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Day 135
of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

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We are the first in the World to break the story of the Loop Current failing and the Gulf Stream beginning to break apart as well. We have several stories on this grave danger to the entire planet on our subscription news video service. To take a subscription and view these news videos and future ones go to the above Clay & Iron and NutriMedical sites.

Global Changes from the Dying Gulf Stream and already dead North Atlantic Current

LIFE ON THIS EARTH JUST CHANGED - Death of the North Atlantic Current ~ link ~ The coverage that this article that Dr. Deagle and myself wrote, has been great on the Internet. However, the corporate owned Mainstream News Media have embargoed the story. Please forward the story to as many sites and people as you can, and to your local newspaper - Thanks

Sources have told me that the late oil industry insider and whistle blower Matt Simmons, in one of his last public comments, said that the BP Oil Disaster had caused the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico to shut down. This may well have been what caused his murder! Stirling

Early Winter In Europe ~ link ~ It is beginning! The death of the system of warm water currents in the Atlantic Ocean is already having a icy effect in Europe. It will get much worse!

Russia has seen it’s first snow accumulation of the season.

According to Rutgers Global Snow Lab, Russia doesn’t normally receive snow until the second week in September.

More is forecast for the next week, as well as in Norway and Sweden. Southeast Greenland is expecting heavy snow.

Much of The UK and Ireland are expecting cold weather during the next week, as is Moscow. Temperatures on the Greenland ice sheet will be dipping down to near -25C. Nice August weather!

Never before so much rain in Germany ~ link ~
Germany received more rain in August than in any August since records began in 1881, the German Weather Service (DWD) announced Monday.

“We have measured more than double the amount of rain as the long-term average for August,” said DWD spokesman Uwe Kirsche.

About 157 litres per square metre had fallen on average across the nation, a new record.
The previous record, set in August 1960, brought "only" 134 liter / sq m.
That compares with the average over many years of just 77 litres / m.

The sun shone in August 2010, approximately 143 hours, some 27 percent below its normal target of 197 hours. Many weather stations reported new records in the lack of sunshine, for which records have been kept since 1951.

It has been especially frustrating for farmers. The spring barley harvest was cut off right at the beginning of the month, then in the second half of August were the oats.

Snow in Alps a month earlier than normal ~ link ~ Snow in Voralberg, a month earlier than "normal". Many farmers still had their cattle in the fields! Global warming seems far removed from these regions.

Coldest South Australia in 35 Years ~ link

August turns to November in Germany ~ link ~
My calendar tells me its still August, well at least for another day, but here in Southern Germany it is like November!!! Cold rainy, windy weather the whole day! A raw day to just stay inside and hope and wait for the return of warmer weather! Only7 degrees Celsius during the day for the end of August!! I think we are going to see some record low high temps broken today!

There is Snow falling in the middle Alps turning the landscape into a winter wonderland!

The weather pattern across western and eastern Europe has been consistent with global cooling! Reports that the grain harvest is in jeopardy because it's been too cold and wet and the corn fields are not looking all that great either for this time of year! The outlook for September is cooler and wetter than average!

Half a meter of snow in Norway ~ link ~ I live in Norway. Here is what was in the news today!

The winter just arrived, with a half a meter of snow. It snowed several places in the mountains in eastern Norway, although it is still only August.

"This was totally unexpected," says Anne Wangen to Nettavisen.

She is a hostess at Juvasshytta at the foot of Galdhøpiggen in Norway, and said she woke up to a lot of snow outside the tourist cabin Sunday morning.

"There have been large amounts of snow, between 40 and 50 centimeters," says Wangen. It is many years since there has been snow so early in Juvasshytta, located 1840 meters above sea level.

"It has happened that there has been so much snow in August, but it is many years since the last time. It is not normal anyway, and there was no indication of a time," says Wangen.

Southern Hemisphere sea ice now approaching record high levels ~ link ~ However, "the expansion of the Southern Hemisphere sea ice, now approaching record high levels, ought to tell you something about the oceans immediately around the sea ice," says Bastardi. This large mass of water is cooling and has cooled most dramatically in the area where it is warmest (the tropical pacific).

"We see drastic cooling over land and IN THE ATLANTIC TOO. In fact, it basically keeps cooling the tropical Pacific into next year, then hammers away at the two areas warmest now - the Atlantic and the continents.

Coming Third World War News

Afghans believe that US is funding Taliban ~ link ~

U.S. Army Conducts Operations In Kandahar Province
This is a great shock if you are 'inside the box' in your thinking and in your understanding of how political/economic events really work. During the Vietnam War there were several instances where one could only look at and say that the Communists were being deliberately aided in order to keep the war going. Even in World War I and World War II there are a number of events/instances where the wars were prolonged. Those people at the very top, most especially those connected to the global banking families, play by a very different set of rules. George Bush's grandfather, clearly aided and abetted the Germans in WWII but he was never charged with treason or any crime. War is the greatest boondoggle of all, and a massive generator of the 'need' for governments to borrow money, which is PROFIT to the global banking families....'follow the money'. Of course, war is a three letter word in exact opposition to another three letter word, God. Satan wants the massive hurt, evil, destruction, horror, etc., that the 'blood orgy' that is war brings.

Afghanistan: North Atlantic Military Bloc's Ten-Year War in South Asia ~ link ~

In slightly over a month, on October 7, the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan will enter its tenth year.

The conflict represents the longest continuous combat operations in the history of the United States and Afghanistan alike. With the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for the only time in its existence activating its Article 5 mutual military assistance clause in September 2001 and thus entering the Afghan fray, European nations that had not been at war since the Second World War are now engaged in an endless combat mission.

There are 150,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, 120,000 of them under the command of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Military personnel from over a quarter of the 192 members of the United Nations.

They include soldiers from almost every European country, several Asia-Pacific states, and nations in the Americas and the Middle East.

NATO has grown from 19 to 28 members since it took control of ISAF in 2003 and has expanded military partnerships with several nations that have deployed troops to Afghanistan, from Australia to Georgia, Montenegro to South Korea, Armenia to the United Arab Emirates.

In the same interim the North Atlantic military bloc has assumed the role of an international, expeditionary, increasingly more multifaceted and politicized armed intervention force, a status that will be formalized this November at its summit in Portugal when its first 21st century Strategic Concept is adopted.

In the middle of August the death count for U.S. and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan passed the 2,000 mark and has grown almost every day since - 2051 by August 31 - with American fatalities accounting for some 60 percent of the total. The U.S. suffered 19 combat deaths in the four days beginning on August 28.

Troops from at least 26 nations serving under NATO's ISAF have been killed in Afghanistan, a record number of countries to sacrifice soldiers in one nation. 521 foreign troops lost their lives in the Afghan war theater last year, a dramatic increase from the preceding year when 295 were killed. So far this year the number is 478, with 2010 poised to be the deadliest year in the nine-year war for U.S. and NATO forces.

Yellow Sea: US Aegis Destroyers, South Korean Subs in New Drills ~ link ~ South Korea and the United States are planning a second round of combined military drills including Aegis destroyers and several Korean submarines from Sunday to Sept. 9 in the Yellow Sea, a South Korean military source said yesterday.

"South Korea and the U.S. had actually agreed on implementing the second joint exercise this Sunday," the military official said.

The official said the U.S. will send two Aegis-equipped ships and there will be other Korean warships involved, such as a 1,200-ton submarine, corvettes and destroyers.

°The exercise will focus on detecting and blocking attacks by North Korean submarines," said the official.

The drill will be the fifth military deterrence drill since the Korean warship Cheonan's sinking on March 24, which was allegedly caused by a torpedo attack by the North.

According to the source, Chinese fleets are planning to hold ammunition drills in China's southeast sea near Qingdao today to Saturday, a few days before the Seoul-Washington joint exercise.

China begins military exercises in Yellow Sea ~ link

Pentagon report underscores rising US-China tensions ~ link ~

Pentagon’s annual report on the Chinese military was presented to the US Congress last month. Entitled “Military and Security Development Involving the People’s Republic of China”, it purports to be an objective assessment. In reality, the paper is a part of the Obama administration’s increasingly aggressive campaign to undercut Chinese influence, particularly in Asia.

The 74-page Pentagon paper is aimed at fueling suspicion about China’s strategic intentions. Beijing’s “lack of transparency”, it declared, has increased the danger of “misunderstanding and miscalculation”. Reinforcing these fears, it noted: “Current trends in China’s military capabilities are a major factor in changing East Asian military balances and could provide China with a force capable of conducting a range of military operations in Asia well beyond Taiwan.”

The report came as the Obama administration is seeking to strengthen strategic ties throughout Asia. At an Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) forum in July, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly sided with Vietnam and other South East Asian countries against China’s claims in the South China Sea. Over the past two months, the Pentagon has held joint naval exercises with Vietnam and South Korea, and is planning another US-South Korean naval operation in the Yellow Sea despite China’s protests.

The Pentagon report deliberately inflated the “China threat” and, deliberately played down the fact that the US military retains undisputed military supremacy including in Asia. According to Pentagon estimates, China’s military spending last year was $150 billion—double Beijing’s official figure. Whether accurate or not, China’s defence budget is dwarfed by that of the US which was $660 billion in 2009.

Obama's Iraq speech: An exercise in Cowardice and deceit ~ link ~

President Barack Obama’s nationally televised speech from the White House Oval Office Tuesday night was an exercise in cowardice and deceit. It was deceitful to the people of the United States and the entire world in its characterization of the criminal war against Iraq. And it was cowardly in its groveling before the American military.

The address could inspire only disgust and contempt among those who viewed it. Obama, who owed his presidency in large measure to the mass antiwar sentiment of the American people, used the speech to glorify the war that he had mistakenly been seen to oppose.

The most chilling passage came at the end of the 19-minute speech, when Obama declared, “Our troops are the steel in our ship of state,” adding, “And though our nation may be traveling through rough waters, they give us confidence that our course is true.”

It is for this statement, rather than all the double-talk about troop withdrawals, that Obama’s miserable speech deserves to be remembered. It was rhetoric befitting a military-ruled banana republic or a fascist state. The military—not the Constitution, not the will of the people or the country’s ostensibly democratic institutions—constitutes the “steel” in the “ship of state.” Presumably, the democratic rights of the people are so much ballast to be cast overboard as needed.

The occasion for the speech was the artificial deadline fixed by the Obama administration for what the president termed the “end of our combat mission in Iraq.” This is only one of the innumerable lies packed into his brief remarks.

Some 50,000 combat troops remain deployed in Iraq. While they have been rebranded as “transitional” forces, supposedly dedicated to “training” and “advising” Iraqi security forces, their mission remains unchanged.

Indeed, barely a week after the media turned the redeployment out of Iraq of a single Stryker battalion into a “milestone” signaling the withdrawal of the last combat troops, 5,000 members of the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, a combat unit, were sent back into the occupied country from Ft. Hood, Texas.

Washington has no intention of ending its military presence in Iraq. It continues to build permanent bases and is determined to continue pursuing the original agenda behind the war launched by the Bush administration in March of 2003—the imposition of US hegemony in the oil-rich Persian Gulf.

Obama’s speech was both incoherent and groveling. The president sought, dishonestly, to take credit for fulfilling his campaign promise on Iraq. As a candidate he had pledged to withdraw all US combat troops from the country within 16 months of taking office. In the end, he merely adopted the time table and plan crafted by the Pentagon and the Bush administration for a partial withdrawal, leaving 50,000 combat troops in place.

The Democratic president felt obliged, under the mantle of paying tribute to “our troops,” to fundamentally distort and whitewash the entire character of the war they were sent to fight, painting one of the blackest chapters in US history as some kind of heroic endeavor.

“Much has changed” since Bush launched the war seven-and-a-half years ago, Obama stated. “A war to disarm a state became a fight against an insurgency” in which American troops battled “block by block to help Iraq seize the chance for a better future.”

The speech was crafted as if the president were addressing a nation of amnesiacs. Do they really think that no one remembers it was a war launched on the basis of lies? The American people were told that an invasion of Iraq was necessary because the government of Saddam Hussein had developed “weapons of mass destruction” and was preparing to place them in the hands of Al Qaeda to set off “mushroom clouds” over American cities.

There were no “weapons of mass destruction,” nor were there any ties between the Iraqi regime and Al Qaeda. These were inventions of a government that was determined to carry out a war of aggression to advance US imperialist interests.

These lies were thoroughly exposed and contributed to the growth of overwhelming hostility to the war among the American people. All of this is to be forgotten, dismissed as meaningless details.

Scott Horton Interviews Max Blumenthal with audio ~ link ~ Jews around the world are waking up to the fact that Israel has been hijacked by religious extremists who's policies are insane and apt to get Israel destroyed in a coming war.

Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party, discusses the religious justifications for killing non-Jews in the “King’s Torah” by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, the tenuous far-right political alliance that makes Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu hold his tongue on the eve of Palestinian peace talks (lest he have to negotiate land-for-peace), the inclusion of moderate secular Jews on the non-Jew hit list, the seeming triumph of rabbinical law over Israel’s common law and the fascist Judea-state aspirations of Avigdor Lieberman’s political affiliates.

Continuity of Government: Coup d'Etat Authority in America ~ link

The Fourth Turning - Skies Darkening ~ link

The Fed's Liquidity Trap: The American and world's economies are in a deliberate state of slow collapse ~ link ~
As with past recessions and depressions, the same players have organized things, the global banking families who feed off of the human race.

Almost two years ago the US Treasury was selling large amounts of short-term Treasury bills to fund bailouts and stimulus. That caused a major increase in debt. Most of that paper was 2-year bills and it is coming due for rollover shortly. While that transpires, October will report the annual fiscal deficit of 9/30/10 of about $1.5 trillion, a figure thought impossible just 1-1/2 to 2 years ago.

This time around the Treasury will have to depend on the Fed and US banks and institutions to fund this mountain of paper. China has reduced its holdings of Treasury debt by about 6%, or by about $6 billion over ten months, or by about 10% or almost $100 billion over the past year or so. We know these figures are estimates because the Chinese government has the same trouble the US government has, it cannot discern truth from fiction.

Now that the effect of the first quantitative easing is behind us the economy is facing a hangover even with zero interest rates and a 2.42% ten-year T-note. It was just months ago that those rates were close to 4%. The sale of Treasuries for the past six months was easy with a strong US dollar caused by a manufactured crisis in Greece and in the euro. As we look back we can see almost the whole picture. We saw major NYC banks going very long the dollar and short the euro beginning in late October of last year. At the time we couldn’t figure out what they were up too, but it became apparent this past March. The contrived attack on Greece and the euro was to allow the Treasury to fund its debt and to make the banks, which own the Fed, a fortune. 100 to 1 leverage is a lock when you have inside information and are creating the crisis. Except for Greece, Euro Zone members numbers welcomed the 17% fall in the euro vs. the dollar, because their exports were cheaper and more price competitive. What is there not to like about that? As a result the bond vigilantes went into hiding, because they were afraid to go head to head with the Treasury and the Fed. This wasn’t the old days when these entities did not rig the markets. This was today, when they rig every market 24/7, under the Executive Order that created “The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.” This is a page out of the national Socialist handbook of Germany in the 1930s. Government and markets by regulation known as corporatist fascism aided by collectivist Keynesian economics. The result has been 17 months of net financial inflows, part of which was aided by the Fed in their secret offshore operations. It is no wonder they do not want to be audited and investigated. Now we are back to square one again. We announced two months ago that QE2 was on the way, but as usual few were listening. Monetization is the name of the game.

Quantitative easing will put the American public at ease, at least temporarily. They do not realize it but the American and world economies are in a deliberate state of slow collapse. Yes, the Fed has created a terrible mess. They have been totally unprofessional and reckless. The result has been, even after five quarters, averaging 3-1/4% growth, sales of new and used homes are dismal with no hope in sight for improvement, unemployment just under its highs, record debt, slight wage increases, lost purchasing power due to inflation and few prospects for improvement. Inventory is all in place, so that can no longer be a plus.

What the Fed has been approaching since June is a “liquidity trap.” That is when loans are offered to business and they refuse to borrow. They stop using credit because they question the future of the economy, their government and the specter of new taxes in the future. Money and credit is available, but few want to assume the risks to borrow.

Between stimulus and federal government hiring there has been nothing sustainable about the economy. It’s on federal life support with assistance from the Fed.

The Great Bond Market Crash of 2010 ~ link ~ OK, maybe it hasn't really crashed yet. But the two day, 3 ½ point sell off in the futures for the 30 year Treasury bond (TBT), at the end of last week was the sharpest drop in 18 months. Winston Churchill's great 1942 quote, which marked the turning of the tide for Britain in WWII, comes to mind. "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

The Brewing Crisis in Rare Earth Elements ~ link ~ As economists focus on the Sacred GDP number, which must remain positive to maintain the statistical recovery myth, there is another crisis brewing in the world of crucial resources. In yesterday's post Energy Consumption And Progress, I alluded to the Age of Resource Competition. Today this competition is most evident in the production of rare earth elements—

There are 17 rare earth elements (REEs). They have names like lanthanum, europium and yttrium. And they're critical to a variety of high-tech products and manufacturing processes, including catalytic converters, petroleum refining, color TV and flat panel displays, permanent magnets, batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, medical devices, and various defense systems like missiles, jet engines, and satellite components.

About 124,000 metric tons of REEs were produced in 2009, with worldwide demand during this period estimated to be 134,000 metric tons — the difference have been made up from existing stockpiles. By 2012, worldwide demand is expected to reach 180,000 metric tons while mining operations are not expected to keep up with demand in the near term.

Unrepentant Tony Blair calls for Iran Attack ~ link ~ Once a satanic war whore always a satanic war whore!

Tony Blair's Autobiography: He still can't see the scale of his crimes ~ link ~ Everything about the man is phony, he is a living lie.

Brown allies describe Blair criticism as 'one-sided' ~ link ~
In his memoirs, Mr Blair said his successor was "maddening" and suggested Labour lost power because Mr Brown backed away from reforms he had begun.

Former deputy leader Lord Prescott said Mr Brown had faced the worst financial crisis in generations.

Two Labour leadership candidates also criticized Mr Blair's account.

Top Russian spy chief's body washes up "after swimming accident" ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that this was no accident and that we are unlikely to ever learn the truth.
The body of one of Russia?s top spies has washed up on the Turkish coast after he disappeared close to a sensitive Russian naval facility in neighbouring Syria.
Major-General Yuri Ivanov, 52, was the deputy head of Russia’s foreign military intelligence arm known as GRU which is thought to operate the biggest network of foreign spies out of all of Russia’s clandestine intelligence services.

Lost Gold of Tsars 'found in the world's deepest lake' ~ link ~
A RUSSIAN mini-submarine may have found billions of pounds worth of lost gold in a Siberian lake, it was revealed yesterday.

Explorers have long searched for lost Tsarist treasures dating from the Bolshevik Revolution, when forces loyal to the deposed royal family fled the advancing Red Army.

Legend has it that 1,600 tons of gold – which could now be worth billions of pounds – was lost when anti-Communist commander Admiral Alexander Kolchak’s train plunged into Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake.

Last year, parts of a train and ammunition boxes were found.

And in recent days, the Mir-2 submersible has discovered “shiny metal objects” 1,200 feet below the surface at Cape Tolstoy. “Deep-sea vehicles found rectangular blocks with a metallic gleam, like gold,” said one source.

Explorers attempted to grab hold of the blocks with a manipulator arm but failed because of loose gravel on the bottom of the lake. Sources say that the submariners know the exact spot and are planning a new mission to determine if they have found the gold.

The Moscow News independent newspaper yesterday ran a story on the find, with the headline: “Lost gold of the Whites found in Baikal”. The story described the lost gold as “one of the great mysteries” of the Russian Revolution.

If the treasure has been found, it could spark an ugly scramble between the Russian state, descendents of the last tsar, Nicholas II, and nations – possibly including Britain – that could argue they are owed outstanding debts by the fallen Romanov throne.

The Geek's Guide to Hurricane Tracking ~ link

Could Sinabung eruption be start of more? ~ link

Indonesian volcano erupts for first time in 400 years ~ link

Super Capacitor Could Power Phone and Laptops for Days ~ link

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