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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Gerald Celente: They are taking us to the Great War - videos ~ link ~ They are leading us to the Great War , they are squeezing the small people , this is an economy based on the bailout , when the bailout dries out we will have the crash from the crash we get into depression and from depression we will go to war , Obama has outbushed Bush on the patriot act , how anybody could call these people his leaders , they cannot lead us across the street all they care about is to get elected and re-elected , it's a whole system that has been hijacked they are working for Wall street and the military industrial complex...

Iran begins large-scale war games ~ link ~
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard began three days of large-scale war games in the Gulf and Strait of Hormuz today, state television reported.

The military manoeuvres, in a waterway crucial for global oil supplies, coincided with rising tension between Iran and the west, which fears Tehran's nuclear programme is aimed at developing bombs. Iran denies the charge.

Yesterday, the Pentagon said US military action against Iran remained an option even as Washington pursues diplomacy and sanctions to halt Iran's nuclear activities.

Iran's armed forces often hold drills in an apparent bid to show their readiness to deter any military action by Israel or the US.

American Government: All Options are on the Table Against Syria ~ link ~ Though they have admitted once again that they still haven’t actually got any proof that any such thing happened, the US State Department insisted today that “all options are on the table” with respect to retaliating against Syria over its alleged delivery of Scud missiles to Hezbollah.

Assistant Secretary Jeffrey Feltman says the State Department has “really, really serious concern” about the report, and said if Syria actually turns out to have done such a thing it would be a “provocative action.”

Israel made the accusation last week, but it has since been denied by both Syria and Lebanon’s governments. Israel has not provided any public evidence to support its claim, but Hezbollah has been rumored in the media to have been given some old, unusable Scuds at some point in the past.

Scud missiles would give the Lebanese militant group the ability to hit targets anywhere in Israel at a time when Israeli officials are openly talking of launching another invasion of southern Lebanon.

Mystery rocket explodes in Jordan ~ link ~
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A rocket has exploded near the southern Jordanian city of Aqaba, damaging a warehouse but causing no casualties.

The rocket was one of two fired early on Thursday which landed in Jordanian territory - the other fell into the Red Sea.

There are conflicting reports as to where the rockets were launched.

Egyptian officials denied Israeli reports they had come from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Jordan's PM said they had not been launched from his country.

It sounds to me like a False Flag Op gone wrong!

Germany set to sell Israel more submarines and ships ~ link ~ You know it is just plain insane what tiny Israel gets by with. A nation about the size of Wales or Nova Scotia has the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth, and now wants to add even more advanced submarines to serve as launch platforms for its nuclear armed cruise missiles and nobody says anything about it. But we are on the threshold of a General Middle East War (that will in all likely hood become WWIII) because Iran has a nuclear power plant.

Citing an unnamed Israeli source, the UPI report said that the Israeli navy would like even more Dolphins.

“Our ideal number would be nine — enough to ensure we have the necessary assets at sea to cover all relevant threats and targets,”

Demonizing Iran - US Media Continue Beating War Drums ~ link ~ Keep in mind folks that Iran has Advanced Biological weapons that can be distributed by terrorists in North America and Europe. That these genetically engineered viruses will have a kill level compatible to that of an all-out nuclear war.

British Elections 2010: Party leaders in second TV debate clash over EU ~ link ~
Labour's Mr Brown accused Tory rival Mr Cameron of being "anti-European" and of wanting a "little Britain".

He also repeatedly accused Mr Clegg of being "anti-American" in the feistiest exchanges of the opening half hour.

Mr Clegg attacked Mr Cameron's European allies, describing them as "nutters" - Mr Cameron said he wanted the UK to be in the EU "not run by it".

Mr Brown got the first laugh of the evening when he accused his two rivals of behaving like my "two boys at bath time - they are squabbling".

Mr Clegg weighed in by accusing Mr Cameron of working with "nutters, anti-Semites, people who deny climate change exits, homophobes".

Cameron: I will empower UK Jews ~ link ~
David Cameron this week insisted a Conservative government would do "much more to protect and empower the Jewish community" and described learning about his Jewish ancestors as one of the highlights of his year.

Abused Irish priest: Bishops are branded 'narcissistic sociopaths' ~ link ~
A priest who suffered sexual abuse has branded bishops and priests who fail to reach out to abuse victims as "narcissistic sociopaths".

Father Patrick McCafferty has launched a blistering attack on the institutional church, claiming it was inflicted with a deep sickness "from the top down".

Fr McCafferty has expressed anger at the lack of empathy from many bishops and priests and their failure to reach out to victims of clerical sexual abuse.

"With some notable exceptions, they have just walled these victims out of their hearts.

"The institutional church is very sick. Bishops are very sick. Priests are very sick. Not all of them, by any means, but many of them are narcissistic sociopaths.

"They are self-absorbed. They are self-serving and they are incapable of feeling the suffering of human beings when it comes to this issue."

He said that by and large, the lay community had provided him, as an abuse victim, with more support than the Church.

He added that the same church representatives had no difficulty feeling sympathy elsewhere.

"They can feel sorry for people with cancer. They can feel sorry for people who have been in a road accident... but when it comes to victims of predator priests they have hearts of stone.

"It is diabolical and I mean diabolical in every sense of the word -- of the devil."

Paulson's Hedge Fund Made Billions on Subprime Crisis ~ link ~ Hedge fund manager John Paulson’s company reportedly made billions shorting the subprime mortgages packaged and sold by Goldman Sachs — which is now facing fraud charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to The Wall Street Journal, two of the points of contention in the SEC's securities fraud charges against the investment bank are whether Goldman misrepresented Paulson's investment objectives, and the extent of Paulson's role in selecting the securities that went into the mortgage-backed product Goldman marketed and sold to investors.

Goldman, the SEC complaint says, "misled ACA into believing that Paulson was investing in the equity of ABACUS 2007-ACI and therefore shared a long interest with CDO investors."

The complaint also alleges that Paulson "heavily influenced the selection of the portfolio" for the CDO. However, Paulson, who isn't charged in the case, said in a statement that portfolio selection agent ACA Management LLC "had sole authority over the selection of all collateral in the CDO."

South Korea's military now believes a torpedo fired from a North Korean sub sank the South Korean naval corvette ~ link ~
The inter-Korean border is the second most dangerous place on earth, second only to the Middle East.

Is WWIII about to begin on the Korean peninsula? ~ link ~ And if it turns out that the ship was attacked, what then?

South Korea is unlikely to start a shooting war with its nuclear-armed, highly-unstable neighbour. Even if it wanted to usher in the apocalypse, the United States , China and Japan would surely intervene.

Nor can South Korea impose any punitive sanctions or cut off aid to the North – it has done that already. There’s no aid left to cut. The only response it can give is to work even more closely with the West to bring Kim Jong-il’s regime to task.

Ukraine extends lease for Russia's Black Sea Fleet ~ link ~ Yanukovych said the lease on Russia's Black Sea fleet that was due to expire in 2017 will be prolonged for 25 years, until 2042 at least. His announcement follows a meeting with Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev in Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine. In return, Medvedev said Russia would offer Ukraine a discount on its gas bills: he said Moscow would slash the price Kiev pays for 1,000 cubic metres of Siberian gas by $100 (£65) from its current rate of $330, with a 30% discount if the price falls.

Russia: Not involved in Georgian uranium seizure ~ link ~ Russia on Thursday angrily rejected accusations by Georgia's president linking Moscow to a case of attempted uranium smuggling and suggested he was lying, in a new flare-up of tensions between the hostile neighbors.

The Kremlin's sharp retort followed comments Wednesday by President Mikhail Saakashvili, who told The Associated Press that his country had seized a shipment of highly enriched uranium and blamed Russia for creating the instability that allows nuclear smugglers to operate in the region.

Saakashvili gave few details, saying only that the uranium was intercepted last month coming into his country in the Caucasus region of southeast Europe. But he suggested that Moscow shared some responsibility, saying that under Russian control, Georgia's two breakaway regions have become havens for nuclear smugglers.

Bankers Prepare to Assault Americans with VAT and Transaction Taxes ~ link ~ The global banking elite are preparing to assault Americans with two huge new tax increases as President Obama contradicts the assurances of White House aides and his own campaign trail promise by asserting that a VAT tax is still on the table, as the IMF outlines a new tax on financial transactions that is being hailed as a blow to the banks yet represents another stealth tax on the people.

“President Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that a new value-added tax on Americans is still on the table, seeming to show more openness to the idea than his aides have expressed in recent days,” reports the Associated Press.

Newly released photos from 9/11 prove that buildings were imploded from within - video ~ link ~ I hate to say it, but anyone who still believes in the 'official conspiracy theory' about what really happened on 9/11 is just plain stupid.

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