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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 830 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Scottish barony title for sale ~ link

Lord Stirling will be on the NutraMedical Report global talk radio show today from 4-5 pm Chicago time.

Kyrgyzston President refuses to resign - with video ~ link

Kyrgyzstan opposition declares new government - with video ~ link ~
Opposition leader Roza Otunbayeva, an ex-foreign minister, said the interim government was fully in control.

She urged President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to resign but in a statement quoted by Kyrgyz news agencies he has refused.

Clashes in the capital, Bishkek, and other towns left 75 dead and more than 1,000 hurt, the health ministry said.

Mr Bakiyev, who came to power in a revolution in the central Asian state five years ago - reportedly flew out of the capital on Wednesday to travel to the city of Osh in his home region of Jalalabad.

Kyrgyzstan at the hub of superpowers' plans ~ link ~
For Kyrgyzstan - one of the poorest of the neighbours in this region - the chief international focus has been access for military bases.

The Manas air base has become a key strategic staging post for the US military in Afghanistan - especially after the closure of the so-called K2 base in Uzbekistan .

Kyrgyzstan government ousted in violent revolt ~ link ~ Opponents of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev took control Wednesday of Kyrgyzstan after a day of spectacular violence that ended with Bakiyev fleeing the capital of the strategic Central Asian state.

“Neither Russia nor your humble servant (Putin) have any links” to the events in Kyrgyzstan, Putin told reporters during a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk in Smolensk, western Russia.

“At the same time, when (Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek) Bakiyev came to power a few years ago, he severely criticised (former president Askar) Akayev for nepotism, that only his family held power. I have the impression that Mr.Bakiyev is now stepping on the same rake,” Putin said.

In Kyrgyzstan the Tulips Turn Blood Red ~ link ~ The presence of fully-outfitted riot police discharging live ammunition into a crowd usually brings demonstrations quickly to a halt. The Kyrgyz demonstrators, however, regroup and strike back violently at the military and police forces deployed against them. It may seem unlikely that such protests can succeed in the face of a trained military and police force, but a popular uprising did topple the government just a few years ago, in 2005.

The developments in Kyrgyzstan are being followed wearily in Washington, Berlin, and London because of the Manas air base developed by the United States and used by the NATO allies. It forms a key supply terminal in their northern logistical support network, supporting military operations in Afghanistan. The protestors are focused on the same facts. By and large, the crowds in Bishkek show no signs of being anti-U.S. or anti-Russian, but they are concerned about the corrupt relationship that has developed between the United States military and their leaders. Both former president Askar Akayev and the current incumbent Kurmanbek Bakiyev developed “special relationships” with the U.S. logistical supply point—as members of their immediate families garnered sweetheart deals from the Pentagon that supported the base operations. Kyrgyz political figures often sneer at American government officials who preach transparency and anti-corruption tactics and then cut the most obviously corrupt deals in the country.

Kyrgyzstan: Did Moscow subvert a US Central Asian ally? ~ link ~ The Russian Bear is on a row; first Ukraine and now Kyrgyzstan. Of course, the fact that the US puppets are corrupt whores who manage to totally piss of most of their populations is a key factor.

The day Kyrgyzstan's anger boiled over ~ link ~ A good overview of events over a couple of days.

At the Geopolitical Crossroads of China and Russia: Kyrgyzstan And The Battle For Central Asia ~ link ~ Elected president two months after the so-called Tulip Revolution of 2005 he helped engineer, he was since then head of state of the main transit nation for the U.S. and NATO war in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon secured the Manas Air Base (as of last year known as the Transit Center at Manas) in Kyrgyzstan shortly after its invasion of Afghanistan in October of 2001 and in the interim, according to a U.S. armed forces publication last June, "More than 170,000 coalition personnel passed through the base on their way in or out of Afghanistan, and Manas was the transit point for 5,000 tons of cargo, including spare parts and equipment, uniforms and various items to support personnel and mission needs.

"Currently, around 1,000 U.S. troops, along with a few hundred from Spain and France, are assigned to the base." [1]

What Happens When We Don't See the Tipping Points ~ link ~ Often in our busy daily lives, we miss the significance of a piece of news. Sometimes it's not until years later that we realize how very important that news event was in shifting the paradigm.

Stupid in America - video ~ link ~ Certain global banking forces have spent a lot of money and time making sure that most of the American population are dumbed down.

Obama: Our Dark Machiavellian Prince ~ link ~

Prince Obama by Edna Spennato

Prince Obama by Edna Spennato

As Nicolò Machiavelli wrote in the early 1500's ~ The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present ~ and President Obama appears to be an ardent disciple of thiscunning and deceitful Machiavellianpolitical tactic: Allen L Rolan

US Attorney-General attempting to woo EU back to Bush-era "counterterrorism" program that EU lawmakers rejected due to civil liberties concerns ~ link ~ I remember when America stood up for liberty and freedom and was against fascism.

Almost half of US households will avoid Federal income tax ~ link ~ Some will avoid it because they are rich and use various strategies to successfully avoid taxes, but most because they are making too little and are at the poverty level. Oh yes, the economy is really in a recovery NOT.

Overtaxed homeowners start to fight back ~ link ~ Now that the housing bubble has burst, up to 60 percent of the nation's taxable property may be overassessed, meaning owners are paying thousands of dollars more in taxes than they need to, experts say.

That is leading to a flood of appeals in many markets from homeowners eager to cut their taxes and speed the process of aligning tax valuations with reality.

Diabetes and Electrosensitivity - video ~ link ~ Be sure to watch this if you have diabetes or forward the link if you know someone who does.

Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death - video ~ link ~ Big Pharma sees doctors as the final part of their marketing operation. With Obamacare, we are moving more and more to a place where Big Pharma will totally dictate, using the bought-and-paid-for Federal Government as its enforcer, what doctors can and cannot do.....patients will be given drugs that are known to be harmful and of little or no value to the disease being treated but this will be mandated. Actually, we are mostly there now.

Nuking the Mullahs ~ link ~ "Back in August 2005, I broke the story that Dick Cheney and the Pentagon were working on a contingency plan to use tactical nuclear weapons in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The nukes would be used because they were the only effective way to destroy the hardened sites, many of which are located deep underground. I also reported that the contingency plan would kick in if there were another major terrorist attack against the United States, whether or not Iran was actually involved. It would use the terrorist action as a justification for taking preemptive action and employing nukes would serve as a warning to Iran that any retaliation would result in possible additional nuclear strikes. If implemented, it would have constituted the first use of nuclear weapons since the end of the Second World War."

But some things don’t change and the theory that just a few really big bombs can change the Middle East for the better has again surfaced. Two weeks ago the non-partisan Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) issued a study suggesting that low yield tactical nuclear weapons are just the ticket for destroying Iran’s nuclear plants. The report states that "some believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels."

The authors and CSIS do not exactly endorse the use of nuclear weapons and they note that there would be major political consequences, but they accept that there is a high likelihood that Israel is planning an attack of some kind and also observe that Tel Aviv’s only other options would not be very effective. Israel has no heavy bombers and only a limited supply of bunker buster bombs. F-16 fighter bombers launched from Israel would have little time on target and only limited conventional payloads that could not do much damage to the dispersed and deeply dug-in Iranian facilities. Iranian air defenses, which have been enhanced over the past few years, might also prove to be a formidable obstacle. At best, the Israelis would only be able to delay an Iranian nuclear program for six months to a year and the attack itself would guarantee Tehran’s commitment to develop its own nuclear deterrent as quickly as possible.

An Israeli nuclear strike could, on the other hand, be launched using ballistic missiles that Tel Aviv already has or from cruise missiles on submarines, which are also already in the country’s arsenal, meaning that Israeli warplanes would not have to cross hostile territory and face antiaircraft fire. The targeting would also be more accurate using missiles that could be carefully aimed rather than unstable and possibly under attack aircraft and the results, compared to a conventional attack, would be devastating.

And make no mistake that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and his Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman are not to be trusted by anyone. Netanyahu’s deceptions and evasions were too much even for markedly pro-Israeli US President Bill Clinton, who became angry with him after being repeatedly lectured on policy, asking whether Netanyahu thought that he represented the superpower. King Hussein of Jordan similarly finally gave up on achieving anything with a stonewalling and lying Netanyahu in the 1990s. The fact is, Bibi Netanyahu has never been interested in peace and his policies of creeping annexation of the West Bank and ethnic cleansing are instead designed to create a unitary Israeli state without Palestinians.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is even worse than Netanyahu and is a symbol of the kleptocratic impulses that characterize the extreme right in Israel. He is a racist who has openly advocated executing Arab members of the Knesset and drowning Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea. At one time he called for bombing the Aswan dam to punish Egypt for supporting the Palestinians and he was behind a bill in the Knesset that would have required all Israeli citizens of Arab descent to swear loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state or face expulsion. That he is the Foreign Minister of a country that pretends to have western-style democratic political values is itself telling."

US Won't 'Impose' Peace Plan on Israel ~ link ~ I am shocked, just totally shocked. I thought that the Obama-Rahm Administration would force the Israelis to use some sense. Silly me. NOT. Obama is simply a front man to the global banking cartel and to Zionist masters. His first and most important appointment, that of White House Chief of Staff, was to a Israeli citizen who has twice served in the IDF and is likely the senior Israeli intelligence operative in America.

Rule by Law or Defiance ~ link ~ It is becoming manifestly clear to everyone that the United States cannot be the broker for peace in the mid-east, but it can be a participant or consultant to an appropriately designed United Nations Policy Committee created to complete the “partition plan” established in Resolution 181 in November of 1947. Because Israel controls our Congress, the President is essentially powerless to confront the forces that maneuver behind the scenes to thwart any U.S. government, Republican or Democrat, from moving toward a just and balanced resolution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. That means the President must move to hand back to the UN the responsibility to right the wrong done to the Palestinian people, putting before the world communities their organization as the means to achieve this end. Israel would have to accept rule by law or continue its defiance isolating itself not only in the mid-east, but in the world of nations.

The control that Israel, and Israeli supporters (including the Rothschilds/etc.), have in many nations is the key fact driving the world towards a General Middle East War/World War III/Armageddon and the coming deaths of what could be billions of us.

Consider what might have been. What if the immigrant Jews had arrived in Palestine and the British created Jewish Agency had cooperated with the Mandate Police rather than clandestinely worked against it, to fashion a “Home” for the Jews living side by side with the Palestinians who owned all but 6% of the Mandate land governed by Britain. Consider how things might now be with a Jewish population unencumbered with the fanatical sects from Russia that drive the apartheid demands that corrode the very core of Judaism with their sick understanding of their historical right to a land because they are G-d’s chosen and goyim are subhuman. Consider the richness of that land in mind and soul had these people worked together to fashion a state that would be a doorway for the west to the east and not the source of vengeance and violence that it has become. What if rule by law had prevailed and not rule by defiance.

What would happen if Israel stopped fighting the world ~ link ~ A good article from the largest newspaper in Israel. There are many sensible people in Israel that see the total craziness and raw stupidity of current government positions, but they are powerless to change things.

Israeli tanks invade northern Gaza and destroy farm lands ~ link ~ Just another day in Gaza.

Israeli (Haredi) school network fined for discriminating against Sephardim ~ link ~ Israel is perhaps the most racist nation on earth. Not only are Arabs discriminated against and Christians as well but there is a pecking order among Jews. Native born Ashkenazi Jews rank first, followed by European born Ashkenazi, then North American born Ashkenazi, then South American/etc. Ashkenazi, then European Sephardim, then North African/Middle East Sephardim, then other (such as Ethiopian) Jews. This is the reality that Israelis face every day in their quest for jobs, housing, etc.

Over $5 Billion in Arms Contracts with Venezuela in the works says Putin ~ link ~ Also see: Washington Promotes Arms Race Between Columbia and Venezuela ~ link ~ Just what the poor masses in both nations need, spending vast amounts of their public funds on arms and maybe becoming a war theater in the coming Third World War.

Jazz: "Keep It To Yourself" with Sonny Boy Williamson - video ~ link

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