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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Lord Stirling calls for a nuclear device to be used to quickly stop the undersea 'volcano' gushing massive amounts of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

Lord Stirling will be on the NutriMedical Report national talk radio show today, the one month anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster, from 4-5 pm Chicago time.

Please pass a link to today's news blog to a couple friends. Thanks, Stirling.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Estimates That UP TO 4 MILLION GALLONS OF OIL ARE GUSHING EVERY DAY ~ link ~ That is up to four millions gallons of crude oil each and every day. We are now, today, one month into this massive disaster and all we have gotten out of Washington and BP are lies and bullshit. This disaster will help to destroy the American economy as it wipes out property values, jobs, sea food, tourism, etc. all along the Gulf Coast and also the Eastern Seaboard of America. We should have used a small nuke to seal the piping weeks ago and we still are no closer to using this well tried and successful option. WHY???

Florida State Scientist: NOAA ignores spill findings ~ link

Gulf Oil Disaster may be 19 times bigger than originally thought - with video ~ link

Heavy sludge oozes into the marshes of Louisiana ~ link

As oil begins clogging marshes BP admits disaster is larger than it said ~ link

US Coast Guard and BP threaten journalists with arrest for documenting oil disaster ~ link

Government remains blind to underwater oil hazard ~ link

Still about 3 million gallons of oil per day gushing into Gulf of Mexico ~ link ~
A small tube has been put inside the gushing pipe sending 84,000 gallons of oil a day to a recovery ship, but that's only a small fraction of what is leaking.

"The leak appears to be substantial and the same as it used to be," he explained. "BP is pulling approximately 2,000 barrels a day through this small pipe. I believe that to be a small fraction of the total. The total I calculated for flow out of the end of the riser tube was 70,000 barrels a day. So they are collecting a very small fraction of that and that is what the video confirms."

Oil from Gulf Oil Disaster enters Loop Current with Florida at risk ~ link ~ When I was in high school and collage I learned, from the Vietnam War, that if top leaders consistently follow a policy of failure there is more to it. Day after day the massive Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster continues to grow, with up to 3 million gallons of new crude oil gushing each and every day. Yet the Obama Administration has taken no steps to stop the undersea oil 'volcano' from continuing its damage. Oh, the White House and Congress pump out massive amounts of hot air, rather like the massive amounts of crude oil being discharged daily, but they HAVE NOT STOPPED THE GUSHING OF OIL. There is one methodology that will do that and do it quickly. That is to use a small nuke to close off the pipe line that runs from the sea bed into the deep oil and natural gas reservoir. The Russians have used this procedure five times to stop out-of-control gushers (including a gas gusher that burned out of control for 3 years before they nuked it). You have to ask yourself, are these jerks insanely incompetent or is something else at work here?

Obama's Failure ~ link ~
One month into the worst environmental disaster in the history of the Human race, Scientists are beginning to call out the Obama Administration for aiding BP in covering up the extent of the Oil Gushers and their impact upon the environment.

NOAA has been accused of giving cover to BP, echoing BP's estimates in spite of the rest of the world's scientists declaring the gushers are spewing ten to twenty times more.

Today's NY Times reports that NOAA is pulling in all it's available resources-- a handful of scientific vessels.

Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano has been AWOL. Obama is partying with the president of Mexico while a huge American ecosystem is being destroyed.

It is clear, despite disclaimers, that BP has been operating with the goal of salvaging the well, not the Gulf Ecosystem.

It is clear, the Obama administration has failed to recognize the seriousness of this disaster and has failed to take the strong actions necessary to deal with it.

It is clear that administrators throughout the government have responded either incompetently or with bad faith, protecting or collaborating with BP.

It is clear that scientists are not being given access to the data to analyze what is a world shaking emergency.

Grotesque Global Financial System: Greece - Economic Theft on an Unprecedented Scale ~ link ~ What we are witnessing is a series of truly massive thefts from the population at large by the global banking cartel as a key part of their strategy to drive the world into the deep crisis necessary for them to implement their New World Order/global high-tech police/slave state. Knowing this is the key to understanding what is really going on. However, you also need to know that there is a spiritual dimension to this, a spiritual dimension that overrides it all and ultimately controls what is happening. The global banking families have been on both sides of most wars and revolutions and economic crisis/recessions/depressions/bubbles for over 200 years. You should know that these people are totally evil and satanic to the core and they are following Lucifer. Lucifer, the fallen angel is powerful but the greatest loser and most pathetic creature in existence. He knows that his time to influence events on this planet is almost up and he, being totally evil and full of anger and hate, is completely enraged that he has not replaced God on this planet. His goal is to kill off the human race but he lies to his minions (he lies to everyone but especially to his followers) and encourages them to go about 'establishing' their New World Order. People who follow Satan are blinded to the truth, that is why the strategy of having another global/world war is also being followed. The world cannot survive a 21st Century world war, the technology of war is simply too advanced, too horrible. But his followers are blind to this and continue to plunge headlong into their own demise thinking that they will get ultimate power. Fortunately, the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ Himself will return to end the coming conflict before it ends all human life on this planet.

Greece brought to standstill by anti-austerity strike ~ link ~ The Greek people don't buy the line of bullshit that says they have to lose half of their hard earned pensions and benefits, see dramatic cutbacks in basic government services, along with dramatic rises in taxes so that the banksters can make more money.

The Heresy Of The Greeks Offers Hope ~ link ~
As Britain’s political class pretends that its arranged marriage of Tweedledee to Tweedledum is democracy, the inspiration for the rest of us is Greece. It is hardly surprising that Greece is presented not as a beacon but as a “junk country” getting its comeuppance for its “bloated public sector” and “culture of cutting corners” (the Observer). The heresy of Greece is that the uprising of its ordinary people provides an authentic hope unlike that lavished upon the warlord in the White House.

The crisis that has led to the “rescue” of Greece by the European banks and the International Monetary Fund is the product of a grotesque financial system which itself is in crisis. Greece is a microcosm of a modern class war that is rarely reported as such and is waged with all the urgency of panic among the imperial rich.

What makes Greece different is that within its living memory is invasion, foreign occupation, betrayal by the West, military dictatorship and popular resistance. Ordinary people are not cowed by the corrupt corporatism that dominates the European Union.

FDIC auctions of failed American banks ~ link

Conspiracy of banks in municipal bond markets ~ link ~
A telephone call between a financial adviser in Beverly Hills and a trader in New York was all it took to fleece taxpayers on a water-and-sewer financing deal in West Virginia. The secret conversation was part of a conspiracy stretching across the U.S. by Wall Street banks in the $2.8 trillion municipal bond market.

University grads flood US market with diminished prospects ~ link ~ And the evil bastards who have deliberately destroyed the global economy don't give a crap! They don't care who or how many they hurt.

The Financial Crisis as a Game of 3 Card Monte - You always think you are going to win until you lose ~ link ~

Strategic mortgage defaults the next time bomb ~ link ~
The 1st groups of defaulters were individuals who were conned into buying houses at teaser rates and had a very hard time making payments when rates reset to market rates. The next group was individuals with decent to good credit; this group started to default because one or both members of the family lost their jobs, and therefore, they could no longer make payments on the mortgage.

Now we have the next wave; the strategic defaulters. This group’s decision to default is based on cold logic. The value of the home of their homes has dropped so much that it no longer makes sense to make payments on a house that is trading well below market value.

"Strategic" defaults accounted for at least 12 percent of all defaults in February, up from about 4 percent in mid-2007, according to a recent Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS - News) report. Analysts led by Vishwanath Tirupattur classified a default as strategic when a homeowner who hadn't previously been delinquent made an on-time mortgage payment one month; skipped payments for the next three months; and stayed current on other consumer debt of $10,000 or more. Full Story

In a way this it’s payback time for the banks; the banks swindled millions of innocent homeowners when they turned a blind eye and even encouraged the sale of fraudulent mortgages via the liar loan application process. When the S**T hit the fan, these miserable banks came running to Washington and like faithful concubines, Washington bailed them out with taxpayer dollars. In effect these scoundrels were rewarded for their illegal activities. Note that not one banker has been jailed yet for the housing mess.

Wall Street has created an environment that promotes theft and fraud; the masses have now decided that it’s times to give these chaps a taste of their own medicine. Note also that our Adult index clearly illustrates that morality as we know is now a thing of the past. If this new trend picks up steam, a massive wave of new defaults could hit the market, further souring an already weak real estate market. As they say you reap what you sow, the banks have sowed crap, so they are going to reap even more crap.

Drafted sanctions against Iran 'are strongest in whole world' ~ link ~ And the sanctions against Israel for having the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on earth and for killing 1,400 civilians in the recent Gaza War are non-existent.

Israeli newspaper ad calls for Netanyahu to bomb Iran ~ link ~ Damn fools are asking for their own demise! Iran has doomsday weapons that it will used if attacked too strongly.

Giving the Finger to Iran: Humiliating turkey and Brazil ~ link ~ This whole event over the Iranian "nuclear program" has proved that the nuclear issue is being used as a smokescreen for more neocon agreession in the Middle East and a drive towards global war by the hidden powers (the global banking families).

US/Israel Challenged on Iran ~ link ~ The trouble is, reality and even self survival will not stop the powers that be from having their coming war with Iran.
The times may be a-changin' -- at least a bit -- with the United States and Israel no longer able to dictate to the rest of the world how crises in the Middle East must be handled, though the new reality has been slow to dawn on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her neocon friends in Congress and the U.S. media.

They may think they are still in control, still the smart ones looking down at upstarts like the leaders of Turkey and Brazil who had the audacity to ignore U.S. warnings and press ahead with diplomacy to head off a possible new war, this one over Iran.

On Monday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva announced success in persuading Iran to send roughly 50 percent of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for higher-enriched uranium that would be put to peaceful medical uses.

Tellingly, U.S. officials and their acolytes in the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) could not bring themselves to believe that Brazil and Turkey would dare pursue an agreement with Iran after Clinton and President Barack Obama said not to.

However, the signs were there that these rising regional powers were no longer willing to behave like obedient children while the United States and Israel sought to take the world for another ride into a Middle East confrontation.

Lebanon and Syria agree to back Hizbollah ~ link ~ Tensions in the Middle East are running high, with fears that Israel, backed by its ally the US, could launch a summer war on Syria and Lebanon. The prospect of hostilities breaking out appeared to increase after Israel accused Damascus last month of supplying long-range missiles to Hizbollah.

Syrian analysts said they expected the US president, Barack Obama, to try to restore Washington’s close connection with Mr Hariri and to convince him to take a harder line against Hizbollah and Damascus. Mr Hariri used to lead the anti-Syrian March 14th movement, which played a key role in forcing the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon five years ago.

Such efforts would fail, they said, with the Lebanese now agreed that Israel posed the main threat to its interests and regional peace.

“The Israeli-Arab conflict remains the most dangerous problem in the Middle East, and if there is any targeting of Lebanon [by Israel] I think it is understood that will be considered an attack on Syria, under our united security front,” Mr Zaubie said. He said he expected Mr Hariri to lobby for Mr Obama to “rein in Israel”.

“The Arab policy focus is that we do not want a war but that Lebanon has the right to defend itself if attacked,” Mr Zaubie said. “If there is a war it will be started by Israel, and therefore America’s responsibility.”

The Iran nuclear deal and the new premier league of global powers ~ link ~ However, this new league has failed. The hidden powers-that-be intend a war and they will have their war.

Obama's Gulf of Tonkin ~ link ~ The claim by the US government that the Times Square would-be bomber, Faisal Shahzad, was “trained” and “directed” by the Pakistani Taliban is looking more bogus by the moment.

UK MPs re-elect John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons - video ~ link

Cameron and Clegg set out 'radical' policy programme ~ link

Economic Collapse - Martial Law - Experts Warn of 2010 Meltdown ~ link ~ Interesting short article.

Three reasons for Kerry - Lieberman bill: A massive tax grab; crippling of the US economy; and offer of salvation through total government control ~ link

Kerry - Lieberman: Corrupt Science Used To Destroy US Economy ~ link ~ The Kerry - Lieberman American Power Act (APA) is a disastrous, unnecessary solution for a non-existent problem. Worse, it’s a problem that exists only in a grossly inadequate computer model whose projections have never been correct. It is predicated on the false assumption that an increase in CO2 causes a temperature increase. Every record of any duration for any period in Earth’s history shows temperature increases before CO2 increases. The false assumption is the basis of all global warming and climate change used in the corrupted research and models of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is impossible to imagine such an unjustified basis for any action, except to undermine the US economy for political gain.

Jewish 'Democratic' group asks newspaper syndicate to ban Pat Buchanan's column ~ link ~ What is amazing is that they neither see anything wrong with such censorship attempts nor see any danger to the Jewish people as a whole from having 4 out of 9 members of the US Supreme Court being Jews or of Jewish ancestry. What happens when these four turkeys trash our Constitution and turn America into a police state; will "the Jews" be blamed?

White House warns American citizens can be treated like terrorists too ~ link ~ More and more, every day, we move away from the Constitutional system that our forefathers established, and we paid for with our blood, and towards a fascist/communist type police state that the criminal global banksters desire.

Supplanting the United States Constitution: War, National Emergency and the "Continuity of Government" ~ link ~

How Bush's DOJ Killed a Criminal Probe Into BP That Threatened to Net Top Officials ~ link ~
Mention the name of the corporation BP to Scott West and two words immediately come to mind: Beyond Prosecution.

Woman loses house over unpaid city water bill of $362 ~ link ~ When are the people going to put a stop to such fascism?

Afghan insurgents attack Bagram Air Base ~ link ~ After nine plus years of war, we still cannot control the territory next to our largest airbase?!!

Vision for the Future: The Age of Space-Solar Energy ~ link ~ This is interesting but the trouble is, many solutions to energy have been found and the people either bought off or scared off or killed to keep the oil companies and the global banking families (who control the oil business and oil trading) in business. We actually live in a world with massive amounts of free or near free energy, with no need for a oil/gas/coal based economy.

'North Korean torpedo' sank South Korean warship - with video ~ link ~ Something is not right here. A few days ago I linked a story about how investigators were able to prove that the torpedo was manufactured in Germany! Now this later story "proves" that the torpedo was North Korean.

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