Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

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Fascist law proposed for USA: Dissenters To Be Detained As Enemy Belligerents - video ~ link ~ YOU MUST VIEW THIS VIDEO!!!

'Guilty' - A story of modern fascism in America ~ link

The Bailouts Were An Extortion of the American People ~ link ~ If these actions were so unscrupulous, extortionate, and excessive, then why did we saddle the American people, for generations to come, with trillions of dollars in debt to save a few banks who, arguably, were themselves to blame for the crisis in the first place.

The Fed and the US Government engaged in extortion of the American people by first telling us that the system was on the brink of collapse and martial law would be instituted, and then forcing, by mandate and the barrel of a gun, the people to fork over what little they have left of their paychecks to save too-big-to-fail bankers.
Consuming Our Capital ~ link ~ While the Constitution neither limited government power nor guaranteed individual liberty, there was a time when most people shared the illusion that it did – or, at least, that its language ought to be so interpreted. Today, the Constitution no longer has any definitive meaning: presidents can declare wars on their own initiative; legislation need not be completely drafted before being enacted into law; Bill of Rights requirements for public trials, habeas corpus, restraints on searches and seizures, are routinely violated whenever it suits government officials to do so. Administrations now openly admit to their authority to assassinate Americans whom they unilaterally select for extermination. The chief offense at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials involved the starting of a war; today, such an act is a cause for celebration among patriotic Americans. The Constitution neither protects individuals, nor empowers government: state power is now grounded in pure usurpation.

US House passes healthcare "reform" ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Kill the Bill - Invoke the 10th ~ link ~ We have state governments for a reason. Regardless of what today’s media would have you believe, state representatives are not elected state paper-shufflers or federal mandates. State governments share power with the federal government as equal partners in a system designed to decentralize power and protect “we the people” from foreign and domestic threats.

Ignoring D.C. actually means that we must use state governments to defy unconstitutional federal laws, starting with the health care bill today. The federal government itself must be identified as the threat and we must use the legal power of our state governments under the 10th amendment to eliminate the threat, and formally ignore unconstitutional mandates.