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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Time To Strike - video ~ link

I now have over 800 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu at AIPAC: "Israel saves, doesn't endanger US lives" ~ link ~

Netanyahu to AIPAC: Stop Iran or Israel Will ~ link ~ Scary article. These nuts in AIPAC want to get America into yet another war as the Global Depression is destroying us. The coming war with Iran will finish the job.

US Senator Lindsey Graham: Any Attack on Iran Must Be Full-Scale ~ link ~ We have so many of the American political class who go out of their way to be the 'biggest puppet of all' to Zionist money. These traitors have no concept of (or simply do not care) what Iran is capable in response to such an attack. Iran has spend many billions of dollars and almost 20 years developing a massive Advanced Biological Warfare based MAD (mutually assured destruction) doomsday counter-force. If we and/or Israel hit them hard, they will hit back and release new man-created recombination DNA super-killer viruses that we have no effective defense against. We could easily see one-third of North America and Europe wiped out from their plagues!

Israel and Aid by Ralph Nader ~ link ~
On July 10, 1996, at a Joint Session of the United States Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a standing ovation for these words: “With America’s help, Israel has grown to be a powerful, modern state. …But I believe there can be no greater tribute to America’s long-standing economic aid to Israel than for us to be able to say: we are going to achieve economic independence. We are going to do it. In the next four years, we will begin the long-term process of gradually reducing the level of your generous economic assistance to Israel.”

Since 1996, the American taxpayers are still sending Israel $3 billion a year and providing assorted loan guarantees, waivers, rich technology transfers and other indirect assistance. Before George W. Bush left office a memorandum of understanding between the U.S. and Israel stipulated an assistance package of $30 billion over the next ten years to be transferred in a lump sum at the beginning of every fiscal year. Israel’s wars and colonies still receive U.S. taxpayer monies.

What happened to Mr. Netanyahu’s solemn pledge to the Congress? The short answer is that Congress never called in the pledge.

Obama Administration "Outrage" At Israel Nothing But a Ploy ~ link ~
The US hopes that this pretended outrage will lend its role as “honest broker” enough credibility to keep the “peace process” moving, itself merely a PR facade that shields Israeli crimes from public scrutiny. If it does not, the US will undoubtedly pay little mind to the harsh words spoken this week and do as it has done before: blame the Palestinians for its failure and support Israeli repression.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the AIPAC conference in Washington, DC, 22 March 2010. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP)

Former Obama Aide Is Now New Head Of AIPAC ~ link

Obama and Netanyahu discuss settlements ~ link ~ Actually, they claim that they were discussing settlements. Since the both of them lie more than they tell the truth, we should not assume that their meeting was really about Israeli building in the settlements....which has been going on for many many years. This meeting is much more apt to be about the coming war on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/etc.

Israel approves even more new building in Arab East Jerusalem ~ link ~
The Jerusalem municipality has approved 20 new apartments for Jews in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem, the city said Wednesday, in a move that could stir a new diplomatic crisis with the United States just as Israel's leader is in Washington on a fence-mending visit.

The announcement marked the second time this month that Israel has announced new construction in the disputed section of the holy city during face-to-face meetings between top U.S. and Israeli officials.

Iran: USA 'works on' China to Isolate Iran ~ link ~ Then came this nugget: “And although there is still work to be done, China has said it supports the dual-track approach of applying pressure if engagement does not produce results [emphasis added].” In other words, Clinton revealed where the US game plan was lacking: China.

UK to kick out an Israeli diplomat over use of British passports by Mossad in the killing of a Hamas leader ~ link

The Afghan Ant Hole: The New US-NATO Offensive will run into trouble ~ link ~ The Afghan War is the longest war in America's history. This is because the people have not forced its end as we did during the Vietnam War.

Afghan Civil War Certain as 'Afghan National Army' is Now Over 60% Tajik ~ link ~
But a very concerned serving British officer of some seniority has just leaked to me that the truth is that the Afghan National Army is now over 60% Tajik, and that figure is increasing. The Pashtun figure is hovering below 20% and may have been overtaken by the Uzbeks.

In other words the "Afghan National Army" is just the Northern Alliance in very expensive NATO provided uniforms.

By carrying the northern alliance with our troops into the solid Pashtun tribal areas as an alien occupying force, we are stoking still further the ferocity of a future civil war. Karzai of course will be safe in Switzerland counting his looted cash by then.

The Blackmail of America: How the US is still on the wrong side in Serbia ~ link ~ Something happened after Bill Clinton's 1999 war in Kosovo. In fact, there was no "after," for it never ended. Its continuation was characterized by anti-Serb arson, kidnappings, bombings of NATO-escorted civilian buses, burning a baby alive, and unchecked slaughter and/or torture of Serbian octogenarians, school girls, farmers, teenage boys, and Albanians who sold goods to Serbs -- and occasionally a peacekeeper in the rare event one tried to prevent any of it. All this was dismissed by politicians and media -- uniquely on the same page in the Balkans -- as "revenge killings." But anyone familiar with Kosovo coverage from the preceding decade recognized this as a continuation of the real ethnic cleansing that precipitated the showdown between the Kosovo Liberation Army and Belgrade.

Indeed, toward the end of 1999 several major newspapers deigned to report on findings that mass graves such as the infamous Trepca zinc mine turned up empty, as did the stadium we were told was being used as a concentration camp. Anyone reading this one-time follow-up would have also learned that the "cleansing" of 800,000 Albanians had more to do with NATO bombs and KLA orders than with the outrageous claim that Serbia was trying to empty the province of 90 percent of its population, a myth we titled "Operation Horseshoe."

Obama the Cold Warrior? Hostile Relations with Russia and China ~ link ~ The U.S., of course, recently sold 6.4 billion dollars in weapons to Taiwan, Obama hosted the ’spiritual leader’ the Dalai Lama, and many commentators believe that the price of oil is intentionally being driven up in efforts to wage economic warfare on the Chinese. The U.S. and the Western media put out the disinformation during the war in Georgia that it was Russia who started that conflict, and Obama was apparently wholly on board with this strategy; because he repeated lies and misrepresentations about the Russia-Georgia conflict during a presidential foreign policy debate with John McCain. Presently, Obama is continuing with U.S. plans to station SM-3 medium range anti-ballistic missiles in former Eastern Bloc states.

In a recent poll conducted in China, 55% of respondents anticipated that a new cold war with the U.S. was in the offing. And Chinese military strategist Colonel Meng Xianging is saying that China will qualitatively upgrade its military prowess over the course of the next decade to become strong enough for a “hand-to-hand fight with the U.S.” Additionally, some Chinese leaders are calling for the selling of munitions to some of America’s longest tenured foes. For example, Liu Menxiong, a member of China’s people’s political consultative conference, stated, “We should retaliate with an eye for an eye and sell arms to Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela.” And a commentator for a paper most often known as a moderate voice in the PRC, noted, “When someone spits on you, you have to get back.”

US TSA to adopt Israeli aviation security model ~ link ~ A major move towards full fascism in American airports. Also see: Transforming TSA into a Military Intelligence Operation ~ link ~
TSA nominee Harding tells senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas intelligence operations need to be expanded to trains and buses.

Of course, here in America, where Arabs are few and far between and Arab terrorism is not really an issue, individuals likely to be singled out will be supporters of “rightwing extremists” like Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin. In fact, this has already happened.

Defeat in Victory: The Democrats' Health Care Bill ~ link ~
It wasn’t meant to be. The final health care vision is the brainchild of the monopoly corporations who dominate health care in America. Their power will remain untouched. Indeed, it will only grow.

Dennis Kucinich, the most “radical” of the progressive Democrats, waited until the last round before he threw in the towel to the health care industry. His capitulation is especially symbolic, as many progressive activists around the country remained in the Democratic Party solely because he was there. His inglorious surrender signals what many progressives already knew: the Democrats are a corporate dominated party, where liberal ideas are tolerated so long as they have no actual effect on policy.

What the unions lack in funds they make up for with potentially millions of volunteers — door-knockers, phone bankers, fund raisers, community organizers, etc.

If labor were to finally declare its independence from the Democrats, and announce the drive to create an independent labor led party representing the majority of working people in this country, the “fractured left” would find instant cohesion.

If this labor based party were based on a progressive platform —including Jobs, Peace and Medicare for All — not only would the country’s millions of union members join and vote for it, but the tens of millions of working people disenfranchised by the Democrats would instantly jump on board.

The Crime of Empire: Rogue Superpower and World Domination ~ link ~ America is being used by the global banking families, as they used so many other nations in the last 200+ years, to foment wars, depressions, social change, etc., all for their benefit (keep in mind that they are Satanic, so the benefit is really to their master, Satan).

2010: American Public Debt could reach its END GAME ~ link ~ “The bankruptcy of the United States is now certain”.

Florida political leaders considering state bank: 2% mortgages, 6% credit cards, and no state debt costs ~ link ~ Get rid of the Federal Reserve - Support the National Strike on April 15 - 16 - 17- 18.

Gordon Brown ordered to release information on why he sold Britain's gold at loss ~ link ~ The decision to sell the gold – taken by Mr Brown when he was Chancellor – is regarded as one of the Treasury's worst financial mistakes and has cost taxpayers almost £7 billion.

Mr Brown and the Treasury have repeatedly refused to disclose information about the gold sale amid allegations that warnings were ignored.

The Vatican's fix: Abuse and Renewal ~ link ~ The Archbishop of Vienna has broken ranks. Few observers would have regarded Cardinal Christoph Schönborn as a radical – after all, he was largely responsible for the much criticised Catechism of the Catholic Church. Now, however, he is on record as suggesting that, in the light of the exposure of sex-abuse scandals in at least four European countries, the church should look again at the obligation of celibacy for Roman Catholic clergy. In the Vatican, whose corridors he frequents, such a proposal is utterly taboo.

Church abuse: We did not know ~ link ~
This is a story that is in the running for the 'Bullshit of the Week' award. The Catholic church in the Netherlands was simply unaware about the abuse of children in its care, cardinal Ad Simonis told a tv show on Tuesday night.

The cardinal said there is no direct link between the abuse and celibacy laws for Catholic priests. 'It can be connected to poor preparation for celibacy and poor choice of candidates,' he said.

Irish Bishop John Magee resigns over abuse scandal ~ link ~
Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation Wednesday of Bishop John Magee, a former papal aide who stands accused of endangering children by failing to follow the Irish church's own rules on reporting suspected pedophile priests to police.

Magee apologized to victims of any pedophile priests who were kept in parish posts since he took charge of the southwest Irish diocese of Cloyne in 1987.

15 Facts about China that 'Will Blow Your Mind' ~ link ~
  1. By 2025, China will build TEN New York-sized cities.
  2. By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S. population.
  3. China already consumes twice as much steel as the U.S., Europe and Japan combined.
  4. If the Chinese, one day, use as much oil per person as Americans, then the world will need seven more Saudi Arabias to meet their demand.
  5. There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest center of Christianity in the world.
  6. etc.
Chinese academic paper on cyberwar sets off alarm bells in USA ~ link ~ Larry M. Wortzel, a military strategist and China specialist, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on March 10 that it should be concerned because “Chinese researchers at the Institute of Systems Engineering of Dalian University of Technology published a paper on how to attack a small U.S. power grid sub-network in a way that would cause a cascading failure of the entire U.S.”

$100 DIY Shelter Could Help Homeless Haitians ~
link ~ I like the 'Domes for the World' approach ~ link

Global Warming: This winter was coldest on record in Siberia ~ link

Jazz: Latin Jazz Big Bank with Sheila E, Pete Escovedo, Rebecca Mauleon - video ~ link

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