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News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Tell the Global Banksters to go to Hell.

Americans + Bailout = Revolution - video ~ link ~ View this!

Greece Now - UK NEXT as Scots Ready for UK Pound Plunge ~ link ~
While the eyes of the world focus on Greece’s debt crisis, investors in Edinburgh are busy preparing for the U.K. to be next.

Turcan Connell, which caters to rich families, expects the pound to lose between 20 percent and 30 percent against the dollar once investors turn their sights on Britain as the government sells a record amount of debt. Sterling slid to a 10- month low versus the U.S. currency today.

Gordon Brown's temper tantrums 'just like Adolf Hitler' ~ link ~ OK, 'hold the phone'. I had a lot to do with forcing Tony Blair from office and I have had my problems with Gordon Brown's people not allowing me to end male-only succession to my family's titles, but I am beginning to see some large 'red flags' over this temper issue. Maybe Gordon has a temper problem, and maybe not. Since I have not seen this myself, and have not been told directly about it by someone who has been directly involved, I am not sure that this type of story is valid. Also see: PM Brown 'pushed aide out of the way' on stairs of No. 10 ~ link

Prime Minster Brown on course to win election ~ link ~
The YouGov survey places David Cameron’s Conservatives on 37%, as against 35% for Labour — the closest gap between the parties in more than two years.

It means Labour is heading for a total of 317 seats, nine short of an overall majority, with the Tories languishing on a total of just 263 MPs. Such an outcome would mean Brown could stay in office and deny Cameron the keys to No 10.

UK Pound Sterling tumbles as prospect of hung parliament looms ~ link ~ The prospect of a hung parliament has unsettled financial markets over the past week, as it casts doubt over whether there would be any agreement to cut Britain's record Budget deficit. Gordon Brown has warned that taking too sharp an axe to the deficit will imperil a fragile economic recovery. David Cameron and the Conservatives claim that the deficit - which is expected to reach 12pc of gross domestic product (GDP) this year - poses a greater threat to a sustainable recovery.

Russia fumes at USA missile defense plan ~ link ~
Gen. Nikolai Makarov, the chief of general staff of the Russian armed forces, said that a revised U.S. plan to place missiles in Europe undermines Russia's national defense, rejecting Obama administration promises that the plan is not directed at his country.

58+ Dead as storm sweeps across Wester Europe ~ link

France declares storms 'national disaster' - with video ~ link ~
Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said nearly 10,000 emergency staff were working on the west coast on Monday morning, to search for and help survivors.

He told France-Info radio that the death toll would "doubtless" rise as rescue workers made house-to-house visits.

Ukraine new pro-Russian President visits anxious EU leaders ~ link ~ Part of Europe's great interest is due to Ukraine's role as a key transit country for Russian natural gas, a major source of energy in many EU nations.

The new Ukrainian leader has vowed to follow a path of neutrality in a switch from the strongly pro-Western stance of the defeated Orange Revolution leaders.

Such talk fuels EU fears that his country of 46 million people, bridging Russia and the European Union, will veer off on a more Moscow-friendly course than his predecessor Viktor Yushchenko chose.

British journalist warns of Israeli plot to draw US into war with Iran ~ link ~ Seale argued that Israel thinks that it can literally get away doing anything, especially as Russians are busy elsewhere — with Ukraine and Central Asia.

“This is the real danger we face,” said the British scribe who is based in France.

It is a matter of immense regret that the US is weak when it comes to Israel and the Europeans as well as Arabs remain divided on the Issue, he added

Iran unexpectedly surfaces hidden nuclear stockpile ~ link ~
Iran has left international weapons inspectors stunned over the past two weeks as it suddenly moved virtually all of its underground nuclear fuel stockpile to an above-ground plant, and now the international community is struggling to determine what the country might be planning.

Senator Kerry: Israel won't go alone on Iran - USA is on same page ~ link ~ Too bad Kerry represents Israel instead of his American constituents.

Why it takes so many Mossad agents to kill a Palestinian with a pillow by Gilad Atzmod ~ link

Israel must defuse escalating tensions along northern border ~ link ~
Tensions are once again rising along the northern border, and talk of war is again being heard. Israel has warned Syria against transferring "upgraded" weaponry to Hezbollah and threatened to topple the Syrian regime if war breaks out. Syria has threatened to attack Israeli cities, and Iran has charged that Israel is planning to attack Syria and Lebanon.

No nation would accept Netanyahu's conditions for peace ~ link ~
The decision to add the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb to the list of historical heritage sites up for renovation was not made with the intention of inflaming tempers and sabotaging efforts to revive final-status talks with the Palestinians. It was merely a routine move by a rightist government, further proof that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "two states" speech at Bar-Ilan University was a milestone on the road to nowhere. The only difference between "the rock of our existence" that launched the Western Wall tunnel violence in 1996 and the 2010 model is that this time Netanyahu is wearing a mask, trying to pass himself off as peace activist Uri Avnery, with the generous help of Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Online news 'more popular than newspapers in USA ~ link ~ YES!

Congressman Ron Paul: Oath to US Constitution rejected by both parties "leadership" - US revolt coming ~ link ~
Congressman Ron Paul spoke on the House floor for 5-minutes on US policy to assassinate US citizens at the dictate of the executive branch based on “secret evidence,” US policy of torture that includes American citizens and without legal recourse, US policy of rendition to secret prisons, and unlimited detention.
He concludes with “emperor has no clothes” obvious observation that these acts are unlawful.
Dr. Paul states with “emperor has no clothes” simple fact that the “leadership” of both Republican and Democratic parties uphold these policies despite their Orwellian opposition to our US Constitution that our government and military have oaths to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Former senior FBI Agent Says 9/11 Was An Inside Job Along With Other "Terrorist" Acts - video ~ link

The Saddest Story ~ link ~
One of the most unusual books and far-and-away the saddest I have ever read is James Douglass's "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters." This is the best documented account ever produced of why and how the CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy. That the CIA did this is beyond dispute, and that the first President Bush was involved is well established by Russ Baker's book "Family of Secrets." What separates Douglass's book from the pack is his account of how Kennedy lived his final months, the actions he took that turned the CIA against him but saved the world from a nuclear holocaust and -- had he lived -- would probably have avoided the Vietnam War and brought the Cold War to a swift and peaceful conclusion.

We are the People that Might have Been ~ link ~
The strangest feature of these strange times is how ordinary life just goes on while the stage set on which it plays out crumbles from within. Wars that can’t be won continue from day to day as economic enterprises and propaganda stunts. All the industries that profit from war have coffers bursting from swag, while the homeland sinks beneath the weight of manufactured debt. The corporations, in an obscenity of murder for profit and rampaging greed, compete against each other in seeking the limits of unregulated outrage. There seem to be no limits.

American government resends 'leave Internet alone' policy ~ link ~
The US government’s policy of leaving the Internet alone is over, according to Obama’s top official at the Department of Commerce.

Why is ATF seizing 'toy guns' ~ link ~ Let me guess ~ growing fascism?

If we can pay for exotic wars and futuristic weapons, why can't we have decent healthcare coverage? ~ link ~ Excuse me....but the powers that be don't give a damn about the people/sheeple, but they do care about war and war profits.

Obama appoints extreme leftist to Fiscal Commission ~ link ~
Stern is the progressive, anti-business, anti-American left wing extremist who deserves no place in the White House (although he’s been Obama’s most prolific visitor since taking office). In September 2009, Stern (who is closely associated with ACORN) denounced anyone who questioned federal funding for ACORN by calling them liars, anti-American and right wing extremists. In reality, taxpayers across the country were concerned about their hard earned tax dollars paying for yet another corrupt organization. Of course, the MSM neglected to report on this but you can see a full report about his lunatic rant here.

What Are Banks Doing With Their Depositors Money? ~ link ~
So if the banks are not making loans, what are they doing with depositor money?

Well, they are still lending, but not to businesses and consumers. They are lending to the federal government.

A majority of Germans want their troops OUT of Afghan War ~ link ~ It is becoming more and more clear every day that the people have no real voice in their governments anymore. It is a case of government by and for the global banking families/cartel in America, in Europe and throughout most of the world. We can change this or die! It is really that simple.

China warns USA on selling F-16s to Taiwan ~ link ~ The latest F-16s are simply an updated 1980s technology airplane. Not something to be worried about. If we were to sell the F-35 or the F-22 that would be another matter altogether, but that is NOT on the drawing board.

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