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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Lord Stirling calls for a nuclear device to be used to quickly stop the undersea 'volcano' gushing massive amounts of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

Requiem for the Gulf - powerful video ~ link

BP begins 'Top Kill' bid to stem oil flow ~ link ~ Pray it works.

BP says it has begun pumping mud into a breached Gulf of Mexico oil well to try to stem the flow of oil caused by a rig explosion last month.

The US government had earlier approved the move, a so-called "top kill", which has never been tried at such a depth.

Company officials say it could be a couple of days before they know whether the "top kill" operation is working.

A Detailed Guide to BP's plan to Stop the Oil "Spill": The Top Kill - with video/photos/drawings ~ link

Top Kill Circuit
Top Kill Circuit

White House Admits BP Disaster Worst Spill in US History ~ link ~ Big deal, they finally admit it is terrible, so what! They, the Obama Administration, have stalled and stalled while each day many millions of gallons of crude gush forth into the Gulf. They already have a drill hole near the site capable of being used for a nuclear device to cap the well. The Russians have used nukes five times to stop out-of-control gushers. A relatively small nuke would collapse the well tubing several hundred feet and the oil gushing would stop. You have to ask why this is not on the table? Why has it not already been done? It is not that they do not know about this. They are stalling and stalling and stalling. I have come to the belief that the Illumunati intend to use this great disaster as one more coffin nail in America's coffin. They intend to bring us (North America and Western Europe) down and down hard as a key part of their plans for global domination and their New World Order/global high-tech police state.

Gulf Oil 'Spill' Could Have Been Sealed In 8 Hours Anytime ~ link ~ I have to tell you, that this Oil Disaster has all the hallmarks of a giant scam. A created disaster, followed by stalling and stalling and stalling. Why? Well it is part of the plan to take America down by the global banking families.

BP Beyond Prosecution? ~ link

BPing the Arctic. Will Obama Allow Shell Oil to Do to the Arctic Waters What BP Did to the Gulf? ~ link ~ The puppet-in-chief will do whatever his masters and their handlers tell him to do. It is really much like his constant use of a teleprompter. He simply reads what others write and tell him to read, the same with policy.

Offshore Oil Inspector says he accepts "gifts" ~ link

Street clothes and oil clean up do not mix ~ link

White House Press Secretary scolded press for asking too many BP questions - video ~ link

Oil Doesn't Come from Squashed Ferns and Fish? ~ link

Easier to find oil ~ link

Louisiana - BP Oil Disaster in photos ~ link

THE BIG LIE SELLING YOU WAR WITH KOREA ~ link ~ Mike at WHR has put together a good one!

Russia sending its mightiest warships for 'drills' in Sea of Japan off North and South Korea as new Korean War looms ~ link ~
Flagships of three Russian fleets have united in Russia's Far East for the large-scale naval exercises in the Sea of Japan in June, a Pacific Fleet spokesman said on Wednesday.

The flagship of the Black Sea fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, arrived at a naval base near Vladivostok on Wednesday and teamed up with the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser, and the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, the Varyag guided-missile cruiser.

Russia's largest and most powerful surface combatant warship, Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great) has a displacement of between 24,000 and 26,000 tons, and a speed of up to 31 knots (almost 57 km/h). The ship is 251 meters in length and has a crew of more than 700 sailors. It is a nuclear powered battle cruiser, larger than any normal cruiser but smaller that WWII era battleships and modern super-carriers.

The battle-cruiser Pyotr Veliky
The Moskva missile cruiser

South Korea on alert as North Korea subs disappear in East Sea ~ link ~ South Korea's military was tracking four North Korean submarines which disappeared from their east coast base after conducting naval training in the East Sea earlier this week, a military official in Seoul said Wednesday.

Locations of the North's four 300-ton-class submarines have been unknown for two days, the military official said, noting, "We are tracking the four submarines by mobilizing all naval capabilities in the East Sea."

Medvedev calls on Seoul not to allow escalation on Korean Peninsula ~ link ~ Keep in mind that North Korea borders on both China and Russia.
Also see: China calls for North and South Korea to show restraint as tensions mount ~ link

Clinton says world must respond to North Korea ~ link ~ Never mind that the torpedo that sank the South Korean warship was German made not North Korean made. Her masters demand war, war, and more war and she intends to give it to them.

Signs of Practical Preparations for a Possible Military Operation Against Iran - Israeli Reconnaissance Flights Over Iran ~ link ~
Excerpt from The Jerusalem Post, which suggest that the US and Israel are preparing to attack Iran.

Reports that the Pentagon has okayed reconnaissance missions over Iran were seen in Jerusalem on Tuesday as the first public signs of practical preparations for a possible US military operation against Iran.

The New York Times reported on Monday that Gen. David Petraeus, the top American commander in the Middle East, ordered an expansion of clandestine military activity in the region. According to the report, “officials said the order also permits reconnaissance that could pave the way for possible military strikes in Iran if tensions over its nuclear ambitions escalate.”

The article continued that the seven-page directive “appears to authorize specific operations in Iran, most likely to gather intelligence about the country’s nuclear program or identify dissident groups that might be useful for a future military offensive.”

Israel's Strange Behavior on Flotilla to Gaza ~ link ~
A large part of the strangeness is pure racism; that coupled with their crazy leaders working for the Illumunati strategy of creating a new global war to establish the New World Order.

Amazing the odd tactics Israel has attempted in the last two weeks with regards to the Flotilla coming to Gaza. First they threaten the ministers of the various countries, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Sweden, etc. Telling them to call back their dignitaries. Then they suddenly allow some trucks into Gaza with a little humanitarian aid, to which 4 days later they are using as propaganda, telling the world there is no need for the flotilla because Israel allowed "some" aid into Gaza. Next they get creative, and build their own little flotilla of racist bigot boats, that were decorated pleasure boats with insulting signs, then sailed them past the flotilla in protest. I must admit, that one made me laugh. All the while telling the world the flotilla will not be allowed into Gaza, no way, no how.

Then Turkey enters the fray and tells Israel "if they touch the boats there will be reprisals" And just yesterday, Israel suddenly allows some cement and building supplies into Gaza for the FIRST time, but not really to help the people there. Because you see those supplies go directly to UNWRA and can only be used on UNWRA buildings, the ones Israel destroyed on purpose. But none of that small bit of supplies can be used to help rebuild any of the thousands of homes Israel also destroyed on purpose. But they made this move so that they can use the propaganda of allowing a bit of cement into Gaza in light of the Flotilla which has tons of cement which WILL be distributed to help people rebuild homes. And this brings us to today, the latest Israeli plan. To offer Turkey some deal to stop the flotilla. Not to worry, Turkey has told them to p-off. More after this:
link Turkey rejects Israeli deal on Gaza sail. Israel offers to take humanitarian aid into Strip in exchange for calling off of 'Break the Siege' sail.

The European Campaign to END THE SIEGE ON GAZA ~ link ~ It is amazing that so many of the Israeli people and their worldwide supporters are so totally blind to the evil and horrors inflicted on the civilians of Gaza and the West Bank. Wrong is wrong!

IDF says aid mission to Gaza a provocation ~ link ~ Oh get real!

The European Ship Sails for Gaza ~ link ~
Aingus Sadiag, a member of the Irish Parliament, said that all peace activists participating in the fleet of "Freedom" are determined to access to the Gaza Strip, taking into account all the possibilities that they may be submitted to by the Israeli side, including staying for long periods at sea till they allow them access into the Gaza Strip and to deliver more than ten thousand tons of aid loaded on big nine vessels.

Sadiag warned the Israeli authorities from committing any folly actions against the humanitarian fleet of "Freedom", stressing that this has its consequences, the fact that the fleet carries at least tens of European parliamentarians and international activists from over sixty countries, holding Tel Aviv accountable of full responsibility for any harm that might affect the fleet’s crew.

The fleet of “Freedom” consists of nine ships which are: A cargo ship funded by Kuwait raising the flag of Turkey and Kuwait, A cargo ship funded by Algeria, and a cargo ship funded by Europe from Sweden and Greece, and 6 vessels to transport passengers; one of the boats is named "boat 8000" taking after the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The fleet settled with carrying 750 participants from more than 60 countries, although it had received dozens of requests for participation. Meanwhile 44 governmental, parliamentary, political, European, and Arab officials will be among the participants in the fleet, including ten Algerian MEPs.

The ships of fleet also carry more than 10 thousand tons of medical supplies, building materials, timber, 100 prefab houses to shelter tens of thousands of people who lost their homes during the Israeli war on Gaza in early 2009, it also carries 500 electric vehicles for the handicapped, especially since the recent war that left nearly 600 disabled people in Gaza.

Large aid flotilla to test Israeli blockade of Gaza ~ link ~ For a nation that prides itself on the intelligence of its people, the mistreatment of the Palestine people is a very stupid thing to do from the Israeli viewpoint, but they simply cannot seem to see it that way.

Rahm Emanuel invites Netanyahu to discuss 'shared security intrests' with Obama ~ link ~ You know, back when I still thought that there was some hope for a future Obama Administration, I considered applying for a job in the National Security Advisor's office at the White House. But I was concerned that, even though I am an American citizen, my Scottish titles and honorific Canadian offices-of-state might be a problem. I was shocked when the first appointment was a dual national (Rahm Emanuel) as Chief of Staff. Rahm has served twice in the military, but not the American military - the IDF. Further, he is widely considered the highest ranking Mossad officer in America. This is literally a case of the tip of the tail wagging the dog, having a tiny nation like Israel have so very much influence and outright control over giant America. In the long run, it is not even in Israel's best interest as it has allowed them to get by with way too much stuff that is in reality very harmful to their long term interests (such as the mistreatment of people in the West Bank and Gaza).

Mainstream Media Depictions Clash with Reality: "Iran was not what we had thought" ~ link ~ Six companies control most of the mainstream news media, and they themselves are controlled by the global banking cartel. What we have in America and the West is the world's most sophisticated propaganda tools in history. However, alternative news sources, such as this one, are fighting to bring some truth and light to the world.

The foreign tourists, specially the western journalists and artists who come to Iran to examine the veracity of their countries' media propaganda, usually get surprised and astonished by arriving at the splendor of Iran, its cultural heritage, industrial advancements and natural beauties.

The Western mainstream media's dominant trajectory with regard to Iran is mere demonization and nothing else. They never run a documentary about the ancient buildings of Iran. They never show the glorious mosques and palaces of Iran. They never introduce the young geniuses and talents of Iran. They never allow anything about the scientific and artistic breakthroughs of Iranians to be disclosed and discussed. They never allow their audiences to know that Iran has been historically the land of architecture, carpet, saffron and pistachio. Their only agendum is to shrewdly withhold from the public what exalts Iran and maliciously exaggerate what chips away at Iran.

However, those who have come to Iran and touched the distorted truths about the country can best evaluate the authenticity of what their media tell them of Iran.

Is North Korea on the Verge of Collapse? ~ link ~ The evil ruling family and their close supporters have been hanging on by their fingernails for a long time now. The real danger is that the global banking cartel intends to set up multiple war theaters for their coming WWIII and Korea seems to be included. It is a likely trigger point for the entry of China into WWIII.

Afghans Believe US is Funding Taliban - "The US has an interest in prolonging the conflict" ~ link ~ This article only has it partly right. The real issue is not who (as in which nation-state) controls the world, it is the overall Grand Strategy of the hidden powers that be (the global banking families/Illumunati). They are using the Afghan War as one of several tools being used to bleed America dry. They intend to remake rich America and rich western Europe into the type of controlled poor police state that they so love, having previously underwritten the creation of both fascist Germany/Italy and communist Russia. This is one of many 'programs' running in their overall Grand Strategy. Ultimately, these families repeatedly fall back on war and economic depression, as their true overlord Satan, feeds off of the hate and evil from the hurt and anger and deaths that war and economic crisis cause. They are doing his bidding.

Obama to send only 1,200 National Guard troops to US-Mexican border ~ link ~ There is a real question if this small number of US troops will even be armed!

The Obama administration plans to announce Tuesday that it will send as many as 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to improve border security, an Arizona congresswoman said.

North Carolina - 18th State Pushing Arizona's New Immigration Law ~ link ~ At the state level, with thousands of state representatives and state senators across the United States, it is a lot harder to bribe most of them. So the states are not staying in line with the Illumunati/global banking cartel's plan to weaken America by uncontrolled illegal immigration, like Congress and the White House.

Israeli nuclear espionage: The art of keeping America at risk for fun and profit ~ link ~ Gordon Duff views how Israel and its US spies have been stealing, reverse-engineering and peddling American military secrets and technology.

Former senior US Congressman James Traficant on Alex Jones - Details Wow "We Are In a Soviet Style Implosion" - video ~ link ~ The powers that be hate this man and he hates them.

Gerald Celente: Financial Armageddon 2.0 - video ~ link ~ Good one!

US home prices under renewed pressure ~ link ~ link ~ But...but...the government said that the "recession" was over.

Amid the Financial Turmoil One Economic Indicator is Soaring ~ link ~ Interesting, but it could mean any number of things.

De-jure Empress Dowager of Russia, H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna has died at age 95 ~ link ~
Alexander Zakatov said Leonida Georgievna Romanov, the de-jure empress, passed away in Madrid.

She will be buried in Russia near her husband, Grand Duke Vladimir, in St. Petersburg's Peter and Paul Fortress. The date of the burial has not yet been set.

De-jure Empress Dowager of Russia dies at 95

KLM Airlines will remain Dutch and based at Schiphol Airport ~ link ~
KLM, taken over by Air France in 2004, will remain a Dutch company based at Schiphol airport, the Financieele Dagblad reports on Wednesday.

The paper says transport minister Camiel Eurlings is set to unveil the agreement made with Air France-KLM later on Wednesday.

There were fears that the French majority shareholder would dismantle KLM, causing Schiphol to lose its role as an international airport.

The unique and very ordinary cars of Soviet and Russian leaders -photos ~ link

First Patriot Missiles Already in Poland ~ link

Jamaica Declares State of Emergency - with video ~ link

60 Die in Jamaican gun battles ~ link

ANC's Silence = Declaration of Race War on Whites in South Africa ~ link

Astronomy: Cotopaxi Volcano Time Lapse Sky Video ~ link ~ Cool.

The Harmonica Man - video ~ link ~ Cool, a good positive story sent to me by a good friend.

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