures that include full body scans and thorough pat-downs of the groin and buttocks.  
It followed stories of nuns being submitted to full groin checks, elderly passengers being ordered out of their wheelchairs to walk through security scanners and women with breast implants setting off alarms. 

Pilots have been among the most vocal objectors and have been joined by travel associations and civil liberties activists. Concerns have been raised both about the procedures themselves and the possibility of delays caused by reluctant passengers as the busy Thanksgiving holiday period approaches.
"It's all about security," said Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security Secretary. "It's all about everybody recognising their role."
The TSA is out of control - video ~ link 
Tea Party claims first Washington victory with 'earmarks' ban ~ link 
Celente thinks TSA should have attractive women to grope men ~ link ~ "I am one of those frequent flyers that will opt-out for health concerns," said Celente. "The government's assurance that the scanners are "completely safe is alone enough to convince me that they are dangerous."
"Moreover, the fact that full-body scanners were promoted by former Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff as the 'most effective means of detecting hidden explosive devices' further raises my suspicions," Celente said. Following last year's Christmas Day "Underwear Bomber" episode, Chertoff ­ who had left Homeland Security to open his own consulting firm ­ spent the holiday season making the media rounds loudly championing the scanners while keeping quiet about his firm's contract with Rapiscan, their manufacturer. (Furthermore, it was established that the bomber could not have ignited the device with matches or the syringe of accelerant in his possession. Only an electronic detonator or "extreme heat" could have set it off.)
"In other words," said Celente, "the entire flying public is being subjected to either radioactive contamination or gross privacy invasion so that Chertoff & Co. can make a profit out of these pernicious machines. The pat-down option, an already invasive procedure, has been dramatically upgraded by the TSA into a flagrant full-body grope. Making the pat-down so gross is designed to encourage people to go through the scanners rather than get felt up by strangers. It is my contention that this degrading and disgusting practice is about selling machines, not about ensuring security.
Gulf still loaded with chemicals, but FDA says seafood safe to eat ~ link ~ The Federal Government has become so corrupt that it is now better to assume that whatever they say is a outright lie, then to give them any trust or the benefit of the doubt, and that is really sad.  Stirling 

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