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Day 114
of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

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We are the first in the World to break the story of the Loop Current failing and the Gulf Stream beginning to break apart as well. We have several stories on this grave danger to the entire planet on our subscription news video service. To take a subscription and view these news videos and future ones go to the above Clay & Iron and NutriMedical sites.

The word Macondo, as in the Macondo well at the BP oil disaster, in Haitian means "the Devil's food".

Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current Dying - Loop Current in Gulf of Mexico Already Dead: Extreme heat/drought in Russia, Flooding in Asia, Killing Cold in South America - All Connected To BP Oil Disaster - updated ~ link ~ Please post links to this article to as many sites as you can, and send a copy to friends. The mainstream news media has not been carrying this very important story.

Why is the weather acting so extreme around the world? MSM will not show you this - video ~ link ~ A viewer of this news blog made this YouTube video!

Ice Age 4 - Dawn of the BP Oil Disaster - Gulf Stream (the loop) going, going, gone!! - video ~ link ~ link ~ Hip but scary.

Gulf Oil - Urgent Gulf Loop Current Changing - video ~ link ~ link ~ Dr. Bill Deagle interviewing Dr. Gianiuigi Zangari

Additional videos on BP Climate Change Nightmare ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~Also see the following for a better understanding of the science involved: ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Global Changes from the Dying Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current

Hyderabad shores up dam defenses as Pakistan floods surge south ~ link ~
Pakistani engineers shored up river defenses in Hyderabad, the country’s sixth-largest city, as flood waters poured south, leaving behind a trail of unprecedented destruction.

“Our protective arrangements are all in place,” said Abdul Qadir Paleejo, executive engineer at the Kotri Barrage, a dam spanning the Indus River 8 kilometers (5 miles) northwest of the industrial city of 1.6 million people in Sindh province. "We have strengthened our embankments and protective walls."

More rains are expected in the next 24 hours in central Punjab province and in the northwest, the worst-hit region and from where a wave of water has descended on Pakistan’s economic heartland, Muhammad Riaz, the chief meteorologist in Karachi, said by phone.

Gulf Oil Disaster fulfills Bible and Hopi prophecy - video ~ link

China braces for more floods as heavy rains predicted ~ link ~ link ~ Survivors of the landslides in north-western China are braced for further misery as forecasters predict more heavy rains.

At least 1,117 people died when mud and debris swept through Zhouqu, in Gansu province, late on Saturday night and more than 600 are missing. There is little hope of finding more survivors among what are thought to be the hundreds who were buried alive in metres of sludge.

The 10,000 rescue and relief workers are continuing to search for bodies but attention is turning to the threat of disease.

Crews in protective suits have sprayed chemical disinfectant across the ground and over machinery. State media has reported numerous cases of dysentery and warned of a serious shortage of drinking water, with most local sources destroyed or polluted.

Soaring food prices hit Pakistan ~ link ~ Food prices have skyrocketed in Pakistan at the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, after vast stretches of crops were destroyed by flooding.

The rising prices threaten to amplify misery in a country where many residents were already mired in poverty before some of the country's worst flooding in 80 years struck.

The prices of basic items such as tomatoes, onions, potatoes and squash have in some cases quadrupled in recent days, putting them out of reach for many Pakistanis.

At least 1.4 million acres of crops were destroyed in Punjab, the breadbasket of Pakistan, according to the United Nations.

Putin slashes Russia's grain harvest forecast ~ link ~ I am becoming concerned about the various regions whose grain production is down. Parts of Canada are showing reduced crops, Russia, China, etc.

Fresh rains threaten China landslide rescue effort ~ link ~

Rescue workers in Zhouqu, China, 11 August 2010

Heavy rain has hit the county in north-western China that was devastated by landslides, as the death toll from Saturday's disaster continues to rise.

Officials said the number of people known to have died in Zhouqu, when mud and rocks engulfed buildings, now stood at 1,117, with 627 others missing.

Forecasters have warned three more days of rain lie ahead for the remote area, prompting fears of further landslides.

Meanwhile, experts have arrived there to help prevent an outbreak of disease.

Co-pilot Putin helps put out Russia's wildfires ~ link ~ Prime Minister Vladimir Putin climbed into a firefighting plane Tuesday and dumped water on two of the hundreds of wildfires sweeping through western Russia and cloaking Moscow in a suffocating smog.

Putin has been a very visible leader in the battle against the fires, which have caused billions of dollars in damage and left thousands homeless in the past two weeks. He has demanded that soldiers help overstretched firefighting brigades and has walked through smoldering villages, consoling residents and promising them new homes by fall.

But with his once sky-high approval ratings dropping - and sociologists warning that discontent could grow as the fires and a severe drought take their toll - Putin has not let up.

He took off Tuesday in a Be-200 firefighting plane and then moved into the copilot's seat. Television footage showed him pushing a button to unleash water on blazing forest fires about 120 miles (200 kilometers) southeast of Moscow.

After hitting the button, Putin glanced toward the pilot and asked, "Was that OK?"

The response: "A direct hit!"

The stunt was classic Putin. In past years, he has copiloted a fighter jet, ridden a horse bare-chested in Siberia and descended to the bottom of Lake Baikal in a mini-sub. Just last month he drove a Harley Davidson motorcycle to a biker rally.

Temperatures continue well below average in Southern California ~ link ~ Besides those areas (Central/Eastern Europe, large parts of Asia, southern South America) that are experiencing really strange horrible weather, many other areas are having unusual weather. A large part of America (including Indiana where I live) are having a very hot summer. How much of this is connected to the dramatic changes brought on by the dying Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Current and that effect on global weather (including the Jet Stream) and how much is just more or less normal activity is hard to tell. But some strange stuff is going on, that's for sure.

It hasn't been the coolest summer on record, but it's been close, forecasters say.

The average temperature in July was 79 degrees, five degrees below normal, and the first eight days of this month also have been five to six degrees below normal, weather experts said.

That could put Southern California on track for a near-record-low summer, but it's still too early to say, according to weather experts. The Los Angeles area, in fact, has had below-normal temperatures every month since April.

Gulf Oil Disaster
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Tropical Depression Five ~ link ~ This storm could hit New Orleans.

Governor Jindal declares "state of emergency" for story - Stormy if ungraded would be Tropical Storm Danielle ~ link ~ With all the oil in the Gulf any bad storm could be a disaster. However, the dramatically changed global weather patters have turned this year, which was suppose to be a really bad year for hurricanes according to all the experts, into one of the most tame years on record. This is a rare good thing from the "elephant effect" of the BP Oil Disaster causing the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current to begin dying as the Loop Current has already died.

America's Gulf of Mexico - A Toxic Crime Scene ~ link ~ Worth the read.

SE Florida sees large number and types of fish floating dead in the ocean ~ link ~ This is not from the Gulf area, but from the Atlantic side, the side that the Florida Current runs. The Florida Current becomes the Gulf Stream at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

From the NOAA website: This animation show simulated oil spill evolutions based on NCOM at a depth of 200 meters from April 20-June 28 (Though the fishkill was reported at a depth of 200 feet, 200 meters is the closest available approximation):

Same as above, but for, July 1 -14, 2010 (No more recent information available from NOAA):

You will also notice that the Loop Current is not working is dead!

Feds: "We do not know the status of the annulus, OK?" ~ link

Eye of Tropical Storm projected to hit BP blow-out site by evening ~ link~ It is not even a full Tropical Storm yet, it is a weak unorganized system at this point.

Coming Third World War News

Israeli PM Netanyahu defends actions on Gaza ~ link ~ Head fox insists that chickens really wanted fox raid on their henhouse. That foxes were simply thinning the herd and that is a good thing for those few chickens still alive.

USS Truman Super-Carrier Battle Group opposite Hormuz as "Iranian threats spiral" ~ link ~ This is from a Israeli site, the threats talked about are mostly minor. It is the threats not talked about that are VERY DANGEROUS, like the Iranian Advanced Biowar Strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) Counter-Force.

Russia deploys S-300 Air Defense missile system in Abkhazia ~ link ~ Making the cost of any attack on them much higher.

Russia has deployed sophisticated air defence missiles in Georgia's pro-Moscow rebel region of Abkhazia, the air force commander said Wednesday, in a move that risks stoking tensions with Tbilisi.

"We have deployed the S-300 system on the territory of Abkhazia," air force commander-in-chief General Alexander Zelin said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies.

"Its role will be anti-aircraft defence of the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in cooperation with the air defence systems of the army," he said.

Georgia insists that Abkhazia and South Ossetia are an integral part of its territory but Russia in 2008 recognised the two regions as independent after its war with Tbilisi.

"The task of these air defence systems is not only to cover the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia but to avert violations of state borders in the air," he added.

Columbia and Venezuela restore diplomatic relations ~ link ~ Some good news for once. Maybe these two leaders decided that they did not want to be a war theater in the coming global WWIII.
Hugo Chavez (left) and Juan Manuel Santos in Santa Marta, 10 August 2010

Mr Chavez cut ties last month after Colombia accused Venezuela of harbouring left-wing rebels.

But at a meeting in the Colombian city of Santa Marta, the two leaders agreed to relaunch bilateral relations.

They admitted personal differences, but said they were putting them aside in the interest of both nations.

The two leaders met in the house where Simon Bolivar - a South American independence hero and Mr Chavez's idol - died in 1830.

Once again, is the West's Frankenstein out of control? ~ link ~ While Israel demolishes Palestinian homes and expropriates the properties of absent Palestinians by forcibly expelling them from their homes, it demands that Arab countries return the possessions of the Jews who used to live in them. It expels African children from Israel so that it remains ‘Jewish and white’. Reading Mya Guarnieri’s article “children are just Israel’s latest victims” in The Guardian (July 20, 2010) makes you disgusted at a policy that does not give value to any human being or any human relationship. What makes you angry is that such a policy receives support and funding from most western countries which never tire of talking about human rights and freedom.

I once wrote that Israel is the 20th-century Frankenstein invented by the west. Has this Frankenstein gone beyond the control of its western creators? Or, is there still no sufficient conviction of its danger to others, to itself, and ultimately to the entire world?

US Arms Bonanza in the Middle East ~ link ~

Two of the United States’ closest allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are on the brink of signing large arms deals with the US in a move designed to ratchet up the pressure on Iran, according to defence analysts.

America has agreed to sell Saudi Arabia 84 of the latest model of the F-15 jet and dozens of Black Hawk helicopters. The deal also includes refurbishing many of the kingdom’s older F-15s, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Israel is believed to have opposed the $30 billion deal. However, in a concession to Israel, the new F-15s, made by the Boeing Company, will not be equipped with the latest weapons and avionics systems available to the US military.

The last such major arms sale by the US to Saudi Arabia was in 1992, when the kingdom received 72 F-15s. On that occasion, Israel tried to block the $9bn deal by lobbying the US Congress, straining relations with the White House of George H W Bush.

Meanwhile, the US is preparing to provide Israel’s air force with the F-35, the latest jet fighter made by Lockheed Martin, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported last week.

The F-35’s stealth technology, which allows it to evade radar detection and anti-aircraft missiles, comes with a hefty price tag of up to $150 million a plane -- a cost that Israel had been balking at.

Prison Planet interviews David Icke - video ~ link ~ Good one.

Iran navy produces armed copy of Bladerunner 51 speedboat ~ link ~ I am not impressed, unless they have a few HUNDRED of these. The US Navy will simply sink them as fast as they leave port, or before.
Iran navy produces armed copy of Bladerunner 51 speedboat

Iraq needs US military support until 2020 ~ link ~
Translation: The high bucks 'gravy train' that is the Iraqi War needs to continue so that the war profiteers can continue to reap in the money!

Ramadan 2010 Begins ~ link ~
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims pray around the Kaaba inside the Grand Mosque during Ramadan in Mecca

Other News

US is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It ~ link ~ Of course the US is bankrupt. We have a fractional reserve banking system owned by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other global banking families. They intend to end up owning everything with a dramatically reduced population acting as little more that surfs in their long-sought high-tech global police state, the New World Order.

IMF Report Promotes World Currency ~ link ~ Long a desire of the global banking families.

Democrats and Advocacy Groups Blast Cuts to Food Stamps ~ link ~ The important thing is that the bankers got their $17 TRILLION "bail out" money ... NOT.

With 20%+ unemployment - Obama Administration issues over 1 million Green Cards ~ link ~ Killing America for his masters, the global banking cartel/families, who want to create their sick demonic New World Order out of the mess.

Scientists find new superbug spreading from India ~ link ~
A surgeon and his assistant perform cosmetic surgery inside a hospital operation theater in Mumbai May 9, 2008. REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe

Researchers said on Wednesday they had found a new gene called New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase, or NDM-1, in patients in South Asia and in Britain.

NDM-1 makes bacteria highly resistant to almost all antibiotics, including the most powerful class called carbapenems, and experts say there are no new drugs on the horizon to tackle it.

With international travel in search of cheaper healthcare increasing, particularly for procedures such as cosmetic surgery, Timothy Walsh, who led the study, said he feared the new superbug could soon spread across the globe.

"At a global level, this is a real concern," Walsh, from Britain's Cardiff University, said in telephone interview.

"Because of medical tourism and international travel in general, resistance to these types of bacteria has the potential to spread around the world very, very quickly. And there is nothing in the (drug development) pipeline to tackle it."

Almost as soon as the first antibiotic penicillin was introduced in the 1940s, bacteria began to develop resistance to its effects, prompting researchers to develop many new generations of antibiotics.

But their overuse and misuse have helped fuel the rise of drug-resistant "superbug" infections like methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA).

New superbug could make antibiotics 'redundant' ~ link ~ link ~

New superbug could make antibiotics 'redundant'

Speed cameras in UK set to be switched off ~ link ~ Good, about time!

Stone Age remains are Britain's earliest house ~ link ~ Actually, the earliest house found so far.

Thousands of online banking customers have accounts emptied by 'most dangerous trojan virus ever created' ~ link ~
Out of action: The new trojan virus can empty bank accounts without their owners knowing about the theft

Thousands of British online banking customers have fallen victim to a sophisticated attack by cyber criminals who have stolen thousands of pounds from their accounts.

About 3,000 online banking customers have been victims of a computer virus attack that empties their accounts while showing them fake statements so the scam goes undetected.

Experts have described the attack using a 'trojan' virus as the most sophisticated and dangerous malware program ever created.

Why Are Feminists Surprised Their Daughters Are Sluts? ~ link


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