Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top Bullshit of the Week

Top Bullshit of the Week

Arutz Sheva: "Obama Punished Israel by Diverting Anti-Iran Bunker Bombs ~ link ~What a load of rubbish! The US Dept. of Defense put out its contract requirements for the shipping of the bunker buster bombs back in January....well before the "latest diplomatic clash". This is an example of how Israel spins reality into lies.

"The United States has diverted 387 bombs to an island in the Indian Ocean following the latest diplomatic clash between Israel and the United States over the proposed Ramat Shlomo hosing project in Jerusalem, according to several news sources.

President Obama's "punishment" for Israel’s continuing to plan building projects indicates he intends to go full-speed ahead with his and his advisors’ strategy that solving the decades-old Arab-Israeli struggle is the key to stability in the entire Middle East. So far, the only concessions he demands are from Israel."

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Anonymous said...

Israel did not start this rumor. It started two weeks ago in Scotland and it was spread all over the western world, even Iran before Israeli papers fell for it.