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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

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Day 78 of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

Photo gallery of BP Oil Disaster ~ link

Photos of wildlife of the Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster Tracker ~ link

Corexit is Killing the Gulf - Part I - video ~ link ~ Part II ~ link

Dr. Bill Deagle of NutriMedical Report and 'Clay and Iron' are doing a 5-day per week video news update with Lord Stirling by subscription. Sample newscast ~ link
Link to Clay and Iron ~ link
Link to NutriMedical Report ~ link

The Dash Movie ~ link ~ A short 3-minute video, powerful and positive. While you watch it please say a short prayer for my late wife's mother, Edith Shourds, in critical condition at St. Mary's Health Center in Evansville, Indiana. UPDATE: Since I wrote this yesterday my mother-in-law has had a astounding recovery, now talking with her eyes open and wanting to go home. Two days ago we were told that her brain stem was destroyed and that she was terminal. The power of prayer has no bounds. Thanks to all of you that said a prayer for her. Stirling

What Mainstream Media Is NOT Telling You About The Gulf Oil Cleanup ~ link ~ (NaturalNews) What surface oil dispersant for oil spills is so toxic and ineffective it has been banned in England for a decade? The one that British Petroleum (BP) is using now in the Gulf of Mexico. It's loaded with 2-butoxyethanol, which kills marine and wetland wild life while causing serious lung problems to humans!

It is more toxic than the oil it purports to clean, and it simply sends the newly formed toxic globules of dispersant and oil further into the depths where it forms underwater plumes. It's like pouring paint thinner on spilled paint and letting it drip out onto the lawn and garden, except the underwater plumes of thinned oil and toxic dispersant spread onto the shore lines, wetlands and coral reefs and into the Atlantic via the Gulf Stream and beyond.

Yet there are many less toxic, even 100% green, oil spill solutions available that are more effective.

Corexit Is Killing The Gulf - Part I - video ~ link ~ Part II - video ~ link ~ WOW - This is something that you need to see!

Cerberus: Guarding the Gates of Hell - Dynecorp, Pegasus, BP, Goldman Sachs - Gulf Oil Disaster Planned? ~ link ~ Interesting.

Corexit is Eating through Boats in the Gulf - video ~ link

BP's Secret 3rd Oil 'Spill': the Big Red One - video ~ link

What Did Halliburton Do To The Deepwater Horizon Drill Hole April 19, 2010? ~ link

BP's PR Firm Embedded With US Coast Guard ~ link

New storm brews over Gulf of Mexico ~ link

Facing the Future as a Media Felon on the Gulf Coast ~ link ~
The United States Coast Guard considers me a felon now, because I "willfully" want to obtain more photos like these to show you the utter devastation occurring in Barataria Bay, Louisiana as a result of the BP oil catastrophe. If the Coast Guard has its way, all media, not just independent writers and photographers like myself and Jerry Moran, will be fined $40,000 and receive Class D felony convictions for providing the truth about oiled birds and dolphins, in addition to broken, filthy, unmanned boom material that is trapping oil in the marshlands and estuaries. We don't have $40,000 to spare, and have had to scrape the bottoms of our checkbooks as is to hire boats to take us to the devastation the Coast Guard, under the direction of BP, does not want you to see.

Use World Currency to Renounce the Debt! ~ link ~ Worth your time to read this!

In upcoming years, cities, states & nations will have one overwhelming choice:

1. Renounce all debt created by bankers out of nothing, or due to compound interest. This is probably 50-80% of all government debt.

2. Or accept the unbearable burden and be willing accomplices in our enslavement and destruction.

The central banking cartel wants a one-world currency. We keep seeing reminders. For example, today we read,
"The dollar is an unreliable international currency and should be replaced by a more stable system, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs said in a report released Tuesday."

What if that new currency was not based on central banking cartel (i.e. IMF) debt? What if most of the old debt was abolished?

These Illuminati banking families have used their position to control all major corporations and governments. Do you know that it takes only 3-4% of shares to control most widely-held corporations? These corporations in turn buy the executives and politicians, pundits and professors that run the world for the bankers.

Everybody in a position of power and influence today is indirectly employed by these dynastic banking families. Their primary role, whether they understand it or not, is to protect the fraudulent credit system. They are traitors and collaborators, and as long as we support them, we are all complicit in our own destruction.

Our perception of reality is controlled by these bankers through ownership of the mass media. We see through "spectacles they arrange on our noses."

Obama and Netanyahu talk of 'unbreakable bond' in today's White House meeting ~ link ~ link ~ This is a 'eve of war' meeting.

Israel in new mobilization and war games on Lebanon's border ~ link ~ A couple of years before the First Gulf War I warned one of Israel's top generals, in a private 3-person lunch, that they would not be able to locate or stop Saddam from successfully hitting Israeli cities with his missiles. He told me I was wrong, that the Israeli Air Force and/or the USAF could locate them and destroy them. I was right; he was wrong. Saddam was demonstrating his ability to hit Israel and Saudi Arabia with his IRBMs but used only 'dumb high explosive' warheads. He was holding back the WMD 'heavy stuff' and that is why we did not go into Baghdad during the First Gulf War. I predict that the Israeli efforts to hit the rocket/missile bases in Lebanon and Syria will only cause the coming Middle East War to accelerate into early use of WMD; they will not be able to shut down the offensive rocket/missile force aimed against Israel.

Israel troops are conducting military drills to get prepared for being deployed in Lebanon, in a move Tel Aviv says is aimed at preventing "rocket attacks by Hezbollah," Israeli sources say.

Israel is conducting drills at its Elyakim training base, near Haifa, to simulate attacks on Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, Haaretz reported.

An Israeli colonel told Haaretz that the US military officers had advised Israel to deploy its soldiers in Lebanon during the 33-day war in 2006, hinting that Israel will do so in any offensive on Lebanon in the future.

The Elyakim base is covered with many simulated minefields and camouflaged bunkers. Israeli troops are exercising to pass those spots and find "rocket sites," the report added.

According to the plan, Israeli troops will then be transported to Golan Heights by helicopters to be trained conducting other operations.

Turkish President: Israel unable to act rationally ~ link ~ I have been saying that for some time now.

Analysis: Iran fails in South Lebanon ~ link ~ I am not so sure that I agree with this article, but I am certain that a 'world of hurt' is headed towards Lebanon.

Israeli FM Strokes Tensions with Turkey ~ link ~ Lieberman is NUTS.

Criticize Israel, Bless Israel ~ link ~
The Bible says: “rebuke a wise man and he will love you,” but “he that hates reproof is brutish.” (Proverbs 9:8, 12:1) The evangelical movement over the past century, by unconditional blessing and support of Israel, has foolishly ignored Solomon's wisdom. As a result, Israel has become the arrogant, violent, spoiled brat not only of the Middle East but of the world.

In 1982, after Israel saturation-bombed 19,500 Palestinian refugees into oblivion, Prime Minister Menachem Begin (who authorized the 1948 Deir Yassin massacre) said, “ Israel does not need to answer to others, only to itself.” Time has shown, however, that as a result of rejecting Jesus and His ethics of turning the other cheek, Israel does not possess the necessary moral compass or compassion to guide itself. The rest of the world, through enlightened and constructive criticism, must help out.

Don't hesitate to really bless Israel with the healing balm of salty Biblical reproof. All the prophets, including Jesus, did so.

True friends of the Jews do not seek the peace of Jerusalem by cursing Israel with flattery and silence.

Clinton scolds Russia on Georgia trip ~ link ~ Georgia is one of the keys to getting Russia involved in the coming global war/WWIII, that is why she is 'pouring gasoline' on the fire. Also see: Clinton talks tough but Russia has won the war ~ link ~ Also see: Putin's comments on Clinton's statement ~ link

Russia mobilizes 20,000 troops, showcases naval strength ~ link ~
Moscow: In one of the biggest show of military might since the collapse of USSR, Russia mobilised 20,000 troops and state-of-the-art weapons in a drill, with President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday asserting that his country is a "great" naval power capable of defending its interests.

Medvedev watched the impressive drills of the Russian Navy as part of the strategic Vostok-2010 (Orient-2010) wargames from the nuclear-powered "Pyotr Veliky" cruiser sailing in the sea of Okhotsk.

"Russia was and remains a great naval power capable of accomplishing tasks in the problem regions and is ready to defend its interests," Medvedev said praising the servicemen for "displaying high professionalism."

Over 20,000 men and 70 combat aircraft, 1,000 military hardware and 30 warships, including battleships of Black, Baltic, Pacific and Northern fleets, are taking part in Vostok-2010, the biggest ever war games in the Far East on the 'Chinese front' since the Soviet collapse in 1991.

As the supreme commander of the armed forces Medvedev sailed in to the Sea of Okhotsk on board the 'Pyotr Veliky' (Peter- the- Great) cruiser, famous as 'killer of aircraft carriers', Russian media reported.

Former BP chief Lord Browne appointed as efficiency czar by UK government ~ link ~ Just for the record, there are several hundred Peers in the UK and I do not know them all; I do not know Lord Browne.

The British government appointed Lord Browne, the former CEO of BP, as a new “super-director” to cut waste and increase the efficiency of the British government machine in Whitehall. The announcement of Browne’s appointment was delayed while officials weighed the consequences of inevitable controversy. Browne is widely blamed for the drastic cuts of BP’s safety and maintenance program of its oil installations in the U.S. while he was BP’s CEO between 1998 and 2007. The consequence of those cuts were three major accidents in the U.S.—an explosion at the Texas City refinery in 2005, two oil spills in Alaska in 2006; and the current catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Adamantly, Browne has refused to discuss his responsibility for the Gulf crisis. He is undoubtedly relieved that the British government decided to ignore the allegations about his culpability and promote him to a senior position. Ever since he was forced to abruptly retire from BP after signing an untruthful court statement about his gay relationship with a young Canadian, he has struggled to restore his reputation as the “Sun King.”

Clegg sets May 5 for UK referendum ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link

Cameron will campaign against changes to the UK voting system ~ link

Don't campaign against voting reform, Ashdown tells Cameron ~ link

Sarkozy forces resignation of two ministers over expenses scandal ~ link

Debt Deflation: A Long Economic Winter Ahead ~ link ~

Austerity Will Lead To Economic Collapse ~ link ~ That is the plan! Austerity Fascism is a key part of the nightmare that will usher in the global banking families satanic dream, their New World Order.

Left-Leaning Despisers of the
9/11 Truth Movement: Do You Really Believe in Miracles? ~ link ~ A good well researched review of 9/11.

White House Preparing National Online ID Plan ~ link ~ Get ready for the coming attack on Freedom of the Press on the Internet.

The Lights are going out for free speech on the Internet ~ link ~

Queen Elizabeth II to give rare speech to UN - with video ~ link

Report: Belgian Cardinal linked to convicted sex killer ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ The Catholic Church child abuse scandal in Belgium just got a whole lot worse. Belgian newspaper Het Laaste Niews is reporting that when authorities searched the home of the former archbishop of Brussels, Cardinal Godfried Danneels, they discovered a hidden cache of documents and photographs on notorious child sex killer Marc Dutroux — documents that Danneels was not supposed to have.

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