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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Lord Stirling calls for a nuclear device to be used to quickly stop the undersea 'volcano' gushing massive amounts of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

Requiem for the Gulf - powerful video ~ link

Oil Spill = Illuminati's Covert War on America ~ link ~ As usual Dr. Henry Makow is 'right on the money'. Take the time to read this article!

Is the BP wellhead failing? ~ link ~ If the answer is yes, it is going to get a LOT WORSE. However, it is far from certain that this is the case.

The Big Picture: Why is it so hard to stop the Oil Gusher, and Why was such Extreme Deepwater Drilling allowed in the first place? ~ link ~
The government failed to properly ensure that BP used adequate safety measures, BP and their contractors were criminally negligent for the oil spill, and BP has tried to cover up the problem. See this.

But why hasn't BP stopped the leak?

Some people assume that BP hasn't stopped the oil leak because it's people are wholly incompetent.

Others have asked whether BP's $75 million liability cap is motivating it to stall by taking half-hearted measures until it's relief well drilling is complete.

But there is another possible explanation: the geology - as well the deepwater pressures - at the drilling site makes stopping the leak more difficult than we realize.

BP Oil "Spill" Day 35: Is It Time to Push BP Aside? ~ link ~ The BP Oil Disaster story is becoming as much of a 'disconnect from reality' as most of the bullshit coming from the Illumunati, such as 9/11, the Afghan War, the Iraqi War, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, Global Warming and Cap & Trade, Terrorism, the Iranian threat, etc./etc.

30% Chance of hurricane off Florida ~ link ~ When and if a hurricane hits the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster area it could get really bad real quick.

Could 'millions' die from Gulf Oil Disaster - Fishermen working on oil containment are getting sick - video ~ link ~ If this nightmare undersea oil gushing 'volcano' is not stopped, one has to ask what will happen to the millions of people living around the Gulf who will be exposed to increasing levels of fumes as the percentage of crude oil in the Gulf increases. Of course, the Loop Current and the Gulf Stream, will spread the nightmare along the East Coast of America and to the United Kingdom and Europe/etc.

State Opening of Parliament - Tuesday: Cameron plans for new laws due in Queen's Speech ~ link ~

Peers await the Queen's Speech in 2008

I'm doing "God's work": Meet Mr. Goldman Sachs - Lloyd Blankfein ~ link ~


Evolving Financial Crisis: The World Banking System is Insolvent ~ link ~ Of course it is, it is based on Fractional Reserve Banking!

The $1 trillion initial package to save the euro thus far has been a failure as the euro continues its decent. This bailout plan has US fingerprints all over it. The elitists figured they could take down the entire system in 1-1/2 to 2 years, but the poster child Greece didn’t cooperate, so all their plans have been split asunder. As far as the bailout is concerned will the effort be stopped in German courts and will the austerity programs in the weak countries work? Greek citizens say no. We will just have to see if they are serious. Do not forget that the bogus books in Greece are nothing different than almost all nations have been engaged in. Greece is no better or worse than the rest. Again, like the US, Europe is only trying to buy time. In fact, Mr. Trichet and Mrs. Merkel tell us officially that is what they are up too, buying time. This is not a situation where Greece acted alone; every nation has been doing something very similar. What is different this time is that the Greeks have responded with rage over the past month. As a result of that, the falling euro and skepticism as to whether the stimulus will work has pushed acceptance in the wrong direction.

Needless to say, all these machinations have led to deep disappointment in the wealthier EU member countries. At this point we don’t see cooperation between Greeks and their government and the bureaucrats led by a Bilderberger. On the other side the other members of the EU and the IMF refuse to conduct a bailout, which is supposed to protect the members. The Greek government may have signed the treaty, but the Greek populace hasn’t. Stringent austerity measures are not something they’ll stand still for encompassing the next ten years.

One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction ~ link ~ I love the way the Illumunati owned/controlled mainstream news media handles this story. The truth is, this is a created crisis as is the Global Depression. The global banking cartel is pulling all the strings to get the outcome that they intend.

The Banks Call the Shots on Financial Reform as the Sovereign Debt Crisis is Sweeping the World with another Credit Crunch ~ link ~ I am reminded of the old saying, "Never give a sucker an even break".

Pentagon Contractor Profits Rise - Along With Casualties ~ link ~ War is about profit. Those getting fat on the profits don't give a damn about the poor bastards that are killed or maimed for life. The Afghan War is the longest war in American history and no where near ending or victory for America/NATO. Anybody that thinks differently is brain dead.

Hillary Clinton: Koreas security situation 'precarious' ~ link ~ Ramping up for a Korean Theater to the coming global war/WWIII that the global banking families desire to help usher in their New World Order/global high tech police state.

Israeli military begins 'war games' ~ link ~
The Israeli military has begun a five-day-long war game, which has raised regional tensions that the hawkish Tel Aviv regime is preparing for another war.

The military drills, called "Turning Point 4," began on Sunday morning and will be conducted in 68 cities and towns.

Tension mounts as Israel begins massive five-day civil defense war games ~ link

Israeli Major-General Eisenkot (Northern Command chief): IDF prepared for all-out war within hours ~ link ~ Sorry general, but I have to disagree with you. You are not prepared to deal with dozens of genetically engineered super-killer viruses among your civilian population. That is what the Iranians will hit you with if you hit them too hard. A wise man would avoid such a war!

Netanyahu: Radical Islam with nukes - danger to mankind ~ link ~ It sounds like he is talking about his own government.

Addressing the World Conference for the Russian Language Press in Tel Aviv Sunday evening, Netanyahu said, "The greatest danger mankind faces is a radical regime - without limits to its cruelty - obtaining nuclear capabilities."

North Korea/South Korea - The Sinking of the Cheonan: We are being lied to ~ link ~ Good article with photographic evidence.

Obama in pre-war warning to US military over North Korea ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ It is looking more and more like this will be the summer that it all ENDS with Armageddon. Time will tell.

Israel demands world 'respond decisively' to North Korean nuclear test ~ link ~ Israel is apt to have the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal, after USA and Russia. Who are they to demand that the world respond decisively over North Korea but not over their nuclear weapons program.

Turkey bombards PKK in northern Iraq ~ link ~ This is 'blowback' from the way that Turkey and Brazil were treated over the latest Iran nuclear fuel proposal.

Israeli nuclear whistle blower returns to prison ~ link

A "Fix" to the Economic Depression - Undermine the Rights of the Public Sector Employees ~ link ~ In the new global/American economy of the 21st Century, everyone losses but the global banking cartel.

US Senate Rubber-Stamps the dictatorship of the Big Banks ~ link ~

Poem on 9/11 Truth ~ link

Purge the Foxes in the Henhouse ~ link ~

flickr image by sea turtle

LA attorney jailed for 14 months, but not charged with a crime ~ link ~
"I ended up here because I did the one thing no other lawyer in California is willing to do. I took on the corruption of the courts," Fine said in a jailhouse interview with CNN.

The Giant Banks, Federal Reserve and Treasury Have All Blackmailed America ~ link ~ All are but arms of the Global Banking Cartel/families.

Any way you look at it, the too big to fails are not needed and they are dragging our economy into a black hole. Like the sheriff in Blazing Saddles or Kendig's 1,000 pound men, they are playing us for fools.

Cap and Trade: A Gigantic Scam ~ link ~ Our bailout buddies over at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and the other Wall Street behemoths are buying heavily into carbon trading (see this, this, this, this, this, this and this). As University of Maryland professor economics professor and former Chief Economist at the U.S. International Trade Commission Peter Morici writes:
Obama must ensure that the banks use the trillions of dollars in federal bailout assistance to renegotiate mortgages and make new loans to worthy homebuyers and businesses. Obama must make certain that banks do not continue to squander federal largess by padding executive bonuses, acquiring other banks and pursuing new high-return, high-risk lines of businesses in merger activity, carbon trading and complex derivatives. Industry leaders like Citigroup have announced plans to move in those directions. Many of these bankers enjoyed influence in and contributed generously to the Obama campaign. Now it remains to be seen if a President Obama can stand up to these same bankers and persuade or compel them to act responsibly.
In other words, the same companies that made billions off of derivatives and other scams and are now getting bailed out on your dime are going to make billions from carbon trading.

US appoints first cyber warfare general ~ link ~ General Keith Alexander is one of the smartest flag officers in the Pentagon. As Chief of Clan Alexander, I congratulate him on his new command and his promotion.

The newly promoted four-star general, Keith Alexander, takes charge of the Pentagon's ambitious and controversial new Cyber Command, designed to conduct virtual combat across the world's computer networks. He was appointed on Friday afternoon in a low-key ceremony at Fort Meade, in Maryland.

UK bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine ~ link ~ The British medical profession should not stand for this outrage.

UK to withdrawal troops from Afghanistan ~ link ~ The Liberal Democrats alone among the three major British political parties have strongly opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. While it has not been publicly acknowledged, I suspect that one of the prices for the coalition government was ending British involvement in the wars. Good going!

In a U-turn in Britain's policy regarding the Afghan war, senior government officials say they want UK soldiers to return home as soon as possible.

British police chiefs opposed to new Home Secretary Theresa May's reforms ~ link ~ I think that the idea of allowing the public to elect Police Commissioners to oversee the police and the Chief Constables is GREAT!

Jamaica declares emergency in capital - Mini civil war with drug gang ~ link ~ link ~ link

Jazz: 'Little Waltz' with Ron Carter - video ~ link

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