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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Global Changes from the Dying Gulf Stream and already dead North Atlantic Current
LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet. However, the corporate owned Mainstream News Media have embargoed the story. Please forward the story to as many sites and people as you can, and to your local newspaper UPDATED 5 October 2010 - Thanks

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link ~ This shows North Brazil Current beginning to loop back into itself.  Possible death of entire Thermohaline Circulation System. Updated to latest setting.

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Video on the Gulf Stream and its connection to any future Ice Ages ~     link

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

Ancient Scottish Barony Title for sale.  There are about 100 Scottish feudal baronies that still exist; only a handful are from the very ancient Baronage of the Isles, as this one is.  In a time of economic crisis, it pays to put some of your wealth into important artwork, properties, etc. of rare value.  This is one of the most rare things that can be purchased and held. For sale at US$150,000 ~ link 

H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Ms. Kate Middleton announce their engagement - He gives her his mother's famous engagement ring - with video ~ link ~ The best of luck to them.  Stirling 
The ring on Kate Middleton's finger Princess Diana's ring is a sapphire surrounded by diamonds
Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

Chinese Submarine was not the first on US coast ~ link ~ If Wayne Madsen is correct about a Chinese 'Boomer' test-firing a SLBM off the coast of LA at evening rush hour, that is A VERY BIG DEAL.  Among other things, it is just about as serious warning by the Red Chinese as possible to America NOT TO BEGIN WORLD WAR III.  Somebody damn well better listen!  Stirling 

The firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile by a Chinese Jin-class submarine off the coast of southern California last Monday at the height of evening rush hour in Los Angeles was not the first time the U.S. Navy's anti-submarine warfare sensors in the Pacific have failed.
 The Pentagon, shown to have wasted billions of dollars on a useless ballistic missile defense system, is working overtime with the media and on the Internet to cover up the latest debacle. However, even some reporters who cover the Pentagon full-time are beginning to question the Pentagon's version of events last Monday night over the skies west of Los Angeles.

Cognitive Dissonance Defines Our Times ~ link ~ Good article, take the time to read it all if you can.  Stirling  

Why America will come to regret the craven deal Obama is offering Netanyahu ~ link

What, really is the Obama - Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine?  ~ link ~  Let me guess, something that totally favors the extremists in Israel.  Stirling  

Sheriff Obama strikes a one-sided deal with gang leader Netanyahu ~ link ~ Imagine a sheriff offering the head of a criminal gang the following deal: ‘If you agree to stop stealing from your neighbours for three months, I’ll give you cutting edge weaponry and block any efforts by other law enforcement authorities to restrain your criminal activities.’

Sounds absurd? Then how about this: in return for a three-month freeze of illegal construction in the occupied West Bank (but not in occupied East Jerusalem, where it may continue), Barack Obama has promised to deliver 20 F-35 fighter jets to Israel, a deal worth $3 billion. Moreover, his administration has vowed to curb action by the United Nations on the Goldstone Report, block anti-Israel UN resolutions concerning the Gaza flotilla raid, and defeat resolutions aimed at exposing Israel’s nuclear programme at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Chutzpah Of The Week: Netanyahu Demanding A Written Guarantee For War Planes ~ link ~ You really cannot make this stuff up.  Stirling

Israel has demanded the United States provide written security guarantees before it votes on whether to agree to freeze Jewish settlement building in the West Bank, an Israeli political source said Tuesday. 
The official said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will present the offer to his Cabinet only upon receiving written guarantees which “reflect the understandings reached during his talks with Hillary Clinton in New York.” 

Eric Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance to Israel Over America ~ link ~ This guy is one of the best Congressman that Israel ever had.  Stirling 
Soon-to-be GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor met on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- the same day when the actual U.S. Secretary of State met with Netanyahu -- and vowed that he and his GOP colleagues would protect and defend Israeli interests against his own Government.  According to a statement proudly issued by Cantor's own office:

Ryn Ohto - Running Dogs of the Illuminati ~ link 

Why Last Week Will Go Down in History as America No Longer Is at Turning Point But a Burning Point ~ link ~ This is one that you really want to take the time to read!  Stirling 

More US households short of food ~ link ~ It will get LOTS WORSE unless the public grows some balls.  Stirling 

Obama's Greatest Betrayal: The Coming Sell-Out to the Super-Rich and What It Means for the Rest of Us ~ link ~

Now that President Obama is almost celebrating his bipartisan willingness to renew the tax cuts for the super-rich enacted under George Bush ten years ago, it is time for Democrats to ask themselves how strongly they are willing to oppose an administration that looks like Bush-Cheney III. Is this what they expected by Mr. Obama’s promise to rise above partisan politics – by ruling on behalf of Wall Street, now that it is the major campaign backer of both parties?

Mr. Obama seems to be campaigning for his own defeat! Thanks largely to the $13 trillion Wall Street bailout – while keeping the debt overhead in place for America’s “bottom 98%” – this happy 2% of the population now receives an estimated three quarters (~75%) of the returns to wealth (interest, dividends, rent and capital gains).

US House of Representatives ethics panel convicts Rep. Rangel of 11 of 13 counts ~ linkThe full ethics panel will now convene a sanctions hearing to recommend a punishment, which ethics experts say will most likely be a reprimand or formal censure. The ethics committee had yet to announce by Tuesday afternoon when the hearing would occur.

Serious sanctions — including formal reprimand, censure or expulsion — require a vote on the House floor. Expulsion requires a two-thirds vote, while a reprimand, to which Rangel refused to agree in July, or a censure would need only a simple majority. The ethics panel could also impose a fine and deny some of Rangel’s House privileges.

'Naked' scanners fooled by creased clothing ~ link ~ There is very little real terrorism, but there is a lot of False Flag Terrorism.  And it involved the same people that are forcing the new dangerous high-tech nude scanners on us.  It is not about terrorism but getting the public to submit to things that they strongly object to...to be good little police state sheeple.  Stirling  

Systemic humiliation of air passengers - video ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, this new process is NOT about safety from 'terrorists' but about forcing the American public to accept fascism.  If they can get by with this crap, you can bet they will continue to expand their police state fascist nonsense to the point that we will be living in a total nightmare in our own country.  Stirling  

More reasons to hate the TSA - video ~ link 

Nude body scanners have 'mutagenic effects' ~ link ~ Considering what is really happening to American and global society, that is like saying that the cattle prods used to feed cattle into the slaughter house lines could cause the cattle to be upset.  Stirling 

Police State: TSA Launches Investigation Into Man Who Refused Groping, Naked Body Scan ~ linkYou have to read this!  Stirling 

TSA screener terrorizes 3-year-old girl ~ link

TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers' Pants ~ link ~ The TSA’s invasive new screening measures include officers literally putting their hands down people’s pants if they are wearing baggy clothing in a shocking new elevation of groping procedures that have stoked a nationwide revolt against privacy-busting airport security measures.

Napolitano: Nude Scanners are safe, pat-downs discreet ~ link ~ This earns the Secretary of Homeland Security (what a fascist name for a US government department) the not-so-coveted BS Flag Award.  Stirling 

Does the Justice System Actually Dispense Justice ... Or Does It Just Serve the Powers-That-Be, Like the Other Branches of Government? ~ link ~ Good article, take the time to read it all if you can.  Stirling

In 2000, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg did something unprecedented. In her dissenting opinion in the Bush v. Gore case (which threw the election to Bush), Ginsburg ended her opinion with the words "I dissent".

Believe it or not, this is a big deal. The standard etiquette for a judge - especially a supreme court justice - writing a dissenting opinion is to end with the phrase, "I respectfully dissent". By leaving out the word "respectfully", Ginsburg dropped normal judicial etiquette to protest an unconstitutional decision, more or less quietly declaring that a coup had occurred.

"Don't Criticize Jews and Muslims" Bill Enters Congress ~ link ~ So much for the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution...you know the part about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.  Stirling 

The Left Right Paradigm IS Over: Its You vs. Corporations ~ linkGuest writer Barry Ritholtz does a great job of laying out real issues Americans need to deal with.  His post centers on corporations and how they have corrupted both political parties.  For example, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein gave equally to both political parties this year.  Big corporations don’t care who is in power just as long as they get to call the shots.  It is a foregone conclusion that the U.S. House of Representatives will change over to Republican control.  The folks holding the signs that say “fire Nancy Pelosi” are going to get their wish.  But when she is gone as Speaker of the House, I ask, then what?  I haven’t heard Republicans (or Democrats vs Republicans for that matter) talk much about the big banks ripping off the country.  What is unraveling now is the biggest financial fraud in history, but it is not a campaign discussion.  I don’t think it will be addressed when the Republicans take control of the House proving, once again, both Democrats and Republicans are just one body with two heads.

Getting Beyond 'Left' and 'Right', Part Two ~ link ~
The second lesson we can draw from this history is that the conventional labels of “right” and “left” are almost meaningless when applied to the foreign policy realm. We’ve seen how conservatives went from isolationist to interventionist and back again, and we’ve also seen how the left went from leading the peace movement to sabotaging it at several points along the line. 

Which brings us to the third, and final, lesson of this rich and complicated history, and it is this: without a united front against war, a union of the left and the right, no effective opposition to the War Party is possible. No party or faction, be it conservative or progressive, liberal or reactionary, has a monopoly on the banner of peace. At one time or another, both right and left have been on different sides of that divide, and if the goal of the peace movement is to be reached it must transcend and stand above this kind of partisanship. Yes, it’s true, I come from a very different political tradition from, say, a socialist who opposes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but who is to say whose tradition is truer to the cause of peace? We can reach back in history and each find our separate inspirations, our heroes, our villains, our own partisan narratives. As long as they lead us to the same conclusion – that we cannot continue along the path of world conquest without bankrupting ourselves materially and morally – then to each his or her own.

Florida auto dealership offers free AK-47s for truck buyers ~ linkA central Florida dealership trying to drum up business is offering an unusual perk for potential used-truck buyers: A free AK-47 assault rifle.

General sales manager Nick Ginetta says that since the promotion was announced on Veterans Day, business has more than doubled at Nations Trucks in Sanford.

Neuromarketing - Ads that Whisper to the Brain ~ link

California Will Default On Its Debt Says Chris Whalen ~ link ~ Municipal bonds have plummeted in recent days, as investors have suddenly focused on huge state and city budget deficits that there's no easy way to fix. Nowhere has this collapse been more visible than California, which faces a massive $25 billion shortfall and red ink for as far as the eye can see. After years in which every looming financial crisis has been met with a government bailout, you might think that the same solution awaits California, as well as all the other states that have huge obligations that they can't afford to meet.

But this time that may not happen, says Chris Whalen, a financial industry analyst and Managing Director of Institutional Risk Analytics. In fact, Whalen thinks that California will default on its debt--hammering all the pension funds and other investors who have loaded up on apparently safe state bonds.

Welcome to the Age of Permanent Bailouts for the Giant Banks ~ link ~ No economy or society can live that way.  Stirling  

End the Fed - video ~ link 

Tomorrow  Congress will Try - By Secret Vote - to Retroactively Legalize Foreclosure Fraud and Forgery by the Big Banks ~ link ~ Even if Congress had the Constitutional authority to pass such a law limited to events after the law went into effect - which in this case it clearly DOES NOT - Congress CANNOT pass a retroactive bill.  The Constitution clearly says that the Congress "shall post no ex post facto bill".  Stirling  

"The Fed Has Spent Most of the Last 15, 20 Years Manipulating the Stock Market" ~ linkIf you stop and think about it, this means that the level of official and financial corruption has been and is at a level that cannot and will not support a society for long.  That level of deep corruption is totally destructive on a nation/economy/society.  Stirling  

Israel's Fisher Says Criticism Of His Former Pupil Bernanke's QE2 'Misplaced' ~ linkBank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer said criticism of the U.S. Federal Reserve for its latest round of monetary stimulus is “fundamentally misplaced.” 

Fischer, 67, was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and served as Bernanke’s adviser on his graduate thesis. From 1988 to 1990, Fischer was chief economist at the Washington-based World Bank. At the International Monetary Fund during the 1990s, he worked to resolve financial crises in Mexico, Russia and Southeast Asia. From 2002 to 2005, Fischer was vice chairman of Citigroup Inc. 

Revolution against Central Banks ~ link

Nothing is more destructive on the planet than the insidious enslavement of humanity at the hands of central banks. The concept of debt created money violates every axiom of logic and common sense. Self-interest should be a primordial instinctive drive. Christendom once condemned usury through a papal prohibition that it was a sin to charge interest on a money loan. The Qur'an teaches, "The usury that is practiced to increase some people's wealth, does not gain anything at God". However, the Hebrew Bible makes an exception, Deuteronomy 23:21 "Unto a foreigner thou mayest lend upon interest; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon interest".
Where is the self-interest of the masses that accepts the ruthless theft from the ultimate crime? The helplessness of individuals to resist the cabal of greed is obvious. The literal acceptance of rabbinical Talmudic opportunism is the basis of central banking deception. Let’s be perfectly clear, When Victims Rule provides the contrast.

The Battle of Europe*

*Is Europe Coming Apart Faster Than Expected ~ link  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_SSUbVSG_KVY/TOK2Ak3q5KI/AAAAAAAAASg/UCi7hhkvU8o/s1600/Euro+dead+by+Ryca.jpg
The sky is black with PIIGS coming home to roost: I was going to write my customary long and boring think piece—but the simmering crisis in the Eurozone just got the heat turned up: Things are boiling over there!

The bond markets have no faith in Ireland—Greece has been shown up as having lied again about its atrocious fiscal situation—and now Portugal is teetering—

—in other words, the PIIGS are screwed. I would venture to guess that we are about to see this slow-boiling European crisis bubble over into a full blown meltdown over the next few days—and it’s going to get messy.

*Debt tensions flare up as Ireland denies bailout ~ link ~  
The flare-up in tension adds to pressure on EU finance ministers, who will be in Brussels Tuesday for their monthly meeting.

After spending their recent gatherings focusing on crisis prevention, a week long sell-off of Irish and Portuguese bonds has thrown them back into crisis management.

*Max Keiser: Irish government slaves to IMF terror machine! - video ~ link 

*IMF - International Monetary Fraudsters!  The Banksters Are Going To Rape Our Country - Because We're Asking For It! ~ linkThe article below from the Irish Independent, informing’ the Irish people that they must go to the IMF, coming from a former chief economist from the IMF, is nothing less than a pathetically thinly disguised piece of propaganda portraying the pirates of the IMF as benevolent bankers who care for the welfare of the Irish people.

Ask any ordinary person in the Third World after these gangsters have moved in and crippled them with debt if they think the IMF is a good thing and I think you’ll find an overwhelming majority, discounting the corrupt despots running these countries, who have seen their natural resources raped by international corporations, who have looted and pillaged every country they’ve gone into at the IMF’s behest for their international banker criminal cartel, you’ll find a resounding rejection of any such notion.

The so called ‘Irish’ government are as despotic and corrupt as any of the Third World leaders. The only difference is that they don’t openly slaughter large numbers of people in the process, although poisoning of the water supply, our air and our food is also a less overt way of killing off the ‘undesirables’.

Yep, that’s you and me folks and don’t think for a second that there aren’t those in power in Ireland who know this is going on. If visitors to this website can find the information, then surely the apparent ‘creme de la creme’ of Ireland who are supposedly running the country can find out too?

The fact is that they are bought and paid for by the very same psychopathic bankers and corporate whores who want to rape Ireland of its resources and publicly owned, or at least semi owned companies, to include all utility companies and our vast oil and gas resources which if used for the benefit of the Irish people would see Ireland's debt wiped out overnight and unbridled prosperity for every citizen in the country a distinct possibility. Nobody dares ask the question; What happens when the family silver is sold off for peanuts and we’re still in debt to the same bankers? What do you sell next?

The answer is simple and it’s already happening…..You sell the people through draconian taxes to pay the compounded interest payments on debts which can NEVER be paid off. In other words, a country of slaves now exists in Ireland; not just in this generation but for generations to come if not for eternity.

The article also informs us that the government is actively seeking buyers for toxic banks which the taxpayer has already pumped BILLIONS into. If they are sold will the austerity measures be rolled back? NO!

The measures already in place with more severe austerity….read poverty policies, due to be announced in this December’s budget, it is clear that the IMF is already running Ireland back into the days of colonial oppression and utter poverty and deprivation akin to Third World status.

When will people finally grasp the concept that austerity means UTTER POVERTY? Perhaps when the shelves of the corrupt supermarket corporations start to empty and the fast food poisoners close their doors or perhaps when the power gets rationed, turning off the TV, will people finally wake up to the real world of global corporate crime.

What does it take folks? What’s coming from the IMF in Ireland will devastate the landscape of Ireland economically and societally forever unless the sovereign people of the country stand up and fight back against these psychopathic criminals.

Haiti cholera clashes: UN troops shoot one man dead ~ link ~
Haiti protestors attack UN peacekeepers 

Human trH3N2 Matches Human trH1N1 Huron Ohio Cluster ~ link Did you really think that H1N1 just 'went away'.  Stirling 

An H1N1 influenza A virus, A/swine/Ohio/24366/07, was isolated from pigs in an Ohio county fair. Twenty-six people who came in contact with the infected pigs developed respiratory disease and two of these people were laboratory confirmed as H1N1 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The A/swine/Ohio/24366/07 virus we isolated from swine was shown at the CDC to have 100% identical genome sequence to the human virus associated with the county fair.
The above comments describe the largest triple reassortant outbreak reported to date, other than the 2009 pandemic.  That outbreak involved H1N1, which was isolated from a presenter and her father as well as multiple swine at the 2007 Huron County fair.  However, influenza reassorts in swine, so the same internal proteins can be found in H3N2 isolates which have swapped H3 and N2 for H1 and N1.

Gulf hero Dr. Soto: Detox or move away - Only way millions will survive Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link The humanitarian known as "An American Treasure" who has been consistently advocating for the Gulf people for almost seven months since the Gulf operation began,(1) Mr. Jeff Rense, on national and international Rense Radio, interviewed Gulf hero, Dr. Rodney Soto who advised to fearlessly keep trying to get information to the public that the Gulf crime against humanity will be the greatest disaster of mankind. The only two way for up to 40 million people as far as 1,000 miles inland to survive toxic exposure, Dr. Soto said, is either relocate or be on an intensive, long-term, well-managed detoxification regime.

“They are killing our American citizens, especially the children” and “Cancer is going to surge” are two statements in the radio program unreported by mainstream press.

“In my opinion, we should not let people eat any of the Gulf seafood,” said Dr. Soto. Dr. Soto believes the seafood is what will kill the most people.

Mexico's $80 million boom industry: Bulletproof cars
~ link ~
A growing number of Mexicans — including many from the middle class — see bulletproofing their vehicles as a necessity and not a luxury. Nader says an increasingly typical customer these days "is a regular guy that works, maybe he has a small business and he's been approached by criminals to steal his car." "You'll see Hondas, small SUVs ... pickups," Nader said of some of the vehicles arriving at his business.

Extortion is now commonplace in some regions of Mexico. Kidnapping has soared by more than 300% over the past five years and since December 2006, more than 28,000 Mexicans have died in killings blamed on drug-cartel violence. The violence has sparked a jump in bulletproofing.

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They're idiots, for the most part. Those who aren't know most women are idiots.

Withut the idiocy of women the world would have ever gotten that bad.

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