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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

104 Year Old Film Clip - "You are there" for a cable car ride in San Francisco - First 35 mm film ever - Taken by a camera mounted on the front of a cable car - Filmed only 4 days before the Great California Earthquake of April 18, 1906 (104 years and 1 week ago) - video ~ link ~ A good friend of mine sent me this.

Eurocontrol: 75% of European air flights to operate today ~ link ~
Eurocontrol said in a statement it expected 21,000 flights to take place, compared with about 28,000 that would normally be scheduled. It added almost all of European airspace below 20,000 feet was available, with restrictions in some areas such as southern Sweden and Helsinki.

Backlog of grounded airplanes from volcano ash cloud could take weeks to clear ~ link ~
Eurocontrol, the air traffic control agency in Brussels, said 21,000 of the continent's 28,000 scheduled flights will go ahead on Wednesday, as airlines patched together operations with planes and flight crews scattered all over the globe.
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Air controllers lifted all restrictions on German airspace, but some restrictions remained over parts of Britain, Ireland and France.

Iceland volcano - Millions remain stranded ~ link

The Transnational Homeland Security State and the Decline of Democracy - When Empire Hits Home - Part 4 ~ link ~
As the western world is thrown into debt bondage and the harsh reality of the draconian economic ‘reforms’ to follow, a social collapse seems increasingly inevitable. We will soon witness the collapse of western ‘civilization’. The middle classes of the west will dissolve into the lower labour class. The wealthy class, already nearly at par with the middle class in terms of total consumption, will become the only consuming class.

The state structure itself will be altering; nation-states will become subordinate to supra-national continental governance structures and global governance entities simultaneously. Concurrently, state structures will no longer maintain their democratic facades, as the public state is gutted, where all that remains and is built upon is the state apparatus of oppression. States will become tools of authoritative control, their prime purpose will be in establishing a strong military, as well as police-state apparatus to control the people. This is the dawning of the ‘Homeland Security State’ on a far grander scale than we have previously imagined. The object of ‘totalitarianism’ is to have ‘total control’. In this project of total control, state borders, as we know them today, will have to vanish; the institutions of oppression and control will be globalized...

The powers of globalization – the state, banks, corporations, foundations, and international organizations – are well aware of the effects this social reorganization will have on the people and the reactions that are likely to arise. After all, these same organized powers have been doing exactly this to the rest of the world for decades and even centuries. What we are about to witness is not entirely new, it’s just being done on an entirely new scale, and it’s largely new to us.

USA: All options open if Syria arms Hezbollah ~ link ~
The United States said Wednesday it considered "all options" on the table if Syria is found to have supplied Scud missiles to Hezbollah, posing a major threat for Israel.

Jeffrey Feltman, the assistant secretary of state for the Middle East, said the United States would have "really, really serious concern" if Syria delivered such high-grade weapons to the Lebanese Shiite militia.

"If these reports turn out to be true, we're going to have to review the full range of tools that are available for us in order to make Syria reverse what would be an incendiary, provocative action," Feltman said.

"The United States has shown in the past that we are able to act," he told a congressional hearing. "I expect that all options are going to be on the table looking at this."

The Iranian Government moving its Ministries ~ link ~
Officially, this gigantic enterprise aims to optimize the sharing out of public employment and the distribution of responsibilities in the country as well as to limit the consequences of an earthquake. Unofficially, it is a measure to forestall the paralysis of the country in case of a bomb attack against Tehran by Israel or the United States and to dilute the vulnerability of the country.

There Will Be Another War by Norman Finkelstein - video ~ link

The BBC Film That Expired Israel's Secret Nuclear Weapons - with video ~ link

Racial Profiling at New York Airport - Lawsuit against El Al ~ link ~
Two Israeli Arab brothers have won $8,000 in damages from Israel’s national carrier, El Al, after a court found that their treatment by the company’s security staff at a New York airport had been “abusive and unnecessary”.

Abdel Wahab and Abdel Aziz Shalabi were assigned a female security guard who watched over them at the airport’s departure gate for nearly two hours, in full view of hundreds of fellow passengers, after they had passed the security and baggage checks.

Later, El Al’s head of security threatened to bar Abdel Wahab, 43, from the flight if he did not apologise to the guard for going to the toilet without first getting her approval. Abdel Aziz said he had been humiliated and “cried like I’ve never cried before in public”.

Although surveys of Arab citizens, who comprise one-fifth of Israel’s population, show that most have suffered degrading treatment when flying with Israeli carriers, few bring cases to the Israeli courts.

Was the Polish President killed over landmark $100 billion gas deal? ~ link ~ Who knows; this is one more interesting theory about what happened.

Saudi youth (20-24 years old) unemployment over 40% ~ link ~
Unemployment among Saudis rose to 10.5 percent in 2009 from 10 percent a year earlier, and topped 43 percent among men and women aged 20-24, according to government figures cited by Okaz newspaper on Wednesday.

Goldman Sachs: 90% Jump In Profits ~ link ~ Like they use to say in the Wild West, "Somebody Get a Rope".

Goldman Sachs and the Mega Banks: Too Big To Obey The Law ~ link ~ The real story is that they are key elements in the Hidden Empire of the global banking families. It is not so much that they are 'above' the law, as the global banking families control such a large percentage of the world's political classes that laws are either not enforced or are written specifically to benefit them.

Spiraling War Economy: Defense Spending Is Much Greater Than You Think ~ link ~
When President Obama presented his budget recently for fiscal year 2011, he proposed that the Pentagon’s outlays be increased by about 4.5 percent beyond its estimated outlays in fiscal 2010, to a total of almost $719 billion. Although many Americans regard this enormous sum as excessive, few appreciate that the total amount of all defense-related spending greatly exceeds the amount budgeted for the Department of Defense.

In fiscal year 2009, which ended last September, the Pentagon spent $636.5 billion. Lodged elsewhere in the budget, however, other lines identify funding that serves defense purposes just as surely as—sometimes even more surely than—the money allocated to the Department of Defense. On occasion, commentators take note of some of these additional defense-related budget items, such as the Department of Energy’s nuclear-weapons program, but many such items, including some extremely large ones, remain generally unrecognized.

Adding this interest component to the previous all-agency total, the grand total comes to $1,027.8 billion, which is 61.5 percent greater than the Pentagon’s outlays alone.

Created Assignments and "cloned" officers yield fraudulent foreclosures across USA ~ link ~ Interesting!

"High Frequency" financial Trading, High-tech Highway Robbery on Wall Street ~ link ~ The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) knows that High-Frequency Trading (HFT) manipulates the market and bilks investors out of tens of billions of dollars every year. But SEC chairman Mary Schapiro refuses to step in and take action. Instead, she's concocted an elaborate "information gathering" scheme, that does nothing to address the main problem. Schapiro's plan--to track large blocks of trades by large institutional investors-- is an attempt to placate congress while the big Wall Street HFT traders continue to rake in obscene profits. It achieves nothing, except provide the cover Schapiro needs to avoid doing her job.

High-frequency trading (HFT) is algorithmic-computer trading that finds "statistical patterns and pricing anomalies" by scanning the various stock exchanges. It's high-speed robo-trading that oftentimes executes orders without human intervention. But don't be confused by all the glitzy "state-of-the-art" hype. HFT is not a way of "allocating capital more efficiently", but of ripping people off in broad daylight.

It all boils down to this: HFT allows one group of investors to see the data on other people's orders ahead of time and use their supercomputers to buy in front of them. It's called front-loading, and it goes on every day right under Schapiros nose.

Chossudovsky: Obama, not Osama, is threat No. 1 to global security - video ~ link

Turning buildings to dust: What is a barometric bomb? Oklahoma City terror bombing. - video ~ link

Mark of the Beast US biometric ID idea back on the table ~ link

Decline in Bank Lending: Business Investment in America is almost at a Standstill ~ link ~ The way, historically, that the global banking families create and maintain depressions/recessions is to throttle back the flow of lending. That this is going on, and continues to be the case, is evidence that this Global Depression (like all past ones before it) is the deliberate creation of the global banking cartel/families. Remember that as your life goes into the economic gutter. They have done this and done this on purpose to bring about their New World Order one-world high-tech slave state.

Goldman Sachs 'Employees' Donated $1 Million To Obama Campaign ~ link ~ It is an old scam in American politics to have senior corporate employees make 'donations' that are reimbursed to the employee via a bonus. It is a way to 'wash' corporate funding.

Top Congressman: "A Piece of S#*@" - Obama Immigration bill moving its way through US Congress - video ~ link

Hundreds of thousands of America teachers to lose jobs due to Global Depression ~ link ~ School districts around the country, forced to resort to drastic money-saving measures, are warning hundreds of thousands of teachers that their jobs may be eliminated in June.

The districts have no choice, they say, because their usual sources of revenue — state money and local property taxes — have been hit hard by the recession. In addition, federal stimulus money earmarked for education has been mostly used up this year.

As a result, the 2010-11 school term is shaping up as one of the most austere in the last half century. In addition to teacher layoffs, districts are planning to close schools, cut programs, enlarge class sizes and shorten the school day, week or year to save money.

The Black Hats Must Go ~ link ~ Good points about corruption.

US to launch X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle - Secret Space Plane ~ link

US Ban on Arab Satellite TV Channels ~ link ~ THE United States claims that one of its top foreign policy initiatives is to spread democracy and freedom around the world. But a recent bill in the US Congress has led many to wonder whether the US wants to become one of the world’s biggest hindrances to media freedom.

Kenneth Clark issues dramatic warning that UK might have to be bailed out by IMF if there is a hung parliament ~ link ~ Total bullshit! It sounds like the Tories are now in a state of panic over the Lib-Dems.

Torture Prisons In Iraq ~ link ~ The Los Angeles Times reports today that the government of Iraq held hundreds of Sunni men in a secret torture prison where they were suffocated with plastic bags, shocked with electricity, and sodomized.

Back in the bad old days, circa 2005-2007, the Iraqi government -- particularly the interior ministry, run by Shiite religious extremists -- ran many such facilities. They're back. Or, maybe they never went away.

In this case, the torture prison was run directly by the secret military unit that reports to Prime Minister Maliki.

Bush Insider Reveals Guantanamo Deception ~ link ~ Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson, Chief of Staff to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, provided shocking new testimony from inside the Bush Administration that hundreds of the men jailed at Guantanamo were innocent, the top people in the Bush Administration knew full well they were innocent, and that information was kept from the public.

Wilkerson said President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld “indefinitely detained the innocent for political reasons” and many in the administration knew it. The wrongfully held prisoners were not released because of political maneuverings aimed in part to cover up the mistakes of the administration.

Dutch may keep small force in Afghanistan ~ link ~ In spite of the fact that the Dutch people strongly want out...totally out now!

Two North Korean Army majors arrested in assassination plot ~ link ~ Posing as refugees, a pair of North Korean spies made their way to South Korea with a mission to assassinate the regime's most high-profile defector: a man who once mentored leader Kim Jong Il, authorities said Wednesday.

Hwang Jang-yop, chief architect of North Korea's guiding "juche" philosophy of self-reliance, was one of North Korea's most powerful officials when he fled the impoverished nation 13 years ago in a defection that reportedly enraged Kim Jong Il.

South Korean woman is about to become the first woman to scale the world's 14 highest peaks ~ link

Mexican President Calderon: Most of the 23,000 drug war dead are criminals ~ link ~ Twenty-three thousand DEAD! Damn!

Texas Sheriff warns residents near Mexican border: 'Arm Yourselves' ~ link ~ Another good reason for the Right to Bear Arms in America.

Fleeing Drug Violence - Mexicans Pour Into USA ~ link ~Americans are taking in their Mexican relatives, and the local schools have swelled with traumatized children, many of whom have witnessed gangland violence, school officials say.

“It’s very hard over there,” said Vicente Burciaga, 23, who fled El Porvenir a month ago with his wife, Mayra, and their infant son after gang members burned down five homes in their neighborhood and killed a neighbor. “They are killing people over there who have nothing to do with drug trafficking,” he said. “They kill you just for having seen what they are doing.”

Jazz: Requiem - video ~ link

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