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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Nick Clegg's poll rise casts doubt on Cameron's change claims ~ link ~ Nick Clegg is seen by voters as different, and that means David Cameron's claim to offer political change is in trouble. The Conservative leader is now seen as barely more trustworthy than Gordon Brown, much less honest than Clegg and far more addicted to political spin than either of them.

Voters are tired of what the Liberal Democrat leader calls "the old politics": 60% think Britain will be much the same whoever wins the election. Only 34% think the election result will make a difference.

The shift in a week is striking. After the first week of the election Cameron was comfortably ahead on most character issues. Now his lead, where it still exists, has shrunk. Brown has dropped too on some issues, but not as fast.

Nick Clegg - The British Obama? ~ link ~ Is Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg an Obama-style hero for our times, a Churchillian leader or a popular rebel in the mould of Che Guevara? Perhaps he's just another great British underdog.

Nick Clegg hailed as 'Russian aristocrat' ~ link ~ Actually there is a sizeable Russian aristocrat community in the UK. I had dinner with a Russian princess's daughter one night in London, when I was with Burke's Peerage.

Nick Clegg's rise could lock Murdock and mainstream media elite out of UK politics ~ link ~ That would be wonderful, but I will believe it when I see it.

David Cameron's big guns: Tory leader gets motorcycle outrider armed with submachine gun ~ link ~ So much for the unarmed British Bobby tradition.

British Election Campaign - Week 3 - photos (15) ~ link

The Liberal Democrats Shake Up the UK Elections ~ link ~ After Britain's first-ever televised debate between the leaders of the country's three main parties on April 15, one man emerged as a surprise contender to be the next incumbent at 10 Downing Street. It wasn't the Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg, although Clegg's strong showing in last week's talkfest catapulted his party from its perennial third place to leader of the pack in a clutch of opinion polls conducted after the debate. The latest reading of public sentiment, taken by pollsters YouGov for the April 19 edition of mass-market daily newspaper the Sun, shows the Lib Dems at 33%, nudging David Cameron's Conservatives into second place with 32% and consigning Gordon Brown's governing Labour to a dismal third at 26%. But that doesn't mean Clegg — whose personal popularity ratings have soared to the postwar high enjoyed by Winston Churchill — is poised to become premier after the elections on May 6. As Churchill observed, democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried, and the British form of democracy is likely to translate the Lib Dems' new support into an increased electoral advantage for Prime Minister Brown.

Gordon Brown refuses to rule out a Lib-Lab pact in a Hung Parliament ~ link ~ Gordon Brown kept open the possibility of a Labour-Liberal Democrat government today, insisting there was a lot of common ground between the two parties as he was forced to fend off questions about whether he would serve in a Nick Clegg administration.

Asked if there would be a coalition government, he said: "There is common ground between Liberal Democrats and us … but it's for the people to decide."

Labour must be prepared to boot Gordon Brown in any hung parliament ~ link ~ The Labour party should prepare to get rid of Gordon Brown. Not before the election, obviously – that would be ludicrous – but afterwards. Let me explain why.

The Lib Dem resurgence has made it much more likely that neither Labour nor the Conservatives will get a majority in parliament. A hung parliament is not only more likely to happen than not, but polls show that more people want one than not. Attempts by Brown or David Cameron to scare them away from the notion are futile since there is too much ingrained anger at a political system crying out for an overhaul.

But if neither party has a majority, it is perfectly legitimate for Labour to go into a coalition with the Lib Dems in order to form a government. The question is: can they? And more importantly: who would be the prime minister?

It is unlikely Gordon Brown could be if he comes second. Besides, his personal ratings are so low that it would be easy for the Lib Dems to refuse. It is also said frequently that Clegg cannot stand Brown and the two would find it very difficult to work together.

The Labour party then has a choice: it can either bite the bullet and get rid of an unpopular leader who just lost them the election, or it can hang on to him and stay out of power.

And there is also one rather fantastical option: having Nick Clegg as prime minister of the country as part of a minority coalition.

This is not without precedent: in both 1918 (David Lloyd George) and in 1931 (Ramsay MacDonald) a leader of the smaller party was prime minister of the coalition. Albeit, both with Tories in those cases.

Gordon Brown's vision of the future upstaged by Cleggtopia ~ link ~ They wanted to talk about economics, but everybody else wanted to talk about Clegg. Indeed, the word Clegg is now the swiftest way to activate the Brown rictus, and the PM spent much of the press conference grinning like a Cheshire marginal.

UK opposition parties urge Brown to suspend Goldman Sachs from government work ~ link ~ U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was pressed by opposition parties to suspend Goldman Sachs Group Inc. from government work until regulators complete a probe of the New York-based firm.

With elections on May 6, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats today said Brown should go further than criticizing some employees at Goldman Sachs, the most profitable company in Wall Street history, as “morally bankrupt.”

“If Gordon Brown believes Goldman Sachs are ‘morally bankrupt’, why is he still using them as advisers?” said Mark Hoban, a Conservative Treasury spokesman, in a statement. “He is lashing out at the people he was very happy to work with over the last 13 years as both chancellor and prime minister.”

UK Satanists Criminalize Christianity ~ link

Photos from Eyjafjallajokull ~ link ~ link

Iceland volcano - Millions remain stranded ~ link ~ Just as we thought the eruptions from Eyjafjallajokull were subsiding, off it goes again.

National air traffic authorities lifted the restriction on airspace in Scotland and the north of England yesterday, and had been expected to open up the whole of UK airspace, including London, later today.

Not any more. In light of the eruption strengthening, Nats released a statement at 2.45am this morning. Although Scottish and some English airports will still open from 7am, with the prospect of some airspace over England opening up from 1pm, Nats said the main London airports will not be open today.

However the latest statement from Eurocontrol, the European organisation for the safety of air navigation, said much of the airspace in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, northern Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland and parts of Ukraine remains closed.

Eurocontrol said flights are taking place in southern and central Europe, including the Czech Republic, the Balkan area, Bulgaria, Hungary, southern Italy and France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey, as well as Norway and parts of Sweden.

Mass Depopulation, Genocide, WW3, - part 8 ~ link ~ In my previous articles I made it totally clear that any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be catastrophic for the entire Middle East. If one can imagine the attacking forces, using in mass, weapons that contain uranium components, on nuclear facilities……one doesn’t need any imagination.

I would like to ask the Arab States (that are US/UK friendly) to reconsider their stance in relation to opposing Iran and look deeper into this emerging plan of the New World Order. Will they support the death and destruction of Islamic Lands (which has already started)? Will they allow US/UK/Coalition/IDF forces to use their territory in any such attack against another fellow Muslim country and will they allow the catastrophic contamination of the entire Middle East?

We are talking here of an initial fallout stretching from West of Turkey to East of Pakistan and India. From North of the Caspian Sea to South of the Arabian Peninsula. This will only take 2 to 3 days at most. The contamination will then spread around the world on the wind and cover most of mother earth within a month. We are looking at a fallout much greater than the bombs dropped on Japan and contamination far greater that Chernobyl……..Can the Arab League agree to such an attack. Please do not be brainwashed that your country is prepared for this event….there is no escape from these nano particles that will encircle our countries…even gas masks are no barrier. So to Saudi I say stop pulling the wool over the eyes of your people and see things as they actually are.

US summons Syrian envoy over Hezbollah ~ link ~ Obama is doing exactly what Bibi Netanyahu wants him to at this time; all the hype about a dispute between them is just that 'hype'.

Obama affirms 'unbreakable' US-Israeli ties ~ link ~ I am certain that the hundreds of millions that AIPAC and other have poured into the pockets of the American political class (whores one and all) has nothing to do with this...nothing ....NOT.

Israel support letter, signed by 76 US Senators, unsupported by reality ~ link ~ The reality is that these 76 whores have sold themselves and their nation to a tiny foreign nation and its AIPAC and other supporters for cash/power.

Is Israel Wiretapping America? ~ link ~ It’s bad enough that the government can listen to you whenever they want. There is an even more troubling side to this Orwellian reality. Israeli companies are wiretapping America. Authorized by our government, they are doing the actual work of listening to and recording the phone, email, and internet communications of at least 100 nations, including America.

'There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli [intelligence] activities directed against the United States. Anybody who worked in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell you the Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries targeting the United States. They undertake a wide range of technical operations and human operations. The denials are laughable.'

Is Second Coming of Jesus etched in night sky? ~ link

Russian Presidential Regiment - Foot and Horse Guards - photos (12) ~ link

Sarkozy's political mentor on trial for political corruption ~ link ~ I am shocked ....NOT.

President Mubarak may be more ill than admitted ~ link ~ French President Nicolas Sarkozy canceled a trip to Egypt because of President Hosni Mubarak's illness. Sarkozy was due to travel to Cairo in early May but has canceled that trip, France's Le Figaro newspaper reports. The move suggests Mubarak, 81, may be more seriously ill than admitted. Doctors operated the leader last month in Germany after a serious inflammation of his gall bladder.

How olive oil helps prevent heart disease and arthritis ~ link

Rahm Emanuel wants to be Mayor of Chicago someday ~ link ~ Someday, right now he is too busy running the Executive Branch of Government for the Mossad.

Populism, Left and Right ~ link

Obama's Former White House Counsel Gregory Craig Advising Goldman Sachs ~ link ~ Sure, why not, hell Obama is just a front man for those who control Goldman Sachs anyway....its all in the family.

Obama now pushing sneaky Wall Street bailout ~ link ~ “If you liked the bailouts in 2008, you’ll love the Dodd bill,” Sen. David Vitter (R.-La.) tells HUMAN EVENTS. “Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration want to create a permanent bailout mechanism all while spouting their rhetoric of getting tough on Wall Street, but if you look at who is already lining up to support their ‘reform’ measure it’s a who’s who of the big banks that have already received the taxpayer bailout the first time.”

Ride the Apocalypse on the New Ship of Seeing from Smoking Mirrors ~ link

US will act if China does not revalue the Yuan in coming months ~ link ~ The thing to remember about China is that the hidden powers, the global banking cartel, is the force that established it as the new up and coming global economic powerhouse. They did this as part of their long term Grand Strategy for restructuring the world into the New World Order (NWO). The NWO will be a global high tech police state, with a very few hyper-wealthy overlords and most of the rest of the human race will be serfs. The current Global Depression and the coming Third World War are key parts of the End Game in the establishment of this New World Order nightmare from Hell.

Backlash in Europe: Politicians calling for Goldman Sachs ban ~ link ~ Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in danger of losing business with a key group of clients as a result of the fraud allegations it faces: governments in Europe and the U.S.

Politicians in the U.K. and Germany are starting to call on their governments to cut ties with Goldman, which has long been one of the top financial advisers to European policy makers.

U.K. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, riding high in opinion polls less than three weeks before national elections, said on Tuesday that Goldman "should now be suspended in its role as one of the advisers to the government until these allegations are properly looked into." His comments follow Prime Minister Gordon Brown's recent characterization of Goldman's alleged behavior as "morally bankrupt."

Thai Army warns of tough action ~ link ~ Stepped-up security has stopped anti-government protesters from occupying a financial district in Bangkok. But fears of new bloodshed remain.

Protest leaders called off a march into Bangkok's main financial district area after hundreds of armed soldiers occupied the area.

Leaders of the United Democratic Front Against Dictatorship say the troops raised fears of violent clashes, despite calls from pacifist and non-government groups to peacefully end the protests.

The protesters, known as Red Shirts, largely back former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a coup in 2006. He has wide support among the rural and urban poor, although Thailand's urban middle class say he was corrupt and abused his power. He lives overseas to avoid a prison sentence for a corruption conviction.

But some political analysts say the protesters, mostly from the poor and urban working class, reflect growing support for reforms to a political and economic system that largely focuses on Bangkok and the urban elite.

Thai protesters fortify camps in the heart of Thailand's capital of Bangkok ~ link ~ Thai protesters said Tuesday that they would fortify their sprawling encampment in Bangkok's upscale hotel-and-shopping district before venturing out to "wage a big war" to topple the government they decry as illegitimate.

Soldiers in full combat gear guarded other nearby sections of the capital in an increasingly tense standoff that has shuttered 5-star hotels and glitzy shopping malls and threatens to damage Thailand's sunny image as a tourist paradise.

Key protest leader Nattawut Saikua canceled a rally that had been planned for Tuesday. He said that thousands of protesters were instead shoring up their defenses while guards dressed in black, some with bulletproof vests, set up new checkpoints in the areas they now occupy.

Red Shirts were seen sharpening hundreds of long bamboo rods and piling them into tall stacks, part of an arsenal of crude weaponry that also included broken up pavement stones.

Church pedophilia scandal grows in Latin America ~ link ~ So far, all we have had from Benedict XVI is talk, all hot air, no effective change. Beginning in the 60s, the ratio of gays to straight men in the priesthood began to change dramatically. The Roman Catholic Church's secret in the last half century is that increasingly it is a massive Church run by a group of men who are approximately 50% gay, with most of the remainder 'forced' to cover-up for increasingly horrific attacks on children by sick perverts (no not all gay men are interested in young boys, but the truth is that many are). Since celibacy is NOT a matter of Dogma but simply a man-made rule that can be ended at any time by the Pope, and celibacy is at the heart of the grave shortage of priests and at the heart of the massive number of gay men in the priesthood, it is clear that this pope is failing in his basic duty to God, to the Church, and to the people that he leads. Why is that?

Voices emerge calling for Pope's resignation ~ link ~ The scandal has even caused some elements in the church, most notably an American priest named James Scahill, to suggest the unthinkable - papal resignation.

"If the leadership is unable to speak truth and deal with the fallout then they should have enough integrity to step aside and elect a pope and begin appointing bishops who will deal with this truthfully," said Scahill, whose parish is in East Longmeadow, Mass.

Catholic Church in worst credibility crisis since the Reformation says top theologian Father Hans Kung ~ link ~ Pope Benedict has made worse just about everything that is wrong with the Roman Catholic Church and is directly responsible for engineering the global cover-up of child rape perpetrated by priests, according to this open letter to all Catholic bishops


Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, and I were the youngest theologians at the Second Vatican Council from 1962 to 1965. Now we are the oldest and the only ones still fully active. I have always understood my theological work as a service to the Roman Catholic Church. For this reason, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict XVI, I am making this appeal to you in an open letter. In doing so, I am motivated by my profound concern for our church, which now finds itself in the worst credibility crisis since the Reformation. Please excuse the form of an open letter; unfortunately, I have no other way of reaching you.

There is no denying the fact that the worldwide system of covering up cases of sexual crimes committed by clerics was engineered by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger (1981-2005). During the reign of Pope John Paul II, that congregation had already taken charge of all such cases under oath of strictest silence. Ratzinger himself, on May 18th, 2001, sent a solemn document to all the bishops dealing with severe crimes ( “epistula de delictis gravioribus” ), in which cases of abuse were sealed under the “secretum pontificium” , the violation of which could entail grave ecclesiastical penalties. With good reason, therefore, many people have expected a personal mea culpa on the part of the former prefect and current pope. Instead, the pope passed up the opportunity afforded by Holy Week: On Easter Sunday, he had his innocence proclaimed “urbi et orbi” by the dean of the College of Cardinals.

The consequences of all these scandals for the reputation of the Catholic Church are disastrous. Important church leaders have already admitted this. Numerous innocent and committed pastors and educators are suffering under the stigma of suspicion now blanketing the church. You, reverend bishops, must face up to the question: What will happen to our church and to your diocese in the future? It is not my intention to sketch out a new program of church reform. That I have done often enough both before and after the council. Instead, I want only to lay before you six proposals that I am convinced are supported by millions of Catholics who have no voice in the current situation.


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