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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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US Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat ~ link ~ The Barack Obama administration's declaration in its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) that it is reserving the right to use nuclear weapons against Iran represents a new element in a strategy of persuading Tehran that an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites is a serious possibility if Iran does not bow to the demand that it cease uranium enrichment.

A war involving Iran that begins with an Israeli attack is the only plausible scenario that would fit the category of contingencies in the document.

USA: Syria providing 'wider array' of missiles to Hezbollah ~ link ~ And America is providing several billions of dollars a year in aid to Israel, 60% of which goes to arms. Tiny Israel, about the size of Rhode Island or Nova Scotia, has the THIRD LARGEST ATOMIC WEAPONS ARSENAL ON EARTH. But let's not talk about that....its those damn 50 year old technology based short range rockets and missiles that the "Arabs" have that we must focus on.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu commits to Colonizing East Jerusalem ~ link ~
The new policy, which is illegal six ways to Sunday in international law, is the brainchild of the government of far rightwing Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu.

Washington Think Tank Predicts New Middle East War ~ link ~
A U.S.-based think tank has issued a report saying that a new Middle East war may be looming on the horizon.

If hostilities do in fact break out, writes David Schenker of The Washington Institute, “fighting could take on a regional dimension not seen since 1973.” The prediction comes in response to reports that Syria has supplied the Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist organization with advanced Russian-made 9K38 Igla-S anti-aircraft missiles. Transfer of the shoulder-fired ordnance to the terrorist group has previously been marked by Israeli officials as a “red line” issue.

An Act of War by Congressman Ron Paul ~ link ~
Mr. Speaker I rise in opposition to this motion to instruct House conferees on HR 2194, the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act, and I rise in strong opposition again to the underlying bill and to its Senate version as well. I object to this entire push for war on Iran, however it is disguised. Listening to the debate on the Floor on this motion and the underlying bill it feels as if we are back in 2002 all over again: the same falsehoods and distortions used to push the United States into a disastrous and unnecessary one trillion dollar war on Iraq are being trotted out again to lead us to what will likely be an even more disastrous and costly war on Iran. The parallels are astonishing.

Afghan War 'Exit Strategy' Won't Involve Removing Any Troops ~ link ~ You simply cannot make such outrageous Prime A Bullshit up!

Road Map Will Involve 'Decades' of Additional Deployments

Second televised UK PM debate shows tightening polls ~
link ~ I think that Nick Clegg is on his way to No. 10 Downing Street.

Polls taken after the most recent televised debate among British party leaders late Thursday are increasingly suggesting the likelihood of a hung parliament after May 6 elections, meaning centrist Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg may hold the key to forming a new government.

Clegg, previously discounted as the leader of a fringe party that has never gained wide acceptance in national elections, was the undisputed winner of the first debate last week.

But round two of the debates suggested the race was tightening, with one poll giving Clegg 33 percent approval, and Labour's Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative leader David Cameron each 30 percent. Another poll showed Cameron with 36 percent, Clegg with 32 percent and Brown with 29 percent.

Mass Depopulation, Genocide, WW3 - Part 9 - Senior British politicians put UK at risk ~ link ~ Missing ex-South African nuclear weapons.

Taxpayers bear the brunt as Greece is rescued ~ link ~ THE Government will have to pay higher interest on the money it borrows to keep the country afloat following yesterday's dramatic €45bn rescue of Greece.

We are faced with a bigger interest bill because lenders now regard Ireland as a higher risk than most other countries in the eurozone.

And that means there will be fewer resources for essential services and taxpayers face the prospect of more severe budgets than originally anticipated.

The knock-on effects of the Greek bailout were emerging last night, with Ireland's borrowing costs rising and the euro plunging to a new low.

An intense international spotlight will now fall on indebted countries such as Ireland, Spain and Portugal -- the highest-risk economies in the eurozone.

Nuclear Weapons and Interceptor Missiles: Twin Pillars of US/NATO Military Strategy In Europe ~ link ~ There is no real reason for NATO to continue to exist since the fall of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pack. It continues because the global banking families want to continue massive military spending as this is a key driver of national debt and debt to them is PROFIT. Further, they intend to create a Third World War as a key part of the New World Order End Game.

Washington Post writer: Internet journalism "sort of like terrorism" ~ link ~ You know you are getting to the bastards when they say stuff like that.

Facebook steps up lobbying and deepens ties with intelligence agencies ~ link ~ Also see: Facebook's bid to rule the Web as it goes social ~ link

Alex Jones: Global Bank Conspiracy on RT - video ~ link ~ Mega banks taking over regional and small banks.

Profiling CEOs and Their Sociopathic Paychecks ~ link ~ While the public has been watching 'reality television' and similar trash, the most vile bastards of all have taken over our governments, our business, our churches, and our societies.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that "Executives and other highly compensated employees now receive more than one-third of all pay in the US... Highly paid employees received nearly $2.1 trillion of the $6.4 trillion in total US pay in 2007, the latest figures available."

One of the questions often asked when the subject of CEO pay comes up is, "What could a person such as William McGuire or Lee Raymond (the former CEOs of UnitedHealth and ExxonMobil, respectively) possibly do to justify a $1.7 billion paycheck or a $400 million retirement bonus?"

Here is the Serious Situation that could Blow Goldman Sachs Out-of-the-Water ~ link ~ The "big swinging di*ks" of Wall Street better hope that the size of the net profit they made from short selling mortgage backed securities was tiny. If the net profit is anywhere close to as big as they think their di*ks are, they are in serious trouble for reporting false information in their annual report.

No, Canada's Big Banks Don't Justify America's Too Big To Fail Banks ~ link ~ In response to the chorus of experts calling for the mega-banks to be broken up, defenders of our current banking system argue that because Canada's banking system is pretty stable, and Canada has some giant banks, size isn't the issue.

This might be a great argument ... except that Canada's banking system is completely different from America's banking system.

Instead of listing numerous differences, I'll just raise two.

First, as Newsweek points out:

Canadian banks are typically leveraged at 18 to 1—compared with U.S. banks at 26 to 1 and European banks at a frightening 61 to 1.

Of course, Congress or regulators could demand lower leverage ratios.

But the second difference is harder to fix. Specifically, 5 American banks hold virtually all of the world-wide exposure to derivatives, especially credit default swaps. See this, this, this and this.

Unlike the 5 giant derivative dealers in the U.S. who pretend - because they want to keep their derivative sale profits high - that reining in derivatives would be bad for the economy, Canada's banks don't see much need for much exposure.

IMF's Global Taxes Can Only Be Enforced Through Global Government ~ link ~ The drive towards the New World Order continues unabated in a thousand ways.

Economist James Galbraith: Economists Should Move Into The Background, and Criminologists To The Forefront ~ link ~ The massive fraud that has taken us into a new Global Depression has resulted in zero criminal cases against the main criminals!

China's $20 billion loan to Venezuela to be paid with oil ~ link ~ Oil-rich Venezuela will send resource-hungry China 100,000 barrels a day of crude oil for the next 10 years to pay for a $20 billion loan agreed to over the weekend, Venezuela Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said Thursday.

A Rock and A Hard Place: Understanding the US Debt Crisis ~ link ~ Rembember, debt to those who control the Federal Reserve is profit. "Follow the Money"!

Today, US national debt stands just north of $12 trillion. Its fiscal deficit for this year alone should come in around $1.6 trillion and the nation faces mind-boggling deficits for as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, demand for US government debt has begun to wane and this implies that the Federal Reserve will have to resort to creating even more money over the following years.

Make no mistake; the US cannot afford higher interest rates and in order to keep a lid on the government bond yields, we are convinced that the Federal Reserve will resort to debt monetization. In other words, the central bank will create new dollars in order to fund the deficits. Needless to say, this money-creation will be extremely dilutive and end up undermining the viability of the world’s reserve currency.

The "Goldman Sachs Phenomenon" ~ link ~ Good article, take time to read it if you can.

Australian author, James Cumes, asserts that the US economy has become overly dependent on trading things back and forth, rather than manufacturing goods and selling them. He calls this new reality the “Goldman Sachs Phenomenon.”

“In the larger Anglo-Saxon economies,” says Cumes, “transfer of ownership [has] supplanted fixed-capital investment as the most common form of what purported to be ‘investment.’ Investment has become a means of making a fast buck, not by entrepreneurial effort, construction of factories and installation of productive equipment, but by gambling to add market value through mergers and acquisitions…that would lead to higher shareholder value in the marketplace…

“Despite the higher, short-term market values [that might ensue], they would not necessarily add anything to productivity or to the volume or value of final output” – “Inevitably,” Cumes continues, “there are social impacts from this deal-maker, day-trader, casino-like type of ownership investment, especially to the extent that it spreads over a more and more major part of the economy…Inequality is dramatically intensified by generous bonuses for senior executives and others in financial firms in the United States and such other financial centres as London.”

The Fed’s bailout of the financial sector seems to have supercharged the Goldman Sachs phenomenon. Not only do the top dogs at publicly traded financial firms “make bank,” they continue to make bank even after destroying billions of dollars of shareholder wealth. And the top dogs enjoy their privileged positions under the watchful, doting eyes of the Federal Reserve and Treasury. No bad deed goes unrewarded.

Computerized Front Running and Financial Fraud ~ link ~ Also called High Frequency Trading (HFT) or “black box trading,” automated program trading uses high-speed computers governed by complex algorithms (instructions to the computer) to analyze data and transact orders in massive quantities at very high speeds. Like the poker player peeking in a mirror to see his opponent’s cards, HFT allows the program trader to peek at major incoming orders and jump in front of them to skim profits off the top. And these large institutional orders are our money -- our pension funds, mutual funds, and 401Ks.

When “market making” (matching buyers with sellers) was done strictly by human brokers on the floor of the stock exchange, manipulations and front running were considered an acceptable (if morally dubious) price to pay for continuously “liquid” markets. But front running by computer, using complex trading programs, is an entirely different species of fraud. A minor flaw in the system has morphed into a monster. Keiser maintains that computerized front running with HFT has become the principal business of Wall Street and the primary force driving most of the volume on exchanges, contributing not only to a large portion of trading profits but to the manipulation of markets for economic and political ends.

Six Banks Control 60% of Gross National Product ~ link ~ The big banks became stronger as a result of the bailout. That may seem extraordinary, but it's really true. They're turning that increased economic clout into more political power. And they're using that political power to go out and take the same sort of risks that got us into disaster in September 2008.

Bill Moyers: And you say that these this oligarchy consists of six megabanks. What are the six banks?

James Kwak: They are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Bill Moyers:
And you write that they control 60 percent of our gross national product?

James Kwak: They have assets equivalent to 60 percent of our gross national product. And to put this in perspective, in the mid-1990s, these six banks or their predecessors, since there have been a lot of mergers, had less than 20 percent. Their assets were less than 20 percent of the gross national product.

Tony Blair Stands Accused ~ link ~ Phony Tony and his 'crew', like Bush and his crew, are war criminals. They should face criminal charges!

Belgian King Albert in bid to end government crisis ~ link ~ This shows the strength of a constitutional monarchy, the King is 'above politics' and can in times of crisis act on his own power to serve the nation.

Chips, worms and gray matter: More similar than you think ~ link ~
Scientists have discovered “striking similarities” between human brains, the nervous system of the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans and computer chips.

The team of neuroscientists and computer experts from the UK, US and Germany compared the way these systems are organised and found that the same networking principles underlie all three.

The Placebo Effect ~ link ~ The power of belief. I believe that this is connected to the concept of 'everything' known as the "Superholographic Universe" and also to the power of Consciousness as the Programming Language of the Universe.

Son's autism leads to computer innovation ~ link ~ The father of a child with severe autism has developed technology to help him communicate.

US may soon create up to half-million new jobs a month says VP Jo Biden ~ link ~ Jo, cut back on the meds!

TSA Goons: Ganging Up On Grandma ~ link ~ Hitler would be proud of these jerks.

ADL calls for major law enforcement operation to deal with Obamacare critics ~ link ~ We need to tell any and all jerks seeking to force fascism on us to GO TO HELL.

Arizona state lawmakers: Obama and all presidential candidates in 2012 must prove US citizenship ~ link ~ Very Good! I do not believe that Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President as he was not born in America as the US Constitution requires. That he spent millions in legal fees to avoid something so simple as providing his birth certificate is HIGHLY INDICATIVE THAT HE HAD SOMETHING SERIOUS TO HIDE. A good case can be made, under American law based on the specifics of Obama's childhood, that he is not even legally an American citizen.

Is the X-37B the start of War-in-Space ~ link ~ Also see: USAF to launch X-37 space plane: Precursor to war-in-orbit? ~ link ~ Also see: Behind the USAF's Secret Robotic Space Plane ~ link

New US$100 bill - Photos of it and past $100 bills ~ link

Collapse of the
Standard of Living in the USA ~ link ~

Arizona's Governor signs tough immigration bill despite criticism ~ link ~ The out-of-control immigration in America, and the EU is designed to destroy the nation-state and western societies so that the global banking families can remake society into the high-tech Satanic slave state/New World Order that they envision. The people in Arizona seemed to have forced their leaders to act to protect them. Obama continues to resist using American troops to protect American borders. That says a lot about him.

Obama revives Rumsfeld's Crazy Missile Scheme, Risks Nuclear War ~ link ~ One has to wonder, is this crazy, or incredibly incompetent recklessness, or just some true evil from Lucifer himself.

NASA readies jumbo eye in the sky - with video ~ link ~ The airplane that this is based on, the 747SP, can be purchased for little more than its scrap value.

The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy is a modified Boeing 747-SP aircraft known as Sofia.

Developed in partnership with the German Aerospace Centre, DLR, the 'plane is the only flying astronomical observatory in the world.

It carries a 2.7m telescope, and offers astronomers a unique opportunity to explore the cosmos.

It can identify objects that emit radiation at infrared wavelengths, which are not visible to the human eye.

Bizarre matter could find use in quantum computers ~ link ~ There are enticing new findings this week in the worldwide search for materials that support fault-tolerant quantum computing. New results from Rice University and Princeton University indicate that a bizarre state of matter that acts like a particle with one-quarter electron charge also has a "quantum registry" that is immune to information loss from external perturbations.

Will Humans and Extraterrestrial Life Share DNA Roots? ~ link ~
A recent mathematical analysis says that life as we know it is written into the laws of reality. DNA is built from a set of twenty amino acids - the first ten of those can create simple prebiotic life, and now it seems that those ten are thermodynamically destined to occur wherever they can.

Mechanism to prevent Indo-Pak nuclear war urged ~ link ~ The warning time is a matter of minutes .... minutes that the respective PMs would have to decide if the warning is real and if to launch a massive nuclear attack 'in return'.

Thailand's Prime Minister rejects new offer by Red-Shirt protesters ~ link ~
The red-shirts said on Friday they wanted parliament dissolved within a month, a change from previous calls for immediate dissolution.

They also called for an investigation into recent violence. Clashes two weeks ago with police left 25 people dead.

The red-shirts have been occupying parts of Bangkok for six weeks.

Militant gay agenda seen in news sex course for Ontario schools ~ link ~ The thing is, these kids get all kinds of information over the Internet already. Without seeing the coursework, I would not necessary say that simply touching on sex education for the current 21st Century moral environment is necessarily bad, it really depends on how/what is said and the implied value given or not given to certain behaviors.

The new plan, which would have come into effect in September, would have introduced discussions about gender identity and same-sex relationships in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6 and the dangers of oral, vaginal and anal sex in Grade 7, as well as descriptions of safe-sex practices.

How the Nazis engineered a pedophile priests scare ~ link ~ This article makes an important historic link, showing how enemies of Christianity use a false issue of pedophile priests to attack the largest Christian church (the Roman Catholic Church). However, one also needs to keep in mind that the current crisis in the Church is not a made up one. There have been massive numbers of child sex abuse cases and also massive numbers of Church leaders covering this up for several decades. In reality both things (an attack on the Church by evil forces; and a real and serious sex crime crisis) are going on now.

Jazz: Joe Henderson - video ~ link

Jazz: 'Straigh No Chaser' with Cannonball Adderley - video ~ link

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