Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Lord Stirling calls for a nuclear device to be used to quickly stop the undersea 'volcano' gushing massive amounts of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico - video ~ link

David Cameron is new UK Prime Minister - with video ~ link ~ link ~ Conservative - Liberal Democrat coalition in place.
Mr Cameron, 43, entered 10 Downing Street after travelling to Buckingham Palace to formally accept the Queen's request to form the next government.

He said he aimed to form a "proper and full coalition" with the Lib Dems to provide "strong, stable government".

His party won the most seats in the general election last week, but not an overall majority.

In a speech outside his new Downing Street home, Mr Cameron said he and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg would "put aside party differences and work hard for the common good and the national interest".

Mr Cameron's arrival in Downing Street marks the end of 13 years of Labour rule and sees the first coalition government in the UK in 70 years.

It is also the first Liberal Democrat and Conservative power-sharing deal at Westminster in history.

Mr Cameron is the youngest prime minister since 1812 - six months younger than Tony Blair when he entered Downing Street in 1997 - and the first Old Etonian to hold the office since the early 1960s.

Mr Cameron has begun the work of appointing his first cabinet - with George Osborne confirmed as chancellor and William Hague as foreign secretary.

There are expected to be top jobs for Lib Dems in the new coalition, with speculation that their party leader, Nick Clegg, will be the deputy prime minister.

It's tilting back to a Lib Dem - Tory deal ~ link ~ Good! It is well time that the corrupt Labour Party spend some time as the Opposition (like a few hundred years).

Labour opposition to the Lib-Lab coalition being cooked up at the House of Commons talks is mushrooming. The outspoken attacks on a deal with the Liberal Democrats by former Blairite ministers, David Blunkett and John Reid, reflect a far wider mood of alarm now stretching across all sections of the party – including from pro-PR figures such as Jon Cruddas, and right into the heart of the cabinet.

Health secretary Andy Burnham has now become the first cabinet member to speak out openly. If a Lib-Lab arrangement is still in play by tomorrow afternoon, when the new parliamentary Labour party is due to hold its first meeting, expect an eruption of discontent.

Hopes of Labour - Liberal Democrat coalition foundering in face of revolt by MPs ~ link ~ Sounds like the revenge of the Phony Tony Blair crowd to me.

Some Lib Dem negotiators were unimpressed by the demeanour of the Labour negotiators, claiming they showed no real interest in a deal.

The attitude of Labour backbenchers has also undermined the pro-Labour forces inside the Lib Dems, as they face the reality that a coalition, needed to force through a deficit reduction programme, will be unstable for as long as two to three years.

Many Labour MPs, including those from northern heartlands and Scotland, seem to be furious that they were not consulted on the deal. One party member close to a leadership campaign said: "The party is not a plaything of Lord Mandelson."

Advocates of a coalition said it was inevitable that the Lib-Lab discussions had to be held under wraps since the Lib Dems were committed first to public discussions with the Conservatives.

Those trying to keep the talks with the Lib Dems alive acknowledged there were divisions, but claimed the centre of gravity in the party still thought it was worth exploring a deal.

The Lib Dems are not keen on a deal with the Tories due to policy differences, but Labour is also acknowledging that if Cameron does get in, the negotiations he has been forced to hold with the Lib Dems, aware of serious competition from Labour, mean that his excesses will now be curbed.

Nick Clegg note offers clues to deal with Conservatives ~ link ~ But it is the detail at the end of the note which is most revealing. Under the heading "Roles" Clegg lists the two main issues as "ratios" and "me".

The last three lines appear to detail the proportion of Lib Dem MPs in a Lib-Con government, as well as the share of the total number of votes for the coalition contributed by Clegg's party.

The note appears to suggest that the party's share of ministerial roles should be in proportion to its share of votes – approximately 39% of the total. The sheet of paper includes a series of figures evidently showing the rationale behind this claim.

The most eye-catching phrase, apparently referring to government jobs for Clegg's MPs, comes in the final line: "one in each dept"

Coalition talks - Live Blog - Guardian newspaper ~ link ~ Good up to the minute source.

Hopes fading for Labour - Liberal Democrat alliance ~ link ~

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne and chief of staff Danny Alexander

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne and chief of staff Danny Alexander

The UK Elections: A Very British Fraud ~ link ~ The Liberal Democrats have usually been on the receiving end of this fraud and are determined to change the system.

The growing corruption of the British electoral process is well documented and doesn’t require anything additional from conspiracy theorists such as myself. Listen to Richard Mawley QC, the judge presiding over a case of vote-rigging in Birmingham in June 2004:

“The system is wide open to fraud and any would-be political fraudster knows that”. Citing evidence of “massive, systematic and organised fraud”, Judge Mawley said the system was “hopelessly insecure” and sent a message to those that claimed that the current postal voting system was working, adding: “Anybody who has sat through the case I have just tried and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic would find this statement surprising.”

“The best and simplest way to procure false votes is to invent false voters – “ghosts”, as they are known in the trade” reports Nick Davies in a highly recommended 2001 Guardian article which exposed the various modalities of UK electoral fraud. He elaborates:

“The real joy of raising electoral ghosts is that there are no ghostbusters: there is no system for checking the accuracy of the electoral register. Riggers can find a derelict building, or add a couple of extra houses to a street, or use the address of a hostel or anywhere else with a transitory population, and simply bung in names. If they are unlucky or particularly clumsy, and happen to catch the eye of an electoral registration officer, the police may be called. But, under normal circumstances, the paperwork is routinely processed straight on to the register with no attempt at checking.”

He goes on to discuss widespread techniques such as the “Tipp-Ex trick” and “granny farming”. But this was 2001: he is describing the process in its infancy, as it were, before New Labour really systematised fraud by introducing postal votes for all, proxy votes for all and making it easier to add names to the electoral register. I don’t intend to give a comprehensive treatise on our fraudulent practices: I limit myself to providing these highlighted links for those of you who wish to do some further study. And very interesting it is too.

Electoral fraud in the UK is an open secret, the elephant in the room(another one!) but nothing ever happens about it. We have “independent “ bodies like the shadowy “Electoral Commission” making recommendation which are ignored. In fact, there are bodies everywhere and skeletons falling out of cupboards but we Brits are just too polite to notice. The police are forever following up allegations; there have been fifty in the last week. But nothing happens.

Trying to divert criticism from itself, Jenny Watson of the Electoral Commission blamed Britain’s “Victorian” electoral system. I’ve never heard it called that before; in any case, it’s much more like the notorious 18th century system of rotten burghs. We also hear comparisons with “third-world countries”. But corruption or alleged corruption in countries like Zimbabwe results in a chorus of indignation and calls for regime change. No one is doing that here for the simple reason that the people calling for regime change in Zimbabwe are the regime in Britain, and they don’t want to overthrow themselves.

Lib Dems coalition talks set to reach 'crunch time' ~ link ~ A meeting of Lib Dem MPs continued beyond midnight and ended with no firm decisions taken, the BBC understands.

One Million Gallons Of Crude Oil Per Day Gushing Into The Gulf - Not The 210,000 We Were Told ~ link ~ Word also came yesterday that the oil spill may be five times worse than previously thought.
The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico
The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexic

Gulf of Mexico mega-disaster - Book of Revelation 8:7 ~ link ~
When the first trumpet is sounded in Revelation 8:7, hail, fire and blood fall upon the Earth, and a third of its surface, along with a third of its trees and all of its grass, is consumed in flame. Upon the sounding of the second, a great, flaming mountain falls into the sea. A third of the oceans turn to blood, a third of the sea creatures are killed and a third of the ships are destroyed. With the third, the star Wormwood falls upon a third of the rivers and springs, poisoning them and the many men who drink from them.

If you look at a photo of the towering drill tower on the BP ship with great flames stories high, when it falls into the ocean, this could be what the text refers to. The oil slick often appears to be reddish brown.

               MBR -         The off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon burns in the Gulf of Mexico April 21, 2010. A huge oil slick remained offshore and largely stationary today, May 4, 2010, in a development that should help cleanup efforts.  (Photo courtesy Jon T. Fritz/MCT)
MBR - The off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon burns in the Gulf of Mexico April 21, 2010. A huge oil slick remained offshore and largely stationary today, May 4, 2010, in a development that should help cleanup efforts. (Photo courtesy Jon T. Fritz/MCT)

               HANDOUT -         GULF OF MEXICO - APRIL 21:  Fire boats battle a fire at the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon April 21, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. Multiple Coast Guard helicopters, planes and cutters responded to rescue the Deepwater Horizons 126 person crew after an explosion and fire caused the crew to evacuate.  (Photo by U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images)
HANDOUT - GULF OF MEXICO - APRIL 21: Fire boats battle a fire at the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon April 21, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. Multiple Coast Guard helicopters, planes and cutters responded to rescue the Deepwater Horizons 126 person crew after an explosion and fire caused the crew to evacuate. (Photo by U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images)


Anonymous said...

Rumors of Germany switching back from Euro to Deutche Mark:



German Windfall Profits From Exiting The Euro

German bank insider: "I'm working at the Deutsche Bank in Germany. Today we delivered 1 container with new Deutsche Mark notes and new coins. I will present a photo from the new banknotes tomorrow morning. The curencychange will be the night from Saturday to Sunday 5/16/2010. On Friday, 19.00 GMT Angela Merkel the germany chancelor, will make speach to the german nation."

European Banks Now Feverishly Betting Against Euro, As Bailout Fails, Gold Surges

Rodman said...

Lord Stirling:
I've said this before: I'm a big fan of your blog. I check it every day pretty much, and appreciate the work you put into coordinating these resources. I'm writing because I have an issue w/ you referring to Kagan as "dike" and "bitch". I don't want to see her in the Supreme Court either, and I'm all for writing why you disagree w/ someone's positions, but I think the name-calling is unwarranted and unnecessary. Referring to a female as "bitch" is, IMO, dismissing someone completely as a human being, and is a lowest-common-denominator put-down for a female - it's just not right. Having followed your blog very regularly since about August 2008, it seems to be a bit over the top on your part, and I am hoping that maybe you were just having a bad day or something. I know that you're a well-educated, for the most part even-handed blogger, and I enjoy reading your positions as to why you disagree with people or issues. But I think those insulting words "dike" and "bitch" were just too much, I know you're better than that, and I hope that you tone down the stuff like that in the future. That being said, please keep up the good work on your blog, and I look forward to continuing to follow it. Thank you for your time.
Rodman from Philadelphia

Lord Stirling said...

Rodman, you are correct. I don't normally use the word "bitch" or "dike". I did go over the top on my comment on her. It is not her homosexuality that upsets me, it is her fascism! If you follow the legal logic of it, it will quickly turn America into a total police state. This is as unacceptable as it gets. I also ran the article by Henry on her Jewish background. I do not normally like or support criticism of a person based on their ethnic or religious or sexual background. However having 4 out of 9 Justices with a Jewish background is over the top for a group that is about 2% of the population and it is very dangerous for Jews as they, as a group, will end up being blamed for what those four do to America (by the way Henry, the author of that story, is Jewish). What we are seeing now, with her nomination, with the unconstitutional presidency of Obama (he was NOT born in USA), etc., is simply a total trashing of our Constitution and way of life as a part of a drive to destroy the America and the World that we know, to remake it into something totally horrible for the benefit of a small group of satanic global banking families. They have created the on-going Global Depression as a part of this End Game strategy and it will get much worst in the months to come. They are also driving the world to yet another global war, one that is right out of the last book of the Bible. Mankind cannot survive 21st Century warfare without the direct intervention of God Himself.


Rodman said...

Thanks for the response and the clarification - that seems much more down your alley. I agree with those solid points, and appreciate you acknowledging my humble 2 cents.