Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

War Council Convened in Syria - Iran's President Expects War ~ link ~
Abu Dhabi Media website The National has disclosed some rather disturbing news about peace "prospects" in the middle east. It appears this past Friday saw a war council convene in Damascus, between Syrian president Bashar al Assad, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hizbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah to "devise counterattack plans and assign tasks in the event of an Israeli offensive on one or all parties, wrote Abdelbari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds al Arabi." And more troublingly, "the Iranian president said he expects war to break out somewhere between spring and summer of this year. Meanwhile, the Hizbollah chief vowed to strike the Israeli capital, its airports and power stations if Israel dared to attack Beirut’s critical infrastructure.

Bibi Netanyahu warns of 'runaway' Iran nuclear issue ~ link ~
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned that the international community is moving too slowly to follow Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, reported local daily Ha'aretz.

"There is a technological clock and a diplomatic clock. The technological clock is like a runaway train and the international community like a car that is about to decouple," Netanyahu was quoted as saying at a meeting of the powerful parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Netanyahu: Israel will keep Jordan Valley ~ link ~ 'We stole it fair and square and we are not giving it back'.

USA to Lebanon: Stop Hezbollah arms smuggling on face Israel's wrath ~ link ~ The coming war will not be like the past wars involving Israel and the Muslins. It will involved WMD with global effect.

UN Sec.-Gen.: Israel and Lebanon should profit from stabilizing border with permanent cease fire ~ link

Iran and Russia sign major oil deal ~ link ~
Iran is to sign a contract with Russia's Gazprom this month for the development of Azar oilfield in western Iran, says an official at the National Iranian Oil Company.

More Details Emerge on Murder of Hamas Chief in Dubai ~ link ~
The authorities in Dubai have now identified 26 people whom they allege were involved in the assassination. They are said to have carried fake passports in the names of British, Irish, French, Australian and German citizens. It is reported that 12 British, six Irish, three French, one German and three Australian passports were used.

According to the Daily Mail report, Mossad understood that the Foreign Office would have to “slap them on the wrist,” and that “The British government has to be seen to be going through the motions.”

How Obama's Health Care "Reform" Kills Health Care ~ link ~
It’s difficult to understand a subject when those explaining it are motivated not by truth, but profit. In the case of health care, both Democrats and Republicans have huge financial incentives to obscure, mislead, or lie. Instead of common sense and honesty directing the debate, bags of money facilitate the conversation, funneled in from the health care industry via lobbyists into Congressmen’s pockets. This is the real reason that Obama’s “health care summit” was full of free-market jargon, staged debate and fake rage.

The majority of working people in this country are completely alienated from this nonsense, and are growing progressively hostile to the lies of both parties and their respective media mouthpieces. Polls continue to show rising opposition to the Democrats’ health care shenanigans, while showing no upgrade in status for the Republicans.

The Democrats want millions of uninsured people to be mandated into buying crappy health insurance from the most hated companies in existence, where co-pays, premiums and other fees will prevent millions from benefiting from their new, shoddy health care. This individual mandate is reason enough to solidly reject Obama’s health care scheme, but it’s just the beginning.

Obama is a Liar: Illegal Wars, Fraudulent Bailouts, Egregious Assault on Civil Liberties ~ link ~ Obama lies as cravenly, if not as crudely, as George W. Bush. He promised us that the transfer of $12.8 trillion in taxpayer money to Wall Street would open up credit and lending to the average consumer. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), however, admitted last week that banks have reduced lending at the sharpest pace since 1942.

He is shoving a health care bill down our throats that would give hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to the private health insurance industry in the form of subsidies, and force millions of uninsured Americans to buy insurers’ defective products. These policies would come with ever-rising co-pays, deductibles and premiums and see most of the seriously ill left bankrupt and unable to afford medical care.

The illegal wars and occupations, the largest transference of wealth upward in American history and the egregious assault on civil liberties, all begun under George W. Bush, raise only a flicker of tepid protest from liberals when propagated by the Democrats. Liberals, unlike the right wing, are emotionally disabled. They appear not to feel. The tea-party protesters, the myopic supporters of Sarah Palin, the veterans signing up for Oath Keepers and the myriad of armed patriot groups have swept into their ranks legions of disenfranchised workers, angry libertarians, John Birchers and many who, until now, were never politically active. They articulate a legitimate rage.

Social change does not come through voting. It is delivered through activism, organizing and mobilization that empower groups to confront the hegemony of the corporate state and the power elite.

Spying on Americans has become big business - video ~ link

IMF "Economic Medicine" Comes to America ~ link ~ When billionaires pledge a billion dollars to educate people to the evils of something, it is always good to peer closely at what they are up to. Hedge fund magnate Peter G. Peterson was formerly Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and head of the New York Federal Reserve. He is now senior chairman of Blackstone Group, which is in charge of dispersing government funds in the controversial AIG bailout, widely criticized as a government giveaway to banks. Peterson is also founder of the Peter Peterson Foundation, which has adopted the cause of imposing “fiscal responsibility” on Congress. He hired David M. Walker, former head of the Government Accounting Office, to spearhead a massive campaign to reduce the runaway federal debt, which the Peterson/Walker team blames on reckless government and consumer spending. The Foundation funded the movie “I.O.U.S.A.” to amass popular support for their cause, which largely revolves around dismantling Social Security and Medicare benefits as a way to cut costs and return to “fiscal responsibility.”

This year to date, U.S. lending has been contracting at the fastest rate in recorded history. A credit freeze has struck globally; and when credit shrinks, the money supply shrinks with it. That means there is insufficient money to buy goods, so workers get laid off and factories get shut down, perpetuating a vicious spiral of economic collapse and depression. To reverse that cycle, credit needs to be restored; and when the banks can’t do it, the government needs to step in and start “monetizing” debt itself, or turning debt into dollars.

German TV story: Gold bar found with Tungsten interior - came from bank ~ link ~ This is a story that will blow up sometime in the future and effect the price of gold in a very negative way...at which time the hidden powers are apt to buy gold. Consider this a likely 'heads up'.

Big Banks getting massively larger ~ link ~15 Years Ago, the Combined Assets of the 6 Biggest Banks Totaled 17% of GDP... By 2006, 55% ... Now, 63%

Biological threats: A matter of balance from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ~ link ~ They really should stick to nuclear issues which they understand. This article is classic, a prime example of not understanding the scope of the improvements in Advanced Biological Recombination DNA based biowar. That, or in the case this publication, seeking to downplay other types of global strategic warfare to concentrate on the atomic version. Make no mistake about it, Iran has invested almost 20 years and a vast sum of money to develop a global strategic Advanced Biological warfare capability that is roughly the equal, in its ability to kill human beings, as that of a first-class global strategic nuclear warfare force. When the General Middle East War begins, we will be looking at death on a Biblical level.

Could Rothschild Lawsuit Divide Canada ~ link ~ I hope not.

Prince of Wales criticised over 'grotesque' and 'unconstitutional' meddling ~ link ~ Bullshit! The Sovereign has a Right and a Duty to warn the government of the day, which is one reason that she is always updated on what the government is doing. Her heir, the Prince of Wales, shares in this Right and Duty.

Northern Ireland's Ian Paisley to retire from UK Parliament ~ link

Baroness Thatcher 'threatened to nuke Argentina' ~ link ~ I am serious about Argentina not taking things too far over the oil in the Falkland Islands. As we are going into a new global war (WWIII) soon, they do not want to be on the 'hit list' of those with their fingers on nuclear weapons.

Turkey willing to withdraw troops from Cyprus if deal is reached between Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus ~ link ~ This is a age old problem. I remember as an undergraduate hearing some inside stories from a professor of mine, who was also a friend, he had been US Military Attach in Greece when Greece and Turkey almost went to war.

Chile super-earthquake generated by peculiar geological characteristics ~ link ~ There are articles out there that are raising serious questions about wither or not the Chile earthquake was generated by a Scalar War attack. I know that a reporter saw lights in the sky as the earthquake was happening, but that is not necessarily a Scalar weapon being deployed. At the time of earthquakes there are sometimes earthquake lights in the sky and these have been observed for many years and are believed to be a natural event. What was seen over the epicenter in Haiti was a different thing altogether, it was a massive plasma ball and happened some hours before the quake there. In China strange lights were videoed before the quake. We simply do not have proof that the event in Chile was anything other than a natural event, which does not mean that it was natural, just at this point hard evidence is lacking. UPDATE: Damn it, I was wrong again on this. When the earthquake hit Haiti, I said on the NutriMedical Radio Show (which I am on every week), that although the technology existed (Scalar Warfare) to create such an earthquake, but I did not believe that the Haiti quake was created. Dr. Bill Deagle, who hosts the NutriMedical Report sent me to his site when he had a video of the large orange plasma ball in the sky appearing before the earthquake. When I saw/heard about that, I knew that I had been wrong.....that it was a Scalar War event. Speaking to Dr. Bill tonight, he referred me to another video on his blog taken shortly before the Chile super-earthquake hit...it shows a red-orange disk in the sky before the event. We are in a Scalar War as well as being in, what Dr. Bill Deagle calls the Economic Phase of WWIII (as the 30s was the Economic Phase of WWII).

Most Men Are Victims of Porn ~ link ~
In the rear view mirror, it's now clear porn is used as a form of political control. Get us to think about sex, and we won't think about how our freedom is being taken away.

I doubt if women were always seen as sex objects. They had to sexualize women. PLAYBOY undressed the "girl next door." That was for my generation. Now they are sexualizing children. Next it will be animals. And finally fence posts.

The idea is to get us thinking of nothing but our genitals and short term relationships.

PLAYBOY changed the habits of my (baby boomer) generation resulting in sexual chaos and broken families.

PLAYBOY was presented as advanced thinking. But in retrospect we can see that it really was sophisticated social engineering.

Eastern Orthodox Hymn for Lent - audio ~ link

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