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Day 102
of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

Photo gallery of BP Oil Disaster ~ link

Photos of wildlife of the Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster Tracker ~ link

Corexit is Killing the Gulf - Part I - video ~ link ~ Part II ~ link

Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

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We are the first in the World to break the story of the Loop Current failing and the Gulf Stream beginning to break apart as well. We have several stories on this grave danger to the entire planet on our subscription news video service. To take a subscription and view these news videos and future ones go to the above Clay & Iron and NutriMedical sites.

Special Report: Dr. Bill Deagle and I were able to break the story, about two weeks ago, that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has broken down due to the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. We have established that the scientific data that supports this, also establishes that the Loop Current (or what is left of it) has not behaved in the manner in which it now does for at least the last ten years.

Dr. Zangari of the prestigious Frascati National Laboratories of Italy has now reported to us that satellite based scientific data confirms that the surface temperature of the Gulf Stream, itself, has dropped 10 degrees Celsius since last year, and that the velocity of the Gulf Stream has dropped 50% since last year. A ten degree Celsius drop in a large part of the North Atlantic Ocean is a massive drop in one year! Further, the reduction by half or so in the velocity of the Gulf Stream is perhaps even more shocking and important.

This is the most important story that I have ever been involved in. This is of profound planetary importance. The Gulf Stream is the heat exchange system, which begins in the Caribbean with the Loop Current, that heats the Norther Hemisphere and keeps Europe/Asia/North America from going into another Ice Age.

The current pattern of a most unusual Russian heat wave/drought with heat waves in Japan and other parts of Asia, floods in large parts of China, and record breaking cold temperatures in South America is indicative of a global disturbance in the planet's temperature regulatory systems. This is a early result of what is happening in the Loop Current and the Gulf Stream, rather like the early stages shown in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Here is a audio of the joint national radio talk show ~ link

Gulf Loop Current destroyed by Corexit and crude oil.

Figure 1. Gulf Stream velocities one week ago: Thursday 15 July 2010

Figure 4. Gulf Stream velocities four weeks ago: Thursday 24 June 2010

Gulf Stream. This information is not good.

New BP CEO: Time for 'scaleback' in cleanup ~ link ~ We are so being screwed by BP, the Obama Administration and the mainstream news media.

Bottom Line: Feds Don't have a "good idea" about where the oil is or how much there is ~ link

Reporter locates significant amount of oil on and below surface heading toward land - BP and Feds no where to be found ~ link

Feds now less certain on why wellhead pressure is low? Now say general consensus is it's PROBABLY DEPLETION ~ link ~ BULLSHIT!

Israel Threatens Lebanon ~ link ~ The Netanyahu government is a threat to the entire world.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in a July 23 interview with The Washington Post, spelled it out:

“I think that they're [the Lebanese government] responsible for what happens and if it happens that Hezbollah will shoot into Tel Aviv, we will not run after each Hezbollah terrorist or launcher of some rocket in all Lebanon. We'll see the government of Lebanon responsible for what happens, and for what happens within its government, its body politic, and its arsenal of munitions. And we will see it as legitimate to hit any target that belongs to the Lebanese state, not just to the Hezbollah. And somehow, we are not looking for it. I am not threatening.” [emphasis added]

Recent events belie Barak’s last two claims. Indeed, Israel is doing its best to goad, prod and provoke Hezbollah into firing that one rocket that can be used as pretext to wage all-out war and avenge their July 2006 invasion disaster:

· Military surveillance flights over Lebanon violate the country’s airspace and sovereignty daily.

· In mid-July, an Israeli patrol crossed the border into Lebanon and attempted to abduct a shepherd.

· A week later, an Israeli vessel fired artillery rounds at a Lebanese fishing boat located within Lebanese territorial waters.

· Israel ’s designs on Lebanon ’s offshore gas reserves and the prospect of using force to secure them has been recently discussed, as has evidence suggesting their involvement in the Hariri assassination.

Barak clearly intimates that any war Israel wages will not spare civilian lives or infrastructure, as Gaza will testify. In fact, he simply reiterated what has become known as the “Dahiya Doctrine.”

In an October 2008 interview with Yedioth Ahronoth , Israel Defense Forces Northern District Commander Major General Gadi Eisenkott explained it:

“What happened in the Dahiya Quarter of Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which shots are fired on Israel . We will use disproportionate force against it and we will cause immense damage and destruction. From our point of view these are not civilian villages but military bases. This is not a recommendation, this is the plan, and it has already been authorized.”

The Dahiya Doctrine: a strategy used to justify collective punishment and the commission of war crimes, and an existential threat to present-day Lebanon .

Iran sets major military ex cerise - Ahmadinejad sees war by no later than November ~ link

US withdraws 'pain ray' weapon from Afghan War zone ~ link ~
Tested in Afghanistan, but ready for the American people in times to come.

End Middle East wars to Spur US Economy ~ link ~
Of course, the big reason local and state governments are broke is because the Federal government---which is siphoning off more than $2 trillion annually from the public--- is fleecing taxpayers for its wars. As a result, broke taxpayers are voting down bond issues for needed local improvements. They don’t have any money left to fund them. Schools are being built in Iraq, not Iowa.

About 54 cents of every dollar spent by the Feds last year went for past and present conflicts, says the pacifist War Resisters League of New York. Put another way, Washington spends more for war each year than all 50 state governments combined spend for the health, education, safety and general welfare of 308 million Americans.

In 2008, for example, the states collected $781 billion in taxes, according to the Tax Foundation of Washington, D.C. And that’s, essentially, to run the entire United States. For a rough comparison, the Pentagon this year, says Wikipedia, will spend between $880 billion and $1 trillion on war----more than the next high-spending 45 countries combined.

It now costs $1.1 million a year to keep a soldier in Afghanistan, according to The New York Times of July 25th. While some of this money flows back into America in point of fact a number of non-military outlays do more to stimulate the American economy in terms of jobs created and wages and benefits, studies show. If Congress wants to get America moving, morals aside, it’s far better off investing our taxes in education, health care, transportation, and construction than in war.


Anonymous said...

oil spill can be controlled
so, ice age can be controlled

swine flue didn't reduce human population - (it can be controlled too, but people refuse to take vaccine)

oil_spill/ice_age is perfect tool to kill exact number of people

when enough people die, just stop oil spill and ice age stop, gulf stream will start again, and warm weather will come

Michael Cecil said...

10 Centigrade degrees is what?

About 18 Fahrenheit degrees?

And the ice age was caused by a drop of only 7 Fahrenheit degrees?

Looks like trouble to me.

Sven Z. said...

@ Michael Cecil: 10 °C is exactly 18 °F. ;)

Two things I want to bring to y'all's attention this way:

- -- Pure British bullshit...

- -- New creative ways of funding the machinery...