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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

British title of Baron for sale ~ link

Glenn Beck on New World Order - Global Government - video ~ link ~ Interesting, sent to me by a friend.

Obama meets with Israeli Defense Minister ~ link ~
President Barack Obama assured a top Israeli official Monday that the U.S. has an unshakable commitment to Israel's security despite recent tension over Jewish settlement construction in East Jerusalem.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama spoke with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who was at the White House for a meeting with U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones. Gibbs says Obama told Barak he is determined to achieve comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

There will be no peace in the Middle East until and unless the Grand Strategy of the Israeli hardliners changes, and the concept of a Greater Israel is put to rest.

Gordon Brown attacks 'arrogant' election opponents ~ link ~ It sounds like Dr. Brown is getting a bit desperate.

Nick Clegg: Tories and SNP 'irrelevant' ~ link ~ The Conservatives are as "irrelevant" in Scotland as the SNP are south of the border, the Lib Dem leader has said.

He told BBC Radio Scotland that Labour assumed it could "take Scotland for granted", while the Liberal Democrats offered "something different".

Nick Clegg: Set to Break the Mold of Politics ~ link ~ This is a rather silly background piece on Clegg. I just love British elections, they are a blast.

David Cameron: Hung parliament would bring UK to its knees ~ link ~ Cameron is also sounding a bit desperate. Both Brown and Cameron see that the momentum is clearly with Clegg and that is a matter of great concern for both of them.

Noah's Ark remains may have been discovered 12,000 foot up Mount Ararat ~ link ~ The remains of Noah's Ark have been found 12,000ft up a Turkish mountain, it was claimed today.

A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say carbon testing on remains found on Mount Ararat show they are 4,800 years old, around the time when the ark was said to be afloat.

Yeung Wing-cheung, a documentary filmmaker and member of the team from Hong Kong-based Noah's Ark Ministries International, said: 'It's not 100 per cent that it is Noah's Ark but we think it is 99.9 per cent that this is it.'

He said the structure had several compartments, some with wooden beams, which were believed to house animals. However early indications are it was a kind of cypress wood whereas the Bible says it was made of gopher wood.

Members of the Chinese team appeared with Turkish officials at a joint press conference on the evangelicals website where the potential importance of the discovery was hailed.

Scenarios - Possible ways to balance the US Budget ~ link ~ President Barack Obama's fiscal commission meets for the first time on Tuesday to consider ways to bring the United States' stubborn budget deficits under control.

All options are on the table, the commission's co-chairs say, and few of them are likely to be palatable. The commission will probably recommend a combination of tax increases and spending cuts, experts say, as relying on either approach by itself would result in drastic changes.

Sorry, but the current bought-and-paid-for political class/whores will not and cannot end the deficit. To their masters, the global baning cartel, deficit spending is PROFIT.

National Guard troops requested for streets of Chicago by two State Representatives from Chicago ~ link ~ link ~ Noting that the murder rate in Chicago this year matched the number of US troops who had died in the two conflicts, the politicians called on Pat Quinn, the governor of Illinois, and Richard Daley, Chicago's mayor, to authorise the use of troops to support police in the city's most crime-ridden neighbourhoods.

Mr Fritchley said: "The unfortunate reality is that we have another war that is just as deadly taking place right in our backyard".

Much of the violence has been focused on the overwhelmingly black South Side, an area of the city where Michelle Obama grew up and her husband started working as a community organiser in his twenties.

US newspaper circulation slides ~ link ~ Of course it is still sliding, there are at least three major factors involved here. First, the technology of the Internet is a faster and better way to distribute news. Secondly, the nation is in the mists of a Global Depression and that is really putting the hurt to newspaper ad revenues and that in turn is causing all types of cutbacks and downsizing at newspapers, making their end product less attractive to the reading public. Thirdly, the fact that there are only six main companies that now control the mainstream news media business and that all are effectively controlled by the global banking cartel/families/Illumunati, means that the level of 'spin'/propaganda/bullshit/lies is very high and the level of real investigative journalism is very low. This results in a newspaper that lacks real substance. Many people are too stupid to notice, but many many people are not so stupid and they are turned off and go elsewhere for their news.

Financial Reform: Empower the People by Ralph Nader ~ link ~ On the eve of the portentous Senate debate over the extent to which the financial industry is to be so as to avert future megacollapses on the backs of taxpayers, workers and consumers, a great gap has been left unattended.

That gap pertains to the continued powerlessness of the investors and consumers-the people who bear the ultimate brunt of Wall Street's recklessness, avarice and crimes and who have the greatest interest in strong regulatory enforcement.

Among all the amendments filed for the upcoming Senate debate, only amendment number 29, introduced by Senator Schumer, provides a facility to establish an independent non-governmental non-profit Financial Consumers' Association (FCA).

Greek bonds rated 'junk' by Standard & Poor's ~ link ~ Portugal's debt was also lowered on fears the trouble could spread - sending stock markets sharply lower.

Goldman Sachs executives come under fire at US Senate hearing ~ link ~ They may be under fire but the Senators are all firing blanks!

Ford Motors quarterly profits hit a six-year high ~ link ~ A few years ago, the Ford Board of Directors hired a former Boeing executive as their CEO and he, knowing that a new Global Depression was programmed, prepared Ford for it. He took mortgages on properties that had never been mortgaged before, and took other steps to gather as much cash in the bank as possible. When the planned economic crash happened, Ford was ready. They alone among the 'Big Three' took no government bailout money. The public responded and shifted its buying, in significant percentages, from GM and Chrysler to Ford. At the same time, Ford has improved its product line.

Pass real financial reform now site ~ link

British super-rich roar back as billionaires increase ~ link ~ Britain's super-rich roared back in the past year, with the number of billionaires rising from 43 to 53 and the total wealth of the top 1,000 increasing by a third, according to the Sunday Times annual Rich List.

The increase in wealth is "easily the biggest annual rise in the 22 years of the Rich List," Times journalist Philip Beresford wrote, even as the country struggled to claw its way out of recession.

Parliamentary chaos as the Ukraine ratifies fleet deal with Russia - with video ~ link ~ Egg throwing and smoke bombs on the floor of Parliament as the 25-year lease extension for the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet to use Ukrainian ports is ratified.

Polish prosecutor to go to Moscow to clarify plane crash riddles ~ link ~

According to Polskaweb, Seremet is flying to Moscow to try to clarify questions specifically concerning

- the equipment at Smolensk airport at the time of the crash

- photos showing Russian soldiers changing the landing lights shortly after the catastrophe

- an amateur video with four gunshots

- the issue of where dozens of spare ammunition magazines belonging to Polish security agents disappeared

- precise weather data for April 10th

- why only one fire engine went to the crash site and why the first ambulances arrived without blue lights flashing or sirens on.

According to the official version, the Tupolev 154 crashed after falling short of the 2.5 kilometre runway and plunging into trees.

However, the Tupolev plane was equipped with TAWS devices, a 3D simulator as well as 3D devices to measure altitude and speed. It is not clear how all these instruments could have failed to have functioned.

In addition, it is reported that the Polish crew had a manual with technical information about Smolensk airport on board and had flown there several times before.

The airport is also equipped with signal beacons that can be seen from a long distance even in reduced visibility and dense fog. The first beacon is located one kilometer from the runway, the second 4 kilometres away and the third 6 kilometers way allowing pilots to ascertain their position and the location of the runway.

In another twist, a Russian living a few kilometers from Smolensk airport also reported that fog appeared suddenly on April 10th out of nowhere and was not ususal for that time of year.

„At this time of year there is no fog around here usually, but from one minute to the next, a thick fog appeared such as I have never seen before. All of a sudden, I couldn’t even see my neighbour’s house,“ he said according to Polskaweb.

An Iljuschin plane flying in circles above the airport was seen by him shortly before the fog materialised.

The mystery surrounding the plane crash deepened with the announcement that Poland has a fourth black box in its possession. Also, the Polish Interior Ministry has claimed Polish Government Protection Officers were at the site shortly after the crash.

A video apparently filmed just after the crash seems to show survivors from the cockpit section being shot.

In spite of the fact the cock pit section of the Tupolev was more or less in tact, increasing the likelihood of survivors, officials reported that the bodies of the crew could not be identified because they were so badly burned. The identification of the bodies of the crew members was finally made at the end of last week by DNA analysis.

Polish opposition party demands international investigation into plane crash ~ link ~ Forums and message board of Polish newspapers such as "Gazeta Wyborcza", "Rzeczpospolita" and "Dziennik" indicate that the majority of Polish people, in the meantime, reject the official account of the plane crash due to pilot error.

CIA Director says cyber attack could be next Pearl Harbor ~ link ~ Or the next False Flag Op designed to shut down the Internet, and allow the government to rebuild/reopen it on government terms.

Colombia's "Genocidal Democracy" may have claimed over 150,000 lives ~ link ~ Up till recently, the prevailing estimate of civilians killed specifically by the paramilitaries has been around 30,000. Father Girardo, citing new estimates by Colombia's own Prosecutor General, has now shattered those original estimates, announcing that the Prosecutor General is currently investigating 150,000 extrajudicial killings by the paramilitary groups - killings which took place between the late 1980's and the current time. Even the prior, more conservative estimates would have made Colombia the worst human rights abuser in South America in recent times, having victimized more than Argentina's fascist junta and Chile's Pinochet dictatorship.

The new estimates place Colombia in a category all of its own as the worst human rights abuser in the Western Hemisphere. And, in terms of peoples internally displaced as a result of the conflict in Colombia - over 4 million - Colombia ranks only second in the world to the Sudan. And, not too surprisingly given the U.S.'s usual support for the worst human rights abusers, the Washington Post reported in an article by Juan Forero on April 19, 2010, that Colombia is "Washington's closest ally on the continent."

Welcome to the 'New Honduras', Where Right-Wing Death Squads Proliferate ~ link ~ But this image ignores a new reality in Honduras: the emergence of what many are calling death squads carrying out targeted assassinations, brutal attacks and threats. They have created an extreme climate of fear for the campesinos (peasants), teachers, union members, journalists and other community leaders involved in the resistance movement that continues to oppose the coup and Lobo's election.

Iraq Today - Violence, Devastation, Corruption and Desperation ~ link ~

Seven years under occupation, Iraqis still cope with what Refugees International calls "a dire humanitarian crisis that sees huge numbers of displaced (and other Iraqis) struggl(ing) to survive," a situation "for which the US bears special responsibility" but does nothing to correct.

Recent UNHCR figures estimate around 4.5 million refugees, nearly 2.8 million internal ones (IDPs), a third of these in squatter slums in Baghdad, Diyala and Salah al-Din. Many fear returning home. Most are impoverished. Settlements lack basic services, including water, sanitation, electricity, and health care. Education is difficult where available.

North Korea adopts a new war invasion strategy ~ link ~ Good article!

In the previous plan, the numerals five and seven refer to the number of days North Korea believed it would take to occupy all of South Korea. Under that plan, the North’s frontline mechanized units would bulldoze through the South for about a week before gaining control of the country.

With the new plan, the North would concentrate its early fire on Seoul and neighboring areas, where most of South Korea’s social and economic infrastructure is located.

South Korean woman now claims the top 14 highest mountain peaks climbing record ~ link ~ Oh Eun-sun was shown live on television planting a South Korean flag on the summit of the mountain.

China temporarily closes border with Kyrgyzstan ~ link ~ Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, neighbouring on Kyrgyzstan, also closed their borders after an uprising of April 6 to 8. The border is still closed. The new Kyrgyz leadership has repeatedly urged the neighbouring states to lift restrictions, but there have been no changes as of yet.

Volcano crisis: Sense vanishes in a puff of ash ~ link ~ Last week, for the second time in a decade, a major crisis erupted out of the blue that cast a highly disturbing light on the peculiarly contorted way in which we are now governed. The Icelandic volcano shambles had striking parallels with the foot-and-mouth crisis of 2001.

Both episodes involved a massive system failure in a complex new structure of supranational governance which was being put to the test for the first time, Both were made much worse by over-reliance on an inadequate computer model, which ended up causing unnecessary chaos and misery for hundreds of thousands of people and costing not millions but billions of pounds.

Unforgivable persecution of the Bushmen ~ link ~ This is one of the most poignant tragedies of the modern world, says Christopher Booker.

Doctors and nurses increasingly report spiritual events around hospitals and dying ~ link ~ Many are those who note "near-death" experiences.

But what about "pre-death" experiences: the seeming mystical insights of those on their deathbeds?

As it turns out, nurses and others who work with the dying are increasingly reporting phenomena. In fact, while it used to be a taboo subject, the accounts are now coming out of the woodwork. For decades, it seems, such phenomena have been quashed (along with belief in general) as atheism has taken root in the scientific and thus medical world.

That now may be buckling under the sheer weight of reliable reports -- reliable because they are so consistent.

About the Continuity of Our Consciousness ~ link ~ This is a good scientific view of Near Death Experiences and closely related topics.

Jazz: 'Affirmation' with George Benson - video ~ link

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