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Day 82 of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

Photo gallery of BP Oil Disaster ~ link

Photos of wildlife of the Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster Tracker ~ link

Corexit is Killing the Gulf - Part I - video ~ link ~ Part II ~ link

Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

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NUKE THE WELL - Top expert says if the well casing is gone nuclear device is only option - video ~ link ~ I have been saying this since early May!

Discovery of second pipe in Deepwater Horizon riser stirs debate among experts ~ link ~
This is actually highly indicative that the well casing is seriously damaged and may be effectively 'gone' due to the extreme high PSI (100,000 PSI) levels. This will mean that the relief well operation is pure nonsense and BP and the Obama Administration knows it.

The idea that a loose pipe shot up from deeper in the well and prevented the shear ram from closing has been espoused by such experts as oil industry investment banker Matt Simmons and Bob Bea, a University of California at Berkeley engineer leading a scientific investigation into the blowout.

The Coast Guard's acknowledgement of the two metal tubes Friday -- and a subsequent reference by BP to its plans to tie the two pipes together as the company installs a new oil collection system over the shaved-off riser -- actually comes more than a month after the Department of Energy noted the existence of two pipes using special imaging technology. At the time, BP dismissed the Energy findings as "impossible" because only one pipe in sections was used for drilling, a Tribune News Service story reported last month.

US Coast Guard and BP now admit "MYSTERIOUS" second pipe stuck in remains of Deepwater Horizon's riser - Experts say this indicates casing is "dislodged" ~ link ~ NOTE that we have known this for about a month or so. They (BP and White House) continue to 'waltz us around the dance floor', telling us that this or that (Top Kill 2 or the relief wells) will solve the problem. They know that is a lie! This tells me that something far more evil is at work here.

2400 Canadian soldiers on 72-hour notice for deployment to US Gulf Coast ~ link ~
2400 Canadian Soldiers and the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment based in Edmonton Alberta are on a 72 Hour notice for deployment to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) frequently train with U.S. Army units including up to a 3 year secondment in the U.S. Military for Career Officers. The Canadian Engineer Regiment is often associated with the British SAS and their role in recent conflicts such as Bosnia and Afghanistan has seen them doing less reconstruction work and more urban pacification and counter insurgency operations.

Canada and the U.S. have signed an agreement that paves the way for the militaries from either nation to send troops across each other's borders during an emergency, but some are questioning why the Harper government has kept silent on the deal.

Neither the Canadian government nor the Canadian Forces announced the new agreement, which was signed Feb. 14 in Texas.

Top Kill 2: BP aims to "turn off" Gulf Oil "spill" spigot soon ~ link ~ Don't count on much from this. If it works, it will only get that which is gushing from the borewellhead not all of that from the seafloor near the wellhead area. It is more of BP's 'song and dance act' while America is being attacked by the global banking cartel.

A new containment cap could temporarily halt oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. BP's gambit could dramatically alter the arc of the Gulf oil spill drama. Critics are doubtful.

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen gave the thumbs-up Saturday to a proposal by BP to temporarily stop the runaway Macondo well now in its 80th day spewing up to 60,000 barrels of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico.

The maneuver requires the company's robot proxies at the bottom of the Gulf to remove the current containment cap, which was placed on the well last month and is siphoning up to 25,000 barrels of oil a day to ships on the surface. That means the geyser will gush unabated before the new cap is slipped over the top of the faulty blow-out preventer on the seafloor a mile beneath the Gulf. Also see ~ link ~ link ~

Six lessons from the BP Oil Disaster ~ link

FEMA: If storm hits expect oil to flood homes ~ link ~ Since most insurance policies will NOT cover this, it means that most home owners could see total destruction of their properties with only some or no payments from their insurance companies. This would be an economic disaster of an extreme historic nature for America.

Leaked Corexit Information ~ link

Hezbollah on high alert over concern Israel 'preparing something for us' ~ link ~ With the large Israeli military 'exercise' on-going on the Lebanon border and the recent pre-war meetings at the White House with the King of Saudi Arabia and then with Bibi 666 Netanyahu anything could happen at any time.

Stirrings of a New Push for Military Option on Iran ~ link ~ 'Stirrings' that originate deep in the bowels of HELL. Never overlook the spiritual dimensions to what is happening; some events simply do not make sense unless you view the over-arching spiritual aspect to human events.

Israel steps up bid to block aid ship bound for Gaza ~ link ~ The monsters that constitute the current Israeli government continue to show their asses to the world!
The Amalthea in Lavrio, 9 July

Turkey warns Israel of sanctions ~ link ~
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says his country reserves the right to apply unilateral sanctions on Israel over the Gaza-bound aid Flotilla killings.

"There is an action, a crime here. Turkey's demand is rather lucid. Since there is a death, the killing side is acknowledged and an international commission should be formed and make its decision with respect to this fact in the frame of objective provisions of law. If Israel does not want an international commission, then it has to acknowledge this crime, apologize, and pay compensation," Davutoglu said in an interview published in the Newsweek magazine on July 9.

The top Turkish diplomat made the comments after the recent Israeli attack on the aid fleet seeking to break the siege of Gaza Strip.

The deadly attack in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea claimed the lives of nine Turkish citizens.

California dockworkers reject meeting with Israeli consul ~ link ~ My oh my....some folks (unlike the bought-and-paid for political class) who Israel cannot buy off. Too bad!

Two weeks after the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in the San Francisco Bay Area joined with activists at the Port of Oakland to block the unloading of an Israeli Zim Lines cargo ship, the union reaffirmed its support of Palestinian rights despite pressure from the Israeli consulate and the Zionist-Israeli organization Stand With Us.

On 6 July, a group representing the Israeli consulate and Stand With Us attempted to pressure the ILWU Local 10 into withdrawing its protest of Israel's 31 May attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and its condemnation of the Gaza siege and wall in the West Bank. The groups had asked to address the ILWU Local 10's Executive Board at their regular meeting.

However, the local union members were not easily persuaded, and denied permission for the Israeli delegation to attend their meeting, according to a press release issued by Labor for Palestine (US) ("Oakland dockers stand firm as Israeli Consul seeks an audience," 7 July 2010).

The local's rejection of the meeting follows a request sent by the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) to the ILWU Local 10 Executive board, praising the union's historic action at the Port of Oakland on 20 June. The Palestinian trade union leaders also expressed deep concern that the Israeli consulate would command a meeting with the union in an attempt to coerce members out of their political stance on Palestinian human rights.

"Although we do not live in the United States, we find it highly unusual and somewhat uncustomary that a paid foreign representative of a racist and apartheid regime can demand and get a meeting with the executive board of a local union no less than the ILWU," stated the PGFTU.

"We humbly ask of you to hold steadfast in the face of backlash and revenge against your union. The call for a meeting with your union by a foreign paid emissary is intervening in the domestic affairs of local community grassroots action in the United States. Israel, an apartheid state, maintaining an illegal war against our people, should not be given the platform at your union house. That platform should be reserved for heroes who champion justice and equality for all. Please ask Mr. Tor to end his government's criminal actions and answer for the 40,000 people Israel killed during the multiple invasions and occupations of Lebanon, the massacres of Deir Yassin, Qibya, Sabra and Shatila, Jenin and Gaza. Like the Turkish nationals [killed on 31 May], the fallen have names, lives and families and worked in the most destitute of conditions. Our mission, like yours, is to bring dignity to our working people."

The Adoration of Bibi 666 Netanyahu ~ link ~

Obama and Netanyahu Plan Conflict NOT Resolution ~ link

Having Your Cake And Eating It Too ~ link ~
On late Saturday nights at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, a handful of regulars on the El Al flight to New York gather and wave to each other in recognition. They make this trans-Atlantic journey every week, returning each Friday morning to be home with their families for Shabbat. They belong to a small but growing subculture of mostly Orthodox American men who have moved with their families to Israel but have kept their jobs in the United States.

The group estimates that some 20 to 30 percent of the more than 16,000 Americans of working age who moved to Israel in the past five years are commuters. In cities like Raanana and Modiin, which are home to large Modern Orthodox American communities, there is a critical mass of such families. Danny Block, 46, a dentist who maintains his practice in Forest Hills, Queens and has done so for the past four years, though he says this is not a permanent situation. “The point is to live in Israel. I’m not doing it because I’m nuts.”

Among the “ultra-commuters,” as Block calls his tribe, are doctors, lawyers, real-estate brokers, school principals, and small-business owners who work all over the country, from Los Angeles to Baltimore.

Thousands defy curfew in India-held Kashmir ~ link ~ I expect to see a India vs Pakistan/China war theater to the coming Third World War. This theater is apt to be one that will see many hundreds of millions die from nuclear war and radiation poisoning. Keep in mind that when to Book of Revelation speaks of one-third dying of 'wormwood' it is most likely referring to the name of the Ukrainian village where a massive radiation event took place. The name of that village is Chernobyl which translates into Wormwood (and also to 'Bitterwood').

French Bettencourt affair heats up with raids, reports ~ link ~ Strong attempts are being made to save neocon Zionist Nicolas Sarkozy in this. The mainstream news media is not focusing on the fact that there is evidence to send Sarkozy to prison. If this was someone else, who was president, they would be 'all over this aspect of the story'.

UK Coalition tensions show as Lib Dem and Tory MSPs clash over rial line in Scotland ~ link ~
THE fault lines underneath the Lib-Con pact were exposed last night after a Lib-Dem MSP issued a fierce attack on a neighbouring Tory colleague, describing him as "stupid" and claiming he should be "ashamed" of his record on local affairs.

The ill-tempered spat broke out yesterday over long-standing plans for a new £300 million rail link to the Borders.

Why I'm certain my friend Dr. Kelly was murdered ~ link ~ I just can't believe that Tony Blair would have condoned something like that....just kidding.

British manhunt ends with death of murder suspect ~ link

EU Banking System on the Brink ~ link

Look Out Below: 'Baltic Dry Index' Is In FREEFALL ~ link ~

Baltic Dry Index Chart July 2010

Amnesty Will Cost US Taxpayers At Least $2.6 TRILLION ~ link ~ This is one more platinum coffin nail in America brought to you by the global banking families who own/control Obama and almost all of the American political class. They will allow a good fight over the issue but in they end they will succeed in doing what they intend to do.

The Senate is currently considering a massive immigration reform bill, the "Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and immigration Reform Act of 2007" (S. 1348). This bill would grant amnesty to nearly all illegal immigrants currently in the United States.

10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased ~ link

US Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threten Nicaragua ~ link ~
This is part of the coming Latin American war theater for WWIII.

After conducting its successful coup d’etat in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya, the imperialistic Barack Obama administration is now bent on ousting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega by massing a huge U.S. Coast Guard and Marine Corps presence in neighboring Costa Rica, a base of operations for Reagan administration-backed CIA operations in the 1980s in support of the Nicaraguan contras.

Costa Rican government officials, including President Laura Chinchilla, Vice President Luis Lieberman Ginsburg, Security Minister Jose Maria Tijerino, counter-narcotics Commissioner Mauricio Boraschi, and the Costa Rican Congress agreed to Operation Joint Patrol, which will see 7,000 US Marines, 46 mainly U.S. Coast Guard vessels, and 200 helicopters and 10 combat aircraft descend on Costa Rica, which does not have a military force, from July 1 to December 31.

At a time when the Coast Guard vessels could be used to assist in the clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, they will be used in an operation widely believed to be targeting the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, which incurred the ire of Israel and its Zionist ally in San Jose, Costa Rica, Vice President Lieberman, by severing relations with the Tel Aviv regime over the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla.

The official reason for Operation Joint Patrol is to combat drug trafficking but few in the Costa Rican opposition and in Nicaragua believe that to be the sole reason. The Joint Patrol operation is being likened to Plan Colombia, which has targeted the governments of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa from Colombian territory. The Costa Rican opposition has denounced Chinchilla’s government for militarizing Costa Rica.

It is also believed by WMR’s sources in Costa Rica that Costa Rican Vice President Lieberman, a noted Zionist, has arranged for Israeli special forces to enter Costa Rica in order to participate in operations directed against the government of Nicaragua

Do you know this man? ~ link ~ Man lacks memory.
benjaman kyle 1

The Flying Car - with photos ~ link


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thank you so very much for your most informative and frank site , there are many alarmists out there,but you give an excellant explanation of what is happeng without , over dramatisation of the facts,Ipray for all mankind even the rothschilds,and others may g-d open there eyes and hearts,
I prayyou and your family are safe and you can continue, updating thissite here in lndon we seemto have somesigns of acid rain burnt leaves on certain trees conker trees droping early and
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Moshe said...

Illegal inmigration is not an issue for Americans. Americans are very happy having Mexicans harvesting tomatoes, grapes, strawberries and any vegetable (you name it), Mexicans mopping floors, Mexicans cleaning toilets, Mexicans doing dishes, Mexicans rawing chickens, Mexican waiters, Mexican nannies, Mexican maids, etc. There are millions of Mexicans in the USA because there are millions of Americans who give them jobs in semi-slave conditions. Besides, The US “Southwest” was stolen from Mexicans, a bandit’s loot by means of murder and theft.
It seems that American Army is moving its assets far beyond the toxic effects of Corexit and oil. Wise guys!

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This is bad - please check it out.
Tar Balls Collected from Windward Beach, Brick New Jersey!

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I thought that you might want to post a link to this website because it details the timeline of the Rothschild from the 17th century to date. it is very inciteful and has helped me understand the extent at which they are prepared to go and have gone.

ps. i think that your work is very important and a great source of info. i especially like the podcasts now.

Sunflower Pipes said...

This country gives 10 times as much money to big companies like BP than they do to welfare and food stamps combined. What’s the difference between welfare for companies and small people? Companies take their money overseas, they create unsafe work conditions, they use lobbying to corrupt our government, they bring jobs overseas, they hire great accountants to hide money and they hoard massive amounts of wealth. Sure Big companies create jobs how can small companies compete without massive subsidies and favorable regulations? How can people bring themselves out of poverty when the game is tilted against them? Stand for better regulation of these industries quit worrying about the few poor people you see getting a “hand out” and start worrying about the few rich people you don’t see stealing our collective futures.