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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Day 83 of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

Photo gallery of BP Oil Disaster ~ link

Photos of wildlife of the Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster Tracker ~ link

Corexit is Killing the Gulf - Part I - video ~ link ~ Part II ~ link

Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

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Photos of the BP Oil Disaster - The World's largest environmental disaster to date ~ link

Intel Supercomputers say BP Oil will spread up the East Coast ~ link ~
As BP (BP) has struggled to cap the gushing Deepwater Horizon well for the past three months and tens of millions of gallons of oil have escaped into the Gulf of Mexico, scientists have speculated how far the spilled hydrocarbons would range from the initial disaster site.

Complex models crunched on supercomputers suggest that the oil will wash not only ashore on the West Coast of Florida but will also reach much of the entire Eastern Seaboard of the U.S.

Two teams of researchers, from the University of Hawaii and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), have relied on some of the planet's fastest supercomputers to compile these models, which take into account myriad factors including tides, currents, winds, water temperatures and the relative weights of oil versus water.

Schlumberger's secret "smoking oil rig" documents ~ link ~
Oil drilling industry inside sources have reported to WMR that “smoking gun” documents, including what are known as “mud logs” are being kept at the Tulsa, Oklahoma headquarters of Schlumberger Oilfield Services.

Mud logging entails the detailed analysis of rocky material and sediment from a borehole for signs and pressure levels and types of gas being encountered during the drilling process. Mud logging is always carried out by a third party and in the case of the Deepwater Horizon, this function was performed by Schlumberger.

Hours before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Schlumberger engineers detected an increase in gas pressures as BP sank a bore to an unprecedented depth of 35,055 feet below sea level. It is clear that their warnings about an impending disaster were ignored by BP supervisors and the evidence of BP’s criminal malfeasance sits in a secured room at Schlumberger’s offices in Tulsa.

Loop Current directly over oil gusher - Trouble for Florida ~ link

Israeli Navy on alert as Libyan Aid ship heads for Gaza ~ link ~ Man the torpedoes! Man the missile batteries! A dreaded small civilian unarmed ship carrying peace workers and food and medicine is coming! Only the insane and totally evil Netanyahu government could respond to efforts to supply the million and a half civilians in Gaza with food and medicine, the way the IDF has. That so many governments in the West are allowing such outrageous and illegal (under international law) behavior is reflective of the fact that the Israels, and their supporters, have bought off so many of the corrupt political classes and also that the global banking families want to use the Middle East to kick off WWIII.

Israeli official calls for Libyan Aid Ship to be sunk ~ link ~ This guy is a filthy pig! It is evil crazy racist nuts like him that will plunge the entire world into WWIII.

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said Sunday that the best way to handle the Libyan ship on its way to Gaza with humanitarian supplies was to sink it. The ship, he said, was “a threat to Israel's independence. In order to prevent a flood of hundreds of ships and thousands of refugees gathering on our borders, the ship must be sunk. Only thus will these people realize how 'crazy' we are about how we defend our rights. The damage will be short-term, but the benefit will be long-term,” he said.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: Only US military threats can stop Iran from making nukes ~ link ~ I have been saying for some time now, that dear old Bibi is the man most likely to begin a General Middle East War/Third World War/Armageddon. This guy is VERY BAD NEWS!


Netanyahu doubts Mideast peace deal possible by 2012 ~ link ~ Old 666 does not do peace very well, but he has lying, fraud, false flag ops, war, death and destruction down well.

Professor John Mearsheimer on Israel's Nukes, Espionage and its Impact on the US ~ link ~
One of the panelists was Professor John J. Mearsheimer, the co-author of “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Professor Mearsheimer said: “There is no accountability for Israel on any issue!” He referenced Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, the killing of peace and justice activist Rachel Corrie, the Goldstone report and Israel’s recent assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. He sees the internet as a game-changer in Middle East politics; He also mentions the historical opposition within the US national security establishment to Israel acquiring nuclear weapons which is not deemed in the US national interest. “Things are really bad now”, he concludes, “but I’m sad to say they’re only going to get worse”

Rev. Lindsey Williams on coming war with Iran and BP Oil Disaster - audio ~ link

The Siege against Gaza: America's Ongoing Support of Israeli Military and Intelligence Operations ~ link

Thousands of Orthodox Jews Protest Netanyahu and the State of Israel ~ link ~

How the Mossad Tricked US Into Bombing Libya ~ link

Moscow to have Iran's Bushehr reactor up and running by September ~ link

Liberman's settlement bars Russian-Israeli families from buying homes ~ link ~ Hyper-racism mixed in with crackpot religious beliefs.

The Nokdim secretariat ruled two weeks ago to bar non-Jewish Russian-Israelis from buying homes in the small Bethlehem-area settlement where Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman makes his home. The decision came after a frenzied debate between residents over whether the entry of individuals not considered Jewish by religious law would lead to "assimilation" or improper behavior on the part of veteran residents and their children.

The current fracas was sparked after a number of families of Russian origin applied to be accepted in the community. In each of the families, at least one member is not Jewish according to halakha, or religious law. Nokdim is a mixed community of religious and secular Israelis, both native and Russian-speaking, in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc southeast of Jerusalem.

"The biggest problem is that if you accept 10 families in which the mother isn't Jewish, then soon there will be 30 children, and tomorrow your son could fall in love with the good-looking girl next door. It's a real problem," Heiman said.

"It's difficult enough with the dozens of terrorists who enter each morning," added Nokdim resident Amit Gruen, in apparent reference to Palestinians employed in home construction in the settlement.

"We have to separate ourselves from the gentiles in commerce and everything else - particularly when it comes to living with them. It could lead to assimilation or idol worship; it opens the door to all kinds of trouble. They might lead us into committing offenses that Jews normally don't do, like idolatry and incest and all kinds of other perversions. That's why we have no place for them here," he said.

"In principle, the fact that they serve in the army is a problem. They must not serve in the army - the fact that the state brought them over doesn't mean a thing. Just as it brought them over, it can send them back to their own countries," Gruen said.

The Drums of War? Pentagon Provokes New Crisis With China ~ link ~ There are very powerful global forces that are arranging a Third World War and they intend that it begin soon. WWIII will have several war theaters and China will be a key "player".

Three news features appearing earlier this week highlight tensions between the United States and the People's Republic of China that, at least in relation to the language used to describe them, would have seemed unimaginable even a few months ago and are evocative more of the Korean War era than of any time since the entente cordiale initiated by the Richard Nixon-Mao Zedong meeting in Beijing in 1972.

To indicate the seriousness of the matter, the stories are from Global Times, a daily newspaper published in conjunction with the People's Daily, official press organ of the ruling Communist Party of China, and Time, preeminent American weekly news magazine. Both accounts use as their point of departure and source of key information a July 4 report in Hong Kong's major English-language daily.

On July 6 writer Li Jing penned a news article for Global Times called "US subs reach Asian ports: report," which detailed the following recent developments:

"Three of the largest submarines of the US Seventh Fleet surfaced in Asia-Pacific ports last week, the South China Morning Post reported Monday [July 5]. The appearance of the USS Michigan in Pusan, South Korea, the USS Ohio in Subic Bay, the Philippines, and the USS Florida in the strategic Indian Ocean outpost of Diego Garcia was a show of force not seen since the end of the Cold War, the paper said, adding that the position of those three ports looks like a siege of China."

The piece from the Hong Kong newspaper cited was entitled "US submarines emerge in show of military might: Message unlikely to be lost on Beijing as 3 vessels turn up in Asian ports," and was in fact dated July 4.

The author, South China Morning Post Asia correspondent Greg Torode, described the simultaneous arrival of three "Ohio-class submarines" equipped with "a vast quantity of Tomahawk cruise missiles" as a reflection of "the trend of escalating submarine activity in East Asia...."

He further added this noteworthy data: "Between them, the three submarines can carry 462 Tomahawks, boosting by an estimated 60 per cent-plus the potential Tomahawk strike force of the entire Japanese-based Seventh Fleet - the core projection of US military power in East Asia."

The author quotes without identifying his name or nation a veteran Asian military attache with reported close ties to both Chinese and U.S. military officials: "460-odd Tomahawks is a huge amount of potential firepower in anybody's language.

Thompson wrote that the coordinated actions were "part of a policy by the U.S. government to shift firepower from the Atlantic to the Pacific theater, which Washington sees as the military focus of the 21st century."

New logo for CNN? ~ link ~

U$ Congress united in its support of Israel,
says Republican minority whip ~ link ~ Too bad they are also not united in their support of America and the American people.

U.S. Republicans and Democrats differ on nearly every issue in the U.S. Congress but are united in their support of Israel, Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) told a congregation of U.S. Jews on Saturday.

Speaking at The Hampton Synagogue in Long Island, the Republican minority whip characterized the current U.S. Congress as one of the most divided in recent memory.

But despite its many differences with regard to foreign and domestic matters, said Cantor, the Congress stands united on one issue: support for Israel and its vital interests.

Cantor, who is the highest ranking Jewish member in the Republican Party, attended the synagogue as a guest of Rabbi Marc Schneier. Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger was also present for the Sabbath services.

Obama spokesman says Democrats could lose House ~ link ~ OK, then what? The sad reality is that the Democrats and the Republicans are the 'flip side of the same coin'. 90% of the American political class at the national level (the Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet and sub-cabinet officers, etc.) are bought-and-paid for political whores who day in and day out sell out the nation to global banking interests, to Israel, to whichever corporation can dump the most money into their laps. We need a radical reshaping of the way the nation's business is conducted in Washington and we desperately need a return to Christian morality.

Russian spies get quick 'justice' while Wall Street criminals remain at large with few prosecutions ~ link ~ In reality the Wall Street criminals are totally serving the strategy and plans of the global banking families, so they are not touched and the poison that they spread continues unabated.

Fingerprints now required
at state parks in California ~ link
~ A popular skate park in Poway unveiled a new security measure Friday that is being met with some opposition.At the Poway Skate Park, surveillance cameras capture the every move of every visitor. Additionally, motion detectors are also present and a wrought iron fence surrounds the park. Some visitors said the security measures are a bit much.

How easy it is for peaceful people to violate the Patriot Act ~ link

More and more Americans preparing for social unrest ~ link ~ It makes sense you know to be prepared and not to count on the corrupt jerks that make up most of the government.

Ain't No Money in Being Productive ~ link ~ A great article, show just how perverted the globalists have made our economy and industrial systems.

There ain’t no money in being productive. The only money to be made is in feasting upon the carcass of this once great nation.

Seriously. Think about it. What sector of the economy is making serious money right now? The banking industry. And how do they make money? By taking funds from the fed at near 0% interest rates and then doing a couple of things. They can lend it to the Federal Government at interest and make money on the spread. They can trade in the stock market for their own account; a rigged game with their nano second front running at the expense of their retail & wholesale customers. All of the majors had a perfect quarter last quarter meaning they had no trading day losses. Easy to do if you know in advance what everyone else is going to do.

Let’s take it back a step in time. Let’s take it back to the vulture capitalists. Do you know they make their money? By being a brilliant capitalist? That’s what they would want you to believe. No, they make money by using borrowed money to buy family owned businesses, saddling the company with debt, taking a multi million dollar fee from the borrowed money for doing so, operating the company for a while and then selling it on for a larger amount to someone else using borrowed money saddling the company with more debt, and taking out a profit in the transaction. Brilliant, right? Depends. If you are the vulture, you get a nice check. If you are the worker at the company, you eventually lose your job as the company closes because the company could no longer service the debt payments. In other words extracting money from the carcass of productivity. Geniuses, all and they are worshiped as gods of capitalism.

Somewhere along the line, things became horribly mixed up. Money became commerce. Money is not commerce. Money is what enables commerce. Pops told me a long time ago that this country started to go to hell when General Motors got out of the business of making cars and into the business of making money. “They have it backwards” he would say.

Until we can get away from the idea that money is commerce, the primary and secondary economies shall continue to grind to a halt and there shall be immense pain for the country.

Spain Triumphs in World Cup ~ link

Historians locate King Arthur's Round Table ~ link ~ The castle in Scotland that I owned for years is said to have been a summer fort of King Arthur making it one of the historic sites of Camelot - maybe, it was a long time ago and the records are few and far between. I still have one of the baronies there for sale ~ link
King Arthur's Round Table

Do sweeteners bring on early birth? How fizzy drinks can harm an unborn child ~ link ~

Pregnant woman

'Barefoot Bandit's' 2-year run from the law is over ~ link

Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span ~ link

Global Warming NOT ~ link ~ link


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