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Day 81 of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

Photo gallery of BP Oil Disaster ~ link

Photos of wildlife of the Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster Tracker ~ link

Corexit is Killing the Gulf - Part I - video ~ link ~ Part II ~ link

Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

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I am recommending to my readers who live in the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana, Alabama and all of Florida to move out of those areas NOW. The Seven Degree warmer temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico waters will result in the most powerful hurricanes that we have ever experienced in America. The force of the super-hurricanes will alone be sufficient to cause massive loss of life and trillions in property damage. The spread of the highly toxic Gulf waters and the chemicals/gas/oil therein will bring a much greater horrific danger that even the super-hurricanes. Those in the Texas side of the Gulf need to be considering moving as well. Do not trust your government to handle this, they are deliberately asleep at the wheel. Take steps to save yourselves and your families now. Stirling

Gulf toxicologist: Shimpers exposed to Corexit "bleeding from the rectum" ~ link ~ Not a good medical sign. As the American people allow themselves to be marched like good little sheeple to their deaths, I pray that they may awake and have the blood of their ancestors in them and stand up to this murder.

Toxicologists: Corexit "Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding", "Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate Into The Cells" and "Every Organ System" ~ link ~ Other than that its just wonderful.

6'4" Cop bullies 4'11" videographer as she videos a BP worker taken away in ambulance - video ~ link ~ She asked to see his supervisor and that's when the cop backed off.

The BP Gulf Oil Spill and Gusher: An Historic Failure of Government and Industry & a Tragic Violation of the Trust and Social Contract ~ link ~
For all of us who live on and near the Gulf Coast of Mexico, we exist in a state that alternates between exasperation and incredulity, between anger and grief, between shock and awe at what this oil spill has come to represent. Where do we start? How do we begin to express our collective disillusionment with so many instances of betrayal and letdown? As well as the relentless falling short of what used to be considered reasonable expectations of government and corporate social responsibility.

Government trying to sweep size of Oil Disaster under the rug ~ link

In the Panhandle, the 'Summer of Oil' seems endless ~ link ~
Every time Linda Young takes her dog out for a walk, morning or evening, she can smell it. Young, an environmental activist who lives near the beach in Navarre, next door to Pensacola Beach, said the odor of oil is now a constant part of her life. If the wind is blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico, she said, "the oil smell is often very strong, too strong to be outside.

US Navy Evacuates the Gulf ~ link ~ Is this true, who knows but it makes you think.

Under the guise of the “war on drugs” the U.S. Military is evacuating its ships and hardware from the Gulf of Mexico to safety off the sheltered coast of Costa Rica.

The “war on drugs” cover story is laughable being that we can’t even get that level of engagement on our border with Mexico where all the drugs come through.

The Navy is obviously worried about either poison from the methane/corexit 9500 mix or a massive methane explosion/tsunami. A tsunami fits with the NOAA blackout of the U.S. tsunami warning system. It also explains why BP is not actively cleaning up the oil on the beaches. Why clean them up if they are going to be gone.

Corexit Being Sprayed from US Coast Guard - video ~ link ~ Murdering Americans and the Gulf (and soon the Atlantic Ocean as well).

Canada fears BP Oil Disaster impact on tuna fishery ~ link

Collection of videos on Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: Israel a Stabilizing Force in Middle East ~ link ~
Contrary to what some believe, Israel is actually the greatest source of stability in today's Middle East, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said this week while speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations.

WOW ~ This extreme level of raw bullshit has earned the Antichrist the not so coveted Bullshit Meter Award with Six Flags, the Lowest Award possible. So low, that it, like the recipient, is 'lower than whale shit'.



Bibi 666 Netanyahu Wins Again ~ link ~ When the other guy, Obama, works for you, there is no contest.


Gaza Aid ship prepares to set sail from Greece ~ link ~ A ship commissioned by a Libyan state charity organization made preparations Friday to set sail to Gaza from Greece loaded with aid.

It comes over a month after Israel raided Gaza-bound aid ships, killing eight Turks and a Turkish-American on May 31. The flotilla was trying to break Israel's blockade on Gaza.

The Moldova-flagged cargo ship Amalthea will leave by Saturday from the port of Lavrio, south of Athens, carrying 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies, officials from the organization told The Associated Press. There will be 27 people on board.

Amalthea's journey to Gaza is expected to take up to 80 hours. Aid on the Amalthea includes sacks of rice and sugar, and corn oil and olive paste - all mostly donated from Greek companies and charities, organizers said. The aid was loaded into the hull of the aging vessel by crane.

"I am scared, but our lives are in God's hands," head volunteer Adburaufel Jaziri said. "Our job is to help anyone who needs it. We don't care if they are Catholics or Muslims or whatever. Now we are helping the people of Gaza who are suffering."

27 People on-board Libyan Aid Ship to Gaza ~ link ~

'Christian-Zionism' Is Trouble for Israel and the USA ~ link ~
Some of the nuttiest American religious leaders today (and in the past) have latched on to one form or another of Christian Zionism. These days Reverend John Hagee (pastor of a mega church with thousands of members in Houston) is a leading Far Right Evangelical and ardent fan of Israeli expansion into the disputed West Bank.

And the bestselling books of the Left Behind series of novels have fed the Evangelicals' fixation on End Times prophecy and the "imminent" return of Christ. To put it mildly, the Evangelical theological/biblical "reasons" have deformed US policy and made America act against its self interest. This has also harmed the state of Israel.

Exposed: The Truth About Israel's Land Grab In The West Bank ~ link ~ Jewish settlers, who claim a divine right to the whole of Israel, now control more than 42 per cent of the occupied West Bank, representing a powerful obstacle to the creation of a Palestinian state, a new report has revealed.

The jurisdiction of some 200 settlements, illegal under international law, cover much more of the occupied Palestinian territory than previously thought. And a large section of the land has been seized from private Palestinian landowners in defiance even of an Israeli supreme court ruling, the report said, a finding which sits uncomfortably with Israeli claims that it builds only on state land.

Drawing on official Israeli military maps and population statistics, the leading Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem, compiled the new findings, which were released just as the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, arrived in Washington to try to heal a gaping rift with US President Barack Obama over the issue of settlements.

Behind Turkey and Israel's Not-So-Secret Meeting ~ link ~

What the hell is Obama White House doing? ~ link ~ They are doing what they Illumunati masters tell to do....destroy America!

As the United States Collapses, Media Worships LeBron James ~ link ~ He is one hell of a basketball player, so what! The events happening now in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Middle East, in the economic field are earth changing, but those dumb asses who cannot see what is happening, will soon get a rude awakening.

Alex Jones gives the inside scoop on basketball MVP LeBron James’ pivotal trade decision… err, I mean, rather breaks down how society has become obsessed with celebrity culture and taken its eye off of important world events, allowing corruption and global domination to take root. While LeBron announces his move to Miami, the mindless sports fans of America have essentially ignored larger problems.

Here are people by the tens of thousands begging LeBron James to stay on their team, yet these same people won’t go out and protest the looting of the Federal government, the banker-bailout or even the BP oil spill. Yes, modern bread and circuses– endless ballgames, television and gossip about celeb birthday parties– has driven our culture to embrace the meaningless, while reducing our consciousness to mindless drivel. America– once the greatest cradle of imagination and wealth has fallen to a land of virtual morons who look up to decadent system-icons instead of leaders who could drive our future to greatness once again.

The State of the Union: Fraud is good, waterboarding is not torture, bankers are above the law - video ~ link ~ Good one.

Is the IMF about ready to muscle US taxpayers ~ link ~
I smell a rat.

The IMF has long been a bought, and paid for, muscle arm of the U.S. government and the banking elite.

The play goes like this. Banks loan money to third world countries that have no chance in hell of paying the money back. The IMF comes in with "austerity" programs that include heavy new tax burdens on the working class. The revenue from the new taxes will, of course, go to payoff the banking elite. It's a sick game, but the elite seem to get their jollies by pulling this scam in country after country.

It appears the elite appear to want to up the ante. It appears they are getting set to turn the guns inward and go after the hard earned money of Americans.

Banksters are Coming for Your Retirement NEXT ~ link ~
First, the banksters hoodwinked an angry public into bailing out their collateralized-debt obligations and derivative Ponzi scheme to the tune of what may turn out to be over $600 Trillion dollars. Derivatives are nothing more than bets on other bets, on other bets, that are all completely worthless. So, we can assume that the taxpayer will be victimized for at least that amount for derivatives alone. That’s about $2 million dollars for every man, woman, and child in America, or $100,000 for every person in the world.

They bet big with your investment money, got fat, then lost thousands of times more than everything real on Earth combined. Then, representatives of the people bailed them out (including bonuses) while they laughed all the way to their respective banks. Since government officials are doing their best to reject transparency, we can also only assume this number is much, much larger.

Sadly, their derivative Ponzi scheme is the least of the public’s current problems regarding the banks. The international banks’ economic hit men have successfully enslaved-by-debt everything from nations, entire industries, state and local governments (who will need their bailout soon), and nearly every person on the planet. Even if an individual doesn't have any bank financing or credit cards, they still pay the private Federal Reserve through inflation.

Clear-Tech Venture Capital Investment Hits Record $4 Billion ~ link ~
A preliminary report from green technology research organisation Cleantech Group and consultancy Deloitte shows clean-tech venture investment in North America, Europe, China and India reaching $4.06 billion for the first half of this year, slightly more than the previous record of $4.04 billion in the first half of boom year 2008.

The latest half-year figures represent a 65% increase from the first half of 2009.

More Red Flags for the Economy ~ link ~

Chinese leaders looking to re-engineer the nation's economic model ~ link ~ For years, Chinese leaders looked to the millions of poor workers from the country’s interior as the engine of a roaring export economy.

They would move to coastal provinces, toil in factories and churn out the world’s household goods. These days, the workers are crucial for China’s economy in another way:

They must start buying the very products they manufacture, spending their paychecks on lipstick and lingerie, plastic lawn chairs and plasma television sets.

Officials see them as the linchpin of China’s move away from a lopsided economic model that relies too heavily on export-led growth.

Some of China’s top leaders, including Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, have emphasized the need for that restructuring for years, especially since the global financial crisis pummeled the export industry.

But China’s move this week to make its currency, the renminbi, more flexible
and the authorities’ apparent tolerance of recent factory strikes that have led to significant wage increases both signal that Chinese leaders could be serious about re-engineering the nation’s economic model.

The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve are Manipulation the Gold Market ~ link ~ The Gold Market has been 'owned' by the Rothschilds for over 200 years.

Is Myanmar working with North Korea on a nuclear weapons program ~ link

US Professors raise doubts about report on South Korean warship sinking ~ link ~ Another False Flag Operation starts to bit the dust.

North Korea welcomes UN statement on Cheonan sinking ~ link

French News Web Site Shakes Sarkozy Camp ~ link ~
Mediapart, however, has stuck by its article, reveling in its ability to set the news agenda in France, where its reports for weeks have provided the grist for the front pages of the next day’s newspapers. It is one of several news and investigative journalism Web sites that are flourishing in France, even as the printed press sinks deeper into crisis.

Washington Pushes the Reset Button with Moscow: Obama Administration Renews US Claims on Former Soviet 'Space' ~ link ~ If you are going to have a Third World War, you have to have enemies. This is the reason for the Obama/Clinton 'strategy'.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton completed a four-day, five-nation tour of Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus by holding a press conference with Georgia’s volatile president Mikheil Saakashvili and delivering what in effect was a harsh ultimatum to Russia.

A stern and even provocative admonishment which clearly defines the narrow parameters within which the current U.S. administration has “pushed the reset button” with Moscow.

As Clinton’s own comments best illustrate, Russia is a partner of the United States when it assists in levying onerous sanctions against Iran, provides support for the nine-year American and NATO war in Afghanistan (and neighboring Pakistan), and timidly accedes to the Pentagon taking over military bases and stationing interceptor missile batteries along Russia’s Western flank from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

But should Russia object, however perfunctorily, however reticently, to Washington shearing the sheep too closely by recruiting former Soviet states and neighboring nations into its political, economic, energy and military blocs, then Clinton and the administration she is the foreign policy point person for will not hesitate to rebuff and even gratuitously insult its Russian “partner.”

European Pipeline Geopolitics ~ link ~

Transparent Lies ~ link ~ The BBC reported on July 4 that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US ballistic missile base in Poland was not directed at Russia. The purpose of the base, she said, is to protect Poland from the Iranian threat.

Why would Iran be a threat to Poland? What happens to US credibility when the Secretary of State makes such a stupid statement? Does Hillary think she is fooling the Russians? Does anyone on earth believe her? What is the point of such a transparent lie? To cover up an act of American aggression against Russia?

In the same breath Hillary warned of a “steel vice” of repression crushing democracy and civil liberties around the world. US journalists might wonder if she was speaking of the United States. Glenn Greenwald reported in Salon on July 4 that the US Coast Guard, which has no legislative authority, has issued a rule that journalists who come closer than 65 feet to BP clean up operations in the Gulf of Mexico without permission will be punished by a $40,000 fine and one to five years in prison. The New York Times and numerous journalists report that BP, the US Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and local police are prohibiting journalists from photographing the massive damage from the continuing flow of oil and toxic chemicals into the Gulf.

On July 5 Hillary Clinton was in Tbilisi, Georgia, where, according to the Washington Post, she accused Russia of “the invasion and occupation of Georgia.” What is the point of this lie? Even America’s European puppet states have issued reports documenting that Georgia initiated the war with Russia that it quickly lost by invading South Ossetia in an effort to destroy the secessionists.

It would appear that the rest of the world and the UN Security Council have given the Americans a pass to lie without end in order to advance Washington’s goal of world hegemony. How does this benefit the Security Council and the world? What is going on here?

After President Clinton misrepresented the conflict between Serbia and the Albanians in Kosovo and tricked NATO into military aggression against Serbia and after President Bush, Vice President Cheney, the secretary of state, the national security advisor and just about every member of the Bush regime deceived the UN and the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, thus finagling an invasion of Iraq, why did the UN Security Council fall for Obama’s deception that Iran has a nuclear weapons program?

In 2009 all sixteen US intelligence agencies issued a unanimous report that Iran had
abandoned its weapons program in 2003. Was the Security Council ignorant of this report?

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s weapons inspectors on the ground in Iran have consistently reported that there is no diversion of uranium from the energy program. Was the Security Council ignorant of the IAEA reports?

Memory-restoring compound could destroy Alzheimer's forever ~ link ~

Memory-restoring compound could  destroy Alzheimer's forever

The Touch of the Master's Hand - positive video ~ link

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