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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Lord Stirling calls for a nuclear device to be used to quickly stop the undersea 'volcano' gushing massive amounts of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

One month in and outrage over Gulf Oil Disaster grows ~ link ~ Thick, sticky oil crept deeper into delicate marshes of the Mississippi Delta, an arrival dreaded for a month since the crude started spewing into the Gulf, as anger and frustration mounted over efforts to plug the gusher from a blown-out well and contain the spill.

Up to now, only tar balls and a sheen of oil had come ashore. But chocolate brown and vivid orange globs and sheets of foul-smelling oil the consistency of latex paint have begun coating the reeds and grasses of Louisiana's wetlands, home to rare birds, mammals and a rich variety of marine life.

With each passing day, outrage grows. State and local officials say the federal government isn't doing enough. President Barack Obama faults the agency that oversees offshore drilling. Republicans say the Coast Guard and the administration should have done more.

Gulf Oil Disaster Health Hazards ~ link

We Are Witnessing A Marine Life Mass-Murder ~ link ~

“We don’t have any idea how to stop this,” Simmons said of the Gulf leak. Some of the proposed strategies—such as temporarily plugging the leaking pipe with a jet of golf balls and other material—are a “joke,” he added.

“We really are in unprecedented waters.”

If the oil can’t be stopped, the underground reservoir may continue bleeding until it’s dry, Simmons suggested.

And the oil is still flowing robustly, which suggests that the reserve “would take years to deplete,” said David Rensink, incoming president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

“You’re talking about a reservoir that could have tens of millions of barrels in it.”

South Florida leaders meet to discuss Oil Disaster response ~ link ~ Taking a proactive approach, Mayor Keechl says an emergency plan is already in place for Broward County. With tourism being a key factor in the economy he wants to make sure that if some oil does reach South Florida they will know exactly how to handle it.

"We're looking for environmentally sensitive areas and making sure they're protected and making sure that if any oil does come into Broward County that it doesn't get into our ports or come through the inlet into our canals and the Intracoastal Waterway."

Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper says locals as well tourists need the reassurance.

"We are all a tourist driven economy so that's a key component as well to reassure people that when they visit South Florida that we are addressing this concern to make sure that we have the pristine, wonderful beaches that everybody has gotten to know in South Florida," said Cooper.

Public beach near New Orleans closed as oil washes up ~ link ~GRAND ISLE, La. – Officials closed the public beach here Friday as thick gobs of oil resembling melted chocolate washed up, a very visible reminder of the blown-out well that has been spewing crude into the Gulf of Mexico for a month.

Up to now, only tar balls and a light sheen had come ashore. But oil was starting to hit the beach at this island resort community in various forms — light sheens, orange-colored splotches and heavier brown sheets — said Chris Roberts, a local official who surveyed the area Friday morning.

"It's difficult to clean up when you haven't stopped the source," said Roberts, a councilman for Jefferson Parish, which stretches from the New Orleans metropolitan area to the coast. "You can scrape it off the beach but it's coming right back."

US Oil 'Spill' Commission being set up by Federal Government ~ link ~ Expect lots of hot air, lies and excessive amounts of bullshit.

Gulf Oil Disaster: BP is recovering less oil than estimated - with video ~ link ~ BP has said the amount of oil recovered from a leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well on Thursday was less than half an earlier estimate.

BP said it had siphoned 2,200 barrels in the 24-hour period to midnight on Thursday, down from an estimate of 5,000 barrels earlier in the day.

The US government has formed a team to develop a more precise estimate of the amount of oil gushing from the well.

BP will attempt to stem the oil flow next week, instead of Sunday as hoped.

The Time of Testing Is Here ~ link ~ Good article!

Arizona Governor to Obama: Send Guard helicopters from other states to help seal the border ~ link ~ The people in Arizona are desperate. The massive influx of Mexican illegals has brought a absolute flood of Mexican gang members into their state. Violent crime has mushroomed and Obama has done nothing.

Top official says Feds may not process illegals referred from Arizona ~ link ~ If you still don't believe that there is an conspiracy involving the Obama Administration to allow massive numbers of illegals to overrun America, you need to change your thinking.

States gearing up to follow Arizona's Lead on illegal immigration ~ link ~ I understand that some very good people are upset at this (including some friends of mine). I have a number of immigrants who are friends of mine, however I broadly support this legislation because I believe that it is not driven by ethnic hate but fear of the crime wave that is shocking to the core many people in its mist. The super violent Mexican gangs are beyond nuts. They often target and kill police officers and are not above going after the officers families. They have undertaken a massive number of killings, rapes, home invasions, kidnappings, carjackings, etc., in a number of southwest states and increasingly all over America. Mexico is currently undergoing a type of civil war or narco war and thousands have been killed over the last couple of years. Troops are patrolling in many areas.

Rand Paul strikes back at mainstream media smear machine ~ link ~ Would be Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has hit back at a desperate and sustained mainstream media attempt to smear him as a racist extremist following his historic primary victory earlier this week.

Re-electing the Band Air Brigade ~ link ~ Good article!

Of course, the one party system consisting of two interconnected criminal syndicates are working over time to see their incumbents go back to Congress to continue the destruction of our constitutional republic. Yes, both parties. There is a lot of talk and blame going around about the "national" debt created by one Outlaw Congress after another for a hundred years. The Democrats had "power" for 40 years before the misnamed "Republican Revolution of 1994," at which time the Republicans took "power" and out spent the Democrats in royal fashion. The people said enough and with the help of electronic ballot machines and scanners, the same rats with a few new faces took "control" of the Outlaw Congress again in November 2006. Shall we take a look at the numbers:

Obama wants 'new international order' ~ link ~ Sounds like the 'New World Order' crap to me.

Obama wins the right to detain people with no habeas review ~ link ~ Almost every day I link stories with evidence of growing police state fascism in America - Sad, very sad.

Pentagon plan to beef up USAF base in Afghanistan near Iran ~ link ~ A U.S. plan to upgrade its airbase in southwestern Afghanistan just 20 miles from Iran’s border will likely rile the Islamic regime, bolstering suspicions the West is trying to pressure it with military might, analysts say.

The Pentagon planning for Shindand comes as the U.S. is helping to strengthen missile defense systems in Israel and allied nations in the Persian Gulf.

The U.S. Navy is coordinating its ship-borne Aegis missile defense with Israel’s land-based systems, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates and other top U.S. military officials have encouraged Persian Gulf nations to strengthen and coordinate their individual defenses.

Iran will view the U.S. base expansion and acceleration of “missile defense and other systems in the Gulf states” as part of a containment strategy, said Kenneth Katzman, a Middle East analyst with the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.

The U.S. should be prepared for what could be a vigorous reaction, he said. “‘Iran will almost certainly respond by stepping up weapons shipments to Taliban militants in Herat and Farah provinces, and Tehran might direct these militants to use the assistance to attempt attacks on the airfield,” he said.

Pollack gave a similar warning. “We need to go in with eyes wide open that we could be provoking them,” he said. “We should not be expanding our operations in this area unless we are ready to deal with the potential.”

US BEGINS MASSIVE MILITARY BUILD-UP AROUND IRAN - SENDING UP TO 4 SUPERCARRIER BATTLE GROUPS TO REGION THIS SUMMER ~ link ~ link ~ The probabilities of a regional war that turns into the Third World War/Armageddon happening this summer (perhaps after a Israeli - Palestine agreement/treaty of some type or another), is very high!

Palestinians Offer Surprising Large Land Concessions ~ link ~ I smell a shell game to take the Palestinians (at least those not in Gaza) out of the coming war. Israel has only so many troops available and they want to go into the war with a "peace agreement" under their belt, looking like the "good guys" as much as possible. Also, to bring NATO nations into the coming war (see next/below article).

40,000 NATO Troops in the West Bank ~ link ~ If NATO troops are "attacked" in the coming war, that will be the trigger for NATO nations to be engaged in the general Middle East war/WWIII.

US and NATO accelerate military build-up in Black Sea region ~ link ~ Ever notice how close Georgia is to Iran's capital, Tehran? This is also a likely early trigger to bring Russia into the war, just as a second Korean War is a early trigger to bring China into the war, making it a global war and creating the size of army that Revelation speaks of in the Final Battle.

Russia says harsher sanctions will not prevent sale of S-300 Air Defense System to Iran ~ link ~ Maybe so, but they have not actually delivered such a system to Iran yet. They are holding back. However, see this story: Iranian teams train on S-300 Air Defense System at Russian Bases ~ link

In 410-4 vote US House of Representatives approves millions in extra funding for Israel's Missile Defense ~ link ~ Despite moving at a snail’s pace on most policy decisions, the Obama Administration was still able to muster surprising alacrity when it came down to providing Israel with additional money.

The Iron Dome system is intended for “very short range” rocket fire, primarily the intermittent rockets from the Gaza Strip that hit open fields in southern Israel, and would be completely useless against any missile from as far away as Iran, nuclear or otherwise.

In fact, this was one of the major reasons Israel was seeking the money, as many questioned the wisdom of spending $50,000 per missile to shoot down commodity rockets that cost only a few hundreds dollars apiece, and the Israeli military declined to include the project in its own budget.

The four Representatives voting against the resolution were John Conyers (D – MI), Dennis Kucinich (D – OH), Ron Paul (R – TX), and Pete Stark (D – CA).

Syria and Hizballah are building a massive anti-tank wall in eastern Lebanon ~ link ~ Sounds like they are expecting an invasion.

Take the Deal, Mr. President by Patrick J. Buchanan ~ link ~ That would make good sense, but would help to derail the coming war, instead of helping to ensure a summer war. The puppet Barack Obama will take us into a totally horrific Middle East regional war, that will quickly morph into WWIII/Armageddon.

Evil International Bankers Are Running The World - video/music ~ link

AIG Executives Won't Face Criminal Charges ~ link ~ Nobody is going to jail for all the trillions of dollars/Euros/Pounds/etc. in scams!

Sell in May and Run Away .... Fast ~ link

775 'problem banks' in America according to FDIC ~ link ~ A total of 775 banks, or one-tenth of all U.S. banks, were on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s list of "problem" institutions in the first quarter, as bad loans in the commercial real-estate market weighed on bank balance sheets.

Suppressing the Cognitive Dissonance of a Bogus Recovery ~ link ~ Good article!

32 States have borrowed money from the Federal Government to make unemployment payments - California has borrowed $7 Billion so far ~ link ~ As of May 20, the total balance outstanding by 32 states (and the Virgin Islands) is $37.8 billion.

Germany's Parliament votes to give 66% of country's annual income tax revenue to banks ~ link ~ Before the Federal Reserve was created there was no need for an American federal income tax. The global banking families use government powers to create money out of thin air, lend it back to governments, and then tax the people for decades to pay for the interest and principal - This (factional reserve banking) is the biggest scam on Earth and they have been at it for over 200 years (in the case of the Rothschilds). They want war, and usually fund both sides in most wars, as wars are giant users of debit financing as are poorly constructed social programs that do more harm than good.

Whatever Germany does - The Euro as we know it is dead ~ link ~ For Angela Merkel, leader of the eurozone's richest country, a queue is forming of high-quality adversaries. As she tips German Geld und Gut into the furnace of a rescue package for the euro, while going it alone in a misguided ban on market "manipulators", the brass-neck Chancellor has infuriated domestic voters, angered her EU partners (in particular the French) and invited the so-called wolf pack of global traders to do its worst.

Germany acts alone to protect the Euro and Big Banks against speculators ~ link ~ If Germany’s efforts to rein in speculation in European markets were meant to surprise investors, they succeeded — just not quite in the way officials in Berlin might have intended.

On Wednesday, the government’s partial ban on so-called naked short-selling took effect, as part of Berlin’s effort to protect its biggest financial institutions and the euro currency from investors who have been betting against them.

Coinciding with the new rule, Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose rhetoric has intensified as the euro zone’s debt crisis has spread, delivered a fiery speech to the lower house of Parliament, the Bundestag, that combined a demand for governments to assert “primacy” over unruly markets with her gloomy predictions of what would happen if they failed.

“I’ll boil it down to its core,” she told lawmakers. “The euro is the foundation for growth and prosperity” in the European Union. “The euro is in danger. If we don’t deal with this danger, then the consequences for us in Europe are incalculable.”

JFK telling us the 911 truth - video ~ link

Ethiopia tackles ghosts of elections past as they prepare to vote in national election on Sunday ~ link

Church warns cell scientists not to play God ~ link ~ Catholic Church officials said Friday the recent creation by researchers of the first synthetic cell can be a positive development if correctly used, but warned scientists that only God can create life.

Vatican and Italian church officials were mostly cautious in their first reaction to the announcement from the United States that researchers had produced a living cell powered by manmade DNA. They warned scientists of the ethical responsibility of scientific progress and said that the manner in which the innovation is applied in the future will be crucial.

"If it is used toward the good, to treat pathologies, we can only be positive" in our assessment, Monsignor Rino Fisichella, the Vatican's top bioethics official, told state-run TV. "If it turns out not to be ... useful to respect the dignity of the person, then our judgment would change."

'Frankenstein' doc creates life ~ link ~ But opponents of genetic engineering condemned the experiment as dangerous Frankenstein-style tampering with nature.

Maverick US biologist Dr Craig Venter first extracted the genes from a bacterium called Mycoplasma capricolum.

Then he grew strands of artificial DNA and planted them in the dead bacterium, which revived and began to multiply. Dr Venter said: "This is the first synthetic cell that's been made. It is an important step."

Artificial microbes could be developed for tasks like making vaccines or clearing pollution.

But other experts fear the technology could create biological weapons.

Professor Paul Freemont, of Imperial College London, called it "a landmark study".

He said: "This is a key step in the industrialisation of synthetic biology, leading to a new era."

'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists ~ link ~ He and his colleagues had previously made a synthetic bacterial genome, and transplanted the genome of one bacterium into another.

Now, the scientists have put both methods together, to create what they call a "synthetic cell", although only its genome is truly synthetic.

Scientist Craig Venter creates life for first time in laboratory - Sparking debate about 'playing God' ~ link ~ Actually, we have been creating life from transplanted and created DNA in Advanced Biowarfare based genetic engineering for years, only it has been at the virus level.

Pyongyang sees US role in Cheonan sinking ~ link ~ Actually the sinking of the South Korean corvette sounds very much like the type of things that the nuts in North Korea have done before. However, there are a couple of 'red flags' that concern me. First, the reports of the investigation clearly indicated, the other day, that the torpedo was German made, not North Korean made as they are now saying. Secondly, if you are going to have a World War you have to have some "players" lined up. It appears that there will be a Korean theater to the coming Third World War.

You really should read this article in the Asia Times. It is written by a North Korean and contains their spin, however it does have some interesting information in it.

There are four important points that make it clear that a North Korean submarine did not sink the South Korean corvette.

Fact 1.North Korean submarines are not stealthy enough to penetrate heavily guarded South Korean waters at night and remain undetected by the highly touted anti-submarine warfare units of the American and South Korean forces. A North Korean submarine would be unable to outmaneuver an awesome array of high-tech Aegis warships, identify the corvette Cheonan and then slice it in two with a torpedo before escaping unscathed, leaving no trace of its identity.

Fact 2. The sinking took place not in North Korean waters but well inside tightly guarded South Korean waters, where a slow-moving North Korean submarine would have great difficulty operating covertly and safely, unless it was equipped with AIP (air-independent propulsion) technology.

Fact 2: The disaster took place precisely in the waters where what the Pentagon has called "one of the world's largest simulated exercises" was underway. This war exercise, known as "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle" did not end on March 18 as was reported but actually ran from March 18 to April 30.

Fact 3: The Key Resolve/Foal Eagle exercise on the West Sea near the Northern Limit Line (NLL) was aimed at keeping a more watchful eye on North Korea as well as training for the destruction of weapons of mass destruction in the North. It involved scores of shiny, ultra-modern US and South Korean warships equipped with the latest technology.

Among the fleet were four Aegis ships: the USS Shiloh (CG-67), a 9,600-ton Ticonderoga class cruiser, the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54), a 6,800-ton Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer, the USS Lassen, a 9,200-ton Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer and Sejong the Great, a 8,500-ton South Korean guided-missile destroyer.

The four surface ships are the most important assets of the two navies, and have multi-mission platforms capable of conducting various tasks, such as anti-submarine warfare. There is every likelihood that they were supported by nuclear-powered US submarines and a South Korean "Type 214" submarine that uses AIP technology.

The sinking of the Cheonan has made headlines around the world. If indeed it was a US accident, it is an embarrassing indictment of the accuracy of the expensive weapons systems of the US, the world's leading arms exporter. It has also cost the Americans credibility as the South's superpower guardian. Ironically, this has made North Korean-made weapons more attractive on the international market.

The South Koreans and the Americans charging the North Koreans with the sinking of the naval vessel in South Korean waters only highlights the poor performance of their expensive Aegis warships, as well as the futility of the US-South Korean joint war games and the US military presence in Korea.

Fact 4: Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg said on March 30 that he doubted there was North Korean involvement in the sinking: "Obviously the full investigation needs to go forward. But to my knowledge, there's no reason to believe or to be concerned that that may have been the cause."

General Walter Sharp, US Forces Korea (USFK) commander, also saw no link between North Korea and the sinking. In an April 6 press conference, he said: "We, as Combined Forces Command and the ROK [Republic of Korea] Joint Chief of Staff, watch North Korea very closely every single day of the year and we continue to do that right now. And again, as this has been said, we see no unusual activity at this time."

US leads warnings to North Korea - China seeks restraint ~ link

Hillary Clinton: North Korea must face consequences for attack ~ link ~ I feel so safe knowing that a military expert like Hillary is in charge of things - NOT!

US and South Korea consider going to higher alert (pre-war) status on border ~ link ~ Working our way to a Korean War Theater for the Third World War.

South Korea and the United States are considering upgrading the alert status on North Korea to the next level as tensions build up on findings the North sank one of the South's naval ships, Yonhap news agency reported on Friday.

Toyota investing $50 million in Tesla Motors ~ link ~ Toyota is to invest $50m (£35m) in US electric car company Tesla Motors, as the two firms announced a joint partnership to build electric vehicles.

The deal will give the Japanese giant a stake of about 2.5% in Tesla, which will build its new saloon model at a Toyota factory near San Francisco.

Analysts said Tesla, which was only formed in 2003, will benefit from Toyota's mass production skills.

In turn, Toyota will be able to access Tesla's electric battery expertise.

Now's The Time To Switch To Alternative Energy ~ link ~ The global banking cartel/families control the energy industry at the highest levels. They have bought off/threatened/killed off many free or mostly free alternative energy inventions over the years. They are not likely to sit back and allow one of their cash/power cows to be slaughtered.

Keeper of secrets - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange ~ link

Statins: The side effects 'are worst than feared' ~ link ~ I have been opposed to statins drugs for years. Any prescription that first requires a blood test to 'baseline' you, so that later tests can determine if you have liver damage from taking the drug is crazy, unless the need for the drug is totally life critical. Statins are all about high profits for Big Pharma, not good health for the patient.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be an oil rig, Statoil Platform C, in the North Sea expected to suffer from an imminent blowout.

Moshe said...

Do you really think Arizona governor wants to enforce the law? She just wants her 15 minutes of fame! Americans are very happy having Mexican harvesters, Mexican gardeners, Mexican maids, Mexican waiters, Mexican nannies, Mexicans fishing giantic crabs in Alaska, Mexicans cleaning toilets, Mexicans unloading containers at every Wal Mart, Mexicans doing the dishes, Mexicans butchering chickens, etc. And Americans do love Mexican pot and cocaine. We have to deal with bloody violence at Mexican streets, not your average Joe Six Pack.

Craig said...

Lord Stirling,

I had not heard of you before, and am just catching up on some of your posts now....interesting and thank you.
I am Canadian, and have noticed a resistance from PM Harper to some "new world order" initiatives. What is your take on this. God bless!

Lord Stirling said...

Dear Craig,
I generally do not comment on Canadian politics because of the old hereditary Great Offices of State that I hold in Canada (Gov. and Lord Lieutenant of Canada; Lord High Admiral of Nova Scotia, etc.). It is not that I don't have an opinion, it is simply that I wish to respect the role of the Crown in Canada.