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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

I now have over 800 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Smoking Mirrors: Crime Families (Rothschilds), Buggery (Pope), and Boat Riding Dreams ~ link ~ As usual from this guy, far out but right on the money.

Euro Crisis: Latvia and the PIGS ~ link ~ Great article, take the time to read it if you can.
Two million people took to the streets of Athens last week in the country's second general strike this month, protesting the austerity measures proposed by their socialist government. All of Greece came to a 24-hour standstill and the airport was closed as a result of the action. The only public transport was the commuter train so that protesters could reach the demonstration.

Initially, the EU tried to finesse the issue, declaring solidarity with Greece. But the financial sharks are sharpening their teeth, smelling blood. Their response to the Greek problem is naturally to rush to profit from it. Greece's "credit rating" has already been lowered, meaning any new bonds will carry a much higher price tag for the government (read: people). That of course makes it all the harder for Greece (read: the people) to actually pay the bankers. And when the country defaults, the EU will be forced to cough up in any case. Win, win for the fat cats. What EU leaders meant by solidarity was not that they were going to pour public money into Greece, as they have been pouring into their banks over the past year and a half, but that they intended to squeeze the money "owed" the banks out of the Greek people, relying on IMF oracles.

The traditional way out would be to devalue the drachma, in order to cut imports and stimulate exports, distributing the overall burden of adjustment to the nation as a whole -- rich and poor. But there is no drachma anymore. Bound to the euro, Greece can neither stimulate its domestic market nor export successfully. Poverty appears to be the only solution. Or, at the suggestion of Josef Schlarmann, a senior member of the German Christian Democratic Party, sell off its islands and antiquities -- presumably to rich German bankers. Greeks still resent as their brutal WWII occupiers, and this clumsy faux pas has already set off a campaign to boycott German goods.

Whatever paper is used to cover the cracks, the outlook for Greece -- and the EU -- remains grim, because France and Germany are merely adding to their own liabilities while not reducing Greece’s, and Greece will be quite unable to cut its deficit by the requisite 10 percentage points of GDP.

Who cleans up the mess when bankers play casino capitalism and go broke? Ninety-three per cent of the people of Iceland rejected a proposal requiring them to cover the debt of their oldest and largest bank on 6 March. Covering the debt would have cost Iceland's 317,000 citizens around $17,000 each. Iceland's national referendum was the first (legal) expression of the people's will to decide who pays when the financial elite fail. Greece's (illegal) general strikes were the first truly democratic expression of the people's will. The sharks should take heed. When the oxygen is used up, the water turned into a cesspool, their days are numbered too.

But worse yet is the outright theft carried out in broad daylight by Western banks, whose academic friends were hired to write the Latvias' tax codes and who provided easy euro-denominated credit, so when the crunch came, they could move in and take whatever was left. Why invade such countries as Greece or Latvia with armies when you have bankers?

The real significance of the euro is now becoming clear: just as there are no national economies anymore, there is no national solution to the crisis facing workers in Greece, Spain, Portugal or anywhere else. They are forced into a common struggle against global capital. "Workers of the world unite!" never sounded so apt. And a mini-oracle to Goldman, Sachs, Klinz and Issing: Take your next winter holiday in sunny, profligate Greece at your peril.

Ukraine's new Finance Minister says nation "on brink of financial disaster" ~ link ~
He told reporters in Kiev Monday that Ukraine's total pension fund deficit in the first quarter was Hr 29.8 billion ($3.73 billion).

He says that during the forthcoming year, Ukraine will have to repay about $30 billion, and this amount exceeds the gold and foreign currency reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine, which is estimated at $ 25.3 billion as of January 31, 2010.

Video: Corruption of International Justice ~ link ~
This incisive two-part Dutch documentary looks at the legal proceedings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague against Slobodan Milosevic. Through expert analyses and eye-witness testimony, it clearly documents the relentless stream of media disinformation and legal manipulation which plagued the trial of Yugoslavia's former president, who died under suspicious circumstances before the case could be conclude.

Israeli Audacity and Axelrod Angst ~ link ~
To be sure, officially there is a lot of hand-wringing on this one and you can find plenty of quotes of outrage from politicians at every level. But Israel is not backing down from the substance of the announcement, only the timing for it. There is no doubt that the kosher-party-line is geared up to soften the blow this episode has on everyone within reach. But it is not a universal effort. Sort of amusing to see the different slants on how the kosher apple cart rolls with this story. But officially we are all outraged, etcetera, etcetera. Lots of talk about US-Israeli relations being at historic lows. Claims from Israel’s ambassador to the US this has caused a “crisis of historic proportions”.

Don’t fall for that crock of bull-puckey! It is a sham, all part of the “Smoke and Mirrors” game Washington helps Israel play. Sure, Washington was embarrassed and for the cameras even “furious” at times. But nothing of consequence will change in regards to US foreign policy and they all know it.

While we are all fed the glories of democracy and led to believe Israel is a great beacon for democracy in the Middle East, an area populated by roughly 2.5 million Palestinians is being shoved around by a bully government on behalf of only 500,000 Jews that live in these “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. Long live democracy!

The best articles of reference are the Buenos Aires Herald and AFP. No shortage of references if you do some searching but most follow the kosher-party-line. The Israeli and international articles seem to be the most informative. The Aljazeera article also features a video with ultra-out-of-the-Zionist-closet David “Astroturf Axelrod” full of crocodile tears and condemnation for Israel’s actions.

Tensions rise as Israel announces additional 426 new settler homes beside the 1,600 announced last week ~ link ~ It sure seems that someone wants to cause this "crisis" between America and Israel ....that or make it look like there is a crisis when there is no such thing.

What the US and Israel are risking in the 'Settlements Standoff' ~ link ~ I would like to think that the Obama Administration has enough smarts and backbone to stand up to the crazy warhawk government of Bibi Netanayahu. But something about this whole "standoff" strikes me as well crafted bullshit. The key is the movement of a large war stockpile of bunker buster weapons to the US forward base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean ~ link ~ If anything Obama, and his people, are masters at saying one thing and doing the opposite. This massive movement of some of the most powerful non-nuclear USAF weapons on Earth is far more telling that all the hot air coming out of the Obama and Netanyahu governments. I am expecting a General Middle East War to break out before summer!

This US-Israeli Crisis Has Yet To Peak: Diverging Interests Never Clearer ~ link ~ Or so this mainstream news media article claims. Also See ~ link

Is the US preparing for "the total destruction of Iran"? ~ link ~
Is war just around the corner? While in theory it would make perfect sense to distract Americans from the long road to US insolvency, and other more pressing issues such as the endless criminality all around us, in practice we have so far heard merely rumors. The Herald of Scotland, however, may have credible proof that a US-led attack on Iran approaches and could be just days away. The newspaper has procured proof of an arms shipment to Diego Garcia, which consists of "of 195 smart, guided, Blu-110 bombs and 192 massive 2000lb Blu-117 bombs...put in place for an assault on Iran’s controversial nuclear facilities." Additional insight comes from Dan Plesch, director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the University of London: “They are gearing up totally for the destruction of Iran. US bombers are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours." Is war imminent? And will Obama repeat Bush's mistake with Iraq, resulting in a huge spike in oil, coupled with a rush to safety in dollars and/or gold? If inflation will not start on its own, its has to be kindled: preferably by a Blu-117 bomb. Is the relatively long period of market stability and low volatility about to come to a sudden end?

To War, to War, America's Going to War - with Iran ~ link

Iran warns aggressors of destruction, collapse ~ link

Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker warns of catastrophic consequences of an attack on Iran ~ link

Reports Indicate US Is Mobilizing for War in Iran ~ link

Suspicions of US attack on Iran increase ~ link

Why Punish Iran for What Israel Has Already Done? ~ link

Secretary-General of the Arab League: Israel's nuclear activities are disturbing ~ link

Obama in more trouble that Netanyahu over Iran ~ link

US General David Petraeus: Iran's nuclear bomb efforts have slowed ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

3,000 Israeli police officers around the Temple Mount ~ link ~
More than 3,000 police and Border Guard officers are deployed in Jerusalem, mainly near the Temple Mount and in east Jerusalem neighborhoods. "There is no specific alert for riots this evening," said a source in the police. "The police are prepared for any possible scenario. Only 250 Muslim worshippers attended services on the Temple Mount."

How Israel Could Start World War III ~ link ~
Israel could start World War 3 by attacking Iran, it’s that simple. Even Admiral Mullen, our head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to insiders who traveled with him to Israel in February when he was rebuffed by Netanyahu,Barak and Lieberman; he worries about how we could be "mousetrapped" into a world war.

Here is the scenario:

Israel attacks Iran. Iran responds by attacking the American fleet in the Persian Gulf and by blocking the Straits of Hormuz, thus destroying our naval fleet and cutting off the world’s oil supply from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Middle East oil suppliers.

America must respond by helping Israel and by holding up its status in the world; thus, America attacks Iran.

The Chinese and Russians have to respond by helping Iran, with whom they have major oil deals, and because they cannot allow Israel or America to gain a foothold and take over Iran because it would but them off from their much needed oil supply. Thus, they enter the war.

China takes over as Iran's main economic partner ~ link ~ China has emerged as Iran's top economic partner, investing heavily in the energy sector and filling the gaps left by Western firms forced out by international sanctions.

In 2009, China became Iran's premier trade partner, with bilateral trade worth 21.2 billion dollars against 14.4 billion dollars three years earlier.

The figures confirm the exponential growth in commercial ties between the two countries, which were almost non-existent 15 years ago, when trade volumes amounted to just 400 million dollars.

US envoy George Mitchell cancels Mideast trip - US - Israel "feud" deepens ~ link ~ link ~ Reality or 'smoke and mirrors'.

Hunger Strike in Jerusalem for Jonathan Pollard ~ link ~ Let them starve! Pollard is a rat that should rot for the rest of his life in prison. This Israeli article is a nice collection of lies. Pollard sold very sensitive Top Secret information on the US Navy to Israel, who then traded the information to the then Soviet Union.

Israel's Extrajudicial Assassinations: Alternative Reading of the Al-Mabhouh Murder ~ link ~
The killing of Palestinian activist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on January 19, 2010 was clearly a well-planned, violent and sadistic act, committed by Israeli assassins in the supposed safety of a sovereign country.

Yes, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a Palestinian activist. We have no reason to believe otherwise. He spent years of his life in Israeli prison – and one year in an Egyptian jail – for his political activism. This, however, gives no credibility to Israel’s accusation that al-Mabhouh was a killer of Israelis. This assertion becomes even more problematic when considering that al-Mabhouh’s assassination was, according to British media, ordered by accused Israeli war criminals and rightwing politicians.

What about the sanctity of life, the sovereignty of nations and the respect for international law? Are these immediately disposable when the victim is Palestinian and the location of the crime an Arab country?

Britain still doesn't get Lebanon ~ link ~
In recent years Israeli aircraft can often be heard above southern Lebanon. Not to mention the landmines and cluster bombs that Israel generously left scattered all over the south after each of its withdrawals and which continue to threaten farmers and children playing in the fields. Yet oddly enough the UK, along with the US and other governments that have "special relationships" with Israel, have remained silent about these clear violations of Lebanese sovereignty.

Jewish Americans Increasingly Angry, Radical, Split on Middle East ~ link ~
The Jewish community in the U.S. only makes up about 1.8% of the population, but when it comes to the Middle East, it has an understandably keen interest and influential voice in U.S. foreign policy.

Many in the Jewish Community in Denver should put their emotional reactions aside and look beyond their narrow backing of what they believe is in Israel's national interest and instead focus on the bigger picture in the Middle East and support U.S. interests in the region and worldwide. Israeli leaders need to trust the U.S. has its best interests at heart. At the same time, continued non-resolution of the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a serious impediment to global peace and to curbing global terrorism. If President Obama pushes both the Israelis and Palestinians towards peace, this will not result in the automatic destruction of Israel or of Jewish communities around the world, as many Jewish critics claim. Rather it will bring about a secure, just and lasting peace between the Israelis, the Palestinians and her Arab neighbors, remove the volatile subject of Israel from the equation of any action on Iran, and eliminate the false argument of Israeli domination of the Palestinians as a recruiting tool for terrorists worldwide.

Another Step On America's Road To War With Iran ~ link

Israel's Foreign Minister boycotts Brazil's Lula ~ link ~
Israeli and Brazilian media said Avigdor Lieberman declined to attend meetings with the visiting head of state and his address to parliament.

Mr Lieberman was reportedly upset that Mr Lula refused to visit the grave of the founder of the Zionist movement.

Mr Lula also opposes sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

India: Iran has indispensable right to nuclear energy ~ link ~ Yes but does she have 'the right to nuclear weapons', is the "issue" that we are about to go to war over.

US-NATO 'Strategic Concept': Global Warfare ~ link ~
He also reprised the demand he voiced at the Munich Security Conference on February 7 that NATO assume the function of a global security forum.

The previous day Rasmussen indicated the nature of that role in alluding to the currently longest and biggest war in the world: “Afghanistan will serve as a prototype for future civil-military cooperation in handling crises in other weak or failing nations,” as paraphrased by a major American news agency.

AFRICOM's First War: USA Directs Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia ~ link

CIA's Secret European Prisons - video ~ link ~ Since most "terrorists incidents" are in reality 'False Flag' Operations, 'who' were they holding and mistreating and 'why'.

In Bizarre, Soviet-Style Move, White House Threatens To Veto Intelligence Budget Unless FBI's Anthrax Frame-Up Is Accepted ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ If anyone still thinks that Obama's Administration is NOT a full-blown neocon operation, please think again. There are very powerful forces that need to keep the events of 9/11 and shortly thereafter (like the Anthrax attacks) covered-up at all costs. The coming global war will likely bury any and all stories on 9/11/etc., of course, the coming global war will likely bury most of us also.

Beyond Orwell: The Electronic Police State, 2010 ~ link ~
● The USA has negated their Constitution's fourth amendment in the name of protection and in the name of "wars" against terror, drugs and cyber attacks.
● The UK is aggressively building the world of 1984 in the name of stopping "anti-social" activities. Their populace seems unable or unwilling to restrain the government.
● France and the EU have given themselves over to central bureaucratic control.

House of Lords passes controversial Internet Piracy Bill - video ~ link

Grieving mother of soldier killed in Afghanistan confronts Gordon Brown over troop equipment ~ link ~
Mrs Probyn told Mr Brown how her son, serving with the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in May 2007, was sent out on patrol without bomb detection equipment just two days after another soldier had died in the same circumstances.

'He didn't have any equipment at all so my son was sent out on a night patrol in the dark with just his gun.'

She said to Mr Brown: 'He knew he was a soldier but would you like your son to go out on a night patrol with no equipment?'

Will PM Brown mount a Truman-type upset in Britain? ~ link ~ But suddenly, Cameron doesn't seem quite so inevitable. One recent poll showed Brown's party within two points of Cameron's. While other surveys show a larger Conservative lead, it is no longer an absurd idea that Brown could push his way into an unexpected new term in office. Truman won the world's most famous upset over Tom Dewey in 1948. A Brown triumph this year would be of comparable magnitude.

Just to complicate matters further, there is another possibility: that neither major party would win an outright majority. This would create a hung Parliament in which the Liberal Democrats, a middle-of-the-road progressive party, would hold the balance of power.

Everything you need to know about Senator Chris Dodd's Financial Reform Bill: It Won't Stop the Next Crisis ~ link

Moody's Talks Downgrade of US and UK Sovereign Credit Ratings ~ link ~
Of course, stopping unnecessary imperial wars or taking steps to slash America's interest payments on financing its debt is unthinkable to the political class.

Arguably, the American and British governments have already broken the social contract with their people. Indeed, if they hadn't launched unnecessary wars based upon false rationales (if Iraq solely grew broccoli, and if broccoli was the main export of the Middle East, would we have invaded?) and if they hadn't sold out to the money-changers, the sovereign ratings of the two countries wouldn't be so precarious in the first place.

The Juarez Killings: Are the Narcos Fighting Scared? ~ link ~
The three murders that occurred at two locations in the violent Mexican border city of Juárez on the afternoon of March 13 were themselves horrifying enough. Jorge Alberto Salcido, 37, a Mexican citizen whose wife works for the U.S. consulate, was killed at the wheel of his Honda; his two young children were wounded in the gun attack and were rushed to a hospital. Minutes later, say police, gunmen in another part of the city chased down the Toyota SUV driven by Lesley Enriquez, 25, who also worked for the consulate, and her husband Arthur Redelf, 30, both U.S. citizens who lived across the border in El Paso, Texas, and shot her in the head and him in the neck as their baby watched from an infant car seat in the back.Georgia mafia suspects arrested in six EU nations ~ link ~ Those arrested are suspected members of a Georgian mafia network accused of a whole list of crimes, including money-laundering, extortion, drugs trafficking and possessing weapons, says the BBC's Sarah Rainsford in Madrid.

German priests' sex abuse scandalizes the Church ~ link ~
"The abuse scandal has been a nightmare," Alois Glück, president of Germany's lay organization, the Central Committee of German Catholics, tells TIME. "It's one of the worst crises that we've seen in the Catholic Church here in Germany."Pope remains silent as abuse allegations hit close to home ~ link ~ Hardly anyone in the inner circle of the Vatican is better informed on Catholic sex scandals than His Holiness the Pope. Joseph Ratzinger was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formally known as the Inquisition. Reported cases of abuse automatically landed on his desk. Since 2001, as the Church's most powerful cardinal, and subsequently as the pope, Ratzinger has spearheaded the Vatican's ongoing efforts to shed light on this troublesome issue.

German Catholics fume at Pope's silence ~ link ~
The scandal "affects people, whether they are religious or not," said Dirk Taenzler, head of the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ), in the Berliner Zeitung daily.

"The Holy Father should make a statement about this."

He added that the German Catholic Church, which has been hit by allegations of child sex abuse dating back decades on an almost daily basis in recent weeks, was in the midst of one of its "biggest identity crises since 1945".

Vatican tries to limit damages as German abuse scandal moves closer to Pope ~ link ~ In January 1980 the then Archbishop Ratzinger approved the transfer of Father “H”, a suspected paedophile, to Munich to undergo therapy. Despite his record, Father “H” was assigned work in the area of pastoral care where he again abused minors. In June 1986 he was convicted of sexually abusing minors, fined DM4,000 and given an 18-month suspended sentence. Father “H” is, apparently, still serving as a priest in Bavaria, Germany.

At the weekend, Gerhard Gruber, who was at the time vicar general in Munich, assumed total responsibility for the decision to readmit Father “H” to pastoral care work, expressing regret and seeming to suggest that Archbishop Ratzinger had not been fully informed.

Not everyone, however, was convinced by the vicar general’s assumption of responsibility. Well-known sex abuse whistleblower Fr Tom Doyle told the New York Times : “Nonsense. Pope Benedict is a micromanager. He’s the old style. Anything like that would have been brought to his attention. Tell the vicar general to find a better line. What he’s trying to do, obviously, is protect the pope.”

India Air Force confirms purchase of ten heavy-lift Boeing C-17 transports ~ link ~ India is spending a truly vast sum of money on military hardware.

Venezuela tests its new Chinese jets ~ link ~
President Hugo Chavez ordered a total of eighteen Chinese-built K-8 jets after a plan to buy similar jets from Brazil failed because they included US electrical systems.

Venezuelan officials say the jets will be used to train pilots and intercept drug traffickers who use Venezuela as a route to take Colombian cocaine to the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Venezuela has also bought a network of ten radars from China and has spent about four billion dollars on Russian weapons, including fighter jets.

Newly powerful China defies Western nations ~ link ~
China's shift is occurring throughout society, and is reflected in government policy and in a new attitude toward the West. Over the past year, the government of President Hu Jintao has rolled back market-oriented reforms by encouraging China's state-owned enterprises to forcibly buy private firms. In the past weeks, China announced plans to force Western companies to turn over their most sensitive technology and patents to Chinese competitors in exchange for access to the country's markets.

Jazz: Armando's Rhumba with Chuck Corea - video ~ link


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