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Global Changes from the Dying Gulf Stream and already dead North Atlantic Current
LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet. However, the corporate owned Mainstream News Media have embargoed the story. Please forward the story to as many sites and people as you can, and to your local newspaper UPDATED 5 October 2010 - Thanks

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Horizontal Current ~ link ~ This shows North Brazil Current beginning to loop back into itself.  Possible death of entire Thermohaline Circulation System. Updated to latest setting.

RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts - Latest Surface Temperature ~ link 

Three Video Interviews With Lord Stirling by Renowned Video Webcaster Morris Herman of England ~    link ~    link ~     link 

Video on the Gulf Stream and its connection to any future Ice Ages ~     link

Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari ~    link

Ancient Scottish Barony Title for sale.  There are about 100 Scottish feudal baronies that still exist; only a handful are from the very ancient Baronage of the Isles, as this one is.  In a time of economic crisis, it pays to put some of your wealth into important artwork, properties, etc. of rare value.  This is one of the most rare things that can be purchased and held. For sale at US$150,000 ~ link 

Updated 2:20am Chicago time/8:20am London time
11 November 2010

Biden: No one closer to me than Bibi ~ link ~ WHAT A TOTAL WHORE JOE BIDEN IS!  That the Vice-President of the United States of America is such a bought-and-paid-for political whore that he says no Israeli PM is closer to him that the current extremist leader of tiny Israel is completely outrageous and shameful in the extreme.  Netanyahu will go down in history as the one expansionist leader that caused the most humans to die (in the war he caused) in all of human history, in fact the war that he will ignite will kill more of us than all other wars combined.  And Biden sucks up to him big time...sickening!  Stirling   
He described the US-Israeli ties as "literally unbreakable" and said, "We are absolutely, unequivocally committed to Israel's security."

Biden said US support for Israel would continue and stressed that any threat to Israel's security and right to existence would be met with "unshakable resistance from the United States."

Bibi can take US into war with Iran ~ link ~ A former CIA member says the Israeli premier can take US into war with Iran but Washington is not prepared for such a confrontation.

“On Iran, there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They’re very comfortable with the idea that a foreign leader like [Benjamin] Netanyahu can take 300 million Americans to war whenever he wants,” said counterterrorism expert Michael Scheuer, who has worked with the Central Intelligence Agency for more than 20 years.

“The election was a disaster in terms of increasing the chances of another war that we don’t have the resources to fight, and we won’t have the will to win,” Newsmax quoted Scheuer as saying.

Mounting US war threats against Iran ~ link ~ I believe that the plan is to make sure that the talks with Iran "fail" and then to go from there into a strike on Iran, which will from Day One become a General Middle East War and very quickly become World War III/Armageddon. This is apt to happen shortly before or shortly after the Christmas Season.  Hope and pray that I am wrong.  Stirling

Leading Republican Senator Lindsey Graham signaled a turn following the midterm elections toward an escalation of US threats against Iran, publicly calling for an all-out war that would “neuter” Tehran and leave it incapable of resistance. Graham made the statement Saturday at a conference on international security in Halifax, Canada. “Containment is off the table,” he declared in relation to Iran’s nuclear program.

Washington and its allies have accused Tehran of developing its nuclear program for the purpose of building a weapon. The Iranian government has consistently denied this charge, insisting that its program is solely for peaceful, civilian purposes. Employing the kind of total-war rhetoric that was heard from Germany in the 1930s, the South Carolina Republican vowed that a US attack would be carried out “not to just neutralize their nuclear program, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard. In other words, neuter that regime. Destroy their ability to fight back.”
Graham added that, despite the Democrats’ defeat at the polls last week, if President Barack Obama “decides to be tough with Iran beyond sanctions, I think he is going to feel a lot of Republican support for the idea that we cannot let Iran develop a nuclear weapon.”

Joining Graham in addressing a forum at the Halifax conference was Senator Mark Udall (Democrat, Colorado), who advocated a continuation of the sanctions regime against Iran but added that “every option is on the table,” a euphemism for US military aggression.
Speaking at the same conference, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak described Iran as “a major, major threat to any conceivable world order.” He charged that Tehran is “determined to reach military nuclear capability,” which he said would be “the end of any conceivable nonproliferation regime.”

Israel, which has defied the UN’s nonproliferation efforts and is the only nuclear-armed power in the region, has repeatedly threatened military strikes against Iran. Last month, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz advocated a naval blockade of Iran—an act of war—if Tehran fails to bow to Washington’s demands.

These latest threats come barely a week before the next round of negotiations between Iran and the P5+1, which includes the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—Britain, China, France, Russia and the US—plus Germany. The talks are slated to take place in Vienna.

Nuclear Winter: Nuclear War would be an Unprecedented Human Catastrophe ~ link ~ Read this article, I dare you!  Stirling
In the light of recent statements by both President Obama and Secretary  of State Hillary Clinton, namely that "all options are on the table" with regard to the use of nuclear weapons against Iran and that these weapons are "harmless to civilians", we are publishing excerpts from Carl Sagan's indepth 1983 investigation on the implications of a nuclear war, including his pathbreaking analysis of Nuclear Winter.

In "The Nuclear Winter" (1983), Sagan explored the unforeseen and devastating physical and chemical effects of even a small-scale nuclear war on the earth's biosphere and life on earth.

Nuclear war is not front page news, compared to the H1N1 or the routine Al Qaeda terror alerts.

Be advised that the US-NATO-Israel military alliance plans to use nuclear weapons and the corporate media has been instructed not to discuss the devastating consequences. 

Secret Peace Deal on Hold: Peace Held Hostage to Rotating US, Israeli Elections ~ link
Once and again, then again and again, U.S. and Israeli elections bring about new players and governments that renege on the commitments, pledges and promises of their predecessors vis – a –vis the Arab – Israeli conflict in general and the Palestinian – Israeli peace process in particular, with an overall effect of being much more harmful to peace making than any forces of ‘extremism.”

This overall effect is devastating. First and foremost it creates the vicious circle of unfulfilled promises and hopes, which in turn, secondly, undermines what little confidence might still be there to believe in the same pledges of the newcomers, which their predecessors reneged on. Third, the repeatedly aborted endeavors for a breakthrough renders the “peace process” less an honest attempt on conflict resolution and more a crisis management effort, which is the last thing the Palestinian and Arab “peace partners” would like to put on their agenda. The ensuing environment of these and other factors is, fourth, the ideal setting for opening a new “window of opportunity” as soon as an old one is closed for “the forces of extremism” to exploit the political vacuum thus created. By default or by decision extremists in the Arab – Israeli conflict are U.S. and Israeli made as well as they are a legitimate byproduct of a failed process where the mission of peace making has been moving on from an old administration to a new one, each with a new plan that hardly takes off before another is offered by new players.

Netanyahu’s anti-Oslo campaign was interpreted to create the political environment that contributed to the assassination of Yitzhaq Rabin on November 4, 1995, two years after signing the Oslo agreement (Declaration of Principles) with Arafat - who was suspiciously poisoned to death on November 11, 2004 - and Netanyahu’s election to the premiership immediately thereafter was interpreted as an anti-peace coup d’etat. When the 1999 elections brought back to power the so-called “peace camp” led by Labor, PM Ehud Barak did not bring the “peace process” back to Rabin track, but reneged on the signed agreements, refused to implement the imminent and final withdrawal from the West Bank and succeeded, with U.S. help, in dragging the Palestinian side to jump to the intractable final status issues. The following elections followed the collapse of the Camp David trilateral summit and the ensuing violence, which led the new premier, Ariel Sharon, to declare the death of Oslo accord. Sharon succeeded in recruiting the support of George W. Bush to put the change of the Palestinian Authority (PA) regime of Arafat as the only item on the agenda of the “peace process” as a precondition to its resumption and convinced Bush to delay the official launch of the “Road Map” until after the Israeli elections. All that done already, and a new PA regime of their liking is already in place, but the Map has yet to be implemented. Two years ago, Obama had a plan to negotiate how to renegotiate the Road Map, but the latest Israeli elections brought to power Netanyahu who seems determined to negotiate only on how to implement his own unilateral plans.

No surprise then Palestinian negotiators are almost concluding that enough is enough, that they are left with no options but to get rid of this rotating electoral vicious circle and let come whatever, it would not be worse than the current status of being captives to a waiting game for a Godot that will never come.

War Crimes: Israeli government documents show deliberate policy to keep Gazans at near-starvation levels ~ link 

US Making waves in South China Sea ~ link ~  
If there were really problems, how could so many ships sail through the South China Sea frequently, safely and smoothly? The answer is self-evident. The US is beating the drum on an issue which doesn't really exist.

Behind its high-sounding words, what exactly are US intentions?

The first aim is to maintain US military hegemony in Asia-Pacific region. The US has been sending a variety of military surveillance ships, observation boats and survey ships to launch probes and collect national information in the South China Sea for years. It seriously threatens the security and interests of surrounding countries and undermines regional peace and stability.

Facing international opposition, the US deliberately altered the concept and then created the pseudo-proposition of free navigation in the South China Sea, trying to shape international public opinion and force littoral countries and regions to accept its increasing military detection activities.
The freedom of navigation which the US claims to protect is actually the freedom of the US military to threaten other countries.

The US is also seeking a fulcrum for its new Asia-Pacific strategy. The US government is pursuing a return to Asia. If it intends to return with a mutually beneficial attitude and open mind, this is fair enough. If it is self-conceited, intolerant to others and trapped in a Cold War mentality, it inevitably will start forming cliques.

The US is also trying to contain China through the use of the South China Sea issue.

Obama, Gates, and Clinton in Asia: US expands military build-up in the East ~ linkGetting all the 'ducks in a row' for the domino-effect as the coming Middle East War becomes the new global war/WWIII/Armageddon.  Stirling 
President Barack Obama arrived in Mumbai, India on November 6 and announced $10 billion in business deals with his host country which he claimed will contribute to 50,000 new American jobs. By some accounts half the transactions will be for India’s purchase of U.S. military equipment and half the new jobs will be created in the defense sector.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is completing a nearly two-week tour of the Asia-Pacific region which will culminate in meeting up with Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen in Australia on November 8 to among other matters secure the use of the country’s military bases.

Gates will then visit Malaysia, “amid concern in the region over China’s growing economic and naval power”, to solidify military ties with the Southeast Asian nation as Obama moves to Indonesia, South Korea and Japan after his first visit to India on what will be his longest trip abroad since assuming the presidency.

Indian Army boots in Afghanistan ~ link ~ Talk about something likely to set the Indian-Pakistan area in flames!  Stirling  

Mysterious Missile Launch near LA followed up by Mysterious Missile Launch near Phoenix the next day ~ link ~ Something is going on that the public is NOT being told about.   Stirling   Also see: Pentagon moves to quickly close investigation of mystery missile ~ link ~ There have been several more thoughtful and critical commentaries by security analysts and missile experts who have not bought into the official Pentagon cover story, now generally accepted by the US corporate media.

MIT professor Theodore Postol, a trenchant critic of Pentagon antimissile programs going back to the Reagan administration’s “Star Wars” fantasies, gave an extended rebuttal of the official cover story that an airplane made the contrail.

He told the Christian Science Monitor, “It’s not an aircraft contrail. That I’m confident of. It looks like a big missile, but who knows what a contrail looks like from long range.” He told the newspaper that a review of the video shows twisting movements consistent with maneuvers that long-range ICBMs perform. The contrail “has the spirals you would see in an advanced solid-rocket missile,” he said.

Postol explained that the failure of FAA air-traffic radar to detect the source of the contrail suggested that it was a missile, which would move so fast that it would appear only as a single blip on the screen. On the other hand, he said, NORAD would certainly have detected a missile: “There is no doubt that the North American Air Defense Command early-warning satellites would observe this,” he told the Monitor.

Naval analyst Raymond Pritchett told, “When someone makes an unannounced launch what looks to be a ballistic missile 35 miles from the nation’s second largest city (at sea in international waters), and 18 hours later NORAD still doesn’t have any answers at all—that complete lack of information represents a credible threat to national security. If NORAD can’t answer the first and last question, then I believe it is time to question every single penny of ballistic missile defense funding in the defense budget. NORTHCOM needs to start talking about what they do know, rather than leaving the focus on what they don’t know.”

Doug Richardson, the editor of Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, told the Times of London, “It’s a solid propellant missile. You can tell from the efflux [smoke].” He said it could have been a ballistic missile launched from a submarine or an interceptor, the defensive antimissile weapon used by Navy surface ships.

The Coming $25.4 Billion California Financial Earthquake ~ link ~ Here's another reason Bernanke is printing. He needs to get cheap money into the economy so that it finds its way into the hands of states like California, who will otherwise be suffocated in debt.

California's Legislative Analyst's Office, California's nonpartisan fiscal and policy advisor, is out with their latest financial projections.

For the fiscal year 2010-11 (ended June 30), the office projects a deficit of $6.1 billion followed by a $19.3 billion deficit for the 2011-12 fiscal year.


A Time To Act: Jail the Financial Fraudsters ~ linkLong time past to act.  The fact that not even one Wall Street bankster has even been called before a Grand Jury, much less indicted, even much less tried and convicted and sent to prison, is evidence that America is now totally in the hands of the most evil corrupt scum imaginable.  Stirling  

Profits or Prosperity? ~ link ~ link

Data on US profits for the second quarter of this year are well worth studying, not only for what they say about the health of the corporate sector, but also for what they reveal about the structure of our economic system and the priorities of our policy makers.

Commerce Department figures show that after-tax profits rose 3.9% from the first quarter and a staggering 26.5% from the same quarter in 2009. This year-to-year percentage growth is the highest ever recorded by the Commerce Department without factoring for inflation. (The figure is even more impressive given that virtually none of the growth is due to inflation over the last year!)

Perhaps even more telling is the percentage of national income accounted for by profits. Well over 9% of national income in the second quarter of 2010 counted as profits, the 3rd highest portion since 1947. Interestingly, the percentage of national income was only marginally higher in two quarters of 2006 when the unemployment rate was 4.6% at the peak of the last economic expansion.

Analyzing the data, The Wall Street Journal (10-4-10) concluded that those corporations making up the Standard and Poor’s top 500 corporations – the core of monopoly capital – actually grew by 38%, returning $189 billion or 15.6% of all after-tax profit.

WSJ analysts underline the profit trends by noting that profits are up 10% over 2008 though revenues are down 6%. Monopoly corporations now make 8.4 cents on every dollar of revenue, when they made only 7 cents on every dollar in 2008. 

Paul Craig Roberts: Phantom Jobs ~ link 
If we cannot trust what the government tells us about weapons of mass destruction, terrorist events, and the reasons for its wars and bailouts, can we trust the government’s statement last Friday that the US economy gained 151,000 payroll jobs during October?

Apparently not. After examining the government’s report, statistician John Williams ( reported that the jobs were “phantom jobs” created by “concurrent seasonal factor adjustments.” In other words, the 151,000 jobs cannot be found in the unadjusted underlying data. The jobs were the product of seasonal adjustments concocted by the BLS.

As usual, the financial press did no investigation and simply reported the number handed to the media by the government.

The relevant information, the information that you need to know, is that the level of payroll employment today is below the level of 10 years ago. A smaller number of Americans are employed right now than were employed a decade ago.

Think about what that means. We have had a decade of work force growth from youngsters reaching working age and from immigration, legal and illegal, but there are fewer jobs available to accommodate a decade of work force entrants than before the decade began.

The "Current Housing Recession is Rivaling the Great Depression's Real Estate Downturn [and] Will Easily Eclipse It In the Coming Months" ~ link ~ During the Great Depression, home prices fell 25.9 percent in five years. The U.S. housing market is now down around 25 percent from its peak in 2006.

Staged Government Terror: An Open Admission Within the British House of Lords ~ link 
If there was any doubt that governments fund terror and stage false flag attacks against themselves, that doubt should be erased by a recent exchange within the British House of Lords.  In addressing his peers in the House, Lord James of Blackheath revealed that he had been involved in the laundering of billions of pounds of terrorist money, specifically that of the IRA and various North African terrorists at the behest of the Bank of England.  

UK Supreme Court rejects 'parliamentary privilege' expenses scandal appeal ~ link ~ I believe that these MPs were crooks, but the denial of the right of Parliament itself, to only try the men, is a dangerous thing.  The right of Parliamentary Privilege was not meant as a benefit or perk but as a defense against Royal (now Prime Ministerial) authority run amok.  Stirling  

The Battle of Europe*

Ireland's crisis flares as investors dump bonds ~ link
Ireland's financial troubles loomed large Wednesday as investors — betting that the country soon could join Greece in seeking a bailout from the European Union — drove the interest rate on the country's 10-year borrowing to a new high.

The yield, or interest rate, on 10-year bonds rose above 8 percent for the first time since the launch of the euro, the European Union's common currency, 11 years ago.

50,000 Students on streets in UK - video ~ link   

French Police Infiltrated Protests Against Sarkozy Austerity Program ~ link ~  During the recent strike wave in France against the Nicolas Sarkozy government’s austerity measures and pension “reform”, demonstrators observed police infiltrating several contingents and carrying out a variety of provocative actions. The police have very conspicuously decided not to deny that they infiltrated the demonstrations.

The dubious role played by some of the rioters in the mass protests has had to be finally acknowledged by the media and leading bourgeois politicians.

A video taken by a Reuters journalist, released on October 16, shows one hooded rioter attacking a store window. “A man tries to stop him, but gets a flying kick in the back by another ‘rioter’ armed with a cosh [which could be a nightstick used by the police], before being surrounded by four or five hooded persons. A few seconds later, the man responsible for the kicking is filmed dispersing demonstrators with the help of his baton”, wrote Le Monde.

Le Monde reported on this video in the article “On the web, more and more questions are being raised about ‘the police rioters’.”

Obama on "60 Minutes": A servant of Big Business ~ link ~  


Barack Obama: We Must Embrace Globalism And The Emerging One World Economy ~ link ~ And why is that Obama?  Because some corrupt bought-and-paid-for political marketing shrill like yourself, who is not even Constitutionally eligible to be President, says to???  Or because the tiny Satanic group of global banking families/parasites say we must?!!!  Screw you and the horse you rode in on! Stirling   

Lessons of the Great Depression of the 1930s: Create Jobs by Executive Order ~ link ~ The reason that this is not being done today, is that the hidden powers, the global banking cartel, do NOT want it done.  They want the people to suffer and to willing accept their "solution" to the problems, which will be the New World Order. This is their standard method of operation, known as the Hegelian Dialectic (Thesis/Anti-Thesis/Synthesis or Problem/Reaction/Solution).   Stirling   
On May 6, 1935, with the country in the midst of the Great Depression, and with indirect efforts to create jobs having not moved the needle of unemployment rates, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 7034 and appropriated $4.8 billion for the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The WPA put millions of Americans to work constructing buildings, painting murals to decorate them, and performing plays for audiences that had never before seen a dramatic production. In the process, many were saved from poverty and starvation and the economy began to revive. 

Although Congress, as part of the New Deal, had appropriated money specifically for relief, FDR decided to use the money for a direct jobs program by issuing a Presidential executive order. This Executive Order described the agencies to be involved in the program, its structure and procedure for application and allocation of jobs. 

The WPA was quickly implemented. By March 1936, 3.4 million people were employed and an average of 2.3 million people worked monthly until the program ended in June 1943. During its existence the WPA employed more than 8,500,000 different persons on 1,410,000 individual projects, and spent about $11 billion. The average yearly salary was $1,100, a living wage at the time. During its 8-year history, the WPA built 651,087 miles of highways, roads, and streets. It constructed, repaired, or improved 124,031 bridges, 125,110 public buildings, 8,192 parks, and 853 airport landing fields. 

Today our infrastructure is crumbling, and loss of revenue is forcing many cities and states to cut basic services. About 15 million people have become unemployed since the crisis hit in late 2008; a million and a half of them are construction workers. The need for a direct jobs program is either as great, or even greater than during the Depression.
But, in light of the election results, is such a program possible? Can the President directly create jobs by executive order? The answer is a resounding yes. Remember when the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which created the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) was passed, one of the purposes was to preserve homeownership, and promote jobs and economic growth. 

Much of the TARP money has been repaid and the administration refers to the profit on the payments. If one assumes an average cost of one job is $50,000, 6 million jobs could be immediately created for $300 billion. 12 million jobs could be created for $600 billion. Because this is already appropriated money, Congressional Republicans could not block it. 

This direct job creation would be bold. It would also be highly stimulative. It would not add to the deficit because it is already appropriated money. Furthermore, one third of it would come back immediately in taxes, and more importantly, the growth in demand from this number of added jobs would expand private sector job growth and grow the overall economy. 

Escaping Reality: Sweet Hallucinations Of A Lost American Dream ~ link 
Americans today are behaving like resigned and subdued rape victims. The American dream has long since been dead but we still reminisce and wish to return to the days of old. This country is being run like a corporation and we have been severely downsized. The writing was on the wall but no one dared to look. If they did look, none dared to speak it aloud. This is what has led us to the world we live in today and still none dare call it treason!

There was a time when our country succeeded because of the hard work of every man and woman. We made products and had valuable goods and services to offer the world. Yet there was a change that took place by our trusted government officials and they began to move our nation towards debt and exploitation. Every weaker nation on earth was our prey and the military and supporting corporations leaned on them and forced them to do their bidding.
  Also see: The Death of the American Dream ~ link 
Also see: 10 Signs that the US is Becoming a Third World Country ~ link ~ 

Woman refuses to go through TSA's airport porno-scanner: She ends up cuffed to a chair, her ticket ripped up, and escorted out of airport by police ~ link ~ She needs a hungry, smart, shark of a lawyer to eat those jerks alive!  Stirling   

Congratulations, America. Torture has led you on a wild goose chase, destroyed the rule of law, and made you less safe ~ link 

Independence criminalized: The Great Wall of Bureaucracy Comes to America ~ link 
If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.  -- Thomas Jefferson

The purge of the farming class in various Communist dictatorships is well documented.  The regimes in China (1958-62) and Russia into the Ukraine (1920-39), identified those who were independent of state control, and implemented a heavy-handed oppression designed to turn true productivity toward collectivist goals.  These regimes are but a version of what is being proposed in modern America.

Today's elite seem to have learned from the messy approach of Mao, for instance (the boot in the face of 1984), and have opted for a similar eradication campaign, but they are doing so largely through excessive regulations coordinated between private companies and government.  These policies and regulations are handed down by political and corporate leadership, and have become de facto laws enforced by compromised judges.  This forms the foundation of classical bureaucracy.

Unlike Mao's collectivist state, today's state of America is pure Fascism.  From both authoritarian sides, however, the independent-minded are squeezed -- the man who believes his home to be his castle; the woman who wishes to be free of the boys' club corporate rule; those who have unacceptable ideas like peace and feedom; or simply those who wish to be left the hell alone and not be branded a terrorist.  There is no better example of this than the control over food production and distribution, as this is at the heart of what it means to be truly independent. 

Beware of GMSs: Genes Remain a Mystery to Scientists ~ link
As scientists are busy manipulating the genes of edibles including corn, soybeans, canola, papaya, zucchini, and now rice and salmon, an interesting fact comes into light about what exactly scientists know and don't know about human genes. According to geneticist Steven Salzberg of the University of Maryland, "Not only do we not know what all the genes are - we don't even know how many there are."

Genetically manipulated foods have been found to change the genetic structure of our 
healthy bacteria - and this makes one wonder if GMO foods might be altering our own genetic make-up as well. But if they are, how would we know? By a geneticist's own words, scientists can't even find all of our genes - let alone know what they all do or how they'll act if they are changed. In addition, one gene often controls several different things - and with scientists not even knowing all of the genes we have, it makes it pretty difficult to know where to look when things start going wrong - and next to impossible to fix.

Fermi Telescope finds giant structure in our Galaxy ~ link ~ NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has unveiled a previously unseen structure centered in the Milky Way. The feature spans 50,000 light-years and may be the remnant of an eruption from a supersized black hole at the center of our galaxy.


Anonymous said...

As an ex-soldier in uk forces, (mid `80`s) i was informed and taught nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, NBC for short, and after seeing so much injury and suffering from slides and mod film, we got told that the average life expectancy of a basic rifleman was 5 mins!, be assured that civies do not stand a chance against this! i personaly also belive that "aliens" disabling nukes is a ruse, keeps people feeling safe and protected, why allow the bombing of japan in first place? why not step in then?, would world goverments REALLY release such infomation and still build and upgrade?, take care, and get spiritually grounded.

Anonymous said...

About the mysterious missile launch in California

Couldn't this be a show of force by a Chinese sub, launching an ICBM just days before the G-20? The Chinese seem to like these kind of "stunts", recalling the launching of a satellite killer and their undetected subs near a American carrier battle group.

Anonymous said...

the best way to learn is to try and error, they " alien" let us do that but when our pwoer is enough to effect other system outside earth they will act. i do belive the nuclear threat is a deterrent nothing more. but that is plenty in it self.

but crazy things could happen especially since the cyberwar could trgger some strange events. there not one networked computer system that cant be hacked. that is a absolute truth. To rely on computers and the people in charge of these copmuters is the "modern" human generation biggest misstake.

about the world war rant... it's getting old. yet the writing on the wall is there.

it's what what we do today that brings the future?

Anonymous said...

Why Is Russia Building 5000 More Nuclear Bomb Shelters In Moscow By The End Of 2012?


Anonymous said...

NASA Announces Televised Chandra News Conference - "exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood"