Saturday, May 1, 2010

Call for Next PM to End Rules of Male Only Succession to Peerages

Call to the Next British Prime Minister to End the Rules of Male Primogeniture with Regard to my Peerage Titles and all Peerages

Approximately twenty years ago I began the process of calling out of dormancy an important set of Scottish Peerage titles and related Canadian honorific great offices-of-state in my family. In August of 1999 I used a Scots Peerage Law procedure, an Assumption-at-Law, to successfully claim the titles by right of secession.

I thereafter asked the Labour government to recommend to the Queen that she grant a uniquely Scottish procedure, a resettlement-by-letters patent, to end the sexist rules of male only succession to my family's titles. As a Scots Peer this was and is my right to request such a resettlement. What I did not expect was that the Labour government would not act on my request without a massive "donation" of one million pounds or more.

I ended up providing evidence to the Scotland Yard investigation into Tony Blair's illegal sales of peerages. Behind the scenes, it was most likely my case that provided the key leverage to force then Prime Minister Blair to agree to resign. His legal defense to the 'Cash for Peerages' scandal was that the peerages in question were "working party peerages" and not "honours" in the traditional sense. My case, which involved centuries old hereditary Scots Peerages ('honours' in the traditional sense by any definition) proved the lie behind his legal defense.

However, I have still not received the requested resettlement to end the male only sexist rules of succession to my titles. Jack Straw, Gordon Brown's Lord Chancellor and Minister of Justice, has refused to follow the law and authorize such a formal request. I am being punished for not being a 'good boy' and filling the Labour Party's bank account with the "suggested" level of donation. This shocking 'Third World' type of government is likely to come to a halt in a few days, however, I want to see that the future Prime Minister ends this form of law based gender based human rights violation. Women should be allowed to succeed to hereditary titles in birth rank order, the same as men. So I am publicly requesting that the next Prime Minister agree to allow succession to my family's titles to "my heirs general in birth rank order" and to propose legislation to allow this for all hereditary titles in the United Kingdom.


My book, 'CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN' , has detailed information on my story with the Labour government ~ link


lawful said...

Regarding ending the primogeniture rule, I presume that you mean in Scotland only.

IIRC the Claim of Right acknowleges desuitude while the Bill of Rights does not.

Stare Decisis is a vital part of English law.

Regards, John Hurst.

lawful said...

On the subject of peerages, are you aware of the controversy about the validity of the House of Lords Act 1999:

Do you agree with this and do you have any confirmation of the lawful proceedure for removing Letters Patent?

Blackstone is quite clear about the composition of a lawful Parliament:

“..each and all the earls and barons and their peers ought to be summoned and to come;..”.

So is Erskine May:

“The prerogatives of the Crown, in connection with the legislature, are
of paramount importance. The legal existence of Parliament results from
the exercise of royal prerogative. As “supreme governor, as well in all
spiritual or ecclesiastical things or causes as temporal,”4 the King
virtually appoints the archbishops and bishops, who, as “lords
spiritual,” form one of the three estates of the realm.5 All titles of
honour are the gift of the Crown, and thus the “lords temporal” also,
who form the remainder of the upper house, have been created by royal
prerogative, and their number may be increased at pleasure. In early
times the summons of peers to attend Parliament depended entirely on the
royal will but their hereditary titles have long since been held to
confer a right to sit in Parliament…”.

Without all the Peers it is not a Parliament.

Regards, John Hurst.

Anonymous said...

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