Friday, April 16, 2010

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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time to Strike - video ~ link

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I now have over 840 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Scottish barony title for sale ~ link

Gun Shots Heard at Polish Crash Site ~ link ~ NOTE: Sorry but this link is not working. As I have said before, I am very suspicious about this event. I am concerned that it is in fact, a False Flag Operation, designed to blame the Russians to bring Poland and Eastern Europe into the coming World War III. We are now in a transitional phase of the early/hidden part of WWIII. We are getting close to open warfare. Wither or not the Russians did it or their enemies did it, it is likely that the decapitation of the Polish leadership was not an accident.

Justifying an Iranian Attack - RT video with Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Sec. of the Treasury) - video ~ link

Gerald Celente: The Coming War of Our Age on Alex Jones TV - 1 of 8 - video ~ link

Senator McCain: Time to 'Pull the Trigger' with Iran ~ link ~ The drumbeat for war continues to grow.

King of Jordan: Israel - Hezbollah - Lebanon War "Imminent" ' ~ link ~ Please see the special article on this posted below.

Syria: Israel's Scud Accusations May Be Pretense for Attack ~ link ~ Both the Jordanian and Syrian governments seem to be very concerned at the present time about war breaking out in Lebanon. That should not be taken lightly.

Accelerating Fascism in Israel ~ link ~
Kam now faces trial and a possible life sentence. Blau fears he's in danger no matter where in the world he hides. Nazareth-based journalist/author Jonathan Cook raised the specter of Israel's "dark underbelly," its tarnished image, and "battle for what is left of its soul," given its eroding democratic freedoms and fast track toward fascism in a nation where no one is safe, even Jews.

Jerusalem Post: Hungary's Jews anxious at 'far-right' rise ~ link ~
Hungary’s Jews are worried following the stunning electoral success over the weekend of the far-right Jobbik party, which ran on an openly anti-Semitic and anti-Roma platform and accuses Jews of driving Hungary into a steep economic downturn.

Soros: Markets could be 'derailed' again ~ link

The man who ‘broke’ the Bank of England (and who is still able to earn a cool $3.3 bln in a year) said the same strategy of borrowing and spending that had got us out of the Asian crisis could shunt us towards another crisis unless tough lessons are learned.

New jobless claims rise 'unexpectedly' ~ link ~ Unexpectedly to whom? Not to me!

Neil Armstrong takes one giant swipe at Obama over NASA cuts ~ link ~ Neil Armstrong is a real hero from the days when America stood for something good. Now we have bullshit artists like Obama who stand for America and seek to bury our freedoms, our economy, and our very future.

Sarah Palin's contract: Lear 60 business jet and expensive hotels ~ link ~ The Barbi ex-governor is all hype. I lost all respect for her when she said that we should bomb Iran.

Artificial sweeteners alter how the body handles real sugar ~ link ~
Artificial sweeteners may cause metabolic changes in how the body reacts to real sugar, according to a study conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Skin Cancer cure? ~ link

Thousands still trapped in Chinese earthquake ~ link ~ Also see: Desperate battle to shore up dam ~ link ~
Chinese workers yesterday raced to prevent a damaged dam from bursting after a series of powerful earthquakes killed almost 600 people in a remote and mountainous Tibetan area of western China. Soldiers struggled with only shovels and their hands to rescue people trapped in the wreckage of the traditional Tibetan-style mud and wood homes. The death toll was expected to rise and more than 10,000 people were injured.

The Cover-Ups that Exploded ~ link ~ T
he Pentagon is reeling after two lethal episodes uncovered by diligent journalism show trigger-happy U.S. Army helicopter pilots and U.S. Special Forces slaughtering civilians, then seeking to cover up their crimes.

Why the Vatican media strategy is failing ~ link ~ You know, we really live in an electronic media age where 'spin'/talk/bullshit is taken as something of substance. Action is what is important, not hot air. We have NOT seen sufficient ACTION by the Pope to end the mess in the Church. I for one, will not be convinced that anything meaningful has been done until and unless the mandatory celibacy rules for priests and bishops are ended. That is a basic thing that must be done to begin the process of ending the secret gay culture in the Roman Catholic priesthood and the cover-up culture as well.


Anonymous said...

Can you check this link?
it is here and doesn't work....
I agree with what you say!

Gun Shots Heard at Polish Crash Site ~ link ~

Anonymous said...

You always referring to biowarfare as capable of "possibly killing a third of the world's total population".

Why not half of the population or, since there's no proper defense, even more? I'm wondering where does this figure come from.

Lord Stirling said...

The figure one-third comes from the Bible, 'a third will die of plague'. I use this because it sounds about right, figuring in various steps that governments will take to contain the viruses. Expect to see RFID chips used to 'prove' that 'you are disease free' and are not a foreign terrorist. This will be the 'Mark of the Beast' and will be required to purchase food and everything else. Stirling

Anonymous said...

Lebanon: Druze Resistance Organization Announces Launch Of Operations

The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar reports on the distribution of a communiqué in the region of Rashaya Al-Wadi village in Lebanon's Beq'a announcing the launch of operations of the Druze Resistance Front.

The communiqué stated that the front would operate alongside Hizbullah against "the oppressing Zionist enemy" and would defend the gates of Greater Syria determinedly and will all its might.

Source: Al-Akhbar, Lebanon, April 16, 2010

Syria's Assad meets Lebanese Druze leader Jumblatt

DAMASCUS, (Reuters) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt on Wednesday, the official Syrian news agency said, sealing reconciliation with one of his fiercest former critics in Lebanon.

The meeting consolidates Syria's political gains in Lebanon as it restores influence lost when it withdrew troops from its neighbour five years ago under international pressure. It also opens channels with Lebanese politicians who have been firmly in the U.S.-backed camp.

"The meeting discussed the importance of role of the resistance as a guarantee against Israeli plans," the news agency said, in reference to the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which mediated the meeting.