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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 820 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Rendition and the 'Global War on Terror': 28 Nations have supported USA in the detention and torture of "suspects" ~ link ~ The complicit countries have kept suspects in prisons ranging from public interior ministry buildings to “safe house” villas in downtown urban areas to obscure prisons in forests to “black” sites to which the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) has been denied access.

According to published reports, an estimated 50 prisons have been used to hold detainees in these 28 countries. Additionally, at least 25 more prisons have been operated either by the U.S. or by the government of occupied-Afghanistan in behalf of the U.S., and 20 more prisons have been similarly operated in Iraq.

As the London-based legal rights group Reprieve estimates the U.S. has used 17 ships as floating prisons since 2001, the total number of prisons operated by the U.S. and/or its allies to house alleged terrorist suspects since 2001 exceeds 100. And this figure may well be far short of the actual number.

Countries that held prisoners in behalf of the U.S. based on published data are Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Libya, Lithuania, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and Zambia.

The Armageddon Lobby: Dispensationalist Christian Zionism and the Shaping of US Policy Towards Israel - Palestine ~ link ~
This article investigates the history of contemporary Christian Zionism in the United States and the impact of this movement on US policy issues related to Israel-Palestine. Dispensationalist Christian Zionists, often described the 'Armageddon lobby', make up the largest voting bloc in the Republican Party and have become a mainstay in US politics. More recently, the Christian Zionist lobby has had a profoundly damaging impact on the Israeli-Palestinian 'peace process' as well as creating a conspiracy of silence regarding Israeli offensives in the occupied Palestinian territories. Though the 'Armageddon lobby' has been successful in its efforts as a pro-Israel lobby, its influence is in fact counterproductive to Israel because the lobby hinders the prospect of Israel living in peace because of their policy of deterring the progression of negotiations.

Pedophilia in the Catholic Church: Coverup Operation in the Vatican ~ link ~
A few weeks ago, Benedict issued an apology to Catholics in Ireland for decades of cruelty and abuse. In the papal communique Benedict opined, "I can only share in the dismay and the sense of betrayal that so many of you have experienced on learning of these sinful and criminal acts and the way Church authorities in Ireland dealt with them."

Benedict's comments are predictably insincere. He knew exactly what was going on. As Catholic theologian, Hans Kueng points out:

"There was not a single man in the whole Catholic Church who knew more about the sex-abuse cases than him, because it was ex officio (part of his official role)... "He can’t wag his finger at the bishops and say, you didn’t do enough. He gave the instruction himself, as head of the Congregation of Doctrine of the Faith, and repeated it as Pope."

Pope now willing to excommunicate Catholic priests accused of pedophilia ~ link ~ Sorry, too little and too late. If this is the Vatican's big PR play it will fail to stop the firestorm. The only thing that has enough PR value is a Papal announcement that the mandatory celibacy rule is hereby ended at once for priests and bishops. If they are not willing to take this step, as it is not and never has been a matter of Catholic Dogma, then Catholics around the world need to be asking themselves WHY NOT! What is the REAL REASON why common sense cannot be involved in the solution? "It is my sworn duty to uphold the tenents of the faith which rest securely on the never changing, holy scripture, which speaks succinctly, yet passionately, against sexual sin within the body of Christ." Pope Benedict wrote in a letter addressed to "Fellow Catholics, Christians, and citizens of this great planet."

"With great sadness of heart, yet with full conviction, it has become necessary to purge ourselves of the enemy within, no matter how painful it may seemingly be. Of much greater importance is the absolute vitality required to regain the trust of those who have dutifully placed their children within our care for spiritual guidance, as well as the protection and safety of those children, and their children's children, for generations to come."

The Pope continued: "Therefore, in this year of our Lord, 2010 Anno Domini, let it be known that any and all Priests within the global Catholic community found guilty of the sin of sexual immorality with any child, past, present, or future, within or without the boundaries of their current or past parish, shall be brought to justice within the Catholic church for formal excommunication before years end ... and all necessary police authority shall be notified, as is fitting with our duty to adhere, not only to the laws and commands of Almighty God, but to the laws of the land within each diocese, as He has sovereignly established."

Noted Italian Exorcist Father Gabriel Amorth: Satan behind media attacks on the Pope ~ link ~ I will go along with this. I do believe that Satan is using this to attack the largest Christian church on Earth. However, I also believe that Satan is behind the massive number of sexual attacks on children by Catholic priests and also behind the cover up of these attacks and also behind the refusal of the the Pope not to make truly fundamental changes in the organization (specifically ending the secret gay culture in many seminaries and religious orders and local dioceses; and getting heterosexual married men in the priesthood as it was designed to be according to the Bible).

To Confuse the Wood with the Tree from Pravda ~ link ~
Much of the news coming out, in the effort to disguise ideological propaganda, contains the fundamental error of mistaking the wood with the trees ... especially when the aim is to denigrate. That is, from an isolated case, preferably rough outlines, and generalized in order to induce the reader to think that the whole is of the same nature. This generalization obviously has ideological connotations and follows a political agenda that seeks to deconstruct traditional society and all its secular institutions and to impose a New World Order after the manner of the sinister interests of the international oligarchy, the same ones that handle the financial markets and through them, largely control the global economy. We refer to cases of pedophilia within the ranks of the Catholic Church recently publicized by international news agencies.

Indeed recent reports of pedophilia involving priests have the outlines of information that journalistic ethics require, regardless of their moral gravity. Such stories raise suspicion about their "goodness" even among non-Catholics like us. Although disagreeing with the doctrine of the Catholic Church, in some respects, but we recognize the importance of their role in our history to defend the ethical values that shape our Judeo-Christian culture and their social merit on behalf of those who have been victims of the usury and greed of the international oligarchy, which is after all more interested in destroying Catholicism and religion in general, as they constitute a serious obstacle to achieving its goal, which is to reduce mankind to the status of robotic slaves.

We emphasize, beforehand that it should not be confused with defending pedophilia, that by making the defense of the Catholic Church we are not justifying the actions of dishonorable men who have forgotten all of their most basic obligations as priests, respect for others, especially the weaker, as is the orphan child, lacking the affection of a true family.

Another detail that suggests that a campaign of demoralization of the Catholic Church is in motion, is that news of pedophilia within it appears like mushrooms born every morning, confusing the number of victims and the pedophiles, it seems they are as many as a hive of bees ... Almost all of the Catholic hierarchy ... Of course, this does not exonerate the perpetrators of sexual abuse.

In fact the victims are many, but the alleged abusers are only a tiny minority. Of the evil, better ... Even if we take into account the statistics in the USA, the number of victims in Catholic institutions compared with others, particularly in the school environment where it is much higher, there is a ratio of 157 to 1, within a time period 52 years, 1950 to 2002. Is it difficult work, no? On the other hand, this disproportion shows that in the U.S., as child abuse is an extensive social phenomenon, that is, that is not restricted to a specific sector of society.

Gordon Brown defied Bank of England waring over his 6 Billion Pound Sterling gold giveaway ~ link ~ OK, Dr. Brown (Ph.D. in Economics) make a small mistake....NOT. The sale took place during a slump in world gold prices which drove its value to record lows. At the time City analysts warned Mr Brown against the sale.

The Treasury achieved an average price of just $275.60 an ounce. The price of gold has since quadrupled to $1,114 an ounce.

British Great-Grandmother given an electronic tag and curfew for selling a goldfish to a 14 year-old ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up. Talk about crazy New Labour fascism at its worst!

Joan Higgins, a pet shop owner, was caught selling the fish to the teenager in a 'sting' operation by council officials. She was then prosecuted in an eight month court process estimated to have cost the taxpayer more than £20,000.

Under new animal welfare laws, passed in 2006, it is it illegal to sell goldfish to under 16s. Offenders can be punished with up to 12 months in prison.

Mrs Higgins, 66, who thought the boy was much older than 14, escaped jail but was instead ordered to wear an electronic tag and given a night time curfew. She was also fined £1,000 by Trafford Magistrates Court.

More Financial Bubbles Ahead in the US Housing Market ~ link ~ Bubbles have a hard time coming to an end, especially in residential real estate. Underlying forces such as government intervention to prolong the agony and the abject stupidity of builders extends the bubbles.

We are in a vast home inventory expansion and builders are going to build 535,000 new homes. The projected foreclosure rate could give us as much as a 3-year home inventory, up from present levels of about a year, if one includes the lenders shadow inventory. This past week the home building index rose 7.1% and it is up 25.1% year-to-date. The retail index rose 17% y-t-d, yet unemployment stubbornly clings to 22-1/8%. In fact, the retail index is up 87.4% y-o-y. We would say that index is grossly overpriced. As you can see bubbles have a way of not wanting to die quickly. This is caused by man’s disparately wanting to cling to the past attempting to take the easy way out rather than adapting to change. Government tries to keep sections of the economy alive rather than letting the cleansing process take its course.

Obama's Neverending Afghan Adventure - If we never quit, then we'll never leave ~ link ~ President Barack Obama snuck in and out of Afghanistan on Sunday. He made his secret escape from Camp David and flew around the world to show the troops he cared, and to assure all of them and all of us back at the home front—despite all that talk last year of a foreseeable and expected drawdown in troops and eventual withdrawal—that, “The United States of America does not quit once it starts on something.... We keep at it. We persevere. And together, with our partners, we will prevail. I am absolutely confident of that."

Bold talk of perseverance leading to victory, delivered to the brave souls who risk death trying to make it come true—now that’s a political narrative for Obama. At least it's the sort of narrative that Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch criticized the president and his media enablers for constantly seeking out: a pithy story, easy to understand and cheer, but without any of the messy realities that unfold in actual life.

Bogus Washington - Proposed Financial Reform ~ link ~

In Washington, the more things change, the more they stay the same, or usually get worse. It's true each election cycle, and when Congress enacts "reform," watch out.
Exhibit A:
Obamacare: legislation that rations care and enriches corporate providers.
Exhibit B:
Financial reform, shaping up to be more business as usual, masquerading as change, and leaving what's needed unaddressed and papered over.
What Real Reform Looks Like - Abolish or Nationalize the Fed

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