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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Day 77 of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster ~ Disaster Warfare Against America and the World by the Global Banking Families

Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

Photo gallery of BP Oil Disaster ~ link

Photos of wildlife of the Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster Tracker ~ link

Dr. Bill Deagle of NutriMedical Report and 'Clay and Iron' are doing a 5-day per week video news update with Lord Stirling by subscription. Sample newscast ~ link
Link to Clay and Iron ~ link
Link to NutriMedical Report ~ link

The Dash Movie ~ link ~ A short 3-minute video, powerful and positive. While you watch it please say a short prayer for my late wife's mother, Edith Shourds, in critical condition at St. Mary's Health Center in Evansville, Indiana.

BP Oil Disaster WORST CASE SCENARIO ~ video ~ link ~ I don't agree with everything that this lady says, however, her information that the sea in the Gulf of Mexico is 7 degrees higher than normal is shocking! This could result in a Super-Hurricane or Super-Hurricanes driving the crude oil and toxic chemicals and gases over a large part of America.

Overwhelmed by Oil and Toxic Pollutants: The Destruction of an Entire Coastline ~ link ~
For the people of the Gulf and the region - watching some of the most toxic pollutants known to man, being sprayed to disperse one of the most toxic pollutants known to man, unleashed as a result of man's fallibility, in a near-global addiction to consumerism - it must be an environmental apocalypse now. One dispersant Corexit 9500, is four times as toxic as oil, and also disrupts the reproductive systems of organisms.

Salbuchi: The Well From Hell - videos - Part I ~ link ~ Part II ~ link

Nuke the Gulf Oil Gusher - Russians Suggest ~ link

How Much Oil Has BP Drilled Into? Try THIS On ... ~ link

Tropic weather brewing in Gulf and Caribbean ~ link ~
A week after Hurricane Alex marched through Mexico, another tropical system could follow a similar path. The NHC says a tropical wave in the northwestern Caribbean has a 40 percent chance of organizing into a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. The system is moving northwestward at 15 mph, threatening the Cayman Islands, Yucatan Peninsula and western Cuba with heavy rainfall and gusty winds, whether it forms a tropical depression or not, said the Hurricane Center.

Should BP nuke its leaking well? ~ link ~ This is a "poisoning the well" type of article. It presents both sides, but skews the information just enough to poison one side. The fact is that at present the only way to stop this nightmare is to use a carefully sized and placed nuclear device. The two relief wells being dug now are close enough and could be used NOW. This whole event is being used by the evil people behind the puppet Obama to destroy America. And by the way, this use or no use of a nuclear device is not a decision for BP, it does not control nuclear weapons. It is a presidential only decision.

Fending For Themselves: Devastating Social and Environmental Impacts of BP Oil Disaster - with photos ~ link ~

Millions of birds set to fly into Gulf Oil Disaster this fall ~ link

Is Rain Damage to Plants in Ohio a Result from Gulf Oil Disaster? Part 2 - video ~ link

Bibi 666 Netanyahu Back at the White House - The Consistency of Israeli Duplicity Comes Ever More Clearly in Focus ~ link

Turkish fighter jets strike northern Iraq ~ link ~
The Israelis have recently used the PKK to punish Turkey; Turkey has struck back with this airstrike.

Turkish fighter jets have launched airstrikes on targets in northern Iraq, which is seen as the hotbed for Kurdish militants' activity, Turkish military says.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants launch their attacks from the Qandil Mountains in the areas under the control of Iraqi Kurdistan's President Massoud Barzani. The Qandil Mountains range is also where Israel and Israeli firms operate.

The new airstrike on the PKK hideouts comes as the Kurdish militants have stepped up their attacks, killing over 40 soldiers over past few months.

Turkey threatens diplomatic break with Israel over raid ~ link ~ The Israelis are use to telling the rest of Europe, as well as America, to jump and getting a "how high sir" in return. Turkey, however, is no longer playing that game.

Turkey has for the first time threatened to break diplomatic ties with Israel over its raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May.

Turkey's foreign minister said a break could only be averted if Israel either apologised or accepted the outcome of an international inquiry into the raid.

The Israeli government said it had nothing to apologise for.

Ankara curtailed diplomatic relations with Israel after the naval raid, in which nine Turks were killed.

Israel rebuffs Turkish demand for raid apology ~ link ~ "Israel will never apologize for defending its citizens," a high-ranking Israeli government official told CNN on Monday, after Turkey reportedly demanded an apology or an inquiry into an Israeli raid on an aid ship that killed nine Turkish citizens.

"Of course we regret the loss of life, but it was not the Israeli side that initiated the violence," the official said.

This comment earns the Israeli government the not so coveted Bullshit Meter Award.

Secret talks with Turkey backfire on Netanyahu ~ link ~ Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's firebrand Foreign minister, took to the airwaves in anger yesterday after learning second-hand of secret talks between Israeli and Turkish officials aimed at smoothing over a recent diplomatic row.

The clandestine talks between the Israeli Trade minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, and Turkey's Foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, appeared to achieve little but plunge Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, into a fresh domestic crisis after Mr Lieberman learnt of the talks from Israeli television.

Within hours, Mr Lieberman's fury was apparent. In a statement released on Wednesday, he said it was "extremely serious... that this was done without notifying the Foreign Ministry. This goes against all norms of government and does serious harm to the trust between the Foreign minister and the Prime Minister."

Mr Netanyahu's office said the failure to notify the Foreign Ministry was a "technical" oversight, but the row is likely to weaken further the Prime Minister's fragile right-wing coalition.

Iranian passenger jets refused fuel by UK, Germany and UAE ~ link ~"Since last week, our planes have been refused fuel at airports in Britain, Germany and UAE because of the sanctions imposed by America," Mehdi Aliyari, secretary of the Iranian Airlines Union, told the news agency.

He said the national carrier Iran Air and Mahan Airlines had both run into refuelling problems.

"Refusing to provide fuel to Iranian passenger planes by these countries is violation of international conventions," he added.

Israel trying to block US - Saudi Arabia defense contract ~ link ~ Israel is trying to prevent a big defense contract between the United States and Saudi Arabia from going through, a senior defense source told Haaretz. The deal includes the purchase of scores of new F-15 fighter jets and the upgrading of the 150 F-15s already in the Saudi air force.

The source said Israel expressed a number of reservations to the Americans over the past month, and the issue is expected to come up in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meetings in Washington on Tuesday.

New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship ~ link ~ We are in the midst of the most explosive development in all of human history. Humanity is experiencing a simultaneously opposing and conflicting geopolitical transition, the likes of which has never before been anticipated or experienced. Historically, the story of humanity has been the struggle between the free-thinking individual and structures of power controlled by elites that seek to dominate land, resources and people. The greatest threat to elites at any time – historically and presently – is an awakened, critically thinking and politically stimulated populace. This threat has manifested itself throughout history, in different places and at different times. Ideas of freedom, democracy, civil and human rights, liberty and equality have emerged in reaction and opposition to power structures and elite systems of control.

The greatest triumphs of the human mind – whether in art, science or thought – have arisen out of and challenged great systems of power and control. The greatest of human misery and tragedy has arisen out of the power structures and systems that elites always seek to construct and manage. War, genocide, persecution and human degradation are directly the result of decisions made by those who control the apparatus of power, whether the power manifests itself as intellectual, ecclesiastical, spiritual, militaristic, or scientific. The most malevolent and ruthless power is that over the free human mind: if one controls how one thinks, they control the individual itself. The greatest human achievements are where individuals have broken free the shackles that bind the mind and let loose the inherent and undeniable power that lies in each and every individual on this small little planet.

Currently, our world is at the greatest crossroads our species has ever experienced. We are in the midst of the first truly global political awakening, in which for the first time in all of human history, all of mankind is politically awakened and stirring; in which whether inadvertently or intentionally, people are thinking and acting in political terms. This awakening is most evident in the developing world, having been made through personal experience to be acutely aware of the great disparities, disrespect, and domination inherent in global power structures. The awakening is spreading increasingly to the west itself, as the majority of the people living in the western developed nations are thrown into poverty and degradation. The awakening will be forced upon all people all over the world. Nothing, no development, ever in human history, has posed such a monumental threat to elite power structures.

This awakening is largely driven by the Technological Revolution, which through technology and electronics, in particular mass media and the internet, have made it so that people across the world are able to become aware of global issues and gain access to information from around the world. The Technological Revolution, thus, has fostered an Information Revolution which has, in turn, fed the global political awakening.

Simultaneously, the Technological Revolution has led to another unique and unprecedented development in human history, and one that is diametrically opposed, yet directly related to the global political awakening. For the first time in human history, free humanity is faced with the dominating threat of a truly global elite, who have at their hands the technology to impose a truly global system of control: a global scientific dictatorship. The great danger is that through the exponential growth in scientific techniques, elites will use these great new powers to control and dominate all of humanity in such a way that has never before been experienced.

Tony and the Shah of Palestine ~ link ~ Ever since a group of ordinary people from more than 40 different countries came together and set sail for Gaza have we seen various world leaders scramble to persuade Israel to lift the blockade on Gaza. Why? To honour the memory of those martyred by Israeli soldiers who shot nine unarmed peace activists at virtually point-blank range? Hell no!

They realize that people power has achieved more in that one heroic action, than any of them have achieved for the people of Palestine. And, despite that brutal episode, they know that more flotillas and convoys are being planned because people power is achieving more than anything else has over the past 60 years for the people of Palestine.

The so-called Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair certainly does not want to see any more flotillas sailing for Gaza. It’s not because he lies awake at night thinking about the deaths of those innocent humanitarian activists. No, Blair is afraid ‑ very afraid ‑ that people power will expose him for what he is, probably the most useless peace envoy on this planet. Exactly what has he done for the Palestinians since he took the job? Actually it would be easier to list what he hasn’t done:

*HE HAS NOT stopped the land-grabbing Israelis from building ever more illegal settlements in complete defiance of international law.

* HE HAS NOT managed to lift the Siege of Gaza so that the thousands left homeless after last year’s invasion can start rebuilding their homes.

* HE HAS NOT been able to push ahead with an independent UN investigation in to the Israeli raid on and hijacking of the Freedom Flotilla.

* HE HAS NOT been able to stop babies dying in the hopelessly under-equipped Gaza maternity units.

* HE HAS NOT stopped or even attempted to expose the corruption of the Palestinian Authority.

* HE HAS NOT been able to make one iota of progress in fulfilling his job description.

Apart from the Shah of Palestine – Mahmoud Abbas – I am struggling to think of a more redundant individual than Tony Blair, but I’ll come to Abbas later.

Blair was on television recently boasting about how life is improving in the West Bank for the Palestinians and saying that there’s been a reduction in the number of checkpoints. What a stupid, silly, silly little man he is, almost as blinkered as the journalist who was interviewing him. There are fewer checkpoints because the Israelis are grabbing more land and huge swathes of stolen land are merging into other tracts of stolen land, making some checkpoints redundant. That doesn’t change the fact that the West Bank is now a series of small islands, cut off by Israel and its Apartheid Wall and settler-only roads, as well as the illegal settlements.

When War Criminals Are Rewarded for Killing People: Tony Blair Awarded the "Liberty Medal" ~ link ~ Phony Tony, what a sad piece of lying crap that he is.

Komorowski set to claim Polish presidency ~ link ~ link ~ Interim president Bronislaw Komorowski appeared to have held off a last-minute surge from the identical twin brother of the late president, who died in an April plane crash that shocked the country and forced yesterday's early election.

Exit polls showed Mr Komorowski with a slight edge over Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who essentially conceded defeat in the presidential run-off by declaring before supporters: "I congratulate the winner."

Human Rights Watch: 'Terrorism' Search Power in UK Violates Human Rights ~ link ~ The new UK coalition government should repeal an abusive counterterrorism power that has led to hundreds of thousands of people being stopped and searched without reasonable suspicion of criminal wrongdoing, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The 64-page report, " Without Suspicion: Stop and Search under the Terrorism Act 2000," examines the use of the stop-and-search power under section 44 of the act. The power is intended to prevent terrorism. But despite almost 450,000 section 44 stops and searches throughout the United Kingdom between April 2007 and April 2009, no one was successfully prosecuted for a terrorism offense as a result.

The new government pledged on June 10, 2010, to re-evaluate the power as part of an ongoing review of counterterrorism legislation after it acknowledged that prior to 2008, police in London and elsewhere had carried out hundreds - and possibly thousands - of these searches without proper authorization. On June 29, the European Court of Human Rights rejected a final appeal by the UK against a ruling by the court in January 2010 that the use of the power violates the right to privacy.

"The case for scrapping this stop-and-search power is overwhelming" said Benjamin Ward, Europe and Central Asia deputy director at Human Rights Watch, "The benefits are dubious but the costs for human rights and community relations are easy to see."
The use of the stop-and-search power has ballooned since 2007. In England, Scotland, and Wales, the number of recorded stops rose almost sevenfold in just two years - from 37,000 in the year ending April 2007 to over 256,000 for the year ending April 2009.

Embarrassment for Sarkozy as L'Oreal feud comest to court ~ link ~ The furore surrounding the trial is unlikely to abate, though. A senior cabinet minister, Eric Woerth, is already fighting for his political life. President Nicolas Sarkozy has been deeply embarrassed by the implication, in secretly recorded tapes, that he intervened to try to stifle the case. What began as a mother and daughter spat – admittedly over €1bn (£824bn) – threatens to turn into a full-blown "affaire d'├ętat".

Chinese court sentences US geologist to 8 years ~ link

Obama's Expanded Military Spying and Torture Network ~ link ~

The Obama Presidency: An Unfolding Disaster ~ link ~ A vast amount of this nation’s populace is as addicted to media hype as they are to oil. In this instance however, it is the government and the corporate media who are the kingpin pushers and the U.S. populace who are their hooked junkies.

Corporate government media spin, subterfuge, diversion, and outright lies are the continuing hallmarks of this nation’s institutions and of this present dishonest and insidiously pathetic Barack Obama presidency of unmitigated disaster. The Government and corporate media would not tell the truth even if their lives depended on it. Unfortunately, it is not their lives but those of everyday Black, Red, Brown, White, and Yellow peoples in this nation and throughout the world, who daily are being sacrificed on the bloody alter of chicanery and political expediency, on behalf of the wealthy elite.

Pertaining to the election and installment of Barack Obama as U.S. president almost a year and a half ago, a recent article disingenuously lamented that “we voted for a [hybrid Toyota] Prius but instead got a tank.” However, the fact is that the instant that virtually the entire U.S. corporate media and corporate / military establishment began throwing their support behind the then U.S. presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, even a dead man could have smelled a rat. In yet another recent article, a so-called ‘progressive’ bemoaned the lack of serious coverage of the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, Michigan, by the “mainstream” media, totally disregarding the obvious reality that this nation does not have a “mainstream” media. It has an embedded corporate-stream one.

Managed News: Inside the US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire ~ link ~ There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.” –– Charles Dickens

Barack Obama: The Great Jobs Killer ~ link ~ Obama is as hopeless, helpless, clueless and bankrupt of good ideas as the manager of the Chicago Cubs in late September. This "community organizer" knows as much about private-sector jobs as Pamela Anderson knows about nuclear physics.

It's time to call Obama what he is: The Great Jobs Killer. With his massive spending and tax hikes -- rewarding big government and big unions, while punishing taxpayers and business owners -- Obama has killed jobs, he has killed motivation to create new jobs, he has killed the motivation to invest in new businesses, or expand old ones. With all this killing, Obama should be given the top spot on the FBI's Most Wanted List

In the Religion of 100% Americanism, Ignorance is Strength ~ link ~ Interesting article!

Middle East Wars: US Doctors Approved Torture and Denied Medical Care to Captives ~ link ~ What we do to our enemies who are our POWs is what our enemies will do to our boys who are their POWs.

US Questions Its Unwavering Support for Israel ~ link ~ I do believe that a significant percentage of the American population has dropped its "unwavering support for Israel", however the bought-and-paid-for political class has not and that, right now, is the key.

A very scary light show: Exploding H-Bomb in Space - with video ~ link

With the US Trapped in Depression, this Really is Starting to Feel Like 1932 ~ link ~ The same global banking families that caused the Great Depression of the 1930s, have today caused the Global Depression of the early 21st Century.

A Stock Market Forecast That Says Take Cover ~ link ~ With the stock market lurching again, plenty of investors are nervous, and some are downright bearish. Then there’s Robert Prechter, the market forecaster and social theorist, who is in another league entirely.

Prechter is convinced we have entered a market decline of staggering proportions – perhaps the biggest of the last 300 years.

In a series of phone conversations and e-mail exchanges last week, he said that no other forecaster was likely to accept his reasoning, which is based on his version of the Elliott Wave theory – a technical approach to market analysis that he embraces with evangelical fervor.

Originating in the writings of Ralph Nelson Elliott, an obscure accountant who found repetitive patterns, or "fractals," in the stock market of the 1930s and '40s, the theory suggests that an epic downswing is underway, Prechter said. But he argued that even skeptical investors should take his advice seriously.

"I’m saying: ‘Winter is coming. Buy a coat,’" he said. "Other people are advising people to stay naked. If I’m wrong, you’re not hurt. If they’re wrong, you’re dead. It’s pretty benign advice to opt for safety for a while."

His advice: Individual investors should move completely out of the market and hold cash and cash equivalents, like Treasury bills, for years to come. (For traders with a fair amount of skill and willingness to embrace risk, he suggests other alternatives, like shorting the market or making bets on volatility.) But ultimately, "the decline will lead to one of the best investment opportunities ever," he said.

Buy-and-hold stock investors will be devastated in a crash much worse than the declines of 2008 and early 2009 or the worst years of the Great Depression or the Panic of 1873, he predicted.

For a rough parallel, he said, go all the way back to England and the collapse of the South Sea Bubble in 1720, a crash that deterred people "from buying stocks for 100 years," he said. This time, he said, "If I’m right, it will be such a shock that people will be telling their grandkids many years from now, ‘Don’t touch stocks.'"

Trade Deal Looks Great for Taiwan ~ link ~ China has just signed a trade agreement with its rebellious, capitalist province, Taiwan, which has major long term implications for the rest of us.

The deal has China chopping import duties on 500 goods from Taiwan worth $13.8 billion, while the errant island nation is doing the same for 267 items shipped from the mainland worth $3 billion.

The move is a major step towards more rapprochement between the two former antagonists, and will lead to a further easing of relations. Developments like this are always amazing to me because for most of my life these two states were at each other's throats, and much of that cost was borne by the US.

Taiwan will far and away be the biggest beneficiary of the new arrangement, as it takes the country's highly profitable companies a step closer to becoming takeover bait for its gigantic Chinese competitors.

China Faced with Structural and Demographic Headwinds that could Derail it's Rise ~ link ~ I have often noted that high expectations are a key cause of conflict and discord, be it in marriage or an entire economy. The expectations of the Chinese people are skyhigh and that is a setup for disappointment and then fury.

Income disparity is extreme in China, with hundreds of millions of people scraping by in a high-inflation economy while a relative handful have become millionaires (high-ranking Party types and their cronies in the private sector) who snap up million-dollar homes in Vancouver, B.C. for their offspring. Why? To have an "escape hatch" in case China implodes.

Those of you who are "in the know" are already aware of the dirty little secret of China's most vocal high-level proponents: their kids have Canadian passports or U.S. visas, and they all own homes in Los Angeles or British Columbia. The first step anyone with access to power and wealth takes is to start the paperwork to get their children legal rights in North America or other offshore safe havens.

As China's vast exploited class comes to see the glass as half-empty, their anger and frustration could far surpass any expectations found in the Mainstream Media.

We need to rescue our food system from corporate control ~ link

Hearing impaired baby's reaction to cochlear implant being activated - video ~ link

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