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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 840 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Scottish barony title for sale ~ link

Netanyahu withdraws from US nuclear summit fearing Muslin delegates will demand Israel give up its massive nuclear weapons stockpile ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ We use to be told that Israel needed 'the bomb' because it was surrounded by hostile nations ready to attack it. But we now find that Israel is the aggressive one, and that the atomic weapons stockpile has grown so very large that it is a serious threat to Europe (and the World at large) as well as to every Middle Eastern nation. With Fractional Orbital Bombardment and Israel's demonstrated ability to launch spacecraft using their own rockets, they have the capability to attack North America and a large part of the world with their nuclear weapons. All of this from a tiny nation about the size of the American state of Delaware. But neither the American political class nor the mainstream news media ever discusses this out-of-control Israeli nuclear weapons program, which may well be the third largest on Earth following the American and Russian programs. In fact, when the mainstream news media mentions the Israeli nuclear stockpile it usually says something like, " Israel is reported to have up to 200 warheads". These same figures have been used for going on twenty years. In reality, the Israelis not only have standard enrichment processes but they also use the laser enrichment process which allows them to "build nuclear bombs in their basements", that is to reprocess non-weapons grade nuclear material into weapons grade material in places that are easy to hide. The world does not know the exact number of Israeli nukes but we can be sure that the number is massive and includes the full spectrum of atomic weapons including neutron bombs and massive large city killing thermonuclear (hydrogen two-stage) bombs. The Pakistani nuclear program, which is much newer and less advanced than the Israeli one, is now producing sufficient Plutonium for 40 Hydrogen bombs a year! It is likely that the true number of atomic weapons in Israel is at least in the high hundreds (at the very low end) to several thousand!

The Dark Underbelly of Israel's Security State ~ link ~
During her conscription, Kamm copied possibly hundreds of army documents that revealed systematic law-breaking by the Israeli high command operating in the occupied Palestinian territories, including orders to ignore court rulings. She was working at the time in the office of Brig Gen Yair Naveh, who is in charge of operations in the West Bank.

Blau’s crime is that he published a series of scoops based on her leaked information that have highly embarrassed senior Israeli officers by showing their contempt for the rule of law.

His reports included revelations that the senior command had approved targeting Palestinian bystanders during the military’s extra-judicial assassinations in the occupied territories; that, in violation of a commitment to the high court, the army had issued orders to execute wanted Palestinians even if they could be safely apprehended; and that the defence ministry had a compiled a secret report showing that the great majority of settlements in the West Bank were illegal even under Israeli law (all are illegal in international law).

In a properly democratic country, Kamm would have an honorable defence against the charges, of being a whistle-blower rather than a spy, and Blau would be winning journalism prizes not huddling away in exile.

Back to Kyrgyzstan ~ link ~
Like most of the post-Soviet states that sprung up on the grave of the old USSR, Kyrgyzstan is not a nation but an invention of Stalin and his legatees, its borders determined by administrative fiat and deliberately created to foster division and the break up of national and linguistic minorities. When the Soviet Union imploded, it broke up into its constituent administrative units, giving reality to the former fiction of the Union as a federation of associated “republics.” The old borders were retained. Thus, “Kyrgyzstan” consists of separate and often antithetical social and ethnic groups, with the historic divisions between north and south militating against the probability of a unified “nation” at peace.

In all US-occupied countries, from Japan to Iraq to the Manas air force base in remote Kyrgyzstan, the soldiers of the Empire are protected by treaty from local justice, and shielded by the base commanders, a policy which encourages the wilding forays that wreak havoc in surrounding areas.

Kyrgyzstan holds a day of mourning for revolution victims - with video ~ link ~ President continues to hide in south of country and refuses to resign. There are calls for his arrest and execution.

Kyrgyzstan: A Russian sponsored revolution? ~ link ~ The Russians were almost certainly involved, however, the total corruption of the US backed old government ensured a peoples revolt eventually.

Kyrgyzstan: The not so Great Game ~ link ~
America's collusion with corruption and Russia's cheerleading have played out in the unravelling chaos of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan moves to shut down US Air Base at Menas ~ link ~
Kyrgyzstan's new leaders have said they intend to remove a US military base, which currently serves as the premier air mobility hub for the US-led forces in Afghanistan, from their soil.

The interim government led by ex-foreign minister Roza Otunbayeva, has said it wants the US base, Manas, closed down for security reasons.

The remarks came amid growing uncertainty over whether the new Kyrgyz authorities would allow the US to use the base.

Russia, which itself maintains an air base at Kant, just 20 miles from Manas, has been keen to block US military presence in the region.
Also see: link ~ link

Russia rushes additional elite paratroopers to its base in Kyrgyzstan ~ link ~
Russia has sent an extra 150 elite paratroopers to its military base in Kyrgyzstan, the Russian chief of staff of the armed forces said Thursday, according to news agencies.

"It was the president's decision to send there two companies of paratroopers -- around 150 people have arrived in Kant," Nikolai Makarov told reporters in the Czech republic Prague, where he was accompanying President Dmitry Medvede.

Kyrgyzstan's new government says president is out ~ link ~
In the capital, Bishkek, pocked with looted and burned buildings, opposition leader and lawmaker Roza Otunbayeva declared parliament dissolved and promised to govern for six months until elections are held. She said President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was no longer in charge.

"His business in Kyrgyzstan is finished," she said.

The Coming European Debt Wars - EU nations sinking into the Global Depression ~ link ~
Government debt in Greece is just the first in a series of European debt bombs that are set to explode. The mortgage debts in post-Soviet economies and Iceland are more explosive. Although these countries are not in the Eurozone, most of their debts are denominated in euros. Some 87% of Latvia’s debts are in euros or other foreign currencies, and are owed mainly to Swedish banks, while Hungary and Romania owe euro-debts mainly to Austrian banks. So their government borrowing by non-euro members has been to support exchange rates to pay these private-sector debts to foreign banks, not to finance a domestic budget deficit as in Greece.

All these debts are unpayably high because most of these countries are running deepening trade deficits and are sinking into depression. Now that real estate prices are plunging, trade deficits are no longer financed by an inflow of foreign-currency mortgage lending and property buyouts. There is no visible means of support to stabilize currencies (e.g., healthy economies). For the past year these countries have supported their exchange rates by borrowing from the EU and IMF. The terms of this borrowing are politically unsustainable: sharp public sector budget cuts, higher tax rates on already over-taxed labor, and austerity plans that shrink economies and drive more labor to emigrate.

Iceland's new poor- Forced to get their food at food banks ~ link ~ As the banksters, and the tiny-super-elite global banking families get richer by the trillions.

Former Citigroup leaders defensive on economic crisis ~ link ~ It is very telling that no one has been arrested for the fraud/scams that have taken the world into a new Global Depression.

Major US banks 'played games' to hide high risk levels over last 5 quarters ~ link ~ Many a person has been charged, tried, convinced and sent to prison for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud for much smaller amounts then these banksters have gotten away with.

Greek credit rating drops ~ link ~
Fitch cut Greece's rating by two notches, from BBB+ to BBB-.

The downgrade comes as leading investors call for Greece to seek financial help from the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

However, Greece reiterated it did not plan to call on its European partners for help.

Bankruptcy looms as Greek bond rates soar ~ link ~ As interest rates on Greek debt spiral upward again, the question facing Europe is no longer whether Athens has the political will to cut spending and raise taxes to curb its gaping budget deficit, but whether Greece will run out of money before it gets the chance to do so.

"Job Creation" - Stupid Is as Stupid Does ~ link ~This addresses an interesting problem based on the growing high tech nature of manufacturing, a problem that we will face more and more in the future. In fact, of those manufacturing jobs that have begun to move back to North America and Europe, a high percentage are ones that are so high tech-centered that few factory jobs are created.

"The real joke is that in a technological age job-creation is a completely wrong approach to distributing consumer purchasing power, because the world does not need everyone to have a job in order to produce what is needed for the population to live a decent, comfortable life. This is the great fallacy of Keynesian economics, which aims at full employment and endless economic growth.

Not only does the fruitless quest for a full-employment economy put the entire population under the most brutal forms of financial and psychological stress, it also erodes the value of a constantly inflating currency and puts entirely too much money in the hands of the big banking and government institutions which spend it for their own aggrandizement on financial bubbles and wars.

America is the most wasteful, bloated, materialistic, and violent culture on the planet precisely because the economic treadmill we are racing along moves constantly faster all the time. This treadmill has been created on purpose by the only people who benefit from it–the ones at the very top of the heap.

The solution is simple though paradoxical: sufficient numbers of adult persons should be given enough money to purchase the necessities of life without having to work at all.

This is so because the benefits of technology have brought us to the point where distribution of purchasing power without reference to labor is the most efficient and least wasteful economic model available. The borrowed or printed federal dollars currently lavished on the banks, the armed forces, and the government bureaucracies that implement stimulus programs would be much more efficiently spent if simply given away.

Call it a basic income guarantee or a national dividend or whatever you like and pay for however much of it you want to through fair taxation of the obscenely wealthy–it really doesn’t matter. You could even establish an optional retirement age of 40 or 45. The important thing is that such a program would recognize that with productivity as high as it is today, too many workers get in each other’s way. Those who don’t have to work shouldn’t be required to do so. Instead, they can create, do volunteer service, or work at low-paying jobs that are still socially desirable such as teaching or the arts."

US Moves from Nuclear Arms to Conventional Missiles with a Global Reach ~ link ~ I don't think that the technology is so bad, just the political class of bought-and-paid-for whores who use our weapons for reasons that are not in the interest of the American people.

"American commanders envisage a missile that will travel at hypersonic speeds, in part outside of the Earth's atmosphere, with the ability to strike a target anywhere around the globe within one hour from launch with a conventional but still potentially devastating explosive payload."

Imported Islamists? Wahhabi Group Launches Conversion Campaign In Bosnia ~ link ~ Just what Bosnia needed, outside extremists with lots of Saudi money to cause trouble.

Canada dismisses Russian "stunts" in resource-rich Arctic ~ link ~
Canada on Thursday dismissed what it said were stunts by Russia in the resource-rich Arctic, including a reported plan to land paratroopers at the North Pole later this week.

Egypt cracks down on peaceful protests - Can El Baradei inspire change in Egypt? ~ link ~
I don't yet know his name, though it can be found somewhere on the list of 92 detainees locked up by the Egyptian state on Tuesday for having the temerity to stand outside parliament and peacefully call for free and fair elections and an end to arbitrary emergency rule.

As popular landmarks in central Cairo became locked down under police occupation on Tuesday, I witnessed one unarmed demonstrator after another being viciously assaulted by riot police and undercover government muscle; women were thrown to the ground (one had her arm broken), youths were hit on the head with truncheons, and journalists – myself amongst them – were grabbed, punched and in the case of some female colleagues, groped, all in an effort to relieve them of their cameras and notebooks.

Police and anit-Mubarak protesters clash in Cairo ~ link ~ Egypt's riot police have clashed with protesters who are asking for an end to the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak.

Rights group Amnesty International condemned what it called the state's violent response to Tuesday's protests.

Egypt is to hold a parliamentary election this year and a presidential vote in 2011.

North Korea vows to continue building nuclear weapons ~ link

UK: Illegal downloaders face life Internet ban ~ link ~ More fascist crap from "New Labour".

However, critics of the Bill argue that it could have far greater powers and be used to censor and block free speech by whichever political party is in power.

The Bill was rushed through during the "washout" period before Parliament is dissolved.

It was passed by 189 votes to 47 after concessions were agreed that saw the Government dropping a clause which could have allowed it sweeping powers to block sites.

But the amendment to another clause means that it could still be possible to block a site, if court approval were given first.

Cameron in visit to Leeds on campaign's first day ~ link ~ The Tory leader focused on the economy as he challenged Gordon Brown's central claim – that Labour is best-placed to secure economic recovery. He also condemned Labour's planned rise in national insurance contributions as a tax on jobs.

Thailand: Red-Shirt protesters re-open opposition TV station closed by government - with video ~ link

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Benedict XVI hit by new Church child sex abuse cover-up allegations ~ link ~ This involves a letter, from then Cardinal Ratzinger, involving the covering-up of child abuse by a priest in San Francisco, California in the 1980s. The Illumunati controlled mainstream news media are in the process of holding a trial in the 'Court of Public Opinion' for old Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI. They are going to "convict" him and throw him, and the largest Christian denomination "to the wolfs". Of course, he is guilty and many in the Catholic Church are guilty. But this is NOT what this is really all about. It is a Satanic attack against Christianity. What I find so very interesting about all of this, is not that the global banking elite would attack Christianity, after all they did their best to kill it off in Communist nations during most of the 20th Century. What I find so interesting, is that Ratzinger/Benedict is not doing anything effective about it. At this point, the best defense that he could mount is to come out and publicly end the rule of celibacy for priests and bishops. That he will not do this is, to me, highly indicative that he is deeply involved in the plan to destroy the Church from within. I know it sounds crazy, but considering the high stakes involved, it is not logical for him to sit on his papal butt and watch everything crumble around him. He was the right hand man to John Paul II, the secret Jew (his Ukrainian mother was Jewish, as was her mother, and her mother, etc., and this fact was covered-up), that was approved by the Polish Secret Police and their KGB overlords during communism to be first a bishop, then a Archbishop, and finally a Cardinal. It was only the hushed up murder of John Paul I (Pope for only a month at the time of his death by poison) that opened the door for John Paul II (who had almost got elected at the Conclave that elected John Paul I). John Paul II was set up to be elected by the KGB/Illumunati/global banking families because they 'had the goods on him'/were able to blackmail him and no doubt had him in their 'pocket' all along. His role was to be a great PR guy, with the support of the mainstream news media, while he allowed the sickest bastards possible to take over the Church from within. In all of this, Ratzinger/Benedict was his long-time right-hand man, his enforcer (a 'enforcer' that allowed the worst scum to get by with covering up thousands of cases of child rape). Either the local bishops will take thing into their own hands and start ordaining married men (which they can do and some in Africa and South America have already begun to do; but since so many are deeply involved in the scandal in one way or another, most of them are not apt to do/to act themselves to save the Church), or the rank-and-file lay Catholics will have to start demanding married priests and a general cleaning up of the Church and really raising hell until it gets done. Since Catholics are taught to obey Church authority, many will not act. This is a "perfect storm" for the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. One that Satan and his minions have played perfectly. But in the end, it too will fail (but it will do a lot of damage as we head ever deeper into the End Times/Global Depression/World War III).

Pope 'available' to meet child sex abuse victims ~ link ~ All 'hot air' for public consumption. The issue of child sex abuse by priests is linked to mandatory celibacy and to the large percentage of homosexual men in the priesthood and the covering up of this. The only effective way to end this is to end the nonsense of celibacy and ordain 98% heterosexual men who have normal sexual relationships with women (their wives).

UN Judge: Pope Benedict XVI should be prosecuted at International Criminal Court for 'Crimes Against Humanity' ~ link

Another Obama TSA nominee 'bites the dust' ~ link ~
Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Harding took himself out of the running Friday night as head of the Transportation Security Administration, another setback for Obama after his first choice withdrew in January because he faced a tough confirmation struggle in Congress. The Obama administration has called the job the most important unfilled position on Obama’s team.

Broke Cities Ravage Motorists with Speeding Tickets ~ link ~ Most American courts will not allow you to demand a jury trial for speeding tickets, citing a Supreme Court ruling. So much for our Constitutional Rights.

Rep. Bart Stupak to retire from Congress ~ link ~
Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who had a central role in the health reform fight as the leader of anti-abortion Democrats, plans to announce Friday that he will not run for reelection, a Democratic official said. Without Stupak on the ballot, the seat becomes an immediate pickup opportunity for Republicans.
US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens resigns ~ link ~ Stevens said Friday he will step down when the court finishes its work for the summer in late June or early July. He said he hopes his successor is confirmed "well in advance of the commencement of the court's next term."

Bush - Cheney - Rumsfeld knew Guantanamo prisoners were innocent ~ link ~ Think about what type of men would allow large numbers of innocent people to be imprisoned for years, abused and tortured the entire time! If you end up in Hell, someday, you are apt to meet these evil jokers.

FDA admits asthma drugs can cause asthma and death ~ link ~ Big Pharma does not care; they just want your money!

Three new animal species found who 'live without' oxygen ~ link ~ I suspect that someday we humans will discover that God's Universe is absolutely full of life forms at all levels of intelligence; and that many forms of life live in places that we simply cannot imagine at the present time.


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