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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

British title of Baron for sale ~ link

Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) device on Polish presidential aircraft (TU-154) raises questions about crash ~ link ~ I have a bad feeling about this crash. I said at the time that it was suspicious. The danger here is that the crash can be a False Flag Op designed to blame the Russians when in fact they had nothing to do with it. Of course, just the opposite may be the case. How do you tell the truth from what may be lies when so much is at stake. Depending on how all this falls out, it could be a major factor in fomenting pre-war conditions in Eastern Europe on the eve of WWIII. This could become a major factor in the weeks ahead or it could fade into the background of history. Note: I am aware that some early work has been done on researching the hidden Bible Codes about this crash. The following was sent to me (and others) regarding this research - Stirling:
I found some new codes about former Polish President Lech Kaczynski. The first letter of the lowest skip of this name in the Tanakh, is found in 1 Kings 15:27 (which speaks of a king who was murdered...) in the expression "conspiracy against him". I also examined the surrounding text, and found the expression/term "he was murdered/assassinat ion" (minimal skip in the Tanakh) spelled in reverse and sharing a letter with Kaczynski. There are other messages like "they shot" (spelled in reverse on the same string of characters as "he was murdered/assassinat ion", and lowest skip as well), "shooting of evilness", but I left them out. All these terms form a very tight cluster.

The second matrix was found in a wrapped Torah using another spelling for his name. The lowest skip could be extended to "Kaczynski was threatened". I noticed Kaczynski shared a letter with a term from the surface text which can be translated "president". I also spotted the expression "he was murdered/assassinat ion in the year" adjacent and parallel to Kaczynski, and "2010" on the same string of characters as Kaczynski, and separated from it by only 2 letters.

The following is some information sent to me by a reader on the Poland crash:
I'm doing a review of military/civilian plane crashes--some of them suspicious. I noticed the Russians just reopened the closed investigation into a 2008 plane crash that took the life of a senior Russian general. The original cause was attributed to pilot alcoholism. No witnesses could be found of any pilot alcohol consumption prior to the crash. Further, during decomposition the sugar remaining in a body ferments and produces some alcohol. Similar set of circumstances.

The Polish Tupelov (you probably know this better than I) in the latest crash is known as a brick s***house in aviation circles. It was kept apparently because it can suffer severe damage and still keep flying. Polish air force maintenance of planes is said to be among the best among world military.

I was monitoring Russian shortwave and they reported all the bodies fit into two (2) standard helicopters. Without a major explosion, I can't see how this is possible with 100 people.

As for the 2008 Polish plane crash that apparently took the life of their entire senior air force staff--VERY suspicious. The usual, fog, wing coming off, clipping trees, ground warning/ILS not operational. Plane falls 300' and they cannot find the black boxes! All of them attending an air safety conference together?! Then, major security protocols put into place so officers and government officials won't fly together in large groups on military flights. But these are suddenly disregarded because it was considered a "civilian" flight?! I know Poles--give a Pole a duty and if he has any honor you'll have to shoot him before he deviates. And Polish military generally have honor as it is tradition. (You could say people who charge tanks with horses are a bit thick headed!)

Aside from the fact that the Russians couldn't have pulled off a hit on all those people inside Poland (if that's what happened) another reason I disbelieve it is Katyn. It is very painful for a country to admit a crime of this magnitude after years of denial and cover-up. Why go through this public humiliation--undoubtedly to mollify Poles and improve relations--if you're going to then decapitate their government and permanently estrange them?

It may be the Russians have a pretty good idea of what happened--hence the reopening of the investigation of their 2008 crash. (The dead senior general was the architect of the defeat of the Chechens, which were backed by various Western intelligence agencies.) Russians are notorious for secrecy, during the Stalinist era even road maps were secret and the ones available were inaccurate. Or maybe they don't know yet but starting a panic might spook the perpetrators and destroy evidence and witnesses. (I speculated the shots may have been of people trying to plant evidence--or maybe if there were only 4 people on the plane and they figured it was a setup.)

I just can't believe this was a deliberate act of Putin and Medvedev as they are rational and this makes no sense. It's possible that some faction in Russia that wanted to destabilize the government might have had involvement. This includes the "Russian" Mafia. I'm guessing it's someone who wants a future war and who wants to keep the Russians occupied while they engage in military and financial adventures.

I'll keep you posted as I research the past plane crashes.

Only four people on doomed plane, suggest pilot communication - with video - by Jane Burgermeister ~ link ~
I am 'unsure' about the validity of this report. However, from the limited crash scene video that I saw, I did wonder where the bodies (or body parts) were!

Criticism of Polish Prime Minister mounts after failure to address plane crash questions by Jane Burgermeister ~ link ~
Criticism of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has grown following his press conference on Wednesday when he spoke for the first time about the plane crash that killed President Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk on April 10

Prime Minister Donald Tusk looked pale and shaken as he brushed aside tough questions from journalists on the plane crash that also killed the central bank governor, military chiefs, the national security chief and much of the opposition....

He had strong praise for Defence Minister Bogdan Klich, who has been urged to resign for hindering the investigation: the Polish Chief Prosecutor called for Klich to be fired on Tuesday.

Tusk repeatedly refused to answer questions put to him by journalists about the plane crash....

Polish TV station TVP1 showed a programme on Monday in which a person interviewed suggested that Tusk had blood on his hands, underlining how the mood has changed.

The mounting evidence that almost 100 honest Polish government officials have been murdered in cold blood so that the Globalist bankers and their minions in government can plunder the country is fuelling public outrage not just in Poland but in the world.

No honest government official in any country is safe unless this mafia style practice is checked.

Huge crowds are reported to have lined up to fulfil the signature requirements of the dead Polish President’s brother Jaroslaw Kaczysnki to run for president on June 20th.

Polls from the Globalist-controlled media suggest the acting president Bronislaw Komorowski from Tusk’s party will win but the mood in the country suggests Kaczynski will be the next president as long as the elections are fair.

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that God is deeply offended by the murder of innocent babies.

The 22-week infant died one day later in intensive care at a hospital in the mother's home town of Rossano in southern Italy.

The mother, pregnant for the first time, had opted for an abortion after prenatal scans suggested that her baby was disabled.

However, the infant survived the procedure, carried out on Saturday in the Rossano Calabro hospital, and was left by doctors to die.

He was discovered alive the following day – some 20 hours after the operation – by Father Antonio Martello, the hospital chaplain, who had gone to pray beside his body.

He found that the baby, wrapped in a sheet with his umbilical cord still attached, was moving and breathing.

The priest raised the alarm and doctors immediately arranged for the infant to be taken to a specialist neo-natal unit at the neighbouring Cosenza hospital, where he died on Monday morning.

Eurozone edges closer to endgame as Greek contagion hits Portugal ~ link ~ The eurozone "lurched towards the endgame" yesterday as Standard & Poor's finally relegated Greece's sovereign credit rating to "junk" status, downgraded Portugal by two steps to A-, and the yields on Greek debt climbed beyond 15 per cent, a signal that the market regards a default as virtually certain.

The contagion that many feared is threatening to overwhelm the entire single currency area in a remarkably short time. The course of events has parallels with the banking crises of the autumn of 2008, when successive institutions came under attack and their interrelationships and size devastated confidence in the financial system, famously so after the failure of Lehman's.

Greek Debt Crisis: Euro leaders call emergency summit to avert meltdown ~ link ~ Wrestling with the worst crisis in the common currency's 11 years and accused of fiddling for three months while Greece went up in flames, Angela Merkel of Germany, Nicolas Sarkozy of France and other European leaders are to meet in Brussels on May 10 to unlock tens of billions of euros for Athens to put out the fire.

The summit will be only the second time in the currency's history that the leaders have met as the "eurogroup". The first time was in Paris in October 2008 to concoct a response to the international banking and financial collapse. Gordon Brown also took part in the Paris summit, although Britain is not in the euro. This time, four days after May 6, a British prime minister will not be invited.

Western civilization on the Titanic - RT video ~ link ~ Remember that I have been telling you that there is no 'recovery' and that we are still 'early stage' into this Global Depression.

Greece is just the 'tip of the iceberg' ~ link ~ Greece is just the "tip of the iceberg” of a sovereign debt crisis that has the potential to derail a global recovery, Nouriel Roubini has warned.

No Wonder the Eurozone is Imploding ~ link ~ All of which is planned.

There wouldn't be a crisis among nations if banks' toxic gambling debts hadn't been assumed by the world's central banks.

Another conflict with Lebanon? ~ link ~ Jordan's King Abdullah has recently disclosed that he believes an Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon conflict is “imminent.”

The fact that Israeli authorities are handing out gas masks and have launched a media campaign stressing their importance lends credibility to the monarch's chilling prediction.

In recent days, Israelis warplanes have violated Lebanon's airspace and have illuminated the skies over a southern Lebanese village with flares. Concurrent with those provocations, Israel is accusing Syria of supplying Hezbollah with Scud missiles with the potential of being fitted with chemical warheads and capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu's possible motives for attacking Lebanon are manifold. Following the failure of the Israeli military's mission in 2006 which was to disarm Hezbollah, Israel needs a definitive win so as to propagate the myth of its invincibility and eradicate the threat from Hezbollah on its northern border.

According to The Times, Syria is to be held responsible in the event Hezbollah sends ballistic missiles into Israel. “We'll return Syria to the Stone Age,” an Israeli minister was quoted as warning.

'Radical Muslin group' run by Israeli Jews ~ link ~ Sad that some people find it necessary to do this type of evil nonsense.

Chomsky: What's At Stake in the Issue of Iran ~ link ~ In an interview with the German publication, Freitag, Noam Chomsky talks about U.S. pressure on Israel and Iran and its geopolitical significance. "Iran is perceived as a threat because they did not obey the orders of the United States. Militarily this threat is irrelevant. This country has not behaved aggressively beyond its borders for centuries. Israel invaded Lebanon with the blessing and help of the U.S. five times in thirty years. Iran has not done anything like this," he says.´

Haaretz: Majority of Israel's Jews back gag on rights groups ~ link ~ Sad!

They found that 57.6 percent of the respondents agreed that human rights organizations that expose immoral conduct by Israel should not be allowed to operate freely.

Slightly more than half agreed that "there is too much freedom of expression" in Israel.

The poll also found that most of the respondents favor punishing Israeli citizens who support sanctioning or boycotting the country, and support punishing journalists who report news that reflects badly on the actions of the defense establishment.

Another 82 percent of respondents said they back stiff penalties for people who leak illegally obtained information exposing immoral conduct by the defense establishment.

The Military Occupation of Our Minds ~ link ~ As Congress weighs Afghanistan funding, the military is escalating what it calls the "war of perceptions" at home and abroad. The question is whether the American media and Congress will collaborate in the Pentagon's press strategy or retain a critical edge.

It is no accident that the Pentagon is shaping the "information battlespace" by welcoming friendly reporters and think tank hacks to beam back commentaries about the Kandahar offensive to the American people.

Nor is it accidental that the US is soft-pedaling any public criticism of its crooked crony in Kabul, Hamid Karzhai, as thousands of American soldiers are being dispatched to face bullets in his defense.

Nor is there any question that Afghan civilian casualties are being downplayed or covered-up. The agency in charge of counting the bodies, the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan, published a footnote last year admitting "there is a significant possibility that UNAMA is under-reporting civilian casualties."

How the Western Media Promotes a Mistaken View of the World ~ link ~ The western media will continue to reduce non-Westerners, for they have a vested interest in doing so, and it has become habitual. A first step in overcoming this would be to empower our own local and regional media, and to create rapports amongst them. We can only challenge the abhorrent narratives about us when we start to present our own truth and experience, and support others to do the same.

Americans remaining ill-informed is inexcusable ~ link ~ The ironic misfortune in all this is that we have the technology to be informed, but Americans remain a generally ignorant public.

The Vietnam War in pictures: The 35th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon ~ link

Super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 False Flag Attack on America ~ link ~ Multiple U.S. intelligence sources have reported to WMR that a super-classified network with only some 70 terminals in select U.S. government locations handled the parallel command-and-control activities that permitted the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be successful.

The “above top secret” network bears the acronym “PDAS.” WMR has not yet discovered what the acronym stands for, however, the system is limited to only a few hundred people with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Special Access Program (SAP) need-to-know access, in addition to the president and vice president.

On September 11, 2001, PDAS was used to convey the information from the Air Force Chief of Staff to the White House, CIA, and other select agencies that the Air Force had successfully intercepted and downed a target over Pennsylvania. It is believed that the “target” in question was United flight 93, although there is no confirmation that the aircraft was in fact the one downed by Air Force interceptors.

Glen Beck - Puerto Rico could become 51st State if new bill passes - video ~ link ~ The forces that want to destroy the cultural heritage of America will stop at nothing.

Dividend Tax to Increase from 15% to 43.4% ~ link

War with China? The Dangers of a Global Conflagration - Rising and Declining Economic Powers: The Sino-US Conflict Deepens ~ link ~ The problem that I have with the view presented by this article is that it ignores 'the powers behind the thrones'. China became an economic superpower because those in control of America and western Europe allowed and facilitated it. It was/is the greatest mass transfer of wealth in human history. It was NOT an accident of history. Under the Clinton Administration the technology to allow Chinese ICBMs to target American cities was allowed to pass to China. Prior to that, they could not come close to hitting even a large city with their reentry warheads. What we have here is social/political/economic/military engineering on a very large scale. Historically the only forces that can accomplish this is the global banking cartel/families.

Will the intensified conflicts between the US and China inevitably lead to a global conflagration? If recent past history is any indication the answer is a resounding yes. The most destructive wars of the 20th century were the result of confrontations between established (EIP) and rising (RIP) imperial powers. The practices and policies of the former serve as guides to the latter.

The US empire covers the world with nearly 800 military bases, multi-lateral (NATO) and bi-lateral military alliances, a dominant position in the self-styled international financial institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund) and with multi-national banks, investment houses and industries in Asia, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere.

Senior UK Conservative Party leader, William Hague: I have Iran in my sights ~ link ~ The UK Conservative and Labour Parties are just a war crazy and Zionist controlled as the Democratic and Republican Parties in the USA are; the Liberal Democrats are anti-war and have a more balanced position on the Middle East (or claim to).

Gordon Brown comes in THIRD in latest debate ~ link ~ Britain's final TV election debate Thursday saw Prime Minister Gordon Brown scrap for his political future in the most combative showdown of the campaign, trading sharp exchanges with his two chief rivals a day after an embarrassing campaign gaffe.

Brown, who has been freefalling in the opinion polls for weeks, wasted no time ahead of the May 6 election. He threw a joke in his opening remarks in hopes of neutralizing Wednesday's blunder, in which he was caught calling a retired Labour voter a "bigoted woman" after she badgered him on immigration and he forgot to remove his microphone.

But his delivery fell flat. Analysts said Brown's performance failed to wow voters.

Gordon Brown seeks redemption at debate after gaffe ~ link ~ It is no secret that I dislike the Labour government. My peerage case, behind the scenes ,was the key to forcing Phony Tony Blair to agree to resign. But I have to say that what Gordon said (forgetting that he still had a live wireless mike on him) was nothing. Only the media (and especially the British media) would make a big deal out of it and he was stupid enough to go along with it.

UK's third party leader, Nick Clegg, grabs the spotlight ~ link ~ Clegg is on his way to No. 10. Time will tell if he hits a 'roadblock' or makes it all the way, but right now he has the momentum, the strategic initiative, and that is most important in elections.

Russia preparing for spectacular Red Square parade - 65th Anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany ~ link ~ The grandiose Moscow event on May 9 will be replicated on a smaller scale in 71 cities across Russia who will hold their own military parades making it a nationwide event involving around 100,000 troops.

In Moscow, foreign soldiers, including a detachment of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and the Central Band of the Royal Air Force, will join their Russian counterparts on Moscow's most famous square for the first time.

Documents show that Stalin signed Katyn death warrants ~ link ~ Stalin (the name has always reminded me of Satan) was very good at killing innocent people.

The files catalogue the chilling decision-making process that culminated in Stalin and his henchmen approving the execution of 21,587 unarmed Polish army reservists in 1940. The massacre, perpetrated by the Soviet NKVD secret police, was carried out in three different locations but took its name from just one of the three killing fields - the Katyn Forest in western Russia.

One of the documents made public is a note from Lavrenty Beria, the head of the NKVD, to Stalin about the fate of the Poles. The Poles included military officers, priests, writers, professors and aristocrats. In the note, Beria proposes that the NKVD "quickly examine the use of the highest means of punishment – death by shooting." Stalin's signature and a red stamp reading "Top Secret" are on the first page of the document, which is dated March 1940. Another document, a secret internal Soviet Communist party memo from 1965, refers to "what was formerly Bourgeois Poland" and warns against any public disclosure, arguing that the documents have no historical value.

The decision to make the documents public, taken by President Dmitry Medvedev, is being seen as a friendly albeit symbolic gesture towards Poland which has been pushing for full disclosure for decades. It comes just weeks after Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others died in a plane crash on their way to a memorial service at Katyn. Although Polish historians welcomed the release of the files, they said that more needed to be done.

Phage - The Virus that Cures - video ~ link

Argentine journalists accused in 'people's trial ~ link


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I think the rt hon stirline will be interested to see this enhanced version of the "Polish Plane Crash Video". but, I don't think the video proves anything about anything. If I were to guess, Russia gains zero from this. A guess is that if it were not an accident, it was designed to take out a Catholic strong point in Europe. It was the strongly pro-Catholic party in Poland that was decapitated. And it does coincide with the recent coordinated attacks on the Catholic Church, which is probably the #1 power to spoil a NWO takeover of Europe.


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kiwiallegiance of Aotearoa New Zealand the Alpha Omega does not support USA Military or any violence perceived or real. Our prime minister has just been visited by an USA 4 star general. We condemn all actions of the USA military whom are being controlled and manipulated by the Illuminate bankster elite. One world one people one calendar of synchronicity, its over for the Gregorian calendar of death. The moon travels around our planet thirteen times every 364 days with one day out of time. Lets celebrate that day in 85 days time, i am another yourself.