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National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

I now have over 800 posts to this news blog. I wish to thank all my viewers for stopping by so often. This blog is kind of a ministry for me. Telling it like it is and battling the forces that seek to destroy the human race. With that in mind, here is a link to a powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

Lord Stirling will be on the NutriMedical Report national talk radio show today from 4 to 5 pm Chicago time.

The National Worker ID Card as an Evil Instrument of Control - video ~ link ~ Congressman Ron Paul explains how the coming high tech US National Worker ID Card is Un-American. This proposal is nothing if not a fascist/communist type of "papers" that the government requires of its slaves to carry.

"High Standards" at The Washington Post ~ link ~ No wonder that the American people are leaving the mainstream news media by the millions.
By publishing a book that clearly and unapologetically defends the Bush torture regime, Marc Thiessen catapulted himself from obscure, low-level Bush speechwriter into regular Washington Post columnist, joining fellow torture defenders Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol.

Congressman Ron Paul's speech in support of Congressman Dennis Kucinich's Afghanistan War Resolution - video ~ link

Collapse of the America Empire: Swift, Silent, Certain ~ link

Obama is near a "compromise" on Guantanamo trials ~ link ~ The only compromise is one that compromises American Constitutional Law.

Israel now planning additional 50,000 housing units in East Jerusalem ~ link ~ As long as the process of stealing Arab lands continues, and the process of a Greater Israel to lord over all nations in that part of the World goes on, there will be no peace. What's more, the warhawks of the insane racist Netanyahu government intend to kick off a third war (following the current long-ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) in Iran and Syria and Lebanon and Palestine to continue their expansion of Greater Israel. Iran, which has seen 1 1/2 million people killed in next-door Iraq by this madness, has NO INTENTION of allowing it to happen to Iran without a TOTAL WAR against Israel and its North American and European supporters. Iran has the Advanced Biological weapons to carry the war to us and to cause up to BILLIONS TO DIE. Yet Netanyahu still is determined to begin a war with them. This is way beyond insanity, this is Satan knowing his time is about up on this planet and wanting to kill us all (as in the entire human race).

AIPAC of Raving Lunatics ~ link ~
Without regard for the severe economic devastation and loss of life that a war with Iran would create, Israel’s agents in the United States continue to aggressively stoke the fires of anti-Iranian rhetoric and mobilize their minions on the floor of the House. The Brzezinski-Soros machine failed in their attempt to effect regime change in Iran by way of a “color revolution” in the summer of 2009. This has only emboldened the Israeli lobby to pursue more drastic measures. There is only one card left for them to play before provoking conflicts that will most certainly catapult the United States into direct military action against the Islamic state.

Analysis: Bibi outwits Obama again ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu and 'Pastor' Hagee's Lovefest on the Eve of VP Biden's Arrival in Israel - with video ~ link ~
Vice President Joe Biden was greeted in Jerusalem with the announcement that the Israeli Interior Ministry approved the construction of 1600 new homes in Occupied East Jerusalem contrary to U.S. wishes and complicating Biden’s mission to help jump start the peace process. But Biden should have known that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu intended to upset his plans by Netanyahu’s appearance with John Hagee.

Israeli Soldiers Brutalizing Palestinian Children Now ~ link

Israel innovates to modernize its Air Force in times of a tight budget ~ link ~
One of the most important programmes facing delays due to cost is the planned procurement of a first squadron of 25 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters (JSFs).

Protesters: "No Sacrifice for the Rich" ~ link ~
Greek public and private sector workers went on strike on Thursday, grounding flights, shutting schools and halting public transport in the second nationwide walkout in two weeks in protest against austerity plans.

"No sacrifice for the rich!" protesters chanted, beating drums and holding banners reading: "Where did the money go?"

Greece rioting against EU pressure - with video ~ link ~ link ~
Greece is being brought to a standstill by another nationwide strike against government debt-reduction measures. The 24-hour walkout is already the second in the last ten days.

It has shut down public services, grounded flights and closed schools and hospitals.

Greece braces for hot summer of discontent ~ link ~
While the latest measures were welcomed internationally, they are deeply unpopular at home. Discontent is likely to grow as the cuts are implemented, with deeper structural reforms likely to be necessary. Although the government has a healthy majority, unions and militant groups are unlikely to curb their protests and there is a strong chance that future protests will be marked by further and more widespread violence.

Why Italy faces a derivatives time bomb ~ link ~
Many local governments eager to cut financing costs for years rushed to sign up for complex derivatives contracts, even when the terms were in English. But some cities, facing big losses when interest rates go up, are now trying to pull out of derivatives and suing the international and local banks that arranged the deals.

In a test case, a judge in Milan will decide in coming weeks whether to try 13 people and four banks – UBS, Deutsche Bank, Germany's Depfa and JPMorgan Chase & Co – on aggravated fraud charges. The case stems from a derivatives swap over a €1.68-billion 30-year bond, the biggest issued by an Italian city.

Milan, Italy's financial capital, is facing a €100-million loss on the deal, city officials say. Milan is also suing the banks for €239-million in overall liabilities.

Bullish Donald Trump presses ahead with $1.6 billion golf course in Scotland ~ link ~ I wish 'The Donald' the best of luck. I have some experience with proposed luxury golf courses in Scotland. Years ago, there was a proposal to turn the area next to Greenan Castle, which I owned at the time, into a 4 or 5-star golf resort. After the local and regional politicians got done fighting over it, all that was ever built there was a sewer treatment plant!

The Greatest Economic Calamity The World Has Ever Known ~ link ~ T
he year is 2010 and to anyone not in denial, the industrialized nations have entered the greatest calamity the world has ever known:
  • 35 Million Americans on Food Stamps: 12 Percent of U.S. Population on Food Stamps Highest Since Records Kept in 1969, and that’s before the Obama administration announced a planned three-year budget freeze on government discretionary spending. (My Budget 360)
  • 18 Million empty houses in the United States and 39 million Americans who are no longer working or looking for work, and that’s before Federal Reserve finishes rewriting the rules of American “capitalism” as US Housing, the Automobile Industry and the American Dream are dismantled. (The 31-Year-Old in Charge of Dismantling G.M., David E. Sanger)

“There are now well over 150 million Americans who feel stress over these things on a consistent basis. Over 60 percent of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck.” (The Economic Elite vs. People of the USA, David DeGraw)

Surviving Financial Apocalypse Now ~ link

Half of all public schools in Kansas City, MO to close due to Global Depression ~ link ~
The Kansas City school board is closing nearly half of the district's schools in a desperate bid to stay afloat.

The board's 5-4 decision Wednesday night means 29 out of 61 schools will shut down at the end of the school year. The district is seeking to erase a projected $50 million budget shortfall.

Unemployment: Better, Worse, or Less Bad? ~ link ~Unemployment rates worsened in 30 states in January:
In other words, unemployment increased in the majority of states.
However, CNN is seeing the glass as half full, noting in a report entitled "State unemployment picture brightens":

War Is Over (If They Mean It) ~ link ~
Sixty-five congress members, including 60 Democrats and 5 Republicans, voted to end the occupation of Afghanistan on Wednesday. But 356 congress members, including 189 Democrats and 167 Republicans voted to keep the war going. The vote followed three hours of debate created by Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s introduction of a privileged resolution.

Here’s why: If the 60 Democrats acted in good faith and would have voted the same way even if the bill had a chance of passing, or even if that could be said of only 38 of them, then we may very well see funding of the wars dry up. If the leadership includes unrelated measures in the next war funding bill ($33 billion coming in April or May), measures that lead all the Republicans to vote No (as happened last July), then only 38 Democrats have to vote No to block the bill.

Why Are We Still In Afghanistan? ~ link

Congressman Patrick Kennedy blasts 'despicable' US mainstream news media over Afghanistan ~ link ~
Representative Patrick Kennedy denounced the "despicable" US media on Wednesday, charging it was snubbing a House debate on Afghanistan while lavishing attention on a congressional sex-scandal.

America: The Rogue Nation ~ link ~
In spite of the fact that the United States faces no enemy anywhere in the world capable of opposing it on a battlefield, the Defense budget for 2011 will go up 7.1 percent from current levels.

China developing new energy source: Combustible Ice ~ link

Billionaire Sebastian Pinera takes power as new President of Chile as strong aftershock rattles event ~ link

Cardinal Schonborn says celibacy partly to blame for clerical sex abuse ~ link ~ This is what I have been saying.

Chief exorcist says Satan is in the Vatican ~ link ~
While there was "resistance and mistrust" towards the concept of exorcism among some Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI has no such doubts, Father Amorth said. "His Holiness believes wholeheartedly in the practice of exorcism. He has encouraged and praised our work," he added.

The evil influence of Satan was evident in the highest ranks of the Catholic hierarchy, with "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and bishops who are linked to the demon," Father Amorth said.

The Windowfarms Project - video ~ link ~ An interesting way for city apartment owners to grow fresh food, or anyone for that matter.

Cubicle War 2010 - video ~ link ~ Cute.

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