Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chile Super-Earthquake Was Scalar War Event

You know, sometimes I just want to quit writing, quit hosting my news blog and just go off somewhere and hide to get away from the totally evil insanity that I see going on. When the horrible Haiti earthquake hit, some people were suggesting that it could have been man made. I said, on the NutriMedical Report national radio talk show (that I am on weekly), that although the military technology existed - Scalar Warfare - to create earthquakes, I did not think that such a thing had been done. This was more wishful thinking on my part. Even though I am well aware of so many of the horrible scams that the Illuminati/global banking cartel pull on the human race, I (like most people) simply don't want to believe that anyone would do such a horrible thing ....to cause such a killer quake. Dr. Bill Deagle, the host of the NutriMedical Report told me about a video that he had just placed on his blog (Clay and Iron), a video shot by Christian missionaries in Haiti late in the night before the earthquake. The video ~ link here ~ showed a large orange plasma ball in the sky just over the epicenter of the earthquake. I knew then that a Scalar Weapon had been used.

When the super-earthquake hit Chile, I viewed the video interview with a local reporter in Chile who woke up to the earthquake. She said that there were some dramatic lights in the sky ~ see link here. Now it is a historic fact that many times, especially in major earthquakes, "earthquake lights" appear in the sky. There are scientific theories about how they are naturally generated by the earthquake itself. So, once again, lacking any specific proof of a scalar weapon use, I assumed that the Chile earthquake was a natural event (after all the area is very prone to naturally occurring earthquakes historically).

Once again, Dr. Bill Deagle pointed me to a video that he had on his site that I had not seen. This video was shot before the super-earthquake in Chile and it shows a red-orange plasma circle in the sky....certainly NOT a natural event or any natural "earthquake lights"...see the link here.

I have to tell you, with a sad and heavy heart, that the killer quake in Chile was a Scalar War event.

It appears that we are not only in what Dr. Deagle calls the Economic Phase of WWIII but also that we are in the Scalar Warfare Phase of WWIII. The reason for the Haiti earthquake was ....it now appears....twofold. First, to bring in American troops (which are still in Haiti and will remain there), because this is a major site for oil that the major oil companies have known about and held secret for years. When the General Middle East War (Iran/etc.) begins, many of the oil fields will be contaminated for a great many years due to radiation (and the sea lanes will be mined), so the hidden-powers-that-be intend to open up new sources of crude oil. Secondly, the Haiti quake, as well as the super-earthquake in Chile, is about prepping the public for establishing a global military organization for "humanitarian" relief. The real reason being the organization of, manning of, control of, and operational use of global military forces. Remember, we have just entered this Scalar War based earthquake nightmare. They intend to create many more earthquakes and "natural disasters" in the months ahead, all to introduce to the public the need/necessity for global military forces for "humanitarian" reasons. Of course, these transnational/global military forces will end up being the enforcers for the New World Order that the global banking cartel is setting up.


Link to my special post on the Haiti Scalar War caused earthquake with lots of information and links.

Norway Spiral was likely Scalar War test - with photos ~ link


Michael Cecil said...

As I understand it, there was a Tokyo observatory that presented a graph of the HAARP output covering the time immediately prior to and after the Haiti earthquake.

So,is there any such graph covering the HAARP output immediately prior to and after the Chile earthquake?

Would rather not draw such a conclusion merely on the basis of the lights in the sky, despite their distinctly suspicious nature.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Lord, Stirling, Earl of Tim. Don't lose hope. I love your blog. I read it every day. And sometimes twice. Despite what things seem to be, I think that it will be...alright, all right. You, and me, and so many more, are there with you. We are all there, all right, in this, together, with you, with me. There. Together. We are it. We are there. All there. And you are there. And you do this blog everyday. Every day. Without many comments. But we are there. Reading. And appreciating. You! And well, don't believe everything you hear. Even from Bill Deagle. Especially from Bill Deagle. Because, we all have an agenda. And it can be good or evil. It can be good and evil. And there is really any difference? It is all the same. Good and evil. It just is. We are just is. Is is all we are. And it is time...for all of us...to experience our isness. Isn't you too?

Cameron W. said...

Makes me sick to Stirling. Keep up the good fight and thank you for bringing us the truth!!!

Cameron W. said...

Makes me sick to Stirling. Keep up the good fight and thank you for bringing us the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever noticed that every novel, every movie and every play in human history - in fact, human history itself - is about one central thema: conflict. Homo Sapiens just can't do without it, it seems.

We are indeed an utterly sad and lonely race.

Anonymous said...

Hello All -

I have found a Bible Code on The Norway Swirl:


The HAARP Array:


And the Haiti Quake:


Blessings -

Jim Wright

Lord Stirling said...

I have found no spike in the HAARP graft on the date of the Chile quake. Does that mean that either some other location was used or that the graft was/is compromised? All I know is the video shows something really large in the night sky over Chile near the time of the quake, that is not natural or normal and is some kind of electrical event.


Anonymous said...

dear lord Stirling iam a fellow very concerned about actual world situation ,indeed chile eartquake was triggered by haarp demential minions intent misusing calibrating this power weapon for an atack on some other country as iran,afganistan india so on, you can choose,we( rest of humankind ) are just colateral damage for those souless monsters.
anyhow this a mundial batle betwen rothschild empire using usa and nato as crazy golem of their ill hideous purposes of global domination.
the brain rooth of those crooked evils remain on city of london ,BIS in Basel ,fed n,york,vatican .
those criminal crazy beings ,must be jailed ,and judged by their perverted actions ,capable of put our whole world in jeopardy,because stupid as a monster can be , they really do not know the kind of forces in play liberating great amount of energy ,to damage our planet for good.global economic turmoil fronm dervatives is just another weapon against us.
again only when those monsters be jailed judged ,we shall can start fix our world .
peace love dn xixote